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76 /100 2680 E COUNTY LINE RD, SUITE A
“Visited on a Friday for lunch with a friend. Tap room setup in the corner of a suburban strip mall, with plenty of parking and a nice outdoor patio. Indoor setup is a larger bar with seating throughout a decent sized room. Beer selection is all Colorado, with 45 taps available for full pour, 32 oz crowler or 64 oz growler fill. Really wide range of styles and tons of different breweries represented. Also had some wine and slushies available. The service was great, super knowledgeable and very welcoming. Food Trucks some days, or plenty of nearby options you can order in. I had a sandwich from across the parking lot and it was great. Overall, if you are in the area you will certainly find a new Colorado beer to try here. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 244 days ago
74 /100 2990 BREWERY LN.
“Really cool location in LIttleton. Large space with a huge outside, tables, games, smoker. Plenty of parking. Spatious "wood cabin" styled interior as well. Order via QR code outside, probably a COVID addition, but it works well. They had a menu, but we didn't try the food. Plastic glasses for outside drinkers; not totally surprising, but... All in all this is a great space. Kid and dog friendly, great place to hang out. Its just too bad that Breckenridge doesn't know how to make good beer, but you can't have everything I guess.“
bytemesis 255 days ago
78 /100 12684 W INDORE PL.
“This is a pretty large space in Littleton. Doing a good business on a Wednesday evening. We had a large group for work and were able to get the entire upstairs for ourselves, which was pretty awesome. Food menu was good quality; smoked wings taste just like I make 'em. About 12 taps with good coverage of the staple styles. One BA stout was decent. Overall beer quality was average. Service was good, but we had our own "upstairs" server, so results may not be typical. Overall its a decent place to eat, not sure the beer would bring me in often on its own though.“
bytemesis 255 days ago
78 /100 2990 BREWERY LN.
“(Visited 03/2016): Breckenridge's Farm House restaurant is located in Littleton in the "Littleton Complex" that also includes the Breckenridge Brewery Education Center, situated off Sante Fe Drive. Parking is fairly abundant in multiple lots.

The interior is spacious with a rustic/homey atmosphere. Wooden floors, and kitchen tables and comfortable chairs. Large chandeliers hang in the main room, and windows all around let in a good deal of light.

The Farm House has around 15 beers on tap. Along with the flagship stuff, there are seasonals (A BA Autumn Ale) and one-offs (like a collab with Starr Hill and a couple in the Mountain Series on my visit).

Food at Farm House includes a variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Overall enjoyable eats.

Service on a Friday was good. The server was attentive and knew the menu.

