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62 /100 501 CAMINO DEL RIO
“We came here on 8.7.2022. Great beer garden next to the Animas river. It is part of the Hilton hotel and serves only Breckenridge beers. Was a very nice last stop this evening.“
Schlenkerla 738 days ago
92 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“We came here finally on 8.7.2022. We are Ska Brewing fans for a long tine and were not disappointed at all. The location is brilliant and sits on top of the valley with a beautiful view to the very green and hilly landscape. An old Vespa, a graffiti and a few other Ska related items outside. Very detail oriented patio with colorful flowers. The taproom is well organized and decorated. Music is most of the time Ska. Seems they organize Ska concerts on site. The Hepcats will come in fall. Surprisingly small beer selection, maybe 10 taps. All beers were really good. Only thing missing for my taste was a real extraordinary beer. Nevertheless an outstanding place and a highlight since I have started to rate breweries.“
Schlenkerla 738 days ago
62 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“We came here 8.7.2022. Very centrally located in Durango. Extremely busy brewpub on a Friday afternoon with a long bar and the brewhouse in the middle of the room. 14 beers on tap. The Stout and IPA we had were ok.“
Schlenkerla 738 days ago
72 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“We came here on 8.7.2022. Located in downtown Durango. 2 bars, brewhouse in the kitchen, a patio towards the main boulevard an and inside beer garden. Beers were quite good.“
Schlenkerla 738 days ago
76 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“This is a wonderful place to enjoy good food and good beers and ales up a slight hill from Main St., They have great service and a deck for enjoying mountain views. The beers were good and TVs are also available. This is a wonderful spot in Durango. In June they had 11 beers on tap.“
Foxbush 768 days ago
78 /100 1560 EAST 2ND AVE
“Located at the end of 2nd street next to Rotary Park on the Animas River. The building is a metal building with the brewing equipment in the same room with the taproom. Outside seating is available. There was a white-water kayak on the wall over the taproom bar. They serve food which looked good. We were there for the beer. Both beers were above average.“
Foxbush 772 days ago
66 /100 1560 EAST 2ND AVE
“Located on the outskirts of the city. Rustic looking place. Average to below average beer with OK food. Worth a tick but not sure I'd go back with the other Brew Pubs in the area.“
hopdog 1826 days ago
80 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“Oldest brewpub in the downtown Durango area, but the only real signs of the are the small, shotgun front area and lack of bathroom options. The back patio is pretty sweet and there is enough seating that it doesn't feel overwhelming though. Service was great, knew the beer and seemed excited enough to be there. Selection was varied and all the beers were pretty well done, a few standouts and a few close misses. Food was solid, slightly nicer than the other options in town, but still pub classics to please everyone. Another easy one to manage in the small downtown, and definitely worth a stop.“
jbruner 2135 days ago
76 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“The newer of the two brewpubs in downtown Durango, it is still pretty established and has been around since the mid 1990s. Big bar area inside and out, lots of seating, and they do the "throw your peanut shells on the ground" thing, making it feel like a cowboy ranch. Service was decent enough, answered my questions, got me my beer. Selection was decent, varied and all solid, but they were out of something on the menu every time I went. Food was decent, pub fare with a couple of upscale options. It's easily accessible in the small downtown, so worth a stop.“
jbruner 2135 days ago
90 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“In an industrial area just south of town, so pretty much where every brewery is located in relation to town. But once you get inside, its an awesome setup, with multiple tiers of indoor seating and bar, an excellent outdoor patio, and a cool restaurant they built out of shipping containers. Service was great, friendly and fast, and knew the beer very well. Food was pretty great, flatbreads and pizzas from a brick oven along with some cool pub fare. The beer scene in this small town is fairly evolved, and this is the pinnacle.“
jbruner 2135 days ago
80 /100 1560 EAST 2ND AVE
“The beer shows promise, seems to be technically sound, good flavor balance and body, good appearance.“
3fourths 2189 days ago
84 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Had a great flight, pretty big place for the town, I tried the food and it was excellent, I will go back anytime, I know it can be a bit crazy some days and it is not inexpensive but I think the quality is there.“
BlindGuardianco 2670 days ago
86 /100 1560 EAST 2ND AVE
“Cozy place, I just had a pint and it was pretty good, I think I had the amber, perhaps a bit hoppy but good,. Did not tried the food but it looked pretty tasty“
BlindGuardianco 2670 days ago
84 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“This is a big bustling brew pub with great happy hours, an interesting menu, and well executed food. House brews only but there are some gems.“
Imaena 2846 days ago
