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76 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“drinks/dinner at brewpub in Frisco. Very cool set up - nice selection of beers - kid friendly. Nice place“
DWestrick 87 days ago
100 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“Best Brewery in the State. Maybe the country. This is craft beer, craft beer is not the elevated Budweiser everyone else is peddling these days.“
FrothyTasty58 640 days ago
76 /100 720 MAIN ST
“This is a sprawling brewpub that took over the old Backcountry Brewery space. HighSide spruced it up just enough. There's cozy fireside couches, arcade games, some art, just things that make it feel less stark than it used to. The patio with the mountain view is still prime. The beer is pretty decent, though certainly not adventurous. This the only brewery in tiny downtown, so it's certainly worth a stop if you're in the area.“
NachlamSie 786 days ago
84 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“Located bit outside of the town center. Medium sized taproom with fairly large patio which has beautiful view of the mountains. Nice view from the inside as well. 15 beers on tap, mostly hazy IPAs with two Saisons and a Grisette. Some of the IPAs are world class. If you're passing nearby this one is a must. One can get food from the Mexican joint next door.“
Iznogud 794 days ago
90 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“I finally made it out to the taproom here. The atmosphere far exceeded my expectations. Given that it's near a strip mall with a Wal-Mart I had some incorrect misconceptions. The space is actually just behind all that in a field with a gorgeous mountain view. There is limited bar seating with just a few tables and a couch in the corner. The patio is quite spacious. The beer selection was a little more broad than when I checked it months ago while pondering a visit. They actually had an imperial stout and three or four Belgian styles to accompany their endless hazy IPAs. Outer Range is certainly quality though, can't argue that. I'll be happy to make a return visit.“
NachlamSie 817 days ago
86 /100 223 LUSHER CT.
“For the area/region, this is the best store around. The only bottle shop that has a good assortment of singles, and very reasonably priced too. Don't waste your time with other stores, just go here!“
Kleg 1061 days ago
90 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“Great setup and location. Great Mountain View’s. 15 of their own beers on tap, and although they are heavily weighted to hazy ipas, they do them very well and there was a wide range of hop varieties showcased in the hazy ipas. Some other styles as well. Made for a great selection. I would have loved to try them all. Everything I had was solid. Really a top notch place. Definitely a place to go.“
Mep3222 1148 days ago
82 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“A lot of people head up to this area during ski season - I come during the summer to escape the heat of Denver - such a trip to Breck brought me here a few days ago, and now I have an excuse to come back as often as I can - these folks pretty much exclusively make IPA and Belgian ales/saisons, and that's just fine with me because they do an exceptional job with both - wonderfully balanced, expressive, and bright beers all around - the location itself makes the best of it's strip mall location - cozy bar space - a fair amount of outdoor seating, but they desperately need to add some shade structures as every seat is in direct sunlight until very late in the day - our bartender was super friendly, chatty, personable - overall a very relaxed and friendly vibe with excellent beers flowing - you really can't ask for more than that - I'd go so far as to say that they're making some of the best beer in the state right now - it takes about an hour and a half for me to drive here and I'm already planning on making a trek here at least once a month - if any other front range beer nerds want to coordinate a monthly car pool here, I'm so down - highly recommended.“
notalush 1225 days ago
74 /100 313 MAIN ST
“Look for the Hofbrau sign, and park on the street. It's built into an antique store, which gives it a surprisingly interesting feel. The employees are friendly and quick, although their beer knowledge isn't great (for example, "Donkelbock" on the chalkboard menu). Eight quality beers on tap, six German, on Belgian, and one Colorado. The sausages are fantastic. $6 for a half-liter, which isn't terrible. Happy hour is a dollar off. This is a fun place, with a cozy ambiance, good food, and quality European beer and wine.“
GTAEgeek 1280 days ago
76 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“Just a brief stop here after some weekday skiing. Small bar, and some tables, in a purposefully rough looking building. Far more space dedicated to the brewing equipment than to the seating. The bartender was busy, but friendly and prompt. I don't think I would've called a place with 10 IPAs on tap 'varied', but the range of hops and IPA styles was lovely. A bit pricey, but nothing outrageous. This is a fun spot, and the beers are nicely done.“
GTAEgeek 1305 days ago
80 /100 223 LUSHER CT.
