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80 /100 2585 S LEWIS WAY SUITE 110
“Swung by on a Monday during late-COVID times. Beer was generally good to excellent. Nice diversity of styles (everything from a maibock to a whiskey barrel aged quad, which was spectacular), interesting adjuncts, everything decent to spot-on. It's in a strip mall but nice spacious location and tons of outdoor seating. Worth the trip to the middle of suburbian nowhere.“
WestCoastHawkeye 773 days ago
76 /100 1057 S WADSWORTH BLVD. SUITE 60
“It feels like Lakewood in here, complete with the guy slogging through 70s classic rock covers in the corner. Things were not very busy on my visit and there was no problem getting a beer. The tap list was pretty safe with a couple IPAs, a pale ale, brown ale, lager, etc. Beer seemed solid. Most pints were only $5 + tax which is on the low end for breweries around the parts. I suppose if I was living within walking distance to here that I'd stop in on occasion.“
NachlamSie 1391 days ago
76 /100
Two Angels Liquors (Beer Store)
“Just visited for the first time today - the closest analog I can make is that the shopping experience is much like crate digging at an old record store - first of all, with the exception of a dedicated cooler for all the imports, nothing is organized - you can find a four pack from a brewery in one cooler and then a different four pack from the same brewery three cooler doors down - it makes shopping here a little disorienting - but then there is a bomber and singles cooler, as well as a few boxes of random bottles (also not organized, without prices) by the register - these areas are what make this place interesting (and like crate diving at a record store) - I’m not sure where they’re getting some of their stuff, but there are some interesting finds - today I found some bottles of Gale’s Prize Old Ale from 1997 (nineteen ninety fucking seven!), some other fairly aged British imports, and a beer from River North I’d never seen anywhere else - it’s not an essential place, or a place I’ll make a regular stop, but I’ll come back periodically just to see what random stuff shows up in the mix - props to the Sikh gentleman running the place who seems to know his stuff.“
notalush 1496 days ago
56 /100 1057 S WADSWORTH BLVD. SUITE 60
“Nice well lit taproom with ok service. Around 7 beers on tap. Beer is pricey and taxes are added on. AHA discount on merch only which is really dumb. Better places to go.“
Ratman197 1518 days ago
76 /100 3225 S WADSWORTH BLVD
“Low-gravity ale focused brewery located near Wads and 285. Long bar with ample stools, several tables and a small patio. Solid selection of beer which has been getting better with each visit. Trending in the right direction and worth checking out of you're in the area.“
ajnepple 1546 days ago
70 /100 2010 S OAK STREET
“Pleasant ambiance and friendly service for a selection of 10-11 beers. Several GR options and one GF. The beers are just OK, pretty straightforward lineup at fair prices.“
ajnepple 1546 days ago
68 /100 65 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Pretty meh ambiance with friendly counter service and a decent selection of beer, better than most in this general area.“
ajnepple 1546 days ago
82 /100 7260 W ALASKA DR
“Crazy Mountain took over the old World of Beer space and the interior is remarkably unchanged. I think maybe a few signs got swapped out at most. They still close several hours before their posted hours on the regular, deterring me from wasting my time trying to visit in the evening. There's just not that many craft beer bars out this way and with their rotating guest list, Crazy Mountain probably has the best selection in a few mile radius,though World of Beer definitely had a better, broader selection. If you choose anything beyond a Crazy Mountain beer, your tab can get big pretty quick, but the happy hour is a killer deal on the core lineup.“
NachlamSie 1778 days ago
60 /100 7260 W ALASKA DR
“This place used to be a World of Beer, and as many of those places often do, it went out of business - Crazy Mountain moved in and literally changed nothing but the sign outside - not even the name of the wifi connection - beers are about 50% their own product and the rest mostly regional stuff - nothing's ever excited me here - it's never particularly busy, and service is so-so - no food - some bottles available, but again nothing much - a lot of people come in and don't even drink the beer - they get shots of cheap booze, instead - a coin-operated breathalyzer plugged into the wall just screams class - Belmar deserves a far better beer bar than this.“
notalush 1885 days ago
82 /100 2585 S LEWIS WAY SUITE 110
