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“This is basically a dog park with beer. Really good beer, and a lot of it. Inside is a bit dark but there's a dog free central covered patio with a bunch of restaurant and bar tables plus a dog run area with some tables as well. There's a serving window on the covered patio so you need never venture inside. Tap list includes a variety from near and far and has a particularly good choice of sours. Tons of cans. Bottles include 3-F and Tilquin. Superstition Meadery and Eden Cidery feature prominently. Bar food. Great service, they know their beers. Unique spot whether you have a dog or not.“
Travlr 404 days ago
88 /100 778 W BASELINE RD
“Just half a dozen or so beers on offer but very very tasty.“
Travlr 413 days ago
70 /100 400 W SOUTH BOULDER RD, STE 1650
“Inside a communal workspace. Decent space, all inside. Some German inspired menu items. Beer has a German and Belgian bent too. Good service. 5oz pours. Hef was good, dopple decent.“
bytemesis 583 days ago
92 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Excellent Hazy Selection, good food trucks, not the same “Craft” beer you get anywhere, better than any Denver Breweries“
FrothyTasty58 1235 days ago
80 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“My buddy Neil was super excited about this place given the number of NE IPA's on tap. It was fun, with a decent sized outdoor back patio. Order at the bar. Half or full pours of everything. Did not ask about flights. No food, but a truck available that unfortunately shuts down pretty early in the evening. Beer quality varied quite a bit. A coupe of the IPAs were solid, others were muddled. Fun stop.“
bytemesis 1813 days ago
58 /100 105 W EMMA ST
“The draw for The Post is the food more than the beer, particularly the fried chicken. I tried the Nashville Hot, as well as the regular and both are delicious. There is a variety of sides to choose from as well. Service was a little slow, but they were busy, and friendly in any event. Beers were OK at best, and considering what else is available, I would not go here just to drink. Try the Key Lime pie, or, any other pie.“
JK 2095 days ago
78 /100 297 N US HWY 287, STE 100
“Visited mid-afternoon on a Saturday. Busy, but not overly so. Service was friendly and attentive. Only had time for one, so I choose the Peanut Butter Porter, which was pretty good. Located in a busy part of Lafayette. Looking forward to visiting again.“
RobertDale 2126 days ago
84 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Located in a Lafayette neighborhood. Street parking was available on a late Saturday afternoon, so assuming always. Decent sized place plus outside seating. Bartenders were attentive and knowledgeable. We came for the beer and were not disappointed. Maybe as many as 6 IPAs on tap and all were good to excellent. Seemed to be something for everyone in the group. No reason not return.“
ck1 2169 days ago
86 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Last stop of a very full craftbeer day...definitely the piece de resistance! Cool place with lots of room inside and a nice deck out back...with food truck on our weekend visit. Things were a bit hectic as there had been a can release that day with long lines...but we ended up arriving after the lines...and amazingly the last few 6-pks were still available (which we quickly scarfed up!). Odd 13 is one of the best places for hop lovers north of Denver (although I think Odd 13 is a close second to WeldWerks overall...but both are must visits). Six of the twelve beers on tap were big IPA’s...several of which were NEIPA’s. The Uber Noob IPA was likely the most noteworthy (brought cans back to NJ). Also notable were Codename: Superfan IPA, DDH Superfan, and Eric’s Ex-wife IPA. Odd 13 is a must visit among the smaller but rising in popularity breweries north of Denver...don’t miss it!“
PRBeer 2179 days ago
84 /100 297 N US HWY 287, STE 100
“Nice large taproom with plenty of parking, Discount for AHA members. Service is good with a friendly knowledgeable staff. Decent beer selection of about 10 beers in a variety of styles. Prices are very reasonable. Well worth the stop.“
Ratman197 2282 days ago
70 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Dark little taproom, always seems kinda gloomy. Service is usually fast and efficient except when they’re busy. Decent selection of mostly tasty beers, but some can be a bit pricey. One of the better places in Lafayette.“
Ratman197 2327 days ago
92 /100 297 N US HWY 287, STE 100
“After setting foot inside, it’s hard to believe they’re in a suburban complex on a busy highway. The tasting room is large and comfortable, really pulling off the drinking beer on a farm vibe. Service was great despite it being quite busy in here. There is a good sized patio and a barrel room with a couple TV’s off to the side. I only had the pilsner on my visit, which was absolutely excellent. Any brewery that can make a pilsner this clean and delicious is probably making some other good stuff. Prices were great and the tap list was well rounded with a variety of styles. I bought a bomber of the saison, so we’ll have to see if that lives up to the other beer I had.“
NachlamSie 2508 days ago