68 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Although this is the highest rated brewpub in Durango, it was my least favorite. It is a very large place - lots of seats, a huge bar - but it was also really crowded when we stopped by on a Saturday afternoon. Lots of families and lots of people in general. We barely found seats at the bar, and a couple was soon standing behind us waiting to take our place when we were done. It felt dirty, lots of broken peanut shells on the ground. They have a lot of taps, some interesting beers that tend towards the higher gravity side. I had a chili beer, which was pretty bland for the style, and a mild ale, which was ok. I didn’t get any food. Overall I was not impressed. It is not bad per se, but I was expecting more.“
LilBeerDoctor 2851 days ago
78 /100 1560 EAST 2ND AVE
“No ratings yet? My favorite brewpub in Durango. A cozy, open place located in downtown Durango. I can’t recall the number of taps, maybe 6, mostly basic styles. I tried an IPA, which was good, and a porter, which was ok. For food, you have to go with a pastie. My pastie (For the Birds) was delicious. I think this place had the best ambiance of the Durango brewpubs and the beer and food was good. Worth a stop for sure.“
LilBeerDoctor 2851 days ago
70 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“Nice cozy brewpub in downtown Durango. I sat in one of the booths by the bar. The beers were fairly average/standard. I tried a witbier and maibock. I got the Navajo tacos, which were excellent. Not a place that I loved, and not my favorite brewpub in Durango, but it was a decent stop. If you have time to make multiple stops in Durango, put it on your list. If you have time for just 1 stop go to Animas.“
LilBeerDoctor 2851 days ago
72 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Extremely busy, crowded and noisy. We actually had to come back a couple hours later... the mob scene was unabated, but this time there were two empty seats at the bar. Sampled seven beers and had some pints. Beers were average to good. Also got some deserts, which were excellent.Good service. It was just too raucous and frenetic.“
maltdog 3148 days ago
74 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“This is a big, popular place in downtown Durango. They offer a good selection of their own brews, most of which are A-OK, and a full food menu. On an afternoon visit, the place already had a lot of people in it. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed for a place this size. I would certainly come back here another time.“
Slipstream 3339 days ago
76 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“This is a great brewery to visit. Good brews. You can bike in from Durango and the store is awesome.“
Imaena 3387 days ago
94 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“One of the top tap rooms I visited in the States. The place looks great, sounds great (they had some jazzy ska playing while I was there) and service is top. Was really fun!“
cimedirapa 3558 days ago
88 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“Even though it’s set in an in industrial park, Ska has down an excellent job at setting up a great fun tap room, full of character and great ambiance. The service is classic colorado.. Super genuine friendly service with a smile. Big airy place well decorated, great music playing. Nice selection on tap, lots of exclusive stuff. I have to emphasise again how great service was. Pleasure to drink there and well worth the drive!“
Jimmythespoon 3634 days ago
86 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“I used to go here 2 or 3 times a year when I visited my mother in-law. This place rocks, a very decentt brewery in Colorado, and thats sayin a lot. They have around 10 beers on tap, their IPA rocks!! Good hearty food, and a great ambiance.“
pablo951 4009 days ago
74 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Cavernous place with peanut shells on the floor. More of an après ski feel than a serious beer bar. Still they do have around 15 of their own beers on draft - which are ok but not exceptional.“
Iphonephan 4014 days ago
64 /100
Palace Restaurant (Restaurant)
“Good food and cold beer in a neat town.“
bpar73 4041 days ago
54 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“My mother in law lives in Durango and we went out here as a group one night. Its a decent little brewpub and well situated . The beers leave a bit to be desired...but hey in the mountains beer tastes better anyway.“
Imaena 4182 days ago
62 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“Cascade Canyon IPA on a beer engine, also get the Barley wineif in season“
axion 4186 days ago
86 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“It’s a beautiful sight from the outside: a brewery tucked into the side of a snow covered mountain. The inside is a large open warehouse type space with a bar and a few tables. You can see the canning machine through a window. Beer is available to go also in cans and in growlers. They didn’t have a large variety of styles and Ska is really hit or miss. They make some awesome beers and few so-so ones. There is a lot of cool merchandise for sale.“
NachlamSie 4195 days ago
90 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“This is a large, spacious brewpub with a clean and ski-town-type ambiance. There was a large selection of their beers available with anything from chili beer to nitrogenated IIPA to Belgian styles. The service during lunch was great at the bar. I had chicken green chile potato soup with tasty beer bread. There were a lot of people coming in to eat lunch and get food to go as well as a handful of patrons at the large bar. This is just kind of a standard brewpub, but it really excels at being just that.“
NachlamSie 4195 days ago
84 /100 695 CAMINO DEL RIO
“Great prices with helpful service and an okay selection. Mostly regional and local brews are available with just a handful of imports, There are a couple of small shelves that have some seasonal bombers that offer some more interesting things. Not a bad place, but it doesn’t seem that their main focus is beer.“
