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72 /100 3352 TEMPLETON GAP
“Small end cap on a shopping center. Dim, industrial decor, with a lot of space to hang out. The 'patio' consists of a couple of picnic tables just outside. The bartender was friendly and quick. The twelve taps were all DWB beers, including their flagships, seasonals, and some one-offs. No real food, but they do have some pretzels and snacks. Quality local hangout place.“
GTAEgeek 4 days ago
76 /100 34 EAST RAMONA AVE.
“Nice German restaurant. The vibe is decidedly continental, with a lot of stone work and old wood. The servers are friendly and quick. The tap list is entirely German, and most of the bottles, with the domestics hidden at the bottom of the menu. They generally use proper glassware, although they did serve me a pilsner in a mug. The food is quality. Prices are reasonable. This is a fun spot for dinner or desserts, and the German beer is a fun addition.“
GTAEgeek 39 days ago
76 /100 1466 GARDEN OF THE GODS RD
“A nice layed back place. Good music, classic rock and not too loud. Friendly service. After reading the other reviews, I should have paid attention. Stick to the sours. The few I had were very good. The ipa's were decent but nothing outstanding. I had the Angus burger, it was good.“
Sledutah 72 days ago
72 /100 514 S TEJON ST
“Part of a big new development with a lot of fun restaurants and bars. Parking is street only, which is a bit of a pain. The interior is big and dimly lit, with a nice, industrial vibe. The bartenders were friendly and quick, although they had a hard time with the beer list. Good spread of styles and some fun and interesting things. The list is about half lagers and half clean beers from their other location. I didn't have any of the food, but what I saw looked tasty. Fun spot, and worth a stop.“
GTAEgeek 77 days ago
60 /100 6755 SHOUP ROAD
“Small log cabin. The signage isn't very clear. The outdoor area out back is nice. Cluttered and tight. One of the owners was pouring, and she was friendly and enthusiastic about their meads. While they had eight meads on the menu, they were out of four of them, which was a shame. They also have some cider from Apple Valley and a bunch of Colorado wines. Flights of five are $8, which is hard to beat, although their bottle prices are a little high. Fun spot, if a little eclectic.“
GTAEgeek 102 days ago
72 /100 4630 FORGE RD
“Small bar area, pretty dimly lit. The chalkboard tap list is big and clear. The bartenders were friendly and quick. A good spread of styles, with a few interesting one-offs. Generally $6 pints, with half and quarter pours available, as well as flights. Fun, mellow spot.“
GTAEgeek 106 days ago
80 /100 514 S TEJON ST
“We stopped in on opening night and enjoyed a few beers and some small bites. The entrance is via the patio and the place immediately opens up to brick walls, the bar and kitchen, and stairs leading to the upstairs bar and rooftop deck.There was ample room to spread out and the place had a wonderful airy feel. The food menu was simple, small plates and the beers a mix of flagships and new lagers. The staff was attentive and well-prepared for opening night.“
BeerandBlues2 108 days ago
76 /100
Front Range BBQ (Restaurant)
“Old house near the center of Old Colorado City. Rustic and eclectic decor. The bar is friendly and comfy, but small. The bartenders are friendly and talkative, with at least a passing knowledge of their tap list. Only 10 taps, but the list is well curated and rotates often. The food is excellent barbecue and burgers. The beer is a bit pricy, but not out of the ordinary for the area and for what's on tap. Fun dinner spot with good beer. Recommended.“
GTAEgeek 351 days ago
82 /100 11590 BLACK FOREST RD, #50
“In a small shopping center in the center of Black Forest. Nice bar area, with a low-key vibe. The owner and bartender were very friendly. Quite a lot of their beers on tap, with a good spread of styles. The prices are quite fair. They have a limited food menu that looks nice, but I didn't have anything. This is a fun and friendly local brewery. Very involved with community events and lots of friendly regulars. Quite off the beaten path, but worth a visit.“
GTAEgeek 359 days ago
84 /100 330 W UINTAH ST
“Located right off I-25 in Colorado Springs, this store has a non-descript look from the outside. Entering, beer is on the right. Great selection of local Colorado beers and beers from across the region and a decent international selection. One big gripe would be the small collection of singles.“
GregMooreNH 390 days ago
78 /100 118 N TEJON ST