“Fairly typical liquor store ambiance with good service and a nice selection of beer. Don't miss the walk-in cooler and this is also a good place to find special Casey releases. The best beer store I've been to in Summit County.“
ajnepple 1329 days ago
82 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“Small little well lit brewery with great knowledgeable service. Great selection of IPA'S. Prices are good for the area. Well worth checking out! AHA discount here.“
Ratman197 1444 days ago
78 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“Nice ambiance, good tunes and friendly service. Small interior, but plenty of outdoor seating for nice weather. 9 beers on tap, 7 IPA’s and 2 Belgian styles, apparently that’s all they do. Most, if not all of the hoppy beers are hazy/cloudy and unfiltered ("NE-style"). The overall quality of the beer was pretty good. I’d like to see more Belgian stuff, though.“
ajnepple 1551 days ago
80 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“New brewery whose focus is Belgian styles and IPA, the latter I can forgive them for because this is the world we live in but also because they seem to put real effort into making unique IPA, using a number of different hops that are generally overlooked by American brewers. The flavor balance and mouth feel of the three beers I tried was surprisingly solid, and the aromatics from hop and yeast were very expressive and pleasing. Staff was friendly and talkative and seemed to enjoy their job. I’ll be back whenever passing through Dillon/Frisco given the depth of character in their Saison and the smart hop choices in their recipes. No novelties (other than NEIPA) or goofy beer adulterations and no sour bacteria beers to be found. Very much in the vein of 12 Degree, and maybe its too early for me to say this but it feels like Outer Range may be one of the most technical breweries in Colorado, and in my humble opinion one of the few in the state worth seeking out. Its in a semi-posh suburban strip mall location adjacent to Whole Foods, but inside its actually a nice place to sit for a session: high ceilings wooden/modern interior with a garage door opening to a small patio looking northeast out over the Rocky Mountains.“
3fourths 1600 days ago
84 /100 182 LUSHER COURT
“I really like this brewery. IMO, they have the best beer in Summit County. The 2 lb tent is there most popular beer. It is a really solid IIPA. Atmosphere is cool and laid back. They have a lot of fun games available to play. Bartenders are friendly and service is great. It is a small space. Dog friendly. I definitely recommend them for a beer.“
waolsen 1658 days ago
70 /100 223 LUSHER CT.
“Probably the most complete beer selection in Frisco/Dillon, they stock most of the local and regional brands found throughout the front range, meaning it’s not a place to scoop up a few local/less-known breweries that aren’t available in Denver-Boulder, but what they do have is fresh, and stored completely in coolers.“
3fourths 1888 days ago
68 /100 842 N SUMMIT BLVD
“Pretty much the only liquor store you need to hit, if you are in the area. Not a huge selection, but enough to satisfy a weekend in the Rockys. Most typical CO breweries are represented, plus a few small town ones, as well. The bomber selection is a bit underwhelming, but it could be worse. Nice glassware selection and I even found some mini-snifter tasting glasses that were a big hit with the rest of the group. Pretty good little mountain liquor store.“
Steve_0 3388 days ago
70 /100 313 MAIN ST
“A little sausage shack, that has 5 to 6 beers on tap and about 15 other bottles, mostly Belgian. Good German food and a nice patio right on Main Street in Frisco. Going for the biergarten vibe, but very small. It’s still a cool place to hangout and a good alternative location in Frisco, if you don’t want to go to Backcountry.“
Steve_0 3391 days ago
28 /100 842 N SUMMIT BLVD
“highest prices in the county not to mention the motto being "can’t pass all the savings on to the customer". You always get the feeling that no one knows what they are doing. Either that or they are ridden so hard by the management they are spooked. Dont waste a dime here.“
garretjax 4041 days ago
70 /100 842 N SUMMIT BLVD
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon prior to a quick trip up to Breckenridge. Well organized selection, though a bit on the small side. Service was non-existent, but I did not ask for or require any help. They had some local beers - Backcountry, Pug Ryan, etc which was nice. Certainly better stores in Denver, but if you are up in the Mountains this is a decent option.“
theisti 4091 days ago
8 /100 842 N SUMMIT BLVD
“This place sucks. I tried to buy beer here, and they refused me service because my buddy was drinking a beer in the passenger seat. They are self rightgeous assholes. I hope this store burns to the ground. Eat my ass Antlers Liquor.“
leveecrew 4203 days ago
58 /100 842 N SUMMIT BLVD
“Nice selection. Occasionally you can find something you can’t find elsewhere. Great location. Liquor store next to Safeway in Dillon is probably the best in the area but this is a pretty nice shop.“
waolsen 4638 days ago
70 /100 842 N SUMMIT BLVD
“Nice selection of micros including: Odell, Oskar Blues, Backcountry, Dillon Dam, Twisted Pine and New Belgium. Clerk was a self-proclaimed beer geek formally from Wisconsin. very nice beer store for a town of 2400!“
barleyPops 5589 days ago
72 /100 842 N SUMMIT BLVD
“Just a few lights from I-70 (Exit 203), tucked in a strip mall between a Wal-Mart and a Safeway (among other places). Coming from the highway, it’s on the right (west), if that helps. Looks small outside, but it’s actually kind of roomy inside. Long cooler of beer with a surprisingly large selection of micros (many 6-packs and a couple doors full of bombers, etc.). Great location for skiers wanting to pick up some brews for the hotel room, as it’s on the way to -- and only about 15 minutes or so from -- Breckenridge, Copper, Keystone & A-Basin (unless you take Hwy 6). Backcountry Brewery is just a few blocks down the road from this liquor store.“
Aubrey 5779 days ago