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“Ok spot in Golden. A dozen or so taps, some range. Beer was ok. Huge open industrial space. Food truck.“
rejtable 810 days ago
“These folks have the Golden beer scene on lock - they're always slammed - huge space overlooking the foothills - large outdoor space with food trucks and live music space - larger interior with rentable event space - beer selection is mostly ipas and hoppy stuff, plus some sours and stouts - quality is merely okay, but I still come here to hand out at least once a month with friends - very family-friendly (free-range kids roaming everywhere) - it's the kind of place that makes you enormously thankful for living in Colorado - your beer's not that great, but I love you guys, anyway.“
notalush 824 days ago
“This is a great place. Quite large for a new brewery. Great space, lots of indoor and outside seating. Food trucks. And the couple beers I tried were very impressive. Refined and well made. And they had a very good selection of their beer spanning many styles. Will definitely come back.“
Mep3222 994 days ago
76 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“(Visited 09/2015): Cannonball Creek Brewing is located in Golden in a plaza at the junction of 93 and Washington Ave. Parking is plentiful in the shopping plaza.

Outside are several picnic tables on a patio next to a fermentation tank. The inside opens to a tasting room with wooden tables and a short L-shaped bar in the rear. Hanging lights and orange-painted walls, and windows that let in a good amount of light. There is also a cooler covered with brewery stickers. Behind the bar is a row of tap handles with a chalkboard above it listing the current beers.

Cannonball Creek has around 8 beers on tap, and samplers are available. On my visit the beers included Half-Day Wheat Ale, Featherweight Pale, Alpha #4 IPA and a few other IPAs. The beers were all solid, particularly the IPAs.

Service at the bar was friendly and efficient on a slow Sunday afternoon.

I did not have any food on my visit.

