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84 /100 3435 S BROADWAY
“The Englewood Grand is noteworthy because it has been quite challenging in the past to find good craft beer on tap in downtown Englewood. These guys have you covered now. Though not expansive or particularly geeky, the selection was solid and 100% local. Good stuff was available from Black Shirt, Locavore, and Grandma’s House to name about half the offerings. The can selection is just all macros with a rather hilarious menu page dedicated to that. I loved the ambiance in here. It was appropriately dim at night, adding to that fancy-cocktail-bar-from-the-1930s feeling. Killer tunes on the stereo too. The liquor selection is vast too if you’re into that. Englewood Grand isn’t worth a special trip if you’re not in the area as there are countless more beer centric options in Denver, but I am truly thankful to have another option than sipping New Belgium at Moe’s when pregaming a show at the Gothic.“
NachlamSie 1910 days ago
84 /100
The Liquor Barn (Beer Store)
“Liquor Barn is old and just a little dingy with a creepy parrot in the middle of the store. The beer selection is massive and everything is refrigerated. There are definitely some good finds on the shelves. The bad thing is I saw many ancient bottles of beer, so beware of stale beer. If you’re attentive though, I guarantee you’ll find something good to drink. Prices are good too.“
NachlamSie 2327 days ago
70 /100 3295 S BROADWAY
“Moe’s is not really a craft beer destination. They have Modus Hoperandi and Dale’s in a can. Ranger is on tap and Avery IPA is available in a bottle. Cool. I come here sometimes before a show at the Gothic up the street because the Gothic’s beer selection is miserable. Moe’s is pretty big with an expansive bar and tons of seating with a nifty patio to boot. All orders are placed at the counter. A good variety of pinball is here along with Ms. Pac Man. They have a few bowling lanes too. The food is passable. I must commend their fried okra. The slaw is iffy and the barbecue has good flavor, it is reasonably moist and tender but is then ruined with sweet candy ketchup. I don’t hold it against them, I’ve yet to find anyone in Colorado that understands what real barbecue is. My biggest gripe is their selection of overplayed 70s rock that I’ve been hearing without respite for my entire life. I got tortured with Eagles immediately followed by Skynyrd. I guess they’re trying for the generic ancient southern rock vibe. All in all, Moe’s is okay. They’ve got fun entertainment, a serviceable beer list, friendly staff, decent food and good prices. But I must reiterate that this is not a craft beer destination, nor are they trying to be.“
NachlamSie 2626 days ago
80 /100 3295 S BROADWAY
“Excellent Memphis-style BBQ, good selection of local craft beers, bowling alley, live bands, arcade games, and pinball. Everything a growing boy needs!“
PsionSaint 4273 days ago
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