All in all this is a fun place and different that what I expected for a brewery restaurant.“
Dogbrick 385 days ago
80 /100 2620 W. BELLEVIEW AVE
“(Visited 03/2016): The Littleton location of Pint Room is next to the Platte on Belleview Ave, off Prince Street. Ample parking is available around the building. The interior features a wraparound marble top bar in the middle, with table seating around the perimeter. There is brewery décor on the walls, and the color scheme is bold red, yellow and orange on the walls and floors. Large windows Pint Room has around 100 beers on tap, primarily from area breweries like Breckenridge, Denver Beer Co, Lone Tree, Great Divide and 105 West. Service on a busy Friday evening was pretty good. Appetizers were tasty, and I assume the full menu is similar to their Ohio locations where they have some good options. All in all this is a good beer spot to visit in Littleton for an array of regional craft beers.“
Dogbrick 392 days ago
82 /100 2990 BREWERY LN.
“Surprised at how much I liked this place. Downright awesome food and Breck brewery stuff which you don't see elsewhere (in addition to the classics). Want a thick BA stout? A gingery wit? A tropical pale ale? All here, all great. Worth going out of your way for. Was not expecting to say that. Place itself is beautiful and spacious.“
WestCoastHawkeye 456 days ago
“Big and spacious indoors, nice beer garden. Around 9 of their own beers on tap. I wasn't blown away by anything but everything I had was cromulent. Nothing really stood out one way or the other. Dinging them one point on ambience for some of the worst music selection I've ever heard. They actually played Mmmbop. Pretty sure that's against the Geneva Convention.“
WestCoastHawkeye 552 days ago
76 /100 12305 DUMONT WAY UNIT A
“Swung by on a Thursday afternoon. Very good imperial stout, interesting chili beer, rest was cromulent. Outdoor, tent and indoor seating all available. Good place, not worth going out of your way for but a wee bit better than cromulent.“
WestCoastHawkeye 574 days ago
88 /100 2540 W MAIN ST
“Littleton has a very cute little downtown, and Jake's is the highlight from a beer perspective. Really Jake's is one of the highlights of the southern suburbs from a beer perspective. About 30 drafts, good selection of local and regional, well-curated and a very well-curated bottle shop inside. Tough to go wrong here . This place needs more reviews to get its rating up.“
WestCoastHawkeye 586 days ago
58 /100 5950 S PLATTE CANYON RD
“Stopped by on a Wednesday afternoon and got a flight. Nothing really sung to me and most of the things except for the nitro milk stout were a bit imbalanced in some way. Wouldn't feel a need to go back here. Service and beer garden were fine though (usual brewery in a strip mall situation).“
WestCoastHawkeye 659 days ago
80 /100 2409 W. MAIN STREET
“There were a couple breweries in downtown Littleton, neither of which I could recommend in good conscience. Finally, a solid brewery has opened up down here. It's not necessarily anything to write home about and it feels like any other suburban brewery, complete with a live band slogging through 70's classic rock covers, but the beer is solid and the space is plenty comfortable. There's a spacious patio with a fire pit for cooler weather and a long bar and plenty of tables. The beer spans a reasonable array of styles without being too gimmicky or too boring. What I tasted was well executed. Prices are nice, certainly in line with any brewery in the south/southwest area of Denver metro. Anytime I'm wandering around Littleton for whatever reason, this would be my choice for sitting down and having a pint.“
NachlamSie 941 days ago
60 /100 2409 W. MAIN STREET
“Nice building, with a big patio area, and a long bar. The parking is a mess, but that's nothing that unusual. The bartenders were friendly, if a little scattered. An interesting spread of house beers and quite a few guest taps. The house brews I tried were fair at best, unfortunately. Prices are quite fair, though. Nice place, and a cool hangout, but nothing special.“
GTAEgeek 1199 days ago
“Pretty big area, with a huge dog run out front. Sparcely furnished, with a lot of rough wood, bare walls, and exposed equipment. The bartender was friendly and helpful. They had 7 of their own beer on, and 2 from Locavore, but they seem to be kicking kegs faster than they can brew more. $10 for a flight of five, which is pretty good, and the pint prices are very fair. This is a nice place, with quality beers.“
GTAEgeek 1345 days ago
74 /100 12305 DUMONT WAY UNIT A
“A fairly rushed visit before a group dinner. This is a bit out of the way, a couple miles south of 470 on Santa Fe, in an industrial park setting. Kind of warehousey; smallish parking lot that fortunately had one spot left. Pretty lively on a Wednesday evening. I grabbed a spot at the bar. Definitely a skiing themed place - taplist on the wall is written on skis for example. Nice mix of styles available. Food truck outside, presumably rotating. Samples are $2/each as I recall, which was nice; most places I visited seemed to have a sliding scale from $2-$3.50 for samples. Beer was average.“
bytemesis 1614 days ago
56 /100
Safeway - Littleton (Grocery Store)
“Killing some time in the area, and it's still a novelty to find liquor in a grocery store. It's a huge and very nice Safeway, and the liquor is very well laid out. The guy wandering the section was very helpful, too. There's lots of beer, but nothing too interesting. A good spread of singles, too, but again, pretty much nothing small or local. The prices are really good, though. Worth a visit for the novelty, and good prices on the more standard craft beers.“
GTAEgeek 1745 days ago
64 /100 12305 DUMONT WAY UNIT A
“Tucked back in an industrial park, but there’s pretty good signage. The garage door was open to the patio area, and a food truck was parked out front. Clean, minimalist aesthetic, with a skiing theme. Even the tap handles are made from ski poles. The bartenders were generally preoccupied with several tap lines that were acting up, so they were not friendly, nor did they seem to know the beer. Reasonable enough prices - $6 pints or 10 oz. pours, with $2 samples. Nice place, and a cool hangout off the beaten path. Not worth a special trip, but worth stopping if you’re passing through.“
GTAEgeek 2296 days ago
78 /100 12305 DUMONT WAY UNIT A
“(Visited 05/2015): Living The Dream is located in an industrial plaza on Dumont Way, which is off Sante Fe. There is a parking lot in front of the building.

