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72 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Nice modern industrial vibe inside and a huge outdoor patio. Staff were pretty busy, but helpful. Flights available. Beers were generally a bit disappointing given the level I expect from stuff I've had from them outside the brewery. Food truck outside.“
explosivedog 23 days ago
80 /100 625 3RD ST.
“Nice space in a fairly industrial part of Greeley by the train tracks. Staff were friendly. Small pours available. Beers excellent, in particular all the fruited sours. Plenty of four packs available to go. An excellent place to visit.“
explosivedog 23 days ago
90 /100 625 3RD ST.
“Oh man, this place must've really upped their game in the past few years. So it's an industrial park right by railroad tracks, although I think you can say this about 90% of Greeley. Everything was spot on though - sours bursting with berry flavor, stouts laden with chocolate and some hazies full of character. Just spectacular.“
WestCoastHawkeye 272 days ago
88 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Stopped by on a Monday during the day. Surprisingly busy but given the hype around these guys, probably shouldn't have been surprised. COVID-times, so everything was outside. You order by your phone. They had 4 Medianoche variants and a bunch of other stuff (I like stouts so went for the Medianoches). So let's talk about adjuncts. What these guys do very well are (a) hazies and (b) figuring out how to layer in tons of adjuncts in their beers. Some of them were very well done; I can totally see how the adjuncts would be too much for someone who just wants a beer that doesn't taste like a bunch of non-beery stuff. They are very good at what they do and I am rating them accordingly, just be aware that they really lean into the adjuncts.“
WestCoastHawkeye 344 days ago
74 /100 2961 29TH STREET
“Early afternoon visit. Nice layout in this fairly new building. Some outside seating. At least a dozen of their beers on tap. Beers were just a touch above average. Tried four different, with the RIS being the best.“
RobertDale 460 days ago
92 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Visited during one of the larger releases, just after the place cleared a bit from the crowds. Seemed like a neatly organized event though. Fairly large taproom with patio outside. They had 29 taps on with 6 Medianoche variants. IPAs are great, stouts are great, sours are very good, one could hardly ask for more. Pretzels were free. Friendly and effective service. I'd say this one is a must visit if you're in the area.“
Iznogud 810 days ago
92 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Stopped in on our way to Denver June 2018. The place is big and efficient, more industrial than cozy, with big tables inside and out to enjoy, and I mean enjoy!, their wonderful beers on draft. The draw here is the beer, and the beers do not disappoint. The set up for ordering draft beers was a bit confusing at first. Not a place to have a long drawn out beer conversation with the servers, but they were certainy friendly. The whole vibe was friendly and laid back.“
Iphonephan 964 days ago
66 /100 4731 W 10TH ST, UNIT G
“Somewhat difficult location to find. Hidden in a strip mall off a busy thoroughfare. About a dozen beers on tap. Flight of four tasters for $6. Friendly service. Nice building.“
RobertDale 1194 days ago
94 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Checked this place out when in town for the Weldwerks Invitational. The line to get in to buy cans/bottles was super long. But it was totally worth it once we got inside. Staff was friendly. Beers were amazing. Every one, wait staff and customers, were very laid back even with there long lines. Great experience. Will totally go back every time I come home.“
fcjack1 1252 days ago
80 /100 625 3RD ST.
“Cozy taproom in an industrial part of town, right around the corner from WeldWerks. Good service and a nice selection of beer.. 9 tap beers and 6 on-premise cans with crowlers, 4-packs and bombers availabe to go. Almost 25 different beers all together. Definitely worth checking as their beer is pretty good.“
ajnepple 1389 days ago
92 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Pleasant ambiance and good service with a recent selection of 31 draft beers, twelve 4-packs to go and 2 bottles to go. A little pricy, but they're putting out some of the best beer in all of Colorado. A must stop destination in northern Colorado.“
ajnepple 1393 days ago
78 /100 813 8TH ST
“Great spot. Shit ton of taps. Flights available. Super nice waitress.“
BVery 1518 days ago
76 /100 625 3RD ST.
