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44 /100 7140 E COUNTY LINE RD
“Strip mall location, minimalist. A few tables in and out. Four house beers, a seltzer, and two guest taps. Friendly service, dog friendly. Everything in three sizes including $2 tasters. Unfortunately beer quality ranges from mediocre to terrible. You really should not go here unless you are a ticker.“
bytemesis 162 days ago
“Newest Prost location right off 470 on Centennial; next to a Lazy dog. Large space with good parking. Counter service (separate for beer and food). German beers with a couple of rotating guest IPA's for those who just want what they want. Food is pretty solid. Large outdoor patio is great for groups. Enjoyable.“
bytemesis 162 days ago
64 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Big liquor store. Standard vibe of coolers and lines of shelves. The employees were friendly enough at checkout, but they seemed keen to avoid eye contact otherwise. Tons of beer cooler space, with four doors for singles, which were fantastic. A separate cellar space has a ton of really fun finds. Not exactly a great experience, but a quality shop.“
GTAEgeek 486 days ago
50 /100 7140 E COUNTY LINE RD
“Small storefront bar, with a few tables inside and a few out on the patio. Very rough appearance, although I appreciate the fridge magnet menu concept. The bartender was very friendly and knew and appreciated his beers. Only six beers on tap, including one unfortunate seltzer. Some quality, but some poor beers. Fun neighborhood brewery, but not a great place.“
GTAEgeek 500 days ago
80 /100 9567 S UNIVERSITY AVE
“Tons of drafts. Usually at least a few great local drafts here but it's a bit more quantity than quality though. Given emphasis on local and where this is, quality is usually pretty decent though. Not a place to go for whalezzz but there is some damn good stuff on draft here (and the pizza and decor are both very nice).“
WestCoastHawkeye 810 days ago
82 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Small beer cooler focused on good local beers (plus coolers around the outside with tons of 4- and 6-packs). Like a Total Wine but much better connected to the local scene (I finally got my hands on some Burns Family here and cannot be more excited to try them, but they had a bunch of good-looking stuff that I'd be excited to buy if I had a bigger beer fridge). This place is two miles from where I live and I fully expect to become a regular here. Huge fan, will be back.“
WestCoastHawkeye 826 days ago
54 /100
Cork Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“Pretty unimpressed with this place. Some craft beer, generally in 4-6 packs aside from a few coolers. Nothing you won't find elsewhere though. So much better in the Denver area. Even the whole foods next door is slightly better.“
WestCoastHawkeye 831 days ago
72 /100 6668 TIMBERLINE RD
“Checked in on my local bottle shop. Solid selection, nothing you won't find elsewhere but if you're stuck only going to this place, you'll be happy for a while.“
WestCoastHawkeye 834 days ago
74 /100 7140 E COUNTY LINE RD
“Swung by on a Tuesday afternoon. You might say that's a weird time to drink--I say any time is a weird time to not be drinking. It's COVID-times and this is a tiny brewery (brewer was the only person working but provided great service). Coffee stout was very flavorful, everything else was cromulent. Not a place to go out of your way for but this is absolutely the sort of place I'd visit again just because I live so close, the beer was good and the brewer seemed like a genuinely nice person. They do flights and the board is a cool-shaped "3" (like their logo).“
WestCoastHawkeye 837 days ago
72 /100 9150 COMMERCE CENTER CIR, STE 300
“This was a fairly quick stop after a work dinner. Industrial mall area, large open space, flights available, good service and decent beer. Can't remember much else, unfortunately.“
bytemesis 1070 days ago
74 /100 9150 COMMERCE CENTER CIR, STE 300
“(Visited 03/2015): Grist Brewing Company is located in a shopping plaza on Commerce Center Circle off Santa Fe near the Highlands Ranch Golf Club. Parking is available in front of the brewery.

The exterior is a pretty typical business park building. Inside opens to a square-shaped bar in the middle of the space, with high top tables around it. The brewery is visible from the bar. Brightly colored yellow and blue walls and a "BEER" sign on the far wall.

Grist has around 10 beers on tap, and flights are available. On my visit the beers included a Kölsch, a couple Belgians, IPA, Hefe, Barley Wine, Saison and Berliner Weiss. The beers were all decent, without anything standing out too much.

Service on a weekday afternoon at the bar was good. The bartender was attentive and knew the beer list.

The brewery doesn’t serve food.