Overall this is a nice little strip mall brewery that I would visit again.“
Dogbrick 1000 days ago
74 /100 311 TENTH ST
“I enjoyed the tour, although having a pre-recorded tour with a digital playback device is a little off-putting. I would prefer interacting with a human tour guide. There were a good number of Coors employees on hand at various points of the tour, so it is hard to believe that the recorded tour is saving the company much in labor costs. The facility is massive to the say the least. Having to shuttle to and from, rather than simply walk across the street from the parking lot was a bit annoying (I am an avid walker). The tour is fairly standard for a large brewing production facility. Their tasting room is clean and plenty spacious. The 3 free samples are a nice bonus. I was pleased that 3 different A.C. Golden beers were on tap. I was surprised that no Miller or Molson products were on tap (since Coors now owns both!). The gift shop is similar to the tap room -- almost 100% Coors merchandise. Surely they must know that there are some Molson & Miller product fans who might visit Golden? As for Golden itself -- a beautiful town. I highly recommend a visit -- a helpful visitors center, a walkable downtown with a wide array of shops and eateries, and a lovely greenway path beside Clear Creek (which flows right past the brewery and downtown).“
foyle 1236 days ago
“Large, busy brewery near Golden, just east of North Table Mountain, quite a nice setup here! 15 beers on tap with a nice range of styles, friendly service and great ambiance. There is usually a food truck available as well. Pleasant views on a large patio with lots of trails nearby, if you’re into that sort of thing. My only gripe is that it can take a while to get a beer at times. Worth a stop for sure, especially when the weather is nice.“
ajnepple 1341 days ago
“I wasn’t expecting this scale of a brewery when I visited. New Terrain is clearly all in. Just about three miles from downtown, they’ve turned a giant warehouse space into a roomy and comfortable taproom. An enormous patio is outside overlooking a pond and the mountains. They had a good variety of styles on and both I had were expertly executed. The swag is priced really low and the beers themselves are competitive or cheaper than the other breweries in town. Seems like they’ve carved a niche for themselves because there were tons of patrons present tonight. But they have the staff and space to easily accommodate. Seems like food trucks are regular too.“
NachlamSie 1343 days ago
70 /100 311 TENTH ST
“Visited in the summer. Parking in a shuttled lot near the brewery. Free self guided tour. Nice history of Coors and the town of Golden set in a beautiful location. Three free samples in the tasting room at the end of the tour. Large gift shop.“
ozzy70 1425 days ago
76 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“Industrial vibe going on, working brewery feel in a strip mall setting. Food truck outside. 8 taps, about half which seem to rotate. IPAs seem to be their strength. Bar staff on top of their game“
stevoj 1471 days ago
“Extremely expensive and unpleasant to smell and drink, their beer sells for $8/pint and $3-4 for "taster" glasses, the reason being the more expensive ingredients. That’s fine as long as what comes out of the fermenter is good, but the two tried were not which makes the price tag sting.“
3fourths 1531 days ago
“Visited this brewery before heading to Rebecca’s wedding in 2016. Nice atmosphere, a google selection of their own taps, and a really nice outside space to drink.“
ads135 1649 days ago
“This is a gay bar!!! Gotta love it“
Hipster123 1778 days ago
60 /100 600 12TH ST
“Central Golden location, high ceiling interior with an open floor plan. Approximately 20 taps, only a few pouring house beer, the rest a mix of local and national companies. I was happy to see a few of the smaller, newer Colorado breweries offered, but disappointed in the one house beer I tried, a dirty 5.5% pale ale that tasted and smell of green apples and raw yeast (2.2). Through the grapevine I heard that this place is struggling with quality control, and early impressions were poor among the geekerie and industry people, which is surprisingly uncommon here in Colorado where the rule seems to be that you can make shit beer and people will drink it and love it regardless.“
3fourths 1821 days ago
“Medium-sized standalone brick building with an adjacent outdoor patio/beer garden. Limited draft selection during my visit, a Pale Ale and IPA didn’t score well for me (upper 2s). Service was odd, they seemed to have a lot of people behind the bar but it took some time to be greeted, and by "greeted" I mean stared at... ever say hello to someone and they just silently stare at you? Yeah, weird. I like the location and will probably stop in again while passing through Golden, crossing my fingers for more interesting beer, and staff who doesn’t act like I’m inconveniencing them by paying them money for their beer (though to be fair, the beer bros behind the bar were being *very* attentive to the female patrons. Hmm...)“
3fourths 1862 days ago
62 /100 311 TENTH ST
“Been a while since I was here. Standard big brewery tour. Decent selection of there brands.“
edgallow 1945 days ago
72 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“End of strip center with ok interior and a patio with great view of close by hills. Brew selection was decent as they had two saisons, a couple pale ales, a couple American IPAs, a German IPA and a couple others. All of their own making. We had the Alpha #4 Project which was an IPA using Citra and Mosaic hops. Was quite good. Price was reasonable - $6 for 16oz and $4 for a 10oz pour of the one we chose. Will be back to try some of their other offerings. Food was burgers and fries from a food truck. Burgers were quite juicy and tasty.“
MaltOMeal 1963 days ago
74 /100 1820 W COLFAX AVE
“Had lunch here on a nice Saturday afternoon (about 70 degrees and sunny). A blues rock band was playing on the patio. They had approximately 10 beers on tap. Menu and decor is Wrigley/Chicago themed. Food was standard (burgers, dogs, pizza, sandwiches) but everything was tasty and filling. Service was decent but a little slow.“
