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“In a large generic building in the most touristy part of town, surrounded by parking in all directions. Surrounded by mountains too, with a view from the deck. Inside is just a large restaurant, filled with kids being ignored by their parents, so it was like kindergarten on crack when I visited. Staff is college students. Beer is present. Nice view into the large brewhouse through glass. Pizza. That is all.“
Travlr 170 days ago
74 /100 390 W RIVERSIDE AVE
“This place is on the touristy side of town in a nondescript strip mall with tons of parking. Inside has a large central bar with a dozen or so taps. Beer is decent enough and there are a good variety of styles. Ask staff about what's good on the food truck if present, they'll clue you in.“
Travlr 170 days ago
86 /100 531 S SAINT VRAIN AVE
“This was the closest brewery to my log cabin, a five minute walk. The brewer adopted me, so I had the honor and the privilege of helping out with a brewing session, a fun day. The taproom itself is a former gas station just in front of the brewhouse and has a small serving bar plus an attached room with barstools and tables. Front porch is small but inviting and has a great view of the mountains. Staff knew the beers well, were extremely friendly and very helpful. Beers were tasty. No food, but there's a good Mexican restaurant and a few others a short walk away (careful, everything in town closes early).“
Travlr 170 days ago
“My Airbnb was walking distance, and I'm glad I stayed on this side of the mountain, the other side was too touristy. Small taproom with a serving bar and not much else inside, except for a view into the brewhouse. The patio is gorgeous, lots of tables and umbrellas, even a water feature. Views of the mountains. Live music on occasion. Great variety of beer styles, many with a Belgian flair (Peter Bouckaert brews here on occasion) although thy had just put a Polish style grodziskie on when I visited, holy cow! Great staff. Solid mplace.“
Travlr 170 days ago
80 /100 1640 BIG THOMPSON AVE
“The beer buyer cares about getting some cool product in the store. Space is a bit limited and it's necessary to devote a decent amount of shelf space to the tourists but there are a few gems to be had. There's not a plethora of bombers, but plenty of six packs are available. Most everything is refrigerated. I'd recommend coming here to stock up when in Estes Park.“
NachlamSie 793 days ago
“This is up on a very scenic ridge located just a short walk from downtown. They've got a big outdoor area where you can drink beer and take in the crisp mountain air. Service is efficient and friendly. The tap list is the best I've seen so far in Estes, plenty of Coloradan product is on.“
NachlamSie 793 days ago
“Afternoon visit. New brewery as of July 2019. Nice clean, modern interior with nice decor. Think eight of their beers on tap. Crowlers available. Friendly service. Reasonable prices. Great patio area. Beer quality average and above.“
RobertDale 1134 days ago
“Small bar area, with some nice decor. Nice patio. The bartenders were friendly and efficient, and the brewer was talkative. They only had four of their own beers on tap, but they've got six more coming within the week. Nice place, and a good addition to the area.“
GTAEgeek 1184 days ago
72 /100 390 W RIVERSIDE AVE
“Nice bar and seating area, with a nice patio. The decor is pretty standard, but clean and well organized. The bartenders were quick and friendly, despite the significant crowd. A nice tap list, with a good variety of styles. Good prices, for such a touristy town. Highly recommended, if you're up in the area.“
GTAEgeek 1184 days ago
80 /100 390 W RIVERSIDE AVE
“This is brewery where all the locals are hanging out. There is a pretty big parking lot but it was nearly full, same goes for the bar and all the tables inside. Solid beers with a good variety of styles were available. The service was good. Rock Cut is basically what we expect when we think of brewery taprooms these days and it did not disappoint.“
NachlamSie 1189 days ago
84 /100 531 S SAINT VRAIN AVE
“If you wanna feel like you're drinking a beer in a mountain town, go here. It's a converted old gas station with stellar views of the town with the lake and mountains. The beer quality was solid. The pale ale was super clean and the American stout was very true to style with some excellent hop/malt balance. The bartender was nice. Beer selection was pretty broad with some American ales alongside lagers, Belgian ales, and some spiced/fruited stuff. There's a bit of inside seating in a room between the deck (which is where you really wanna be) and the tiny bar.“
NachlamSie 1189 days ago
72 /100 820 MORAINE AVE
