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76 /100 5219 W 25TH AVE
“Small and friendly store, with a fantastic selection of craft beers. Great stop.“
GTAEgeek 788 days ago
70 /100 5505 W 20TH AVE, STE 178
“Part of the Edgewater Market. There's an entrance from the parking lot or from inside. Pretty big space, with a patio. Open ceiling industrial feel, with some barrel accents and a nice-looking bar. The wait staff were friendly and efficient. Lots of low-gravity abbey ales and saisons, which is always refreshing. Prices seem high to me, though. Fun spot, and worth a visit.“
GTAEgeek 822 days ago
88 /100 5219 W 25TH AVE
“Small, craft-focused store with nice ambiance, incredible service and a great selection of beer.“
ajnepple 2000 days ago
88 /100 5219 W 25TH AVE
“Nice little liquor store behind Joyride Brewery. Solid beer selection with some harder to find selections. Service was great and knowledgeable. Prices were a bit higher than big box liquor stores, but still very reasonable. Well worth stopping in!“
Ratman197 2005 days ago
72 /100 2501 SHERIDAN BLVD
“An open air brewery (in nice weather) with a long bar and scattered tables. They had a food truck during our visit and I suspect this is normal. Solid beers and a friendly service.“
BeerandBlues2 2183 days ago
78 /100 2501 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Nice well lit taproom with a great lake veiw. Service if great faster if it’s not packed. Usually a dozen beers on tap. Prices are good and they do AHA discount. Well worth checking out.“
Ratman197 2259 days ago
80 /100 2501 SHERIDAN BLVD
“This place has shown great improvements. Beers here have just gotten better and better over time, especially the IPAs. It can get busy, but there is plenty of seating and a nice, open feel overlooking Sloan’s Lake. A good, worthwhile stop on this side of town.“
ajnepple 2437 days ago
64 /100 2501 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Fairly large taproom in the inexplicably busy Sloan’s Lake area (seriously, fuck the traffic over hear) - obviously popular in the neighborhood, as they were quite busy - a lot of twenty-somethings and some young families - spacious interior that is nice and airy with all the garage doors open - welcoming staff - between 8 and 10 beers on tap - mostly your basic anglo- American brews, but a couple Belgians as well - beers range from fair to poor, many having some flaws to overcome - nothing made me interested in coming back beer-wise, but I my return again, as it seems like a nice hangout and if they work things out on the brewing side there could be some potential here.“
notalush 2868 days ago
60 /100 2501 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Busy busy with a lot of young patrons and young guys running the show. They promote their cicerone certification, which is nice to see, but the beer definitely needs work. The saison was not a saison, and the kolsch certainly not kolsch, but style names are meaningless these days, especially in Denver. So, if you like sweet, stupidly bitter yeasty beer, this may be your place.“
3fourths 3135 days ago
88 /100 2501 SHERIDAN BLVD
“I’ve passed by Joyride a few times before I finally stopped in. I was surprised at how large the tasting room is. There is a very lengthy bar inside along with tons of table seating. Garage doors make up most of one wall, though they were certainly closed on this dreary, cold day. There are a just a few TV’s around, two behind the bar. Joyride seems to have food trucks on a fairly regular basis, today Slyderman was out front cooking up mini sandwiches. Pints are $5.50 across the board with the double IPA only available in a 10 oz. goblet for $4. There were about six beers on tap during my visit with nothing particularly crazy, but a decent variety of styles represented. I went with a pint of the English pale ale, which was clean and well made. It’s also worth noting they do happy hour, which is definitely not the norm for breweries around town. Joyride didn’t have any particular feature that absolutely wowed me, but they have all their bases covered, They’ve got great service, fair pricing, decent selection, apparently decent quality of beer, food trucks, spacious interior, good location, etc. Certainly a worthy stop.“
NachlamSie 3184 days ago
78 /100
Providence Tavern (Restaurant)
5280 W 25TH AVE
“I really like this place, and am happy to have it in the hood. The best part about this place is their pricing. They have happy hour 7 days of the week, and even if you go outside of happy hour their pints are very reasonably priced. I like the ambiance inside, especially the bar. If I remember correctly, the bar is about 150 years old! Beautiful. The beer selection is decent, with some very quaffable beers on tap, but don’t expect to find anything too radical. Food is tasty, with a great and diverse selection.“
rivertranced 4140 days ago
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