There is a patio outside, and inside opens to a large garage space. There are high tables in the front area, and a bar in the right rear. The atmosphere is outdoorsy, specifically skiing including the beers on tap being listed on skis hanging on the wall. The brewery is visible in the rear of the space.

Living The Dream has around 10 beers on tap, and samples are served on a pretty wooden sampler. Year-round beers as well as seasonals, and on my visit the selections included a Wheat, ESB, Dry Stout, a couple IPAs, Caucasian Cream Stout and a Dubbel. The beers were all decent to above average.

Service at the bar on a busy Saturday evening was good. The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable.

Food is not served at the brewery, but a food truck is regularly outside.

Overall this is a fun place to hang out, and caters to the locals, their dogs, and visitors like me. I would definitely go back.“
Dogbrick 2346 days ago
62 /100 11757 W KEN CARYL AVE, UNIT H/I
“(Visited 03/2015): Ken Caryl Wine & Spirits is located in the King Sooper shopping plaza in Ken Caryl not too far off 470. There is a large parking lot for the stores in the plaza.

The interior is relatively small and laid out like a typical brightly lit convenience/liquor store, with the beer located on shelves and in coolers on the right side of the store.

The store carries around 100 different beers, with many breweries from CO represented like Paradox, Avery,and Great Divide, as well as other domestic craft breweries and imports.

Service on my visits has been pretty standard in terms of friendliness and asking whether I needed help finding anything in particular.

Overall I would prefer Tipsy’s in terms of selection, but this place usually has something worthwhile and it is easy to get in and out.“
Dogbrick 2388 days ago
76 /100 12305 DUMONT WAY UNIT A
“This is a pretty fun little spot to swing by. Typical garage brewery type of look / vibe to it. Had plenty of tables and a cart full of games to play while sitting there. Also, they had TVs, which is not exactly the usual for this style place. Outdoor area as well with a pizza food truck (I think) on our visit. We didn’t try the food truck. Beers were pretty tasty, and they had a nice selection of them (I’m guessing there were 10ish, I can’t remember the exact number). Nothing mind blowing that I tried, just quality, drinkable, flavorful beers, but I enjoyed my visit.“
ben4321 2453 days ago
78 /100 12305 DUMONT WAY UNIT A
“This is a cool brewery in an industrial strip mall. The beers were very good. I only had 3 but all were impressively made. Very good. No real odd styles while I was there and seemed like half the tap handles were not in use, so maybe a wider selection in the future, but it is worth stopping by.“
Mep3222 2645 days ago
72 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“This place is amazing. It’s huge. Beer selection is vast, and there is a special chilled bomber room in back. Service is below average, mostly stock guys running around and it can get crowded around holidays. I thought prices were fair. I go here anytime I’m in town.“
DrunkSanta410 2731 days ago
74 /100 12305 DUMONT WAY UNIT A
“One of my favorite places along C-470. Put it up there with Lonetree and Cannonball Creek. Tucked away in an industrial strip mall. Family friendly. Solid beers. Food trucks. Bags in the summer. Good rotation of beers. Check them out.“
waolsen 2787 days ago
92 /100 2540 W MAIN ST
“Ah, Jake’s Brew Bar a bona fide beer treasure in little downtown Littleton. Jake’s is a cafe/bar on one side and a bar/beer garden on the other side, though both sides are not open simultaneously. We visited the beer garden side, as it was roughly 7:00pm. The bartender was enthusiastic and friendly. Beer selection is great with over 20 taps featuring a few from Colorado, a few from the west and east coasts, and a few imports. Really well rounded and spanning anything from a Pilsner to a Flemish Sour to a double IPA to a Stout, etc. The pricing is on the higher end, but not exorbitant. With most "average" pints at the $5.50 or $6.00 price point Jake’s is right in line with any other dedicated beer bar that does not brew their own. The bar area is welcoming with wooden furnishings, old timey photographs of downtown Littleton, board games, shuffle board and really cool rustic tap handles. In the back is a beer garden with picnic tables which is a pleasant way to soak up the nice weather. The beers I had were very fresh and clean. Jake’s doesn’t have a kitchen, so make for other food arrangements. This is a genuine craft beer-focused bar.“
NachlamSie 2991 days ago
74 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“(Visited 03/2014): Tipsy;s Liquor World is a large store in Littleton off 470 on Alkire Street. There is a large parking lot in front of the store.