“Pleasant ambiance, good tunes and awesome service for a solid selection of beer. Most recently, they had 11 beers going for $5-8. Rum BA Porter, ESB, BIPA, Dark Belgian, Pils, Smoked Marzen, APA, IPA, Cognac BA Quad, Stout, BA Grand Cru. Their beers are some of the best in Lakewood, although there is not a lot of competition.“
ajnepple 1890 days ago
72 /100 2585 S LEWIS WAY SUITE 110
“Large strip mall brewery in deeply suburban western Lakewood - super inviting and friendly, albeit with ambiance about as generic as a small neighborhood brewery can have - large range of styles on tap, from lager to imperial stout - they get props for their flagship brew being a rauchbier - competent Brewing - fair prices - dog and kid friendly - a so-so spot, but decently fun to hang out.“
notalush 1906 days ago
70 /100 14500 W COLFAX AVE, STE 341
“Located on the east side of Colorado Mills. Large restaurant and tap house with tons of beers. Pretty standard stuff for the most part, with a few exceptions. Friendly service and decent ambiance. The food is pretty darn good, but can be a little pricy. Solid place to grab a bite and a beer in Lakewood.“
ajnepple 1917 days ago
74 /100 7260 W ALASKA DR
“Belmar location that used to be a World of Beer. Pleasant ambiance and good service at the bar. $3 happy hour pints for their standard lineup as well as several selections from the Local's Stash. The beer here is just OK, but there's not much else in the area (besides Mile High Wine & Spirits).“
ajnepple 1944 days ago
68 /100 6733 W COLFAX AVE
“I’ve got to start trying more of these farther west side breweries, as I’ll be moving over here shortly - anyway, this place really is right next door to Casa Bonita - I almost missed it because I didn’t think to look there - ambience is fine enough - comfortable, but nothing that sets it apart or makes it memorable - style assortment was nice, but heavy on the adjunct-laden beers, at least for my taste - service is fine - beer quality is ho-hum - not quite flawed, just lacking balance, complexity, and nuance - I’d give this place a ’C’ - hopefully I find better west side alternatives.“
notalush 2134 days ago
82 /100
Two Angels Liquors (Beer Store)
“Located right across from Green Mountain Beer Company. Typical ambiance and friendly service. Pretty nice selection of bombers and specialty beers by the counter. BA Abyss, FF Eclipse, vintage Avery, Aventinus, FW boxes, JW Lees, vintage imports, etc. Some diamonds in the rough, for sure. Worth a glance if you’re in the area or heading to GMBC. Update: Recently found a 2001 JW Lees Harvest Ale here!“
ajnepple 2170 days ago
70 /100 6733 W COLFAX AVE
“Typical sized well lit tap room with a small bar at the back. Why do people put in such small bars? Most people in know prefer to sit at the bar. Service is decent but can be a bit slow at times. They have around 10 beers on tap all fairly reasonably priced. Ok place to stop especially if you have to go to the amusment park called Casa Bonita aka the Alpo Palace.“
Ratman197 2302 days ago
78 /100 6733 W COLFAX AVE
“Not too hard to find if you know where Casa Bonita is. The ambiance is fine, the service is good and they have a decent beer selection that has been improving over time. 4-5 regulars plus around 6 rotators/seasonals. The regulars are OK but they usually have a nice offering on rotation. Worth checking out if you’re on the west side.“
ajnepple 2303 days ago
82 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Had a pretty massive selection, but got the notion much wzs due to GABF time. Curious what it is like at other times.“
fly 2428 days ago
56 /100 13079 W ALAMEDA PKWY
“Average liquor store vibe and feel, but always like to check them out and see if they have local brews. Nice mix of local craft and a few "big" bottles. Worth checking out if you’re near there.“
stevoj 2430 days ago
50 /100 12611 W ALAMEDA PARKWAY
“Typical liquor store, small craft selection, but service was great, bubble wrapped bottles in box. Nice touch!“
stevoj 2430 days ago
50 /100 2010 S OAK STREET
“Small suburban tap room serving the core Anglo-American craft styles and excelling at none of them. Places like this confuse me. The standalone building has the design of a suburban shopping center (29th St. mall?), and the recipes probably come from a book published 20 years ago.“
3fourths 2490 days ago
52 /100 295 S UNION BLVD.
“Closest liquor store to my hotel. Small selection of bombers at all price ranges, Colorado laws limit sales of singles. Much more to choose from in case and six pack, if you want to go that route. Heavy selection of local brews.“
stevoj 2557 days ago
72 /100 145 UNION BLVD, STE 101
“Nothing too much different from this chain restaurant. Rotating beer menu always yields something interesting, as well as a focus on local brews. Pizza’s not too shabby either.“
stevoj 2557 days ago
66 /100 195 S UNION AVE.