“Great spot. 16 taps, small pours available. Some really great beers. Chill vibe.“
BVery 1518 days ago
94 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Amazing place! Beers are killer. Small pours available. GABF week so they heavy hitters are on, which is terrific. This was one of the best beer experiences I've had. Re-visited for GABF 2019 - nothing's changed, this place still rocks. My favorite brewery and brewery taproom? Yep.“
BVery 1518 days ago
78 /100 2819 67TH AVE
“This is a pretty attractive “tavern” in a new mall development. There was only one othe customer at 9pm on a Sunday night. Half a dozen big screen tv’s all tuned to the same NFL game rounded out the experience. The beer list was quite good and the bar tender was quite liberal with free tasters. Food was pretty decent pub fare. Beers and food were quite inexpensive and the server was cheerful and accomodating. Overall it was a very pleasant stop.“
Iphonephan 1528 days ago
76 /100 813 8TH ST
“Nice location downtown in a nice area of Greely. Very pleasant taproom. Service was great. Only five of their beers on tap. Very large (60 or so) selection of Colorado beers on tap. You should be able to find a few that you like. Short walking distance to Weldwerks.“
RobertDale 1576 days ago
88 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Great visit here. Fairly crowded in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. Enjoyed everything about this brewery, especially the beers! Service was good, selection was good, prices were fair, and the taproom was great. Excellent experience.“
RobertDale 1576 days ago
72 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Very big taproom, and it was doing a lot of business when I stopped in on a Saturday early afternoon. The bartenders were friendly and helpful. Lot’s a good taps, but not enough available in cans or crowlers, sadly. The prices are a little high for a taproom, but worth it. $3.50 for a 5.5 oz. taster, and $6 for full pours of variable sizes. Overall, this place is a very nice brewery taproom, and a cool place to hang out, but of course, you should come here for the excellent beer.“
GTAEgeek 1583 days ago
80 /100 813 8TH ST
“Stopped in here, only because it opened before Wiley Roots and Weldworks. Very cool location, with a nice bar area and patio. The bartenders were very friendly, knowledgeable, and quick. Quite a vast selection, with about eight of their own beers, and a wall full of other Colorado beers. The beer is quite expensive, though. $12 for a flight of four is exorbitant, and none of the pints were under $5.50. Most were $7-8. Overall, this was a pleasant surprise, and it’s definitely worth a visit.“
GTAEgeek 1583 days ago
74 /100 2961 29TH STREET
“Their old super small facility is now Wiley Roots. The new building is right off 34 (bypass?). Big, family friendly place with one huge room and a few smaller ones. Windows overlooking the brewery. Beer is so-so at best, and the breweries on the northeast side of town are much better, but I would say this is a nice place to bring your family and/or a bunch of friends. i don’t recall why, but bartender pissed me off about something--which was sadly a Colorado trend. But I believe she did break a $100 for me, so that was kind of cool. This is Thumper66’s place, so I may go back eventually.“
ck1 1617 days ago
78 /100 625 3RD ST.
“On the other side of the tracks from most of Greeley, in an industrial park. Former space of Crabtree, although they made it much nicer (which is not necessarily saying much). Indoor and outdoor seating, flights available, very nice people. Beer is good enough to try, maybe not good enough to go back. But check out the distillery next door as that is a cool place with decent stuff. So the combination of the two places makes it worth revisiting, if you are into that. As an aside: Other side of the tracks came into play when we were leaving and the train came, and Capn KRK was racing up and down every street trying to beat the train. Train won. This time. Oh and JK13 said to mention that they have a cat“
ck1 1623 days ago
82 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Came to this highly suggested by several locals and did not disappoint. Roomy taproom. Did not think that big a facility overall. Clean and comfortable. Good pub like ordering and staff were efficient and knew their beers well. Good wide ranging selection of beers, came for the juicy bits and variations on that. Left impressed by the coffee maple and the key lime pie berliner. Good pours for the money and a very nice addition to the CO beer scene.“
fletchfighters 1624 days ago
84 /100 508 8TH AVE
“The main focus of the birthday trip, and the beer did not disappoint. Like 6 variations of the bits series on tap, and all were quite tasty. Great vibe for the place, with variety of places to sit (including outside--with no view), and games, etc, and the other customers were very friendly. Samples are available for anything and crowlers available for most things. They get a slight tick down for the bartenders, as they apparently have something to learn about customer service. But not bad enough to keep me from coming back again and again. It is the beer that drives this place. Cool logo too (as opposed to Broken Plow which has worst logo ever). Short walk to Brix and short drive to Wiley Roots. This place is a must!“
ck1 1628 days ago
64 /100 813 8TH ST