“Big restaurant and bar downtown, in the space previously occupied by Old Chicago. Open layout, with a big, circular bar. Neat, simple decor. The bartenders were friendly and helpful, although not terribly enthusiastic about the beer selection. 50ish taps, including several house beer, but a startlingly expansive selection of guest taps, not just CANarchy breweries, but lots of locals and rarities. Prices are about right for the area, and happy hour is quite good. No flights, though, which is sad. The food I saw looked pretty good. Fun place, and good for dinner and a beer, or happy hour with folks who aren't full-scale beer nerds. Quality spot.“
GTAEgeek 409 days ago
100 /100
Freedom Liquor (Beer Store)
5607 BARNES RD STE 110
“This place has ever changing selections of beer and such a knowledgeable staff on hand at all times.They carry one of the best beer selections in all the Springs and everything is categorized by style here. Also now available is their pick six cooler door. The Bombers side is opened up nicely and the beer selections have made themselves forever worthy of me never wanting to shop outside this establishment. I Love it here and the people, the customer service here is second to none too! If you haven't checked this place out yet, do yourself a favor and stop in. They will not disappoint! It always smells so amazing in there too. Keep up the great work Freedom!“
BigBodyBenz 409 days ago
70 /100
Lots A Liquor (Beer Store)
“Standard liquor store from the outside, but pretty clean and well laid out. The employees were very helpful and friendly. A startlingly good spread of craft cans and singles, although the bomber selection is lacking. Good prices for the area. A worthy stop.“
GTAEgeek 450 days ago
64 /100 1604 S CASCADE AVE
“I love the locale in an old school. Really cool. There was even a wedding taking place when we got there. The beers were kind of hit or miss, but that's not unusual. The food service was SUPER slow and our order was wrong and cold, even after waiting an hour. That really killed the mood.“
Kleg 454 days ago
“New bar in an area that's still getting built out. I'm sure it'll be nicer when the construction's done. Interesting concept, with a butcher shop, meat-centric restaurant menu, and pour-your-own beer. The big seating area is broken up by tap walls, which keeps it feeling smaller. Nice patio area that I couldn't enjoy due to a thunderstorm. The service was enthusiastic and friendly, but they've still got some kinks in the system that need to get worked out. A startlingly good spread of stuff on, including wine and liquor on tap. Good prices and the food looked tasty. One of the better spots on the far north of the Springs, especially for this unrepentant ticker.“
GTAEgeek 491 days ago
68 /100 7715 DUBLIN BLVD., #160
“Their second location, in a strip mall next to a Korean restaurant. Inside, it is clean and simple. I appreciate the extra touch of power plugs at the bar and universal phone chargers. The bartenders were quick and friendly. 15 taps, most of which are their own, with three quality guest taps. The prices are reasonable, especially for happy hour. They do half pours and flights, even though they aren't on the menu. They've got a snack menu that looks passable, but not great. Fun place, and a good addition out east.“
GTAEgeek 505 days ago
“Bar and restaurant in an older building between downtown and Old Colorado City. They have their own parking, which is nice. The bartender wasn't terribly friendly, but he knew his tap list, and was quick and efficient. Great selection of beers, which are priced quite high. They don't do flights or tasters, but they will do half pours. This is a nice, local tap room. Worth getting off the interstate for a stop.“
GTAEgeek 534 days ago
“Nice location on the north side of town, which is a little sparse. Big space, and a big wrap-around bar. Cool, dog theme, down to the stick tap handles, and leash attachment points at the tables. The bartenders were quick and friendly. 8 house beers, but there's 12 taps, so there should be more soon. $5 and $6 pints, and $6 flights of four, which makes it one of the cheapest breweries in town. Nice place, very relaxed, and pretty quality beer.“
GTAEgeek 574 days ago
76 /100 3121 N EL PASO ST, STE A
“This brewery is located in an industrial area and is easy to find. The parking can be a challenge when the other businesses are open. The service is efficient and friendly. They bring in food trucks or you can bring your own food, or order in. The beers are average and they have several fruited beers, and that is not my thing particularly. The interior is cinder block walls and they attract a “fantasy” and “gaming” crowd of devoted locals.“
BeerandBlues2 616 days ago
78 /100 4005 TUTT BLVD
“Visited December 2018. A small brewery located in a small industrial center in a somewhat underserved area of town. The beer alllows outside food in though sometimes they have food trucks. The service was fine but they were somewhat busy eating their own dinner. The beers were good and I enjoyed a few seasonal selections.“