“On the strip right outside the Federal Center, convenient to hotels. Some local brews and the normal array of macro brews. Regular pub fare, good service.“
stevoj 2557 days ago
100 /100
Tom’s Brew Shop (Homebrew Shop)
“One of the Nicest Cleanest Brewing Supply Stores on Colorado. Check out the huge selection and great customer service. Sign up for classes and Brew your own great Craft Beers, Wines or Ciders.“
masterfinish1 3007 days ago
76 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Good spot about 10 mins outside Denver. Most bottles are kept cold. Some really nice bottles in stock.“
daknole 3169 days ago
78 /100 65 SHERIDAN BLVD
“This is a dumpy neighborhood liquor store, which I would probably avoid for craft beer just based on the appearance. Turns out they have a selection. Not a great selection, but a selection. The bomber cooler has about six shelves with reasonable offerings. There are three or four coolers dedicated to six packs. I saw a few things I would readily purchase but nothing that I would normally be excited about. Prices are middle of the road. If you are hunting for craft beer, just drive the extra mile and go to Mile High.“
NachlamSie 3265 days ago
82 /100 3550 S WADSWORTH BLVD
“This is a pretty typical chain restaurant. It’s like Applebees with a good beer selection. They had quality taps mixed in with the garbage. Myrcenary, Stone Enjoy By, Firestone IPA, Caution Card Your Mom Saison, Boulevard Pop Up and Tank 7, to name a few. I went with the Myrcenary which was a little past its prime, but not completely faded. The beer prices were slightly below average for the area, of course World of Beer is really the only other major tap house in the area. I found that sitting on the patio at dusk was the best place to be. Our server was fantastic and enthusiastic about expanding his beer knowledge. I got a Thai Pizza during my visit. Their thick crust is basically just bread and the meat is most likely previously packaged and frozen. That being said, it was a decently tasty pizza with loads of toppings and very filling. I don’t count Old Chicago as a real craft destination, but you can depend on grabbing some efficient grub and having a quality beer.“
NachlamSie 3272 days ago
78 /100 7390 W HAMPDEN AVE
“This is a bar/restaurant in the bottom of a Holiday Inn. On the outside is a giant poster for Coors Light and on the front door is an ad for Shocktop. My expectations sank pretty low. The ambiance is classic stock hotel bar. The bartender was friendly and efficient and I had the fish and chips which were surprisingly not half bad. Prices for food and beer were lower than I was expecting. There were ten taps which included two offerings from Breckenridge, Alaskan Amber, Dale’s Pale ale and most interesting: three taps from Prost. The rest were macros. So, for a hotel bar it’s not too shabby. But I wouldn’t say the beer selection is particularly great, especially considering it shares a parking lot with Old Chicago.“
NachlamSie 3285 days ago
90 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Convenient location under the Whole Foods in Belmar, with plenty of parking available south of the store. Pleasant ambiance and friendly service. Great selection of bombers and imports in the back cooler. Definitely a few gems here and there. Not a huge selection, but carefully thought out. Easily one of the best stores in the Denver area. Update: One of the only stores in Colorado getting small batch WeldWerks stuff and they take orders of the phone +2“
ajnepple 3326 days ago
80 /100
Philnor Liquor (Beer Store)
“I stopped here during GABF week last fall. Pretty good selection, tons of bombers. Service was great, got to grab a few out of the back cooler. Not sure why I haven’t been back, but will probably stop here occasionally in the foreseeable future.“
ajnepple 3326 days ago
94 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“This is a medium sized, well kept store beneath Whole Foods. They’ve got a ton of beer, but not as much as some of the huge superstores. I think I prefer this size selection anyway, because it is definitely rotating and it’s tolerable to search through. It’s all high quality stuff too. The walk in cooler full of bombers is where it’s at. It could be the best bomber selection I’ve seen in the Denver area. 90% of the beer is refrigerated, big plus. They strive to get the limited and highly sought after beers. Six pack selection is more than adequate, but it’s not massive. They feature a few things with a sale price, so the value can be quite good. On my visit it was things I really wanted like Jolly Pumpkin and Schlekerla, so mad props. I will be buying much beer here in the future.“
NachlamSie 3453 days ago
100 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Best Liquor store in Denver hands down. Quality refined selection, extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. Did i mention their dog Zeke. hes cool too.“
Knownfactor 3507 days ago
62 /100 14500 W COLFAX AVE, STE 341
“Bar and restaurant in Colorado Mills Mall. A bunch of taps but never anything that rare or special. A lot of macros or macros in disguise. Food is good if a bit pricy.“
theothermatt 3518 days ago
84 /100
Philnor Liquor (Beer Store)
“Nice store in a bit of a shady part of town. Craft beer is in the back and they have a nice selection of just about anything available in the state with a few fun surprises here and there. Prices are right and the staff is attentative if not overly knowledgable. If the owner is there he will really help you out. It’s really a diamond in the rough“
theothermatt 3539 days ago