“When in Greeley/Windsor area...things drop off quickly after WeldWerks (the star) and Mash Labs (and maybe High Hops...which is at least a cool place). Brix has some very nice décor...and a very decent I had high hopes when starting to make beer choices...but after that...meaning the beer selections...not impressive at fact very disappointing for CO given all the potential choices. I really don’t recommend this place unless you are in the area for awhile...but then it really isn’t that far to Loveland and Ft. Collins.“
PRBeer 1629 days ago
90 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Recently had the great pleasure of visiting WeldWerks Brewing Co. in brewery of the 20 (yes 20) breweries visited over a long Memorial weekend! So good in fact that on the last day of the trip...after continuing to hit breweries that disappointed (been to most of the big of famous ones north of Denver already)...we decided what the heck...let’s just go back a second time to the place we loved best of the trip. We are glad we did...and almost felt like regulars at that! Great layout...large taproom with various types of seating choices...including comfortable lounge chairs...a large right angle bar...and a great outside patio. Staff here was great, welcoming, conversational, fun, and accommodating. As for the beers...12 available...lots of amazing hoppy beers (only other place on our tour that came close for great hoppy beers was Odd 13). The Bits series (NEIPA’s) is worth the trip alone...the flagship Juicy Bits, Alpha Bits 5 and also 6, DDH Juicy Bits, and Fruity Bits...which changes up different fruit...this time strawberry. By the way...they had to talk me into trying the Fruity I don’t like sweet beers...but amazingly this is definitely a hoppy beer with a little fruit vs the other way around. Also very worth mentioning...the Coffee Coconut Stout and the award winning Coffee Maple Achromatic...both fantastic! I can’t say enough good things about WeldWerks...just make a point of visiting and allowing enough time to enjoy the beers and the great place.“
PRBeer 1629 days ago
68 /100 813 8TH ST
“Right in downtown Greeley--walkable from Weldwerks. Long bar with some tables, then another room with a bunch more tables plus a decent looking outdoor area. 60 taps, so how can you go wrong! 4 of the 6 beers our group ordered either kicked right then, or didn’t actually exist in reality. So we all were struggling to find second choices. And if there are 60 taps and you struggle to find a second choice, that is not a good thing. Four or so beers of their own, and none that were viable options really. Feel like they kind of have to decide if they are going to be a brewery or a great beer bar, because it isn’t great as it currently stands. Which is unfortunate as it is in a great location and a pretty cool space. That being said, will likely go again if only due to the proximity of Weldwerks. And cool to see Foyle, the other rater here is a Wyoming Cubs fan. Go Cubs!“
ck1 1629 days ago
86 /100 508 8TH AVE
“14 taps in a nice looking building on a busy street. Side patio is nothing much to look at, and faces the industrial park and the parking lot, but wound up being a great spot for a weekday sunny afternoon, to share some great beer, and some great times. Most of the beers can be solid in crowlers. No food. The building shows a bit of the brewery, and has a few racks of barrels around. Excellent brews always a big plus. Excellent times helped.“
AWISLguy 1630 days ago
68 /100 4731 W 10TH ST, UNIT G
“Small place on corner of strip mall across from world’s largest WalMart. Parking lot, with street/alley parking if lot is full. Bit of a sports bar vibe. Service pretty fast and friendly. Owner took my son on a tour, so that was pretty cool. Downside--beer not very good. It was trivia night and some of the trivia regulars took offense to our large group---get over it people. One of the worst logos I have ever seen. I concur with Tommy that this is the worst of the Greeley lot.“
ck1 1631 days ago
68 /100 4731 W 10TH ST, UNIT G
“Small taproom in a stripmall, friendly vibe. Service was good and selection was average at around 8 average to mediocre beers. Prices were decent but there are better breweries to visit in Greeley.“
Ratman197 1773 days ago
90 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Nice large well lit tasting room with plenty of parking. Service is quick and efficient. The staff really know their beer as well. Around 12 tasty beer choices available. A bit on the pricey side but the beer is worth it.“
Ratman197 1774 days ago
64 /100 2961 29TH STREET
“Bar at the end of a red brick building. Rock Nursing (forgotten why I write this). More rooms. Long half circle bar with bar stools. Dark tables. Look into brewery. Strange dark ceiling. Lot of taps with beers from several breweries. Sample at fair prices.“
Skinnyviking 1852 days ago
70 /100 508 8TH AVE
“Large production brewery and taproom in central Greeley, they opened in early 2015 are already expanding, which usually is a bad sign in terms of beer quality, but I found their Saison effervescent, off-dry, phenolic, and remarkably drinkable, a rare thing to find in the land of banana-sugar bomb Saisons. And though the IPA was unpleasant and the Gose overly-dry and salty, the Saison gives me hope for the future... they seem ready for wider distribution, so perhaps we could see a drinkable Colorado-made Saison hit the shelves in the future.“
3fourths 2302 days ago
60 /100 625 3RD ST.