BeerandBlues2 617 days ago
8 /100 625 PAONIA ST
“An exquisite place to dump one, plus, a most mediocre flavored water to help w/it. Ya, this place stinks, still.“
odannyob 643 days ago
66 /100
Freedom Liquor (Beer Store)
5607 BARNES RD STE 110
“New liquor store, next to Sprouts. Looks nice, and very new and clean. Well laid out beer aisle. The six-packs are in the coolers, and the bombers and specialty stuff is on the shelves. They've got one cooler with bombers in the back, out of the way, along with the champagne. A few gems tucked away, but no mix-six. Prices seemed pretty reasonable - less than most other placed I go. This is a nice little store, and a good addition to the east side of town.“
GTAEgeek 668 days ago
64 /100 2490 VICTOR PLACE
“Big campus near Powers. The buildings are grey metal, and not that friendly looking. The patio looks like it would've been fun, in warmer weather. Inside, there's a concrete, industrial vibe, but it works. The bartenders were friendly enough, but very slow, even for a quite Tuesday afternoon. They only had 14 beers on, but there's 20 taps. Their selection is pretty nice, with a good spread of styles. $6-7 full pours, which seems a bit high to me. This is a good addition to the east side of town. Worth a visit.“
GTAEgeek 751 days ago
70 /100 204 MOUNT VIEW LN, #3
“Small space, where Great Storm used to be. Bright colors, and garish latino decor. The bartender was friendly and knew the beer scene. Only eight taps, and no guest beers. $5 pints, generally, and a flight of 4 for $7. Nice, low-key place.“
GTAEgeek 757 days ago
76 /100 1213 N CIRCLE DRIVE
“Big space, right behind Cheers. Quite empty on early in the afternoon. The bartender was very friendly and excited about their beer. Eight house taps, and four guests, including a coffee and a kumbacha. Full pours are $5 - 6, but they are generally 10 - 12 ounces, but samples are $2. This is a fun brewery, in an area that is lacking. Worth visitng!“
GTAEgeek 757 days ago
76 /100 13345 VOYAGER PKWY
“Big, open store. Well lit, and clean. The employees are friendly and helpful. There's a pretty good mix-six section, including a 'premium' portion that's $12 for the six, not $10. Great spread of bombers, and always a few rare treats sitting on the counter. The prices looked reasonable, and maybe even a bit low. This is a great shop. Worth getting off the interstate a bit for.“
GTAEgeek 759 days ago
40 /100 3381 N ACADEMY BLVD
“Revisited this place, I don't know why. Corner store in a down and out shopping center. Bars on the windows, lots of neon, and a full size cutout of Ron Burgundy. All the ambiance of a 7-Eleven inside. The employees were friendly, and tried to be helpful. The selection is much improved. There's a full shelf of bombers, with a few actually interesting things. One cooler with singles, which wasn't awful, either. This was a significantly better experience than last time, but still not really a craft beer location.“
GTAEgeek 793 days ago
60 /100
MK Wine & Liquors (Beer Store)
“Standard-looking liquor store, with a random assortment of shelving and cooler units. The renovations are in full swing, expanding to the next unit over, which looks pretty exciting. The two employees were friendly and tried to be helpful. Fair selection, with a good spread of bombers in the back room, and lots of six-packs. Their mix-six section is very lacking, which was sad. The prices looked about standard. This is a mediocre store. Could be much worse.“
GTAEgeek 795 days ago
80 /100 4630 FORGE RD
“Friday evening visit. Seemed to be a popular place for the locals. Seating was difficulty to find. Fairly small brewery taproom. Enjoyed the beers for the most part. Had a nice coffee porter. Service was excellent even with the crowd. The food truck outside (Mira Sol) was excellent! Would stop by again for sure.“
RobertDale 795 days ago
62 /100 1110 INTERQUEST PKWY
“Friday afternoon visit. Nice building off the Interquest Parkway. Does have a "chain" feel. Fairly large dining area. Service was just fine. The six house taps were very average. Did not try any food. Doubt that I make a return visit.“
RobertDale 795 days ago
82 /100 318 E COLORADO AVE
“Military themed brewpub which was kind of odd at first but the bartender(/owner?) were awesome and the beers were really good!“
Kristophe 806 days ago
52 /100 2 E PIKES PEAK AVE
“Enormous two story brewpub with lots of pool tables and others stuff to do. Would've been awesome if the staff hadn't been so unfriendly. The bartender were really arrogant and the bouncer were straight up rude.“
Kristophe 806 days ago
74 /100 1604 S CASCADE AVE
“Reasonable prices and decent beers but the food were pretty bad. Really liked the pub though, being an old school.“
Kristophe 806 days ago
72 /100 1466 GARDEN OF THE GODS RD
