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78 /100
King Soopers - Glensdale (Grocery Store)
“This is the only King Soopers in Colorado with alcohol. The beers selection is good with some bombers, corked bottles, and build your own 6-pack. The rest of the grocery is a bit more up scale than many.“
DenverLogan 3375 days ago
62 /100
King Soopers - Glensdale (Grocery Store)
“Not sure who entered this, but I have been tossing around the idea of entering it myself - I just wasn’t sure if the liquor store was open 24 hours like the grocery store section is - anyway, some strange CO law allows any chain store to have one store in the state that can sell liquor or full-strength beer - this is that store for Kroger/King Soopers - massive liquor store attached to the grocery store - speaking strictly of space, probably one of the largest liquor stores in Denver proper - yea, whatever, Glendale, you’re your own town and shit - believe whatever you want - long wall cooler with a respectable selection of six packs - not everything available in the area, but a good assortment - the walk in has a random selection of bombers and singles - some Italian imports, a few of the standard Belgians, plus some random American stuff, like boulevard terra incognita, some Russian river - again, not extensive - it all really does seem random, like the beer manager just closes his eyes and points - impressive ambiance for a supermarket liquor store - hardwood floors and decent wine racks/displays - nice prices, plus decent sales for those with rewards accounts with the supermarket - probably a good spot for anyone staying in any of the many nearby hotels along Colorado Boulevard - especially if it is actually open 24 hours (an admin might want to check on that).“
notalush 3549 days ago
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