foyle 2020 days ago
“Checked this out last summer. Nice outdoor area in golden, near the river. Beers are solid, good selection and diversity while I was here. They had a food truck, served some pretty decent food but I’m not sure how regularly that is there. Service was quick, dog friendly patio.“
DrunkSanta410 2067 days ago
70 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“Strip mall location, Anglo-American beer styles, decent new world pale ale and some golden Belgian ales that show promise. An easy stop when driving back to Boulder from Golden, and the beer was decent enough to warrant another try.“
3fourths 2094 days ago
60 /100 311 TENTH ST
“It took me over a year to visit Coors, I figured the time is right. This is the largest brewery in the nation, according to our guide. It’s hard to imagine anything larger. The sheer size of the factory is incredible. So, the strong points are that the tour and three beers are free. The facility is in a serene, picturesque mountain setting. Some really fantastic beers are made on the A.C. Golden level, but these beers are not available here, and finding them anywhere is very difficult. I had a great time checking out this industrial marvel and the staff was very accommodating. I didn’t particularly enjoy the beer selectio, however, outside of chuckling and Coors Extra Cold. Man, it was definitely cold.“
NachlamSie 2143 days ago
64 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“Visited saturday night of gabf weekend. Kind of a soulless industrial strip mall setting. Their black ipa won a gold medal but it was out. It looks like a brewpub but no food. Huge indoor space and a few tables on the patio. bartenders were friendly.“
JK 2204 days ago
50 /100 920 12TH ST
“Small place. Only a couple tables inside but a large outdoor space that looks like a back yard. They had a good food truck. The beers were on the safe side. Surprisingly they closed at six pm on a saturday.“
JK 2204 days ago
40 /100 311 TENTH ST
“Ok self guided tour. You get to see a small part what they claim is the largest brewery in the world. Virtually no interaction with staff amd tour is at your own pace with an audio guide. Very long line to get in. Aboit one hour wait. Three decent sized samples. At the end. One time is probably enough bit it was fun.“
JK 2204 days ago
78 /100 920 12TH ST
“Golden City Brewery is essentially in the middle of very nice neighborhood. There is a tiny inside space with a few tables, but it was completely empty. Everyone had opted to hang out in the garden which seems to be the main draw of this place. They haven’t done much in the way of decor, but with the good weather and foliage, it was certainly very welcoming. Beer is ordered through a window. For some reason the short line was excruciatingly slow moving. They had maybe six or seven of their own beers with a guest cider tap. I went for the stout which was a little shaky. They don’t have a kitchen, like most of the other breweries in town. I’d like to come try some of their other beers to give them a fair shot. But with the competition of Cannonball Creek and Mountain Toad, it’s gonna be tough.“
NachlamSie 2205 days ago
“Taproom and beer garden. Dogs, children, food truck. This is a place to spend some time. Crowded. I am not sure it would be as fun indoors during bad weather. Beers are a bargain. Beers are decent quality but nothi g very experimental or unusual.“
JK 2210 days ago
74 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“Have a nice selection of their own beers. All were solid that I had, I would try more for sure. Taproom is big spacious and nice. No food but food trucks sometimes. They seemed to have some interesting beers and a great location off 93. I would stop back in here for sure. It is convenient and they have some potential with their beers. Parking kind if sucks. Lot was full at a time when the bar was 10% full, so that could be a problem. But beyond that well worth the stop.“
Mep3222 2254 days ago
80 /100 600 12TH ST
“Tap room is a nice modern taproom with sufficient space. Didn’t try the food so can’t comment in that. They had 5 of their beers and prob 15 other beers. Theirs were ok, nothing great, but some interesting ones that just need some tweeks to get to the next level. Worth trying their beers though. And the guest taps were very solid. Some local and some not. The flight of either their beers or the guest taps was a good value and the taster size was reasonable. Nice place to check out in golden, and sort of nice you can have their beer if you like or many guest beers also. Kind if a brewpub/bar hybrid. Interesting idea if you can’t brew enough to keep up with demand, but having 3x the guest taps vs their own made it feel more like a bar than a brewpub.“
Mep3222 2255 days ago
68 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“Great place in Golden with best patio views for a brewery in town. spacious interior. about 8 picnic tables outside with views of S. Table Mt, Mt Galbraith and Lookout Mt. Dog friendly on patio. food trucks outside on weekend. We are comfortable bringing our kids during the day. worth a visit.“
waolsen 2339 days ago
100 /100 14799 W 6TH AVE
“Great Staff and great selection of brews, they even offer a pick six full of micro brews!“
ltraillq 2360 days ago
82 /100 600 12TH ST
“Visited right around dinner time on a Thursday. Sparkling new bar in a new building in the shadow of Coors. 10 very comfortable bar chairs along with cool wooden tables and a outdoor patio seating. Featured 17 guests drafts, with a focus on locals along with 5 house beers. There were several bartenders working, and they were a really happy, friendly crew. Featured a malt infusing set up with O’Dell Levity with honey malt. In addition to the draft beer, they also had 4 beers in bottle, including Coors Banquet which is a nice nod to their neighborhood. Also had 24 wines by the glass on a winekeeper system + 2 wine slushie machines. 5 oz samples in a mini goblet for $2 house beers / $3 guest. My kind of place.