“Stopped in here on a Saturday around noon and it wasn't very busy, luckily. The place isn't much from the outside, at the end of a strip mall on the fringe of CO Springs. The inside has a high ceiling and feels big and bright, and they manage to give it some funky character. The bar is large, and so is the menu. They have dozens of bottles available and quite a few taps, as well. I think I counted 24 Trinity beers on tap when I visited. The flights are fixed, with either 8 regulars or 8 seasonals, and they're really expensive - $24 or $32. I got the more expensive one. The beer quality was a huge letdown. The saisons were a mess, the sours were decent, and the other styles were mixed in quality. We didn't eat but the food looked fine. Overall, for being the top-rated place in Colorado Springs, I have a hard time recommending it based on the quality of the beer itself. There are other places I'd send people to first.“
phaleslu 848 days ago
82 /100 112 N NEVADA AVE
“Brewer's Republic is a nice bar downtown, right across from City Hall. It's got two levels, with what appeared to be a bit of a rooftop deck, and there's a small first-level bar with a patio out front. They have 24 taps of strong quality and good variety. Prices are in line with the area, with half and full pours of everything available. I think they do tasters, too. Really nice go-to spot in downtown CO Springs.“
phaleslu 848 days ago
84 /100 702 W COLORADO AVE
“Met up with RABinCO here on a busy Friday night for dinner. It's a nice modern building, with a fun patio on the parking lot side and a sort of split-level interior. They have quite a few beers on tap, with some guest taps, as well. I think 24 in all, just over half of which were house beers. One of my beers was excellent, the other so-so. The food is really good, one of the best breweries for food in the area, according to RAB. The service was friendly but he did forget about us once or twice because it was busy. We were in no rush, though. Prices are about in line with everything else in the area. Good food, good beer, strongly recommended if you're in CO Springs.“
phaleslu 848 days ago
76 /100
Colorado Craft (Restaurant)
“Nice location downtown, where the Ritz used to be. Open bar area, and nice, modern ambiance. The servers were quick and friendly, but didn't know much of anything about their beer. I love that their entire list is hyperlocal, with the majority being from the Springs. Nothing special or crazy, but local. The wings and beer fries we tried were excellent. $6 pints is a bit pricey, but their all $4 during happy hour. $10 flights of five is nice, too. Overall, this is a nice, trendy place, with good food, a good wine list, and good cocktails, which is nice when you're going out with non-beer-geek folks.“
GTAEgeek 918 days ago
72 /100 318 E COLORADO AVE
“Same location as Triple S, but they've done much better with it. Clean, with a nice bar area and lots of tables. The bartenders were friendly and helpful. No food, except some popcorn and such. $6 pints, $3 half pints, and $2 tasters, which is pretty reasonable. They've got crowlers to-go, too. Nice spot, pretty tasty beer, and a good vibe.“
GTAEgeek 926 days ago
82 /100 3103 W. COLORADO AVENUE
“Visited several times already. Open area, with lots of seating options. Outdoor decor, without being weird. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable, but the concept means that you don't have to interact with them much, if at all. The taps always have something interesting on, usually enough to be overwhelming. The prices are per ounce, and usually not more than $1/oz. for even the craziest of big beers. This is a fun idea, and done well.“
GTAEgeek 1015 days ago
70 /100 660 PETERSON RD
“A little hard to find, around the corning in an old strip mall, behind a liquor store and laundromat. The interior is austere, but well laid out. The bartenders were friendly and quick, and excited about the beers. Only 6 beers on tap, but there's room for 12, and they were working their way up to that. $5-6 pints, and $6 for a flight of four, so the prices are about right. This is a fun place, and a welcome addition to the east side of town.“
GTAEgeek 1022 days ago
58 /100
Twins Wine & Liquor (Beer Store)
“Big, open, warehouse style store. Huge spread of macros in the coolers, and just a few bombers. The one employee was friendly and helpful enough. The singles section was big, and somehow managed to still not have anything noteworthy. A few standard Germans and Belgians. Nothing that stood out. The prices are about standard, and occasionally better than other places. This is pretty nice for the area, but not worth going out of your way.“
GTAEgeek 1031 days ago
78 /100
Twins Wine & Liquor (Beer Store)
“They have an amazing selection of beer. Also do mix a 6 with a large selection. Prices are just a little higher than some of the other stores in town.“
RSRIZZO 1070 days ago
68 /100 4005 TUTT BLVD