The interior of the store is large and spacious, similar to places like Total Wine or Bevmo. Large communal area in the center with a fireplace and seats. The different beverages each have their own section, with the beer being in the rear of the store. There is a walk-in cooler with shelves full of beer divided geographically, and coolers along the back wall with mixed singles and six-packs.

Tipsy’s has a solid selection of CO and other regional craft breweries, including Twisted Pine, Crooked Stave, Lost Abbey, Alaskan and Great Divide. Imports are available as well from Belgium, Canada, Germany and elsewhere.

Service was pretty typical for this type of store. A guy assigned to the beer section helped me find the regional stuff, and checkout was friendly.

I am not sure if this place has food. It appeared like their cafe in the front of the store was permanently closed.

Overall you pretty much know what you are going to get with these large chain type stores. I would definitely hit this place again knowing I am sure to find some things I cannot get back home.“
Dogbrick 3061 days ago
76 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Huge beer, wine and liquor store off of 470, hard to miss. Large walk-in coolor with tons of singles, bombers and imports. They also have a large make your own six pack selection, probably 5-6 cooler doors worth. Unfortunately, some of this stuff sits on the shelf too long and they seemingly never switch it up. Prices are fine and service is just OK. I’ve also been mocked for buying expensive beer at the register, "is that enough to get ya drunk? I could buy a nice bottle of bourbon for that." Also overhead from an employee, "Budweiser is my favorite beer!" Update: The selection here is lacking considering their size and space. Worth a stop if you're from out of state and driving by.“
ajnepple 3088 days ago
64 /100 4991 E DRY CREEK RD
“The beer store is located around the corner from the main market. Small beer selection housed in the back cooler, as well as the cooler around the corner. I noticed a couple of harder to find bottles, though in general this is a small and limited selection. They did have a Prost growler, which I hadn’t seen for sale before. This place is worth checking out only if you’re also going to Tony’s, which is certainly worth the trip by itself.

