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70 /100 16350 E ARAPAHOE RD #102
“Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do a lengthy perusal, but this place seemed to have a pretty solid craft selection in a couple of cases outside the cooler as well as in the back cooler area. I have been told the place across the street has a better selection and better prices but I didn’t visit that one.“
ben4321 2717 days ago
82 /100 16350 E ARAPAHOE RD #102
“This is a good place with a pretty good selection. They carry RR, lots of imports, some local stuff that a lot of places don't carry. I wished they had a bit more variety in 6 packs but their bomber area makes up for it. The staff is awesome especially Kurt (the owner). They're knowledgeable and very helpful (as compared to a lot of beer guys in the area). Ambiance could be a bit better. Not that it's bad but there is a noticeable smell when you enter the store (not unbearable but unpleasant). If you're contemplating going here or Cornerstar I'd recommend this place every time unless you want a bigger selection of 6 packs.“
nolimitnsb 3758 days ago
94 /100 16350 E ARAPAHOE RD #102
“This is a great beer store with a good wine selection as well. You have to go into the cooler to find the full stock of beer. They post the Ratebeer percentile and any GABF winners on the beers as well.“
astrivian 5102 days ago
90 /100 16350 E ARAPAHOE RD #102
“Amazing beer selection and some great wines too. When they told me that they had recently reorganized their cooler and opened the inside to customers I figured that there was maybe another ten or so beers back there. But when i walked in my jaw dropped to the floor at the selection. ALOT of the world’s greatest beers are at this store! On top of that they do a beer tasting every few weeks. See when the tastings are at“
Ilivebeer247 5538 days ago
42 /100 16350 E ARAPAHOE RD #102
“Stopped by here since I just flew in, am dog tired, and it is very close to where I’m staying. Definitely a smaller beer selection. Sells some singles (10% off when you buy 6). Just ended up walking out with 4 bombers as some of the locals I wanted to try were not sold in singles.“
hopdog 6019 days ago
58 /100 16350 E ARAPAHOE RD #102
“Fairly small selection of beer out front, but the beer buyer (Ron) is a true beer geek and has the "good stuff" (Abbaye des Rocs, etc.) available in the back if you talk to him nicely. Friendly staff overall.“
Ernest 6450 days ago
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