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82 /100 711 GRAND AVENUE
“Small taproom with a clean vibe. Lots of beers on tap, lots of bottles to go. Small pours available. Beers top notch. Not the most exciting destination, but the beer more than makes up for it.“
explosivedog 398 days ago
76 /100 402 7TH ST
“August Glo Apricot Ale“
dustinshane 677 days ago
84 /100 711 GRAND AVENUE
“I love to see Casey now has a taproom with regular hours and it's right in downtown Glenwood Springs. The taproom is spartan and clean but the patio space out front is perfect for taking in the surroundings. I was greatly looking forward to drinking one of their signature geuze-style sour beers but in the past few years they have apparently joined the trend of only having fruited sours, hazies, and adjunct stouts. I certainly can't blame them, breweries generally have economic success when they condense their list to those aforementioned products and maybe I just came at the wrong time and missed something like their oak theory or saison. Anyway, the dry-hopped peach sour ale was delicious as expected and following it up with Comrade Superpower (their guest list is strong) was highly enjoyable.“
NachlamSie 1033 days ago
94 /100 3421 GRAND AVE
“Had some problems buying the tickets because non US credit cards were not supported. Troy got it fixed in couple of days. The place can be tricky to find, we've missed it and had to turn around just down the road. Fairly big place with lots of barrels inside. John is a perfect host, explained everything, knowledgeable but fun and entertaining. I believe even people who are not into beer would be interested. Location overlooking the river is very nice. We got to try 3 beers as part of tasting session + Side Project Leaner (which was great). Good selection of bottles on site and to go. Wish there were a bit more (they were out of two beers I think). Quality of beer is superb. It was well worth coming to Glenwood Springs for this.“
Iznogud 1388 days ago
66 /100 402 7TH ST
“Big restaurant in downtown Glenwood Springs. Stopped in for lunch, and it was busy, but not crazy. The waiter was friendly and knew the beer list well. 8 of the 12 taps are house beers, with some guest taps for ciders, NA, and gluten-free options. The food was quite good. Not a beer geek destination, but worth a stop for a meal and a beer.“
GTAEgeek 1465 days ago
58 /100 402 7TH ST
“Beers were ok. Service was friendly but could only describe the beers in terms of their color, dark, or, "really dark." Small tap selection. They did have a barrel aged baltic porter for $10, so I passed on that. This is an OK option for lunch but there is some great food in Glenwood Springs.“
JK 2092 days ago
60 /100
Grind (Restaurant)
“A noisy bar and restaurant with about 20 beers on tap and another 20 or so in bottles, almost all craft. Reasonable prices, and the food I saw looked like better than average bar food with quality burgers and desserts like creme brulee, as well as a cocktail list. Probably the best beer bar in Glenwood Springs.“
JK 2092 days ago
54 /100 732 COOPER AVE
“Decent selection here, with the highlight being a few Casey beers. I understand this is the only place in town to get them. Prices on beer are high and on liquor far about 50% than what I am used to paying. Service was friendly, and it is a nice shop. some singles available. Salami and some cheese available in a refrigerator.“
JK 2092 days ago
70 /100 402 7TH ST
“Nice little brewpub. Food was really good. Not a ton of taps but the beer was solid. Service was great. A nice lunch stop after a rafting tour.“
jhamp9 2162 days ago
90 /100 3421 GRAND AVE
“I returned for the 2nd time recently for a 2 PM session on Saturday. $20 + tax (bought in advance) gets you in the door and a flight of beer (3 pours, ~6 oz each). Much, much smaller crowd this time around, about 15 people. Warehouse location with a bar and small seating area, the rest of the interior is crammed full of barrels. A few picnic tables outside look over the Roaring Fork River and some surrounding mountains. 23 different bottles available on site and 6 different bottles available to go, with limits ranging between 2 and 5, and prices ranging between $15-36. Pretty awesome experience overall. With a crew of 6 we were able to try a bunch of beers without going broke. Highly recommended.“
ajnepple 2293 days ago
88 /100 3421 GRAND AVE
“Went to the Friday tour. Thankfully, they’ve revamped their ticketing, so the experience was very relaxed and controlled. No lines or need to get there early, and great attention to the presentation and experience. Open warehouse, with row upon rows of barrels for ambiance. John, running the tour, was excellent. He remembered names, was engaging, and knew what he was pouring intimately. Three samples come with the tour, and they are generous pours. The bottles for on-site consumption are exceptional, and of course, the allotment to carry out is worth the visit. Everything here is expensive - don’t come unless you are prepared to spend hundreds of dollars. Still, this place is worth at least one visit, and I’m already contemplating my next visit. Great experience, friendly people, good conversation, and world-class beer.“
GTAEgeek 2369 days ago
80 /100 732 COOPER AVE
“Nice shop in the cute downtown area just off the freeway on hwy 82. Prices seemed a little higher than 82 liquors, but selection is great. Good place to pick up Casey bottles, among other high quality brews. Worth a stop even if you’re just passing by. Helpful and enthusiastic staff as well.“
Prufrockstar 2531 days ago
82 /100 3421 GRAND AVE
“By chance was in Colorado and could attend the August 1 release. Nice location by a river. Arrived two hours early for the 11 a.m. release. Everyone was relaxed. Release went smoothly and the bar offered pours of all the released beers and a couple others. Glad it worked out as they are only open for releases. Made new friends and enjoyed some great Casey beers.“
RobertDale 2860 days ago
84 /100 3421 GRAND AVE
“Drove over to Glenwood for the Cherry Fruit Stand release. Nice location outside of the main touristy city center. Picnic tables outside and ample space inside. Nice bar area with a coach and the ability to look at all the barrels. It will be nice when they are open daily instead of only once a month.“
theothermatt 3189 days ago
76 /100 402 7TH ST
“Pretty cool brewery in Glenwood Springs. Nice outside patio seating along with comfortable indoor area and bar. Nice relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. The beer was solid. A really cool local brewpub with good bar food.“
Salmoniform 3280 days ago
64 /100 3120 BLAKE AVE, STE D
“Located in a strip mall on the south end of Glenwood Springs. Not a huge beer selection but they did have a couple of Avery barrel releases that had long been sold out in Denver. Two Aspen Brewery offerings. Prices were a bit high.“
cubs 3539 days ago
66 /100 402 7TH ST
“My previous trip the beers were pretty awful but this time around they seemed more clean. Typical bar atmosphere with decent food.