“I only ended up here because it was a five minute walk from the condo we stayed at. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised with the pulled pork sandwich. Slaw was quite decent too. You never know what you're gonna get as far as cue out in these parts. The tap list was certainly solid, it featured stuff from all three breweries in town. Prices are good too. This place was full almost to capacity on a Monday for dinner. I wouldn't call this a beer destination but it exceeded expectations both the in beer selection and food quality departments.“
NachlamSie 1189 days ago
“Awful building on the south side of town, in the midst of mini-golf and self storage places. The inside is poorly laid out, dark, and outdated. The bartender at the tasting bar was quick and efficient. They have 9 beers for the free tasting downstairs, and another 3 special ones upstairs that you have to pay for. Most of their bottles are available in six-pack and mix-sixes. We didn't eat (or even pay for any beer). The prices are very reasonable, and it's very hard to complain about free samples. This is an eyesore, and the beer is mediocre, but it you've gotta tick, it'll work.“
GTAEgeek 1551 days ago
58 /100 292 MORAINE AVE
“Pretty fun winery, with good wines, and a couple ciders and meads on. Across the street from The Barrel, and just down the road from Rockcut. The bartenders are quick and friendly, even on a busy holiday weekend in the rain. $8 for a flight of 5, which can include the rateable things here, or $8 for a glass (I think the prices change seasonally...). This is a pleasant little find.“
GTAEgeek 1551 days ago
“Outdoor biergarten area, just south of downtown. It looks like they're building out the space next door for inside seating and a kitchen, which looks nice. The bartender was friendly and quick, but didn't know anything about the beer. Great selection of taps, with a lot of options from the area, without a big focus on the local breweries (thankfully). Good prices, for a tourist town. This is a great find in a town that isn't that great for beer destinations.“
GTAEgeek 1551 days ago
62 /100 531 S SAINT VRAIN AVE
“I checked this place out on the way down from RMNP. Not far out of the way in a converted gas station of all things. Low key operation with literally no inside seating. Not sure what they do in the winter -- maybe its seasonal? Friendly service for sure. Flights available. They crazily had two (2!) Sahtis on tap, as well as some other odd styles. Grabbed my flight and sat at a picnic table on the outer deck overlooking the road. Unfortunately the beers were not good. The Alt was ok, the others were significantly below average, with the IPA bordering on undrinkable.“
bytemesis 1570 days ago
“About a block off main street Estes Park (on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park). Very big outside seating area. Large tap list of mainly Colorado beers. Visited on a Friday early evening and live music was offered. Lots of families stopped in, and the kids found things to do (Corn Hole). Interesting setup that is worth a visit. Will stop by anytime I pass though Estes Park.“
RobertDale 1884 days ago
76 /100 390 W RIVERSIDE AVE
“Visited mid-afternoon during the week. A few block from downtown Estes Park. Nice smaller taproom. Some outside seating. Parking was a bit tough. Nice beers, good service, fair prices, and a pleasant atmosphere. Well worth a visit.“
RobertDale 1884 days ago
“Ugly outdated looking building from the outside but inside is much better. 1st floor has free beer samples and a gift shop. 2nd floor has restaurant, pool tables, arcade games and a small balcony which should be much bigger. Like most places in estes the view out there is good. They really play it safe with their beer but the 3 I tried were good if unimaginative. The food is above average, menu is also very safe. I highly recommend the chili cheese fries. This would be a good place to bring people who are not completely into craft beer. Very popular because it is the only brewery in estes that serves food.“
coachd 1937 days ago
“Odd, I never said anything when I went through here years ago, fine, no time like the right time. Service and food were better than the beer, but the beer wasn’t crap, just wasn’t top tier. Pretty clean place. Paraphernalia was down stairs. FYI: watch out for the wandering deer outside - one walked right up to my truck and ate the apples in the back, lil bastard! But anyways, well, decent little place. Value was as expected for the area. “
Bulk_Carrier 1980 days ago
76 /100 531 S SAINT VRAIN AVE
“Absolutely great visit. The guy behind the bar (Wade) was super friendly and fun to have a chat with. Great artwork on the walls and I really loved the fence build of old skis. Nice views and pretty decent beers. 8 beers on tap and a flight available. No food.“
rosenbergh 2173 days ago
“A nice patio bar in the heart of Estes Park by the main street (Elkhorn Ave). There is a food truck next to their "truck". 64 taps, over 50 of them craft beers. Huge selection of CO craft beers. Friendly service. Finding a parking space nearby can be a challenge. The city is full of tourists.“
