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84 /100 29260 US HWY 40
“This space is massive. There could be 50 patrons and it'd still look mostly empty. Great mountain views enhance the deck. They had probably ten of their own beers on as well as a few guest taps. I was reading the menu and did a double-take when I came across their happy hour list. I happened to be here at 4:30 and took advantage of $3 full pours. They've got a lot of very cheap food options during happy hour as well. Normal beer prices are about $6 which is right in line with anything in the general area. The beer I tasted was of varying quality. Some of it was quite good, some could use some tweaking. I did not eat on this visit, but saw plenty of good looking food coming out of the kitchen. I wouldn't travel great lengths to visit, but there are only two breweries in Evergreen. This one has a killer happy hour and is very conveniently located for stopping after a morning hike in the mountains.“
NachlamSie 1201 days ago
82 /100 27618 FIREWEED DR
“It doesn't take long heading west out of Denver before you can set foot in a mountain town brewery. Perched on top of a hill and quite easy to spot at night with all of its lights, Lariat Lodge is a brewpub in a cabin overlooking wilderness. It was quite busy on a Thursday evening, filled with locals. I did not eat on this visit. The beer has potential. I had a very well made American lager but also a fusely, burning Belgian golden. There is a decent array of beers to choose from on the menu. I'll probably be back at some point and I'll give the food a try and something else from the beer menu.“
NachlamSie 1268 days ago
64 /100 29260 US HWY 40
“Huge, spacious restaurant/brewery that was unsurprisingly dead on a Monday afternoon. The service was good enough, but why not inform patrons of happy hour deals (not on the menu)? I got $2 tasters when there were $3 pints and a $8 appetizer when there were happy hour bites in the $3-5 range. The beer was OK/below average. May come back eventually, undecided.“
ajnepple 1397 days ago
66 /100 29260 US HWY 40
“Big, log-cabin type restaurant. Pretty nice bar area. The bartender was, if anything, too helpful. Nice, eclectic mix of beers. $2 tasters and $6 pints seems a little much. Overall, not a bad place. Worth a quick stop off I-70.“
GTAEgeek 1623 days ago
78 /100 27618 FIREWEED DR
“Nice mountain brewery with a mellow vibe, there’s around 10 or 12 different beers available in a variety of styles. The service was fast and friendly. The food is tasty but a bit pricey. They do an AHA discount on flights. Cool place to check out.“
Ratman197 1626 days ago
74 /100 28075 HIGHWAY 74
“Outdoor service. Indoor a lot of space separated in varous rooms. All with dark wooden walls. On the walls money notes, registration plates and other interesting stuff to look at. Friendly and quick staff who knew about their beers. Food looked good. Fair prices.“
Skinnyviking 1861 days ago
50 /100 27618 FIREWEED DR
“A restaurant that decided to dip its feet into brewing, the brewer seems to struggle with the basics (under-attenuated and under-carbonated "Hefeweizen", husky malt, fermentation off-flavors).“
3fourths 1931 days ago
50 /100 29260 US HWY 40
“Another restaurant that decided to get into brewing, they serve 10 beers on tap of low quality. The dark and drab interior and dressed-up bar food give me no reason to return, even if the beer were any good.“
3fourths 1931 days ago
76 /100 3847 EVERGREEN PKWY
“I’ve been stopping here frequently since moving to the area. The selection exceeded my expectations and the stock on limited stuff lasts a little longer than the big city stores. Fair prices, above average ambiance and good service. A big, slowly rotating, make your own six pack section. Update: Decent glassware selection. New stuff usually on the end of the first aisle. All other beer is in the back. Lots of 6-packs, 3 cooler doors of bombers and imports. Other bombers at room temperature are furthur back (Trinity, Dogfish Head, a few sours, etc.) Make your own six pack section in the way back, along with the domestic stuff. Occasional tastings of wine and beer. note: They have a seemingly endless supply of Uncle Jacob’s, which is nice, going for 12.49 a pop, though.“
ajnepple 2966 days ago
72 /100
Coconuts Liquor (Beer Store)
“Liquor store right next to King Soopers in Evergreen. Pretty small store with some good stuff in the back cooler. The one by Safeway has more selection, but this one usually has a few gems. Most recently they had Firestone Walker XVI, FW Sucaba, DFH World Wide Stout, Avery Uncle Jacob’s Stout and a few other "rarities". The prices are a little high.“
ajnepple 2966 days ago
50 /100 3847 EVERGREEN PKWY
“Generic liquor store with a limited selection of imports and a lot of your typical large microbreweries represented. Some old stock noticed. No reason to visit again.“
3fourths 2980 days ago
72 /100 3847 EVERGREEN PKWY
“Well, i underestimated this place. It had a good selection of local Colorado brews az well as NW brews and Cali brews. Had some good bombers and very good singles case. My new stop when coming to CO mountains“
MaltOMeal 3254 days ago
60 /100
Coconuts Liquor (Beer Store)
“unexplained name - the front of the building only says "liquor". small interior, looks like a typical corner store with nothing to offer, but the back walk-in has some surprising bottles. some US/CO micros have been in the back for 5+ years and are ridiculously overpriced, but you may also find a gem or two stuffed back there. I picked up a case of boulevard saison stored cool and dark.“
3fourths 4135 days ago
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