Shitters: n/a
cubs 3539 days ago
80 /100 402 7TH ST
“Very busy brewpub. Service was excellent and the beers were above average. 8 of their beers on tap. Nice location and well maintained. Well worth the trip here.“
RobertDale 3588 days ago
78 /100 402 7TH ST
“Stopped in early Monday afternoon and sampled their 8 beers on tap. Decent beers and food. Nice in town location.“
Iphonephan 3601 days ago
78 /100 3120 BLAKE AVE, STE D
“Sought this place out after seeing other reviews here and thought it was an impressive store for a small(er) mountain town. Service was great. Prices were close to Denver prices. Ambiance was good though a bit tight (had to move to let people by as I was browsing the bombers). Selection was surprisingly good. I was a bit shocked to see Russian River here (yes they carry Pliny - but you have to ask for it) and the 2 scores for me were a Beast and Odio Equum from Avery. Both have been sold out in Denver for a long time. If you're in Glenwood Springs it's worth a visit to this shop.“
nolimitnsb 3807 days ago
94 /100 402 7TH ST
“A great brepub. Love the selection and the seasonals. Great happy hour deals. This was my "brewpub" while I lived in the area. The place has a great feel, the folks were friendly and I was never without conversation. The bartenders are attentive and knowledgeable about the beer. Great high gravity beers in the winter to keep you warm. The food was always good and reasonably priced. The restaurant can get quite busy but you can usually find a place. Beer of the week specials are nice too.“
soul11man 4305 days ago
72 /100 402 7TH ST
“The first brewery/brew pub/micro-brewery I ever visited. First time was in 2005. Good, but expensive.“
bpreo 4358 days ago
82 /100 3120 BLAKE AVE, STE D
“BlackDonald must have been in a different Glenwood Springs liquor store. I am curious as to which one. RFL has a great selection and a knowledgable staff. I used to work in this the best liquor store in G-wood.“
ekochs 5052 days ago
86 /100 402 7TH ST
“This is a great brewpub! There’s always a great selection of varying styles of beer to sample. Don’t forget to ask for what’s on the infusion keg, always interesting. The food is awesome for a pub, haven’t had a bad meal yet. Even the childrens food is good, and comes served on a free frisbee. As for the beer, it’s always good, beyond that I’ll let the wall of world beer cup medals speak for themselves. I love Glenwood Canyon, not sure where the other reviewers are coming from. Yeah, if you’re coming through here on vacation during spring break, chances are that there are lots of others doing the same thing... Take the time to sample and maybe talk to the brewers. They are the nicest guys and turn out some amazing beers for a small brewhouse.“
Jwjeep 5177 days ago
72 /100 3120 BLAKE AVE, STE D
“Best beer store in Glenwood Springs i could find.“
aaronphazel 5223 days ago
32 /100 3120 BLAKE AVE, STE D
“Not much to sepak of here. A few singles I hadnt had before from Twisted Pine, a few New Belgium beers, but most Macro lagers and cheap wine and liquor. Staff would not come out from behind the counter. Strange place.“
BlackDonald 5415 days ago
58 /100 402 7TH ST
“Beautiful views getting here Glenwood Canyon is absolutely breathtaking in the summer. Last time I came through here, it was dark and treacherous in the dead of winter. Nice place in an old historic downtown area. Dining room on one side and a bar and dining area on the other backing up onto the brewery. Beers are mediocre as are the food.“
BlackDonald 5415 days ago
70 /100 402 7TH ST
“This is a nice brew pub to visit. The beers are great and the food is good. The location is unique and part of the old historic down town of Glenwood springs.“
pdxmickey 5716 days ago
60 /100 402 7TH ST
“The food was great. The service was average. I did not notice any outdoor seating, which I found odd for Colorado. 8 house beers and they shut down the blonde ditz asking for Miller Lite.“
BeerandBlues2 6189 days ago
70 /100 402 7TH ST
“I’ve eaten here several times over the years. Nice location in the historic Hotel Denver, across the street from the Glenwood hot springs. Easy access off of I-70. They have a number of beers, a stout, a porter, a pils, and the ohter ususal suspects, but the only one I’ve had recently is the IPA (see my recent rating). My recollection of the others that I’ve had is that they are decent and drinkable, but not memorable. Nonetheless, this is a nice place for lunch or a casual dinner. It’s usually busy, and the food is actually quite good typical pub fare. Worth a stop if you’re in the area and need to eat. I wouldn’t stop strictly for the beer, though.“
DrBayern 6297 days ago
74 /100 402 7TH ST
“Been here a couple times (easy I-70 stopover point). They have a big selection, but none were that good. Had good look at a local beer store getting a few for the room.“
Braudog 6556 days ago
72 /100 402 7TH ST
“Neat place in a charming mountain town ... right off I-70. Pretty good beer, good service and good food. Bar is kind of small, but nice. A great stop while passing through, or after dipping in the springs.“
Aubrey 6588 days ago
50 /100 402 7TH ST
“easy to find. small bar area on bottom floor of a hotel. terrible beer. local crowd.“
3fourths 6678 days ago