64 = ★★ (Just ok)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 3191 days ago
90 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“This is a massive liquor store right off the interstate. Prices match most other major discount retailers. There are tons of coolers full of six packs and two giant coolers dedicated to build your own six packs. The major gem is the huge walk in cooler full of bombers and 750s. There are rarities to be found in here including CO stuff, regional offerings and a competent import selection. Definitely worth a stop.“
NachlamSie 3228 days ago
70 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Very large liquor store. Large beer selection, lots of domestic craft beer, not much in the way of rare or exotic offerings. Overall a pretty good liquor store, though it was hardly worth the drive.“
Brouwerij 3257 days ago
12 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Worst keg experience ever. - Ordered an 8-gallon keg over a week in advance. 3 days later, was told there were no 8-gallon kegs, so had to switch it to a 5-gallon keg. - Then a day before I was to pick up the keg, I was told the beer was out-of-stock. Shouldn’t they have known this a lot earlier? So I was offered a discount on a lesser beer. - A few hours later, I received another call saying they were able to get my original beer. How’s that possible? Weren’t they out-of-stock? I’m guessing someone just forgot to place the order. - I finally get the keg, drive an hour out-of-town into the national forest with no cell reception, only to find they had given me the wrong tap. The tap they gave us wouldn’t fit the keg. Drive miles to find cell reception. They swear they gave us the right tap. I have friends go and pick up a new tap, and we get the keg working. Yes, they had given us the wrong tap. - After that entire nightmare of an experience, I return everything fully expecting a comp of the keg, for all my wasted time and the wasted time of my friends. The beer manager, Brady, refuses and offers a token of a free 6-pack, and also refuses to allow me to speak to the store manager, Page. BS. Keep your 6-pack. You’ll receive negative reviews instead.“
DougSyno 3368 days ago
54 /100 5995 SANTA FE DR
“So so bar and grill that features the entirely unexciting beers of Breckenridge.“
bytemesis 3726 days ago
78 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“all in all a pretty good liquor store. a nice deli attached to it a good selection but be warned some of the harder to get stuff cough pliney cough cough is upon request only prices are a bit above average but so is selection not to bad a place and free tastings.“
christoph 3757 days ago
72 /100
Super Liquor Mart (Beer Store)
“This is an interesting liquor store in a supermarket parking lot in the middle of suburban littleton. Upon first look nothing spectacular but upon talking to the staff some real gems brought out of the cellar a nice store for sure a little pricey but really worth a look if in the area the beer guy is a hoarder and if you play nice hell get you some cool stuff.“
christoph 3757 days ago
82 /100
Arrow Liquormart (Beer Store)
“Beer staff is great decent selection GOOD pricing best in littleton. overall a pretty good store worth stopping by if your in the area.“
christoph 3757 days ago
60 /100 4991 E DRY CREEK RD
“small selection of beer in the coolers. girardin geuze Fx2011 in stock. a few other local/regional special releases but nothing special. their deli store next door is more worth visiting.“
3fourths 3823 days ago
46 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“What this place is, is basically the wal-mart of liquor stores. Very focused product selection that is far from deep. Incredibly underwhelming in that they seemed to just have the standards. Nothing really stood out, aside from the fact that this place is monstrous. I’ll find someplace else next time I’m in town.“
NobleSquirrel 3972 days ago
74 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“A very large liquor store that is easily seen from C-470 on the West side of Denver. The back wall is mostly cooler doors with singles and packs of varying sizes. There is a glass walk-in cooler for the large bottle selection. The selection is nice and the prices reasonable.“
BeerandBlues2 4005 days ago
90 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“I have very few complaints with this place. The bomber room is exceptional, especially for Belgian beers, the new staff they have hired is reasonably knowledgeable and outgoing. Really the only problem is that the prices are still a little high but much much better than they were a year ago. If you are nearby you need to at least stop in and peruse the bomber room, it’s a must see. Friday’s and Saturday’s they have awesome tastings too, great bombers and 6 packs of beer“
AveryBeerGuy 4008 days ago
92 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“this place has it all. if you are within a hundred miles of this place you should stop. they definitely have something you want and more than enough stuff you probably never had. this is the best beer store in the state of colorado hands down and possibly the best in the country. for food sometimes they have good vendors outside fridays and saturdays “
jc4031 4115 days ago
68 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Pretty big selection, though nothing too special that I could find. I guess I should stop by again to see if anything has changed in the last year, but I wasn’t too impressed previously.“
cubs 4235 days ago
50 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“massive warehouse liquor store with outrageously high prices on single bottles of belgian imports and US craft. singles can not be purchased as singles, only as a mixed-six pack. . they get points for having a walk-in room/cooler where they house many of the more interesting bottles, but terrible customer service and inflated prices means I will not return as a customer.“