Overall this place has a nice feel, and is worth checking out.“
Dogbrick 2558 days ago
76 /100 9150 COMMERCE CENTER CIR, STE 300
“Sort of in a pseudo industrial strip mall. More strip mall than industrial, but still fine. Big open building that was very noisy inside, but had a good selection of beers with some non standard styles. I was actually very impressed with the beers. I have it a slight ding for the louder atmosphere that made it feel like midnight at a club whe it was 8pm on a Thursday, but overall it was a worthy stop and I would go back, or seek their beers out at other local places.“
Mep3222 2815 days ago
90 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“What an awesome store! The help was out of this world. The guy that helped me wasn’t really too beer savvy but man was he going out of his way to help and had a great sense of humor. The selection was superb and prices competitive with anywhere I’ve seen. Only downside was the mix sixer selection was limited to two doors and mostly locals but not that that’s a bad thing for an out of towner.“
rennat42 2883 days ago
70 /100 9150 COMMERCE CENTER CIR, STE 300
“I stopped here a few months back, not long after they opened. They had 8 beers on tap, some were solid (RIS, American IPA), some were not too good (Staple IPA, Niobara Stout). The ambiance was fine and the service was good. I will give them another shot in the future, but I don’t get down to that area very much.“
ajnepple 3202 days ago
84 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Not much on the ambiance, but you’re buying beer - does it matter what the place looks like if the selection is great and the beer is fresh. I was impressed with more variety than I had time to carefully examine. Some higher than expected selections, overall very good value on most items. This is a great place I will definitely return to next time in South Denver“
beersorcerer 3358 days ago
100 /100
Cork Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“This store used to be called World Cellars. It is not under new ownership, management and name. This place rocks. Great friendly staff. It has a great selection of American craft and local craft beers and a great selection of wines. The prices are competitive for a small shop. Mark who is there during week nights is their Beer Geek. Check them out.“
vu8 3362 days ago
76 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Large, warehouse style store with lol plenty of parking. They have nearly 70 coolers of beer divided by location and quality. (Gotta love the economy beer sign. Definitely truth in advertising.) they have a really solid selection of local and regional craft as well a dome solid Belgian and Danish bottles. Unlike most of the Liquor stores in the state they have a solid pick six selection. Maybe because it was earlier in the day but I had several people ask me if I needed he’ll whilst clearly standing in front of the beer section. Not. Destination location from a national perspective, its probably amongst the best in the Denver Metro.“
DiarmaidBHK 3416 days ago
76 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Great selection of out of state beers...Lagunitas, Mission, Boulevard, Union Jack, etc. All great beers from some great non-Colorado breweries for when you want to try something other than our great states beers!“
BeerMeColorado 3455 days ago
96 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Amazing place. Great selection of so many great bottles and breweries. Lost abbey, port brewing, stone...that’s just scratching the surface. A must for beer lovers“
cards04 3499 days ago
82 /100 9567 S UNIVERSITY AVE
“Good selection of beers. Excellent pizza and pasta. Very good service, all in a suburban restaurant that is close to home. What more could you want?“
swesson 3588 days ago
78 /100 9567 S UNIVERSITY AVE
“A nice pizza joint in Highlands Ranch, located in a large shopping area. The place seemed kind of slow on a Monday night though lots of folks were coming in for take out. The beer selection is thoughtful and fresh, with some rarer CO beers on tap. The food was good and service very attentive.“
BeerandBlues2 3783 days ago
72 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“A large liquor store south of Denver, conveniently located off C-470. The beer selection is vast and varied with a large singles selection and plenty of Eastern European brews, if those are your thing. Nice staff, plenty of parking and easy to find.“
BeerandBlues2 3819 days ago
92 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Great selection including some harder to get beer. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Overall great store would highly recommend!“
christoph 3927 days ago
88 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“GIGANTIC selection, and probably the largest in Denver. The service was great and the staff was very knowledgable. They even let me basically create my own mix-six with beers that weren’t currently being offered in the mix-six refrigerators. I will definitely be back, but it is out in the middle of nowhere, so who knows how soon.“
Steve_0 3996 days ago
88 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“huge beer / wine / liquor store in Highlands Ranch - south of Denver. lots of great craftbeer including many 750s and bombers. some singles and lots of six / four packs. they sell bottle shippers too. great service from the beer guy. they had some stuff from Odell, etc that I didn’t see anywhere else around town. During GABF week, they pull out some rare stuff on Monday - but it goes quick.“
HopsChalice8938 4139 days ago
100 /100 6668 TIMBERLINE RD
“Highlands Wineseller has an amazing selection of beer that you don’t see everywhere else. Their beer buyer has a real eye for truly good beer. And I love that they occasionally do beer tastings in store!“
ErinMichelle 4209 days ago
78 /100 6668 TIMBERLINE RD
“This is a upscale store with a huge selection of craft, import, & domestic beers. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They also have beer tastings from time to time. It’s not the closest liquor store to my house but well worth the trip.“