NachlamSie 4195 days ago
92 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Durango’s BEST!! The last reviewer has no clue on quality!! Steamworks has and has had the best selection on brews in Durango since 1999. The food here is killer too and always served by a talented team of staff. No other brewery in the area can compete! “
BeerWife 4198 days ago
78 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Lots of delicious beers to choose from last time I was in town. It was a bit crowded and loud (which you’ll get at a bar, especially if its a good bar), but still got great service from the bar tender. Hostess person we interacted with was less great... seemed annoyed by our presence. Food is fantastic!“
BrewGRu 4201 days ago
76 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“A cool little place just south of town in a commercial/industrial district. Small modern style tap room with a bottle selection to go. Nothing really special on tap when i was there however, great service and friendly people made it fun. If your in this area, definitely stop here.“
Terminus 4306 days ago
82 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“Fantastic food, great prices. Four beers, appetizer, two meals and desert for $60 with tip. Beer selection isn’t particularly adventurous but the 10 beers on tap are all very well made. The oatmeal stout in particular is excellent. Server was very friendly and attentive and actually seemed to know how to deal with us New Yorkers, unlike the guy at Steamworks last night. Highly recommended.“
puzzl 4310 days ago
82 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Whoa! Best brewpub of the trip by far. A wide range of very interesting beers that are of above average to very good quality. The food choices are excellent and the execution goes far beyond what you’ll see in 95% of brewpubs and even restaurants. The best spot in Durango, and worth a detour if you are anywhere nearby.“
puzzl 4310 days ago
74 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Large brewpub with the fermentation tanks in the middle. The pale ale I had was pretty good, Our salads were fine, but the clam chowder was mediocre at best. Descent place for a good beer and a meal.“
jvdijk99 4450 days ago
76 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Industrial decor set in a nice old mountain town. Good selection of beer, some of which are available bottled. Good food. Went there with Josh N., Josh W., and Nick C. after ASEH in 2011 on our way to the Great Sand Dunes.“
ads135 4622 days ago
82 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Love this place--a must if you are anywhere near Durango. The atmosphere is great, cool and urban, large with high ceilings and a long bar conducive to alone or friends. Durango itself is pretty cool--a small town but relatively sophisticated, liberal, not insular. And the real reason to come is that they are serious about brewing. Had some of the better beers I’ve had in a while here, they are pushing boundaries and impressing palates without being gimmicky. Would go back in a second.“
Beershine 4670 days ago
68 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“Very friendly, warm, inviting place. Seemed really small until I realized there was another whole bar in the back with more of a sports bar vibe. Had a fun lineup of 12 pretty innovative styles. Not as sophisticated a brewery as Steamworks in town, but certainly worth visiting.“
Beershine 4670 days ago
74 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“Since we were in Durango to visit some of my GF’s friends and check on real estate, had to get a trip in to SKA since I like their Modus Hoperandi. The place is a large, open tasting room with a rack of clothing in the corner. Atmosphere was fine for a tasting room and very clean. Service was ok. Had a Modus on cask and another from tap. Didn’t care for it on cask. I guess I prefer to have my IPAs a little cold. Price of brew was low, unfortunately, didn’t have time to drink too many. We came during the afternoon since we were on vacation, so it wasn’t busy. Bought a T-shirt, too. I would come here often if I lived in this town.“
MaltOMeal 4680 days ago
90 /100 695 CAMINO DEL RIO
“I shop here all the time! The staff is very nice and really listens to you when you ask questions- if they don’t know the answer thay will go out of their way to make sure you get the info. you want. Their prices are the best in town and selection is HUGE. The best liquor store in Durango! “
beerstars 4868 days ago
78 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“Sat on their patio on a sunny october afternoon and enjoyed a few brews, including an excellent IPA and one of the best stouts I have ever had. My food review is based only on their great pizza. Good service.“
ILikeOl 4923 days ago
68 /100 801 E 2ND AVE
“stopped in 7/17/10. this place really reminds me of tempe four peaks... warehouse type building with a giant patio and no walls. decent service and laid back atmosphere but a mediocre set of ten or so beers.“
hellbilly 4951 days ago
70 /100 1022 MAIN AVE
“stopped in on 7/17/10. sweet little downtown location with a great vibe. sat near the bar and watched the cool kids ride their fixies. decent service during the busy hours although we didn’t eat. 10 beers plus rootbeer on tap... all available to go.“
hellbilly 4951 days ago
80 /100 225 GIRARD ST
“stopped in on 7/17/10. slow time apparently. we just missed the live music... bummer. beautiful location at the base of a frikkin mountain! good vibe. lots of beers on tap.. all of which taste better than when we get them in phx! what’swith the music?... it’s not ska at all“
hellbilly 4951 days ago
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