3fourths 4399 days ago
70 /100
Super Liquor Mart (Beer Store)
“a surprising store. looks like any old run down corner store but has a massive walk-in cooler (very cold and very dim) in the back with most special/rare beer releases still available. I bought most of the temptation and batch 42/56 damnation 750s they had. damn shame it’s so far away from... everything. awesome people knocked 10% off my very expensive mixed case - that’s how you encourage repeat business.“
3fourths 4399 days ago
90 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Had to re-rate this place and bump up their score big time. Stopped in on my way home from vacation. Selection of domestic and international micro beers are excellent. Staff was friendly and very helpful. Even told me Happy Birthday. The store also has a deli that features some killer sandwiches. If you are anywhere near this place, stop in and have a look.“
Sammer 4433 days ago
72 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Really large craft bomber/inernational single selection in a cooler room - decent mix-6 section and dozens and dozens of 4/6/12/24 cooler doors - if it’s available in Colorado, it’s generally here. Prices are occasionally a buck or two higher than other joints locally, but the selection generally makes up for it. very nice wine selection, to boot. Specific to the comment below - yes, they do card everyone, no exceptions. Their Point-of-sale systems require ID info to begin the transaction. If the ’intrusiveness’ and ’unacceptability’ of the 5 seconds it takes to produce a valid ID is too much, then I agree that you’re better off shopping elsewhere. Jeez.“
alagnak 4735 days ago
90 /100 4991 E DRY CREEK RD
“I visit Tony’s ~1/week. From a beer perspective, it’s only a few cooler doors, 1 being entirely Belgians, and a few more for US and other countries around the corner in the back of the shop. While the square footage is probably 90% taken up by wine (and, IMO, the best selection in the area, particularly in the 12-25 dollar range), the beers are extremely carefully chosen and there’s not really a bad one on offer. Not the depth of a Tipsy’s or Lukas, but probably matches the breadth. Tony (owner) is as passionate about beer as he is wine, and has never led me wrong on either. He (and all the small staff) are always very keen to discuss the beers in great detail and make suggestions. While not beer-related, Tony’s Market may be the best food emporium in the Denver area. Certainly in terms of meat and seafood. The only plus to them closing the (food-only) Mineral location that was ~1mile from my house is that now I get to visit the wine/beer shop more often.“
alagnak 4819 days ago
58 /100
Santa Fe Spirits (Beer Store)
“Was a go-to of mine, as IO pass it literally every day. When I was more of a wine guy, I’d have rated it higher. For beer - it’s OK. Small selection of bombers with the occasional interesting find. Decent (expected) lineup of locals. Nothing extremely special here, but well-located right on Santa Fe and a very good wine selection if that interests you, too.“
alagnak 4819 days ago
50 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Checked this place out just after it opened. I found a nice selection of microbrews, which was what I was looking for. At the checkout, things went downhill. They carded me. They said they had to card everyone. Now I have more white in my beard than Moses did, and they still wanted to card me. I found this to be unacceptable and intrusive BS. I put the beers back on the shelf and left. Won’t be going back.“
sudsmeister 4854 days ago
30 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Tipsy’s is a very good looking place. It looks like some sort of ski resort. It seems like there use to be a pretty large selection, but most of the shelves were half empty. The customer service was way below par. I had placed a couple of requests for special orders and they had never called me back. When I came back to check on them, all they told me was "it’s on back order" or " I have no idea". Horrible prices, horrible customer service, no product on the shelf, beautiful store.“
in5ths 4858 days ago
72 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“The best place for beer selection I have been to in the Denver metro area. Large bomber and Belgian selection in a walk in cooler. Every Colorado beer you would want. Large make a six pack section that is resonably priced. However I would of thought some of the bombers and rare beers would be priced a little better due to its size but that is not the case.“
soyorganic 4927 days ago
76 /100
Arrow Liquormart (Beer Store)
“This liquor store is a gem for beer hunters in Littleton. They have Russian River, Port Brewing/lost Abbey (a big selection of that one). They have a great Belgian section with anything that you can find in Colorado. I’m pretty impressed by their bomber selection, but their 6-packs in the cooler aren’t of much mention.“
Dmalone102 5070 days ago
48 /100 5869 S ALKIRE ST
“Giant beutifully decorated liquor store. One of the prettiest I’ve seen, but thats the best I can say about this place. It’s hard to find some help. The selectiuon is large but mostly ordinary or crap beer. They are high priced for their size ( I guess they have to pay for the pretty store somehow). So I don’t see much value here. When you check out they scan your ID and your name and birthday shows up on your reciept which sucks ( another chance for idedenity theives if you don’t pay attention)! Don’t waste your time there are better stores in the area“
Ratman197 5132 days ago
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