spyvsspy7 4209 days ago
54 /100
Cork Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“Happened to be in Highlands Ranch, so I decided to check this out (why the he’ll do I have to travel all the way to highlands ranch to see my allergist; fuck your limited choices Kaiser Permanente!) - anyway, small strip mall liquor store, mostly focused on wine - apparently they have gone downhill since the previous rates - small amount of cooler space, at least 50% of which is now dedicated to macros - the majority of space given to craft beer is merely common local six packs (Odell, Avery, etc.) - one cooler of bombers and 750s - very limited, with a handful of belgians mixed into the craft bombers that may or may not be holdovers from when the store was a better place to buy beer - I do not recommend coming here, even if you live in the area.“
notalush 4231 days ago
80 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Fairly good selection with several coolers of bombers but still I found it lacking on some Scandinavian brews and anything rare. Wilburs, Boulder Liquor Mart, and Daveco are all better in my mind.“
cubs 4430 days ago
78 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Superb selection of beer, lots of rarities and seasonals. Staff is friendly and somewhat knowledgeable, but most of the time nowhere to be found. Still, a go-to place for beer in Littleton/Centennial/Greenwood Village“
onceblind 4506 days ago
70 /100
Cork Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“decent selection, and thankfully not another cookie-cutter warehouse liquor store on this side of town (though those do generally have great selections). wide range of styles and brewers, but sadly lacking any true lambic, though they did say they sometimes carry it when they get lucky and receive a case or two, so at least they’re aware of and interested in carrying lambic.“
3fourths 4549 days ago
60 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“truly superb beer, wine and bourbon selection. just too far from where I go in denver to be worth it. warehouse interior isn’t very inviting, but prices are low and the selection is expansive. also one of the best places in denver for quality wine glassware.“
3fourths 4779 days ago
86 /100
Cork Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“This is one of the best non mega liquor store’s in the south Denver metro area! What sets it above everyone else is their beer selection, and their great service. They are always adding new selections monthly and they have a great beer single beer selection as well. You should check this place out, you’ll be glad you did!“
HRCOBeerMan 4816 days ago
72 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“First of all, this place is in an area that has some of the worst traffic I’ve seen in the entire metro area - seriously, folks, why the hell would anyone want to live out here in Littleton? - if I wanted traffic this bad, I would have moved to Chicago - anyway, this store is HUGE, and the parking lot is about as crowded as the surrounding streets (I nearly got mowed down several times on my way to the door) - the inside basically looks like they converted a grocery store - large wall of coolers - only a small fraction of the beer is not in these coolers - extensive selection of craft and import beers (there were some local breweries I had never heard of before) - no mix-a-six here, which is a huge let down, especially for a store of this size - the array of imports is on par with the better CO stores, but just slightly shy of places like Wilbur’s (good german selection, though)- prices are average, but there are some deals to be found (I picked up a Quelque Chose for my wife for 6 bucks) - service was passable, I suppose - overall, a good place for the beer hunter, but the location, crowd, and ambiance will keep me from coming back very often (hence the somewhat low rating).“
notalush 4823 days ago
70 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“While this is a nice store but I think it is overrated. 90% of their beer is in coolers which is great but 90% of it is six packs and macros. They had a import singles cooler section but no domestic micro single section. Maybe they were rearranging the store while I was there. They did not have many of the beers that are available at the more popular bottle shops in the area. In fact they only had a very small section of bombers and 750’s. Both the Beverage Warehouses, Lukas Liquor, and Bubbles in Castle Rock are much better stores. They do have a nice selection of glassware though.“
msante79 4922 days ago
76 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Good option on the south side of the city. They had a decent selection of imports, particularly Germans when I was in. Also had Mikkeller, Nogne, etc. A bit lacking on the Colorado micros, and not really any singles to speak of. Overall, above average beer selection, but nothing to really blow you away. Really no service to speak of.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 5155 days ago
82 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“A big box warehouse type of bottle shop. A huge seletion of wines, whiskies, scotches, etc, that I have to admit I didn’t have time to really explore. The beer selection is really quite fantastic, one of the better selections I’ve found around. Almost everything is in coolers. A vast array of domestic micro’s such as Russian River, Pizza Port/Lost abby, Deschutes, Oskar Blues, etc, including a number of speciality items such as La Follie, 120 minute, Pliny the Elder. They had a whole array of Mikkeller offerings, among many other imports, including some I’d never seen before (St. Bernardus Christmas ale??). The place is huge and was totally packed when I was there, so the staff was stretched thin, but seemed approachable and willing to help out, although I didn’t push them in the knowledge department. Overall a great bottle shop to visit. I could have spent all day here.“
JasonG 5182 days ago