rosenbergh 2173 days ago
“Taproom and souvenier shop downstairs. Samples were served at the bar with no bar stools. Friendly and quick services. Restaurant at 1st floor. Excellent food.“
Skinnyviking 2177 days ago
70 /100 390 W RIVERSIDE AVE
“Small Taproom and bar with bar chairs. Long table, high chairs. Small tables as well. 12 taps. Quick and friendly service. Fair prices. Flights possible. View to the brewery.“
Skinnyviking 2180 days ago
76 /100 531 S SAINT VRAIN AVE
“Nice small brewery with a big view. The first review covers the background of Lumpy Ridge Brewing. Had a nice visit with some nice beers. Service was great and everyone was very friendly. Well worth stopping in and having a beer or three.“
RobertDale 2283 days ago
72 /100 531 S SAINT VRAIN AVE
“Visited: 9/25/15 Proud to be the first review of the location. Ambiance: The place is a repurposed gas station. The ’inside’ is literally the size of a small gas station interior with a bar where the counter was, that can hold 3 patrons. there is a front patio that is built over the small two gas pump island. There is still lots of decor and reminders of the former gas station including the main sign with the three prices for Regular, Mid, and Ultra Gas, but the main sign replaced with Lumpy Ridge Brewing. You really can’t beat that view which over looks the entire plateau of Estes Ridge, up in the mountains. Service: The owner was very friendly, excited to have people visit from out of state, wondered how we ended up there. He spent time telling us about how he cane about, his beers and what his future plans were. Super Dude. Selection: He had 7 different beers on tap including a Bock, Citrus Wheat, Pale, Roasted Stout, etc. Nice to see him getting off the beaten pah a little bit, especially for a small place in a small town. Value: Pints were $6 each, which was alright for average beers. Overall, cool little place up in the mountains, a great escape to get away from the rest of the GABF scene. Not a destination brewery and no food, but nice stop while passing by.“
merc7186 2557 days ago
72 /100 247 W ELKHORN AVE
“Nice little place. Good beee selection for the mountains, good food, nice people. They definitely try to keep you the staff up on the beers. Sometimes get the rambling staff that assumes you know nothing about beer, when in fact you know way more than them, they try though. Overall, a nice place to stop when in the mountains.“
Danyel 2593 days ago
72 /100 820 MORAINE AVE
“Average touristy place for Estes, but great local beer selection. About 10 taps that are contiunually being rotated with local micros. Service is awesome at the bar, and food is super fast. Beers are good, one specialty from Boulder Beer that seems like it is only at Smokin’ Dave’s. Prices are alright, only an extra dollar for a 20oz over a 16 oz. Overall, not a beer destination, but great for dinner.“
HIGHB4LL 2962 days ago
60 /100
Village Pizza (Restaurant)
“Busy place with decent expensive pizza. Selection of beers was not very good, nothing outstanding the night I visited. No real complaints, but will probably try other pizza places next visit.“
RobertDale 2986 days ago
72 /100 1640 BIG THOMPSON AVE
“Fairly small store with a decent selection. Met the owner (Matt Rambo) and he knows beer and is trying to get the best he can. Knows the Colorado scene very well. If you stop in, you probably will find a gem or two.“
RobertDale 2986 days ago
72 /100 247 W ELKHORN AVE
“Had dinner on a rainy week day night and the place was packed. 100 bottles on beer menu and 5 or 6 on tap. Very good Colorado selection. Prices were decent and food was very good. Service was slow (understandably). Will return if I get the chance. Probably your best bet in Estes Park for food and beer.“
RobertDale 2986 days ago
“This is a pretty cool hangout in Estes Park. There is a bar downstairs in thd gift shop where you can get growlers filled and free tasters. Upstairs is the restaurant and patio. There are big glass windows which overlook into the brewery. Very fun place and family friendly.“
Salmoniform 3048 days ago
88 /100
Poppy’s (Restaurant)
“Great food and a really amazing beer selection both in bottles and on tap.“
BrettTaylor 3191 days ago
“Interesting place. Downstairs was the gift shop which offered free samples of their brews. Upstairs was the dining and bar. Service and prices were decent. As I was driving, couldn’t sample too many. The ones I did sample were just average. A herd of elk passing through this part of town greeted us as we left. Interesting place.“
RobertDale 3348 days ago
“Fun place to visit when you’re in Estes Park. The restaurant is a burger and hot dog kind of place. Try a sampler of their beers. Nice gift shop and friendly service.“
Beergeek23322 3497 days ago