78 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Modern place with nooks and crannies. Easy street parking, since this is a remote residential neighborhood. Smallish bar has four ounce samplers for two bucks each. There is a small game area that fortunately sucked up all the undisciplined free range children and their lenient parents. Mostly sours, saisons, IPAs. No food. Beers were tasty and creative, and low enough abv to drink on a hot summer day. Nice place.“
Travlr 2905 days ago
86 /100 105 W EMMA ST
“I came to Post more for the food than the beer. It was merely a perk that they brew their own beer as well. I’m from the south and it has been a challenge to find quality southern cuisine. The Post definitely delivers on that front. The food prices are great too. Most everything on the menu is portioned to be shared with your table. So, while an order of fried chicken, collards, and hash may total $22, it’s enough food for 2-3 people. Anyway, this is a beer site and the beer situation should take precedence. A decent selection was available, perhaps a dozen or so. Nothing super adventurous was on, but here the beer seems to play second fiddle to the food. Most of the offerings should pair well with a meal. I just went for the pilsner. It was certainly decent. No real negatives to it and it went with the meal well. The place was packed on a Monday afternoon and I got good service at the bar. I wouldn’t consider this a major beer tourist stop even though it’s a brewery. But as a place to get a decent beer made on site to go with some delicious southern food, it’s highly recommended.“
NachlamSie 2959 days ago
84 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“This was a very cool small brewery in a small town Main Street area. Nice bar area atmosphere and a small area with pinball and a couple foosball tables. Had a bunch of their own beers on tap including many different styles (Belgian strong ales, quad, a sour, saison and many others). The beers I tried were very good. I really enjoyed them. But overall it was just a great place to go hang out, play games and drink some good beers. Would go back for sure.“
Mep3222 3017 days ago
60 /100 400 W SOUTH BOULDER RD, STE 1650
“Strip mall setting with picnic tables on the back patio. Anglo-American focused beer with the occasional Belgian or German style, though most of these old world attempts are really nonsensical American experiments with unnecessary flavorings and barrel treatments. Seriously, who wants to drink a blackberry tequila barrel Saison? I tried samples of some core styles to get a sense of their skill and I left without finding anything with depth, so there’s no reason for me to return.“
3fourths 3049 days ago
68 /100 2770 ARAPAHOE RD, #100
“This place has definitely improved over the years, although I think the overall space for the liquor/wine/beer has grown smaller due to expanding the back part into a store (like groceries, deli, etc.). But the beer selection here is quite decent (more Bull & Bush beers than I’ve seen anywhere else yet) and they have a couple Scarborough wines too, so it’s a worthy stop on occasion whenever I drive between Boulder and Lafayette, and certainly better than anything else in that area, not counting Superior Liquor of course.“
Ernest 3090 days ago
62 /100 297 N US HWY 287, STE 100
“Visited on a Sunday and they were still dead, despite the fact that, since the last rater’s visit, they had installed a gigantic television behind the bar to play football games - nicely arranged space that pulls off a homey vibe despite being fairly high-ceilinged and large - about eight beers - it was nice to see a focus on Belgian and German styles, but the beers were very messy - friendly and respectful staff - inexpensive pints and tasters - on a typical bland suburban intersection - meh, I would not try to return.“
notalush 3133 days ago
60 /100 297 N US HWY 287, STE 100
“Mid-sized interior that was empty on a Sunday during a football game due to them not having television. Service was attentive, selection was decent, quality average to below average. It’s nice to see a Patersbier and an un-spiced Saison, though both were a little raw. It will be interesting to see if the product improves as they spend more time on their brewing system.“
3fourths 3161 days ago
70 /100 105 W EMMA ST
“Service was known to be terrible when they first opened, but now they seem to have fixed the problem. Food is southern American: fried chicken, collards with pork, potato cakes, mac and cheese, etc. The quality of the kitchen is good overall, and it seems like the kind of place that would rock some Pfefferhähnchen. However the beer is inconsistent in their first year. A few samples have an autolyzed yeast odor, one was oxidized in the keg, the porter and pils are "just okay" but I don’t want to drink a full glass. That they are trying for a solid Pils is refreshing and should be supported. The brewer is tweaking his recipes, was told that something about a new yeast strain, which is encouraging. I’ve yet to find a solid drinkable beer from them, but I’m willing to give them some time to iron out the problems. Contrary to the previous review, the portion sizes are adequate and the prices fair for the quality of the food and the class of the restaurant.“
3fourths 3177 days ago
30 /100 105 W EMMA ST
