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86 /100 223 ELK AVENUE
“Visited on a warm September afternoon and had a couple of rounds. Really nice place with indoor/outdoor seating. Nice food menu and a very good tap list with international classics, locals and very nice US craft eg Jester king currant saison. Prices are not low. Really good place to drink beer.“
KPD 483 days ago
86 /100 202 ELK AVENUE
“Public House is relatively new to town and located right in the heart of downtown. The bar is the centerpiece with rental lofts upstairs and a music venue downstairs. They've nailed the Western ambiance. It feels like an old saloon but polished up and slightly fancified. The main draw to the beer enthusiast is that they offer everything from Irwin Brewing Company. Three other drafts were available as well from other Coloradan breweries. They've got a killer happy hour offering all Irwin beers for $3.50 a pint. Service is typical mountain town caliber, friendly but maybe a little lackadaisical. I definitely will be back anytime I'm in Crested Butte.“
NachlamSie 1412 days ago
“Irwin is focused on maintaining draft accounts around town, opening the brewery to the public is clearly an afterthought. They are only open for three hours on Friday and Saturday and only sell growler fills and kegs. I doubt there's much plan to open a taproom in this building because I don't see any room for anything other the brewing operation itself and a desk. The guys were super friendly and offered a tour and engaging conversation. Growler fills are very well priced. I like their products across the board and I'll be filling up a growler anytime it is convenient for me to do so.“
NachlamSie 1412 days ago
82 /100 215 ELK AVE.
“This is an old dive that has live music pretty often. It seems like they pull in fairly well known acts from time to time too. The inside is old and dingy with a well-worn character. The conditions of the pool table and foosball table are almost comical. Good thing they're free. The bartender was quick and fun, which is good because service can be kind of spotty in this ski town. My understanding is the beer has been disparaged for quite some time, but Eldo has a new brewer and has turned the ship around. I had just one and it wasn't riddled with flaws or anything. They just had four or five beers on, spanning classic ale styles. I had a decent time here, but I wouldn't call this a must stop for the hardcore beer geek.“
NachlamSie 1412 days ago
90 /100 223 ELK AVENUE
“This is a cozy little Pizzeria right on the main strip in Crested Butte. I saw they had 30 taps so I thought I’d check it out with the hope that I could drink some local beer. I was surprised how much more extensive their beer list is than that. Real sought-after beers were on tap here like Blind Pig, Nightmare on Brett, PumpKYn, DFH Beer for Breakfast, etc. It’s clear their beer buyer has connections. They’ve got a beer engine for those cask beer lovers. A few cellared bottles accompany the otherwise passe can/bottle list. I didn’t eat on my visit so I have no comment on the food. There’s plenty of bar seating and the bartenders were great. Prices are right too. Definitely worth a stop. It’s gotta be the best tap list in a large radius.“
NachlamSie 1795 days ago
86 /100
Acme Liquor (Beer Store)
“Here is the best selection of beer in Crested Butte. They’ve got a cooler or two with bombers that range from flagship beers to limited one-off releases. A more broad selection of six packs is on the other side of the store. Most everything is refrigerated, except for a small shelf of intentionally cellared beers in the corner. I kind of assumed given Crested Butte’s proximity that most all beers would be Coloradan, and that is true. There’s a just a handful of bigger micros and imports available. But your bases are more than covered. Prices seemed right in line with the rest of Crested Butte which is comparable to most beer stores in Denver.“
NachlamSie 1795 days ago
48 /100 215 ELK AVE.
“Really great atmosphere, very rustic and looks like they get live music often. Service was good too, asked for a sampler of their beers and got four eight oz. glasses filled for six bucks! But they also are a little unsteady on filling growlers; got home and a whole beer was missing due to all the foam that was in it. When we were there they had four of their beers on tap (three of which are not on ratebeer yet) and a couple of cans to select from. Nothing else on tap though. Did not have food. Value of the tasters and of pints were good, but a growler fill minus a beer of foam was $13. Overall, I liked the place a lot, but not the beer or the selection near as much.“
HIGHB4LL 2925 days ago
74 /100 215 ELK AVE.
“Cool little dive bar right on Elk. Second floor deck with limited seating but a nice place to be in the CO sun. Bartender was friendly and helpful. Beer was the best in the world but still better than a beechwood aged golden lager. Great place to do some people watching and enjoy a more real mountain town experience.“
shaeffbser 5180 days ago
40 /100 215 ELK AVE.
“Older bar/saloon setup in this quaint, overpriced ski town. The beer is only slightly below average and I have yet to try the food. The menu is rather benign but my wife and I ordered nachos, thinking this would be quick but two pints and 20 minutes later we were still next in line. Oh, and the cook was out of beans - he said they go bad quickly are you kidding? Canned food lasts forever. Anyway, the bar seems a bit rough with a very diverse crowd. They had 5 house beers on draught plus a few extras. Very dark and dungeon-like interior with beat up furniture. Looks like a fraternity party room actually and has a balcony overlooking the main street of town.“
BeerandBlues2 5195 days ago
62 /100 215 ELK AVE.
“Small upstairs bar with a definate neighborhood vibe...the beers here are definately more interesting that across the street...“
Walt 5438 days ago
44 /100 215 ELK AVE.
“I should mention that I went here a little after 3pm, soon after they opened, so there were only two or three other people inside. Not a great way to evaluate the clientele, but it’s in second floor of one of the main-street facing buildings, and rather ordinary inside. There were pool tables in back, a very small restroom, and a small deck outside. Kind of shadowy and dreary feeling atmosphere, which is rather different from what Aubrey describes, but that’s how it was for me. Beers were below average, generally, often with diacetyl problems. The bartender was friendly, but you know, overall this place was pretty disappointing.“
Ernest 5953 days ago
70 /100 215 ELK AVE.
“Really nice bar, upstairs above a real estate office, as I remember. Deck overlooks the "main" street of town, Elk Avenue. Inside, it felt cozy ... especially with all the greenery -- speaking of which, the bartender was watering the plants as we came in. And speaking of the bartender, she was extremely warm and friendly and smiling. She may or may not have known it, but that went a long way. Beers were OK; just four on tap when we were there.“
Aubrey 5982 days ago
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