82 = ★★★½ (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2390 days ago
“Visited early evening on a Thursday. Big bar along with several high tops. Door to the beer garden through tasting room, had a food truck backed right into the beer garden. 8 house beers on, served in 12 oz, pints and pitchers. Place was jammed with a party crowd. Despite the crowd, service was attentive service. Cool vibe, worth a visit.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2390 days ago
76 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“Visited right after work on a Thursday. Brand spanking new, big open space with the brewery itself nicely on view beyond the larger bar. In addition to the abundant bar seating, there are also many tables, and a large outdoor patio available. 6 house beers on draft, 5 oz samples in mini goblets. Nice efficient service, Taco food truck out in the parking lot. Certainly worth a visit if you are in Golden.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2390 days ago
“(Visited 03/2014): Mountain Toad Brewing is located on Washington Ave on the main drag through downtown Golden. There is a small parking lot in front of the brick building.

The interior opens immediately to an L-shaped bar, with the brewery behind a half wall that has a chalkboard listing the beers and some merch. A couple tables between the bar and front door as well, and a patio out to the left. Yellow and green color scheme on the walls inside, and a couple pieces of artwork hanging on the walls.

Mountain Toad has around 8 house beers on draught, including an IPA, APA, Black IPA, Wit, Amber, Porter, Stout and Dubbel on my visit. All of the beers were decent, with nothing standing out. Flights of 6 are available as well.

Service on a slow weekend afternoon at the bar was good. The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable of their beers.

Mountain Toad does not serve food.