“Visited October 9, 2012 with two friends. First 4 samples of beer in the gift shop were free, the following were 50 cents each. Also sampled two more beers upstairs by the bar for free, those weren’t available in the gift area. Didn’t eat. Both service in the gift area and by the bar was great. Amazing view when driving to and from Estes Park, though the town itself and the brewery does feel sort of touristy. If you’re in the area it’s worth swinging by this for some samples though.“
gnoff 3642 days ago
62 /100 358 E ELKHORN AVE
“Popped in on for a beer whilst our tour van parked up in Estes Park for an hour, for some tourist tat, for me beer! It was not long after 11am on Saturday 02/06/12 so there was no one inside, i went to the patio at the back overlooking the river. Average list of beers, some crap but a dozen or so local micro, I opted for an Estes Park Brewery beer. Service was friendly and efficient.“
Theydon_Bois 3685 days ago
58 /100 358 E ELKHORN AVE
“Not a bad stop if you’re strolling down Elkhorn. Surprisingly deep selection for an "upsale-esque" place. Food prices are moderate but I didn’t eat there. The patio in the back looks out at the Big Thompson River. Worth a peek inside to see what they have.“
KAggie97 3704 days ago
52 /100 820 MORAINE AVE
“Went here while I was in Estes Park on vacation. Food was good and the beer selection was a surprise. Be prepared for incorrect glassware and the bartenders to try and push bud light as the favorite. They have a few interesting taps that are changed out from time to time. All local to Colorado.“
dinkle50 4072 days ago
64 /100
Village Pizza (Restaurant)
“I went here while on vacation in Estes Park. Pretty good selection, mostly bottles though. The tap selection was limited. Food was pretty good, but service was kind of slow. Could have just been a busy night. If I’m back in Estes Park, I’d come back to this place.“
dinkle50 4072 days ago
100 /100 247 W ELKHORN AVE
“Easily our favorite place in Estes Park. Great beer selection with knowledgeable staff and great food too.“
BeerNelson 4074 days ago
“Taking a trip to Estes Park, this was a no brainer. The building looks a touch run down, but inside it’s big with large tvs for watching a game and pool tables. We had nachos, which were decent, but not great. It was fun trying all of their beers for free and then just buying a couple with dinner upstairs. That being said, the beer is very average to mediocre, and unless I see something new to rate, I won’t be seeking an EP beer again. The people were really nice though.“
rougeau13 4130 days ago
“Came here visiting at friend who lives in Estes, lets say it was a quick visit. Tasted a couple beers before we made our way upstairs, and I was already aware this was not the best beer. We had two pints each, only because it was happy hour, and all I could handle was the Raspberry Wheat. The food was all frozen/fried, so it is hard to screw that up. I would only suggest a visit if you are going to Rocky Mountain National Park, and driving past.“
RudiNicole 4180 days ago
76 /100 247 W ELKHORN AVE
“Nice, cozy little place along the main drag in Estes Park. The nachos were good, and huge, and they had a nice selection of Colorado beers in bottles. One of their taps is Bud Light, another Fat Tire, and third is a rotating beer from Grimm’s Brothers in Loveland. Good times.“
rougeau13 4186 days ago
64 /100 292 MORAINE AVE
“Nice, enjoyable little winery that has meads for sample. Bright, cafe type atmosphere and friendly people.“
rougeau13 4186 days ago
56 /100 182 S SAINT VRAIN AVE
“Small liquor store on the way into town from Denver. Decent little selection, and it’s nice to be able to buy single bottles.“
rougeau13 4186 days ago
88 /100
Village Pizza (Restaurant)
“Very nice beer selection, both local and import. Nice salad bar and excellent pizza.“
rougeau13 4186 days ago
“I had some pretty good pizza here but the kicker was the mediocre to poor beers. The following is simply outstanding: I wanted to taste all of the beers. Downstairs in the gift shop they were free... up ten stairs in the restaurant, it would have cost me over $25 to get a sampler of every beer. Unbelievable. Luckily I went downstairs after lunch and drank the BLAH beers for free. Not recommended unless you’re spending the day in Estes Park and you need to rate some new beers.

Shitters: C
cubs 4374 days ago
“Had lunch and some beers. Kind of old looking place. Gift shop and tasting room downstairs and a big open sit down area upstairs. We received good service. Food was good but nothing special, typical road stop/diner food. The beer was alright, but seems like they cater to the masses.“
savnac 4502 days ago
“I was so happy to find this place! Just down the hill from the YMCA camp. Decent brews on tap and growler fills. Nice way to escape for a couple of hours.“
Lagunitasfan 4602 days ago
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