80 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“This place has more micros than any other store on the south side of Denver. They have several coolers stocked full of domestic and import singles that I can not get any where else but here. They have a terrific selection of sixers as well. The best selection in the south Denver area for beer, wine, and many other liqours. The beer selection is great, the people are friendly and they have great customer service.“
beerchugger 5272 days ago
82 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“A kick ass liquor with great help. Enough said.“
Headbanger 5306 days ago
90 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Best beer selection I have ever seen. I love this place.“
RSRIZZO 5533 days ago
58 /100
Cork Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“This store used to be impressive. It still has a nice selection but the rotation is poor since their beer buyer left. Its just not the same. It used to be a place I’d hit up once a month to see if they had something that Davidson’s didn’t. I dont bother anymore. Nonetheles it has a nice selection and worth the stop if in the area. The staff will help you find anything your looking for and always asks if you need help. Its just not what it used to be.“
waolsen 5544 days ago
88 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Lots of beer here but wide price variations compared to other stores Still, always worth the trip to find something good. I always get above average service where beer is concerned and top not service for scotch and cognac.“
BDR 5818 days ago
72 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“good selection of beer. Nice selection of Belgiums in singles and four packs. great six pack selection. Best bottle selection south of Denve rthat I have seen. People were helpful although not the most educated. If you live in the south its the best place around.“
waolsen 5961 days ago
82 /100
Cork Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“Don’t let this store’s modest façade fool you. Behind their tinted doors is a stylish, professional and well stocked beer store. The real difference between World Cellars and many other stores in the area is they seem to forgo packing their fridges with as much Coors, Bud and Corona as other Macrobrews. This allows them to give more space to deserving local microbreweries, national microbreweries and even a well sized collection of hard to find foreign brews. Most importantly, the gentleman in charge of ordering and distributing the beer (now gone) has taken his kind and avuncular hand of authority to the traditional six pack display, breaking up boxes and boxes and consuming precious self space to allow beer samplers a way to try a new beer without dropping $10 on a four pack. His legacy still lives on, though in a milder form. Sadly, they haven’t got the word out about their comprehensive supply, which makes them one of the last stores in the state (last I checked) to carry Mephistopheles back when there was a run on the first batch. Today World Cellars is but a shadow of its former self, but still stocks some excellent singles - perfect for the beer dilettante.“
GarrettB 6006 days ago
82 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“This is THE liquor store to go to if you’re anywhere near the southeast end of town. An overwhelming selection of beer in sixers and singles. They almost always have what I’m looking for. If something’s out of stock, though, you can count on them blaming it on the distributor. I’ve never had much need for service, so I can’t say how good or bad it is. If you’re going, make sure you’ve got plenty of time. This is a place you can easily wander around exploring in.“
ChicksDigBeer 6230 days ago
70 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Its a decent place to go if you already know what you are looking for, but its not typically easy to find assistance if you need it.“
pikshur 6314 days ago
80 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Great selection! THE place to go bottle shopping when you find yourself in South Denver. The only bad thing is that they only had 2 Cantillons and no Fantome.“
Lumpy 6333 days ago
88 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“There is no other way to begin a review of Davidson’s Liquors than by declaring outright and forthwith that it is the finest local provider and purveyor of those goods that appeal to our senses and erode our health. Any man, rich or poor, souse or sober, sophist or philistine can walk into Davidson’s and find something to their liking. Two walls of refrigerators keep an intimidating variety of beers, all adorned in their colorful boxes like a ballroom of brews. Most stunning is the stock of imports, especially Belgians. Also available is a medium sized shelf area of beer glasses. The people who work at the store are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. One feels like they’re sage spirits who shunned all that nebulous stuff about wisdom, charity and benevolence to take on an expertise in fine booze. When I asked one employee if they had any mead in stock he led my friend and I on a long and dangerous expedition through endless fields of wine. We arrived at the other end of the store where he dove into a mound of wine bottles and came up again proudly holding a bottle of mead. He then procured some spectacles from his coat pocket and proceeded to lecture us on the proper production of mead, this particular brand’s strengths, weaknesses and how he thought it compared to other meads. No other store even dares to approach this level of selection and service.“
GarrettB 6334 days ago
78 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“While the Fantome supply is gone, I did find a lot of Full Sail brews and some rare SKA bottles too! Overall, the selection is good even if you can’t break sixers, you should be able to walk out with some nice bigger bottles of good brews. Recommended if near southern area of Metro Denver.“
BBB63 6656 days ago
76 /100 5555 BOATWORKS DR
“Glad to have a friend along that was a good navigator as this was a location you had to want to find. Was worth it and managed to add to the weight of my return haul.“
fly 6659 days ago
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