“Nice looking place, unfortunatley the service sucks! I sat at the bar with 3 bar tenders (not very busy) they spent more time bsing than taking care of customers. After my first order I had to get there attenition every time. The beer was mediocre at best. Food was tasty but way overpriced for the portion. Not really worth checking out!“
Ratman197 3289 days ago
70 /100 400 W SOUTH BOULDER RD, STE 1650
“Inside mall location off of 287 in Lafayette, one of three breweries in the town now. The ambiance was pretty standard and the service was good. The selection is limited to about 6 beers, I tried 4. They were just OK, but I did enjoy the Alt Hybrid Ale the most.“
ajnepple 3378 days ago
78 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Small place not far from Boulder. Laid back vibe with plenty of seating inside and outside. Plenty of beers were on tap for us to sample and all were solid. No real standouts, but none that were terrible either. Hard to not be overshadowed by all the other great breweries in the area, but I expect Odd13 to only get better and improve their already decent recipes.“
sonnycheeba 3423 days ago
70 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Fairly large taproom in a mostly quiet and residential part of town, with a large, walled-in patio - pretty warm and homey interior - attentive staff, but not particularly warm or inviting - sadly, the tap list on my visit was fairly boring - mostly American style ales and ipas, with one belgian ale that was less than impressive - the other beers were pretty impressive, though, so I will have to return sometime to see what they are capable of with other Belgian styles - 2 bucks for five ounce tasters is a pretty good deal - okay, but don’t make a trip for it.“
notalush 3494 days ago
64 /100 400 W SOUTH BOULDER RD, STE 1650
“Rather large strip mall location - in an indoor mall with a handfull of restaurants, which they take advantage of, as they will order in for you from any of them- kind of has an Applebees combined with your friend’s basement feel to it - low ceilings of compressed fiber board, a lot of which is covered in water spots - 8 beers, half of which were beligian style, so I tried all of those - they seem to do better with the session/ low alcohol ones - generous taster pours (about four ounces) for 1.50 each or four for 5 bucks, regardless of style or abv - warm, welcoming staff - not a place I would run to again, as the quality was just so-so - not recommended for out of towers - a decent local spot, especially because they are family friendly and have a dog-friendly patio - okay.“
notalush 3494 days ago
70 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Other than the televisions I like the interior, but I like the outside patio even more. Beer quality was above average, most products were clean, balanced and flavorful. A mix of Belgian and American-inspired beers in their lineup, including a very well-made Saison. They don’t do a lot of ridiculous beers, and what they do make is more elegant than most, so don’t be surprised if people call them "boring" or "simple".“
3fourths 3502 days ago
80 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Cool new brewery in hold town Lafayette. Stopped in for a growler on my way home. Inside is very clean, lots of flat screens to watch sports, foosball, pinball, and old school pacman. Very decent selection of beers on tap and great pricing. $8 for a growler which included the price of the container! Most new brewers are over pricing, but these guys seem to be charging appropriate prices for a new place. The only criticism was the bartender sitting at the bar with the patrons and took a bit of time to finish a conversation while letting me stand and wait. After that the service was good and friendly. A great new addition with great prices!“
robloc303 3518 days ago
60 /100 2770 ARAPAHOE RD, #100
“Small store in shopping center. The outside looks larger than it actually is. Very clean store with a decent selection for the size. I found FW Double DBA, Avery Rumokin, and some other rare items long after most were sold out. When I got to the register the cashier started talking beer with me and he really knew what he was talking about! This is a great place to look for some hidden gems and has great staff, just not a big selection, however their selection is impressive for the size.“
robloc303 3520 days ago
86 /100 301 E SIMPSON ST
“Cool brewery close to the tiny downtown. They had an inviting open space with a few tables, small bar and paintings on the wall. There was live acoustic music along with foosball and Ms. Pacman and pinball for entertainment. Outside is a nice patio with a food truck and cornhole. The service was really friendly. They had 10 beers on including two stouts, an IPA a Belgian pale and others. Not a bad selection. I opted for the coffee stout which was good. I liked the neighborhood communal feel of the place.“
NachlamSie 3563 days ago
30 /100 545 W SOUTH BOULDER RD, STE 110
“not alot of selection, just close to home“
jc4031 4415 days ago
80 /100 385 CROSSING DR
“Summit has a pretty decent selection of Colorado breweries but the selection could be better. It would be nice to see more California or Northwest brewers on the shelf. They have a standard selection of bombers as well...nothing too out there. You will occasionally find a Port Brewing. The help is friendly but wish they stayed open later.“
jmcguire1969 4502 days ago
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