94 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Located underneath a Whole Foods in Belmar. Nice selection of single bottles inside the cooler. It’s tough to find some things here because they sell out extremely quickly because it’s known for keeping great beers in stock. Staff is friendly and it’s a must stop if you are in the Denver area. Andre is great and will help you out if you are looking for anything.“
theothermatt 3539 days ago
90 /100 65 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Great find. They have best selection for that neighborhood and the best price!“
Philnorliquor1 3543 days ago
78 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Located in a town center development the beer here is all the way in the back. Most of the beer is refridgerated which is a,ways appreciated. Of course the Denver trend of really pathetic pick six sections continues here. This store adds the most anal retentive walkin cooler in history which restricts your movement to the middle 50% of the space. Still the walkin cooler is the reason to visit since it contains one of the best selections of local, regional, and foreign craft sections I’ve seen so far in CO. Worth the trip.“
DiarmaidBHK 3545 days ago
90 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Warm and nice atmosphere, not the selection of tipsy’s but for a small belmar store its awesome for wine and craft beer. Love ’me“
Anquerdnhim 3726 days ago
90 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Very nice liquor store in Lakewood. Decent selection and they offer a lot of singles. Walk-in cooler with a pretty good selection of imports. Typically get all of the new releases and rare offerings, with a very up-to-date website. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and Andre is one of the most knowledgable beer authorities in the state. They also let you reserve bottles by simply calling in, which is a huge plus for me. Highly recommended and easily one of the top 3 stores in the state.“
Steve_0 3783 days ago
82 /100 14500 W COLFAX AVE, STE 341
“Yard House has a very large selection of beer on tap. The one kicker about that, however, is that they have a ton of macro beers, so nothing too exciting on tap, but a shitload of selection to choose from. Either way, it is a great place to stop in West Denver (Golden/Lakewood) area for beers. Yard House is a little bit more upscale than your typical beer restaurant. Not too swanky, but the food is a little more on the expensive side.“
jcnielsen 3898 days ago
88 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“A-- Much more wine oriented I thought. Beer was in the back and a small tasting table also. not a great location in Belmar. Q-- Good quality products and clean and organized very well. Easy to find stuff. S-- Andre is the man. Serious props. Very knowledgable and easy to talk to. Then again I have traded with him so a bit biased. S-- Not a big cool room but WOW. Cuir, Belgian Yeti, 3F, Funkwerks, and a great selection of Belgian and Euro stuff. Most Gueze I have seen in the US in a long time when I have been back. Make a 6 pack was a bit not interesting but made up in CO and other bombers and 750’s. V-- Good pricing and good products. Quite serious about beer there, though a bit small. highly suggest if in Denver. “
fletchfighters 3931 days ago
90 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“very good selection of harder to get beers. Andre the beer manager knows his stuff and brings in some very nice beers. a bit more expensive than other stores but well worth it for the selection. Over all one of my favorite beer stores would highly recommend.“
christoph 4051 days ago
82 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“wine / liquor / beer store next to Whole Foods. stopped in on my way to the mountains. good amount of beer in coolers with a walk in bomber section including some nice local CO stuff along with Belgians and other CA, etc stuff. prices seem to be higher than elsewhere. also have some glassware for sale. nice store.“
HopsChalice8938 4118 days ago
62 /100 7390 W HAMPDEN AVE
“This place is in the Holiday Inn. The bartender is super nice. Good food. There is only one macro on tap - Coors Light. This is appropriate since it is the Rocky Mountain brew. All the other taps are Colorado micros. Both times I have been, they seem to favor Tommy Knockers Brewing on the tap list.“
pinkzambia 4172 days ago
86 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Medium size store with most of their beer in coolers. Quite often they have rare beers I can’t find elsewhere. Service is great with a knowledgeable staff. Some times the prices are a bit higher than the big stores but worth checking out.“
Ratman197 4238 days ago
44 /100 3550 S WADSWORTH BLVD
“If Applebees ran a beer bar, it would look a lot like Old Chicago. They claim to have 110 beers except that 95 of them are absolute crap. The serve most everything in a pint glass except for their "imports", I guess this is 1982, which they serve in special glasses. Of course import here means Stella Artois and Nookie Brown. The pizza was average cooked on one of those conveyer belt pizza ovens. If a friend recommends this place as a good beer bar, you have my permission to punch them in the face.“
DiarmaidBHK 4250 days ago
80 /100 435 S VANCE ST
“Store is located in an odd newish development of stores, right under a Wholefoods. Really clean large store. They carry more then the average store. Really nice selection and great walk in cooler. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.“
Atom 4337 days ago
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