“Buried in the back of a business park area, but not too hard to find. Pretty standard decor, but clean and open. The bartender was friendly and helpful, and was very quick despite the crowd. There's a pretty nice spread of styles, and a good set of specialty beers. $10 for a flight of six is pretty nice. This is a fun place. The beer is hit or miss, sadly, but this is pretty solid for the east side of town.“
GTAEgeek 1075 days ago
66 /100 1840 DOMINION WAY
“Unassuming storefront off Academy, but inside, it is dark, cozy, and simple. The skiing theme is throughout, but not kitschy. The owner was friendly, and the bartender was attentive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. They had nine of thier 12 taps occupied, and the range of styles was pretty reasonable. Pints are $5.25 (more for their DIPA and imperial stout), and flights of four are $8, which is all very fair. Happy hour pints are $4. This is a fun place. Their beer is subpar, but not bad. A nice local brewery, worth stopping in, if you're in the area.“
GTAEgeek 1121 days ago
72 /100 2727 N CASCADE AVE, #123
“Surprisingly busy for early on a Monday. Nice, clean space, and a good patio, if it had been warmer. The bartenders were all friendly, knowledgeable, and - if anything - too helpful. 16 taps, with a good spread of styles, and some interesting things. The pints are $6-7, which is a bit high, and a flight of four is $12. Overall, this is a fun place, and worth a visit.“
GTAEgeek 1123 days ago
70 /100 13271 BASS PRO DRIVE
“Pretty large, open restaurant, with lots of TVs, and a long bar. Standard sports bar decor. The bartender was very friendly, knew his beer and was excited about it, and was pretty quick. Pretty wide variety of regions, styles, and brewers. The pint prices vary wildly, but tasters are $3, no matter the price of the full pour. This is a nice bar, with a good selection. Nothing outstanding, but a nice addition to the north side of town.“
GTAEgeek 1161 days ago
88 /100 320 S WEBER STREET
“Beautiful open space in the sanctuary of an old church downtown. Local Relic is in one corner, and they've got a wine bar and two food concepts. The bartenders are always friendly, efficient, and enthusiastic, and clearly knew their beer very well. They’ve got 18 beers on tap, and a big shelf full of bottles for on-site or to-go purchase. $7 - $10 for a full pour (generally, 10 oz.), or $9 for a flight of four. This is a laid-back place with eclectic and tasty beer. This is one of the best places downtown.“
GTAEgeek 1190 days ago
“Fairly spacious bar, at the front of the CityRock climbing gym. Rock climbing motif throughout. Somehow, I’ve managed to walk by here multiple times a week, and not stop in for a beer. The bartenders are friendly, but not terribly quick. Pretty extensive tap list, and tons of cans. My wife had one of their milkshakes, which was really good, but that doesn’t really qualify as having tried the food. The menu looked pretty good, though. The prices aren’t on the menu, which is odd, but they turned out to be pretty reasonable. This is a fun place, and worth stopping. I’ll have to come back after climbing again. Possibly often...“
GTAEgeek 1204 days ago
74 /100 1604 S CASCADE AVE
“First off let me say...Bristol is a must visit when in the CS area...or passing thru...for the venue alone if nothing else. It is an old grammar school with a style more architecturally like a high school. All of the old elementary wall paintings and murals have been left in place...along with much of the school furnishings...and some bathrooms that will certainly bring back memories! There’s a principal office, lockers, and other original elements. They have a great patio outside and a number of food options and some additional small businesses in the space serving the visitors. The place gets crowded and the service appears as though it can vary a lot. The beers themselves are average to slightly above average with a few that moderately standout. There were 11 beers during our visit. Next visit I’ll spend more time and sit on the patio drinking their beer with some of their food...I suspect that will make for an even better experience...and maybe an improved view of their beers.“
PRBeer 1213 days ago
68 /100 4630 FORGE RD
“Stopped here on a recent CS craftbeer tour. Nice people...decent enough taproom. I certainly liked the military theme. The beers unfortunately were average at best...nothing bad mind you...just nothing that really stood out. You always hope for a couple of good ones...but even with 10 beers that day...the best I can say is the really big barrel aged barley wine (Screaming Eagle)was interesting and certainly worth a try. Visit if in the area and time allows. I hope they get better...given their theme and nice people.“
PRBeer 1213 days ago
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