Overall this brewery didn’t blow me away on any level, but it is nice to see places like this popping up in the shadow of the mega-brewery in the same town. I would visit again to enjoy a decent brew on the patio.“
Dogbrick 2396 days ago
76 /100 600 12TH ST
“Cool spot just a couple blocks off the main strip of downtown Golden - very similar to Colorado Plus, in that it is a nano-brewery with a few of its own beer that then fills out its tap list with guest beers - pretty much all of Colorado Plus’ weaknesses are strengths here, so I kind of wish I could combine the two and make one really awesome place - what this place has on CP is a much better ambiance, much better staff, and a superior location in downtown Golden - other interesting aspects of this place are a pretty cool draft wine system (25 taps) and a Randall system (they call it a "fusion" system) that allows them to run one of their draft beers and infuse it with an outside ingredient (on my visit, it was blueberry tea in Odell Wheat, which is lame, but there are cool possibilities with dry hopping) - what CP has on this place is a much better guest tap selection (this place is decent, but at least 1/3 is readily available stuff you can get anywhere) and better house beers (the beers here are just kind of so-so) - I certainly lean towards this place for its location, ambiance, and staff - I would actually call this a "must stop" if in Golden, but there is certainly room for improvement.“
notalush 2401 days ago
90 /100 600 12TH ST
“I really enjoyed my visit to Barrels and Bottles. The ambiance is very welcoming and modern. The wooden tables are sweet, even moreso than your average cool wooden table. The room is basically a medium sized square with plenty of seating at the bar and out on the floor. They specialize in fine beer, fine wine, artisan vinaigrette and small plates of gourmet food. It was nearly full on a Friday night but we did not have to wait at all for service. I tried not to compare this to other brewery tasting rooms because they only had four beers of their own, one of which was just a barrel aged variant of the spiced ale. The other two were a wheat ale and a blond ale. Strange selection for the dead of winter. The guest taps were stellar though, a great balance between CO stuff, imports and American micros. A pint of Yak and Yeti Chai Milk Stout and a 10 oz. pour of Dirt Wolf was only $10 total. That’s a very fair price for those. I will definitely return any time I’m in Golden.“
NachlamSie 2476 days ago
82 /100 600 12TH ST
“Fairly new spot in downtown Golden that just recently got some of their own beers on tap (2). Fortunately, they have a great selection of rotating guest taps (about 20), not to mention a cool beer fusion tower. Nice ambiance and a great, friendly and knowledgeable staff. The food menu is simple and pretty cheap. My favorite place to grab a beer in Golden. Update: They usually have about 5 of their own beers on tap now. $2 house tasters and $3 tasters of everything else, which is nice, or get 5 tasters for $12. Not bad. Update: Guest taps have been exceptional recently +2. They also offer a small selection of bottles now. And they are priced well. New brewer, more beers on tap, more experimentation, barrel aging, etc. Update: Guest beers are still great but they haven’t got their own beer dialed in yet. and prices keep increasing.“
ajnepple 2504 days ago
70 /100 920 12TH ST
“Very small (slightly bigger now!) indoor tasting room with a much bigger patio outside, kind of inconvenient for winter and bad weather. The usually have about 8 beers on tap, all fairly priced and they do offer a sampler tray. Unfortunately, the beers are nothing to write home about. I enjoyed the barley wine and the IPA the most. Update: Some of their seasonal selections have been better recently +2“
ajnepple 2504 days ago
82 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“Update: The beers just keep getting better and better here. Update: Most recently they only had 6 beers going, 5 of which I had already tried. The service was better. Original: Pretty spacious and open tasting room. Nice ambiance, but the service has just been okay so far. They usually have about 9-10 beers on tap, most of which are good and fairly priced. I’ll be coming back to try anything new they put on tap.“
ajnepple 2504 days ago
“They had 7 beers on tap and they were all drinkable. I enjoyed the dubbel and the IPA the most. Nice location and ambiance, good service and decent value. Come on Thursday for the small batch releases.“
ajnepple 2556 days ago
50 /100 311 TENTH ST
“Good tour, massive facility. Can’t beat the gorgeous locale of Golden, Colorado.“
DCLawyer 2572 days ago
74 /100 311 TENTH ST
“Was out in Denver for GABF in 2009, took the trip to Golden for a tour of the brewery.“
AdamT 2572 days ago
“This is a great little brewery just beyond the downtown area. The taproom is lively and they have a wonderful patio area. The beer selection is limited and, of the 4 I tried, the IPA is the one that really stuck out to me. They also have a foodtruck there most of the time. It's my favorite brewery in Golden.“
HighlandsBeerGuy 2594 days ago
“Golden’s beer scene is pretty high quality, but not with vast options. As a result Mountain Toad stays pretty busy. They have a rustic, community brewery atmosphere. Inside the square building are benches, a good sized wooden bar and outside are picnic tables. Food trucks frequent here. The beers are not too crazy as far as experimentation, but cover a pretty good range of styles. The two I’ve had so far are quite tasty. Beers are available in 10 oz. or 16 oz. I always like having that option. Service was really friendly and attentive.“
NachlamSie 2602 days ago
92 /100 393 N. WASHINGTON AVE.
“The tasting roon is in plain view of an open brewing setup and is very, very spacious. It was pretty steady on my Thursday visit, but it would take a pretty huge crowd to fill this place up. There is also ample seating on the patio. The bartender knows his stuff. Tap selection was eight beers, two Belgian styles and six west coast American style ales. I had the Mindbender IPA which was delicious, plainly put. The tasting room is basically bare, drawing its ambiance from the beautiful mountainsides literally yards away. Great stop.“
NachlamSie 2604 days ago
66 /100 311 TENTH ST
“Pretty nice brewery tour along the lines of the Budweiser tour, but better than the Miller tour. Quite informative tour. You get a few free samples at the end. Not a bad tour to check out.“
jcnielsen 2656 days ago
36 /100 311 TENTH ST
“Well you get to drink free beer. But it’s mostly crap beer. Cool ambiance In the tap room with lots of people..and it’s in a beautiful location“
cards04 2665 days ago
60 /100 920 12TH ST
“Great place to hang out and drink a few with friends when the weather is nice.“
egardner01 2713 days ago
74 /100 920 12TH ST
“Charming brewery where you can order beer in a hole in the wall and then sit in the garden and enjoy. When I was there it was glorious weather and it did not hurt. When I asked for a tour so they said that the guy is not working today. Talk about mickro brewery! But I loved this place. Well worth a visit.“
beernaise 2880 days ago
72 /100 920 12TH ST
“Having gone to school only a couple blocks away, I visited Golden City quite a few times. The brewery itself has a quaint, neighborhood feel to it. The brewery itself is basically run out of a converted garage, and the beergarden is basically a backyard. The beer is a mix of some good ones and some average ones. But overall, it really feels like a locals place, which is kind of cool.“
jcnielsen 2897 days ago
62 /100 311 TENTH ST
“Stopped by on a lark. Just what I expected. Very crowded but they are used to it. Somewhat interesting in spite of the head phones. Have always enjoyed their Herman Joesphs, got to purchase a case.“
RobertDale 3012 days ago