“The taproom is located in a shared building out by the railroad tracks, and has an eccentric junk store look and feel to the place. Single interior room with a bar inside, looks and feel like you’re in someone’s industrial-sized garage. Disappointing beer quality gives me no reason to return.“
3fourths 2302 days ago
60 /100 4731 W 10TH ST, UNIT G
“West Greeley location, strip mall sports bar interior look and feel with misters on the shaded patio (in Colorado?). The only thing on the menu I found interesting were the two crystal malt pale ales, both of which turned out to be dull and characterless.“
3fourths 2302 days ago
90 /100 813 8TH ST
“Stopped here on my first ever trip to Greeley due to recommendation from a local. The facility has been refurbished and makes a nice addition to the offerings in downtown Greeley. There is a pleasant outdoor seating area as well. Did not try any of their food as I had already eaten dinner. The tap selection is terrific if you enjoy local brews. 60 Colorado only beers are featured on a rotating basis (some ciders also). Service was extremely good as the server answered any questions asked and offered free samples of several different beers before I decided on a selection. Cheapest beer here is about $5 a pint and goes up from there. Definitely recommend checking Brix out if you are in the area.“
foyle 2438 days ago
100 /100 2024 35TH AVE
“For a store its size in Greeley, it has a great selection and many beers that are harder to find in this town. Every time I need a beer the staff is great in helping me find it or bringing it in if they don’t have it.“
aedwa05 2456 days ago
74 /100 625 3RD ST.
“This is located in the previous location of Crabtree which is in a shitty industrial park. The owners were super nice during my visit with Armin. Decent beer quality. Taster trays offered. I’ll be back the next time I’m in Greeley.

Shitters: n/a
cubs 2621 days ago
82 /100 909 8TH AVE
“Great find in Greeley! Refreshing to see so many great beers on tap in an area where bud and coors still seem to dominate the taplines! Not your typical Irish Pub! The night we visited there was only one bartender. It was not busy, but she did not seem very interested in serving us! Still worth a visit anytime your in Greeley. Combine it with Crabtree and Wiley Roots for a nice Northern Colorado beer tour!“
mtnman22 2824 days ago
78 /100 6624 W 10TH ST, STE 100
“Predominantly a wine and liquor store yet had a rather nice beer selection. Walked in and was looking for the Odell Fernet-Aged Porter in particular and was approached on the floor by an employee who was very helpful with helping me find it as well as other recommendations. Some good selections. The obvious Odell, New Belgium and Fort Collins beers but in addition I also saw some Goose Island sour ales, Stone, Firestone Walker and a lot of other good breweries. Picked up a bottle from Crabtree Brewing as well. Worth a stop.“
zach8270 2887 days ago
86 /100 2819 67TH AVE
“Nice place. The server was very friendly and knew about the beers on tap. Mostly local stuff. Food was really good. So was the price. Try the breaded cheese curds. Will totally go back.“
fcjack1 2933 days ago
100 /100 2819 67TH AVE
“The Tavern at St. Michael’s has all local Colorado Brews on tap, firkins every Friday and a rotating nitro tap! There are tap takeovers the last Tuesday of every month, featuring only those great Colorado Brewery’s everyone so loves! Join them for some excellent craft beer in a great Irish style pub.“
guiero 2958 days ago
74 /100 2961 29TH STREET
“A good sized open room with tableland a large bar area. Good selection of decent beers on fraught. Did not see a menu for food, but I didn’t ask for one either. I would visit again.“
Gription79 2965 days ago
90 /100 909 8TH AVE
“We rotate every keg and age many beers in our cellar. All tenders are certified beer servers. Think of us as a globally orientated beer pub.“
Patricks 3534 days ago
100 /100
Gordons Liquor Mart (Beer Store)
2521 11TH AVE
“this place is all you can ask for.I am amazed with the size for this town and more impressed with the help I have received compared to other stores I have been to.You won’t find an overall selection of all or wine in any of the other stores here in Greeley.I didn’t even know they existed until a friend said he had been shopping there since he’s lived here.I am sort of a beer geek and enjoy great beer like pliny which they seem to have quite frequently.You just won’t find a better selection of micros anywhere in this area.Don’t take my word for it .Go down to Gordons and see for yourself“
mjack 3655 days ago
92 /100 909 8TH AVE
“Best place to get good beer at a bar in Greeley. Always have a great beer selection. They have had available many sour, belgian, and stout choices. Including Consecration, Supplication, Left Hand Milk Stout, Odell’s IPA, etc. They always switch it up, though. No TV’s which is awesome. Live music sometimes.“
Dunl1122 3883 days ago
100 /100 909 8TH AVE
“Patrick’s is a rare gem - a small, traditional Irish pub with great beer selection (31 handles), awesome friendly, knowledgeable staff, and NO TV’s! We love Patrick’s and try to go as often as possible (or practical).“
KirkG 3891 days ago
100 /100
Gordons Liquor Mart (Beer Store)
2521 11TH AVE
“This is a huge store! They have a big selection of bombers and 6-packs. Just about every seasonal you can think of. Also they have a huge selection of specialty beers/items. Great store with huge craft beer selection! Not to mention huge selection of wine and liquor.9,000 sq. ft.“
gordons 3934 days ago
78 /100 2961 29TH STREET
“Update: this place opened a nice, new taproom a couple of years back. Quite a few tap offerings. Fun place to hang out.

Shitters: n/a
cubs 4066 days ago
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