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84 /100 2025 IONOSPHERE STREET, UNIT 101
“Tucked away in a new, trendy neighborhood on the southern side of Longmont. A big space, with a pile of barrels as the main attraction. The owners were very friendly and clearly excited about their beer. Only four of the six beer engines had something on, but they had some older vintages on hand, and lots of options to take home in a bag in a box format. The prices are high, but reasonable given the style of beer. It's exciting to see a spontaneous brewery doing well. A unique experience, and a nice location.“
GTAEgeek 715 days ago
78 /100 540 MAIN STREET
“Busy place on Main street Longmont. Free parking on Main street in the evenings is a bonus. Lots of table seating, both inside and outside. Took a seat at the bar and got prompt service indeed. Three of the four beers on my flight were very good, the only miss being the flashpoint IPA. Definitely worth a stop.“
bytemesis 940 days ago
86 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“Ah Left hand. Their milk stout was an early fave of mine. I got there about 45 minutes before close; doing a solid business overall. Large outside patio area, half covered which was nice with the intermittent rain. Flights available, choose from a pretty broad selection of core beers and taproom specials / experimental products. I ordered my flight and sat outside to enjoy. Prompt attention and service, including a check to make sure I was ok at last call. Solid place, worth visiting.“
bytemesis 940 days ago
72 /100 1025 DELAWARE AVE
“Pretty hard to find this place, but it has ample parking. Big area, and a friendly bar. The bartender, MJ, was friendly and enthusiastic. A good spread of beers, from kolsch to imperial stout. $10 for a flight of five, and $4-7 pints. This is a fun location, with solid beer, a good vibe, and friendly people.“
GTAEgeek 1044 days ago
42 /100 63 S PRATT PKWY UNIT B
“Hidden taproom behind a shoe store in and industrial park in Longmont. Hard to find and not worth the effort. The bartender was friendly but slow and not very knowledgeable, he tried to charge for 10 oz when my friend only had a taster. House beer was mediocre at best. Selection was fair and I recommend the guest taps if you must go. Overall not worth the effort!“
Ratman197 1100 days ago
80 /100 540 MAIN STREET
“Great spot. Bunch of beers, flights available. Food was terrific. Tons of TVs. Great patio.“
BVery 1200 days ago
76 /100 1020 KEN PRATT BLVD UNIT A
“The beer selection was quite good, with quite a few singles, even in 12 oz. sizes. They even had some crowlers from WeldWerks. Very glad I made the stop.“
Iphonephan 1205 days ago
84 /100 209 EMERY STREET
“Visited early afternoon on a Saturday and it wasn’t too busy. Bartenders were very friendly, both of whom had been there since the brewery opened. Passionate about their beers for sure. Pretty much all lagers on tap. The three I tried were all very good. A return visit is a must.“
RobertDale 1259 days ago
80 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“Stopped by early on a Saturday afternoon. The taproom was not too busy. Very spacious, well decorated, and maintained. Only one beer on tap that I had not had before, and that was a gluten free. New Oskar Blues fans should love this place.“
RobertDale 1259 days ago
78 /100 1025 DELAWARE AVE
“Only had time for a short (2 beers) visit. Seemed like a nice place to hang out and enjoy beer. Location is a bit out of the way, but not a big problem. Around 12 of their beers on tap. The two I had were enjoyable. Hope to return.“
RobertDale 1259 days ago
78 /100 540 MAIN STREET
“Visited at opening on a Saturday. The place filled up for mainly dining very quickly. Very friendly bartender. Price for a flight was quite reasonable. Beers were average and above. Did not try any of the food. Located right on main street. Seemed like 6 flagship and 6 seasonal beers of theirs on tap. Nice visit.“
RobertDale 1260 days ago
82 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“Nice tasting room!“
horseriding 1492 days ago
74 /100 1020 KEN PRATT BLVD UNIT A
“Based on NachlamSie’s rating I headed here. It really was worth a visit. Nice selection of CO singles and all in cold. They also had lot of special ones from Avery and other local breweries.“
rosenbergh 1549 days ago
74 /100 1555 S HOVER RD
“After the visit to Avery this place didn’t blow my mind. 12 of their own beers on tap. 31 guest beers on tap. I was a bit disappointed as they didn’t have any special brews of their own available. The food was tasty and service somewhat friendly. Flight of 5 beers available.“
rosenbergh 1550 days ago
76 /100 600 LONG’S PEAK AVENUE
“Small long room, booths, no bar, outdoor service. Quick and friendly service. Fair prices. Small samples were offered before ordering the beer. Do not know if they offered samplers. Fair prices (USD per pint). Not much food. Carpets on the wall. Unfortunately I forgot to count the number of taps as we had to move quickly.“
Skinnyviking 1553 days ago
74 /100 540 MAIN STREET
“Lots of TV screens. Bar. Many tabhles. 13 taps. Food. Decoration was sports orianted. Music at a sensible level.“
Skinnyviking 1556 days ago
92 /100 1020 KEN PRATT BLVD UNIT A
“In a strip mall next to Safeway, Three Rivers has one of the better beer selections I’ve seen anywhere in the remote area. They’ve got tons of northern Coloradan beer that I’ve never heard of. The out of state, out of country stuff is nothing to scoff at either. They were they only liquor store I could find that still had plenty of Wicked Weed on the shelf less than two weeks after they launched in Colorado. The pick-six section is better than we usually see out here too. Prices are great and most everything is refrigerated. I have to reiterate the vast selection. Not sure how much of it is fresh, but what I picked up was.“
NachlamSie 1599 days ago
88 /100 209 EMERY STREET
“Comfy warehouse setting with a good sized patio out front and a general hippy vibe all around. Wibby specializes in lagers, which is all right by me. The vienna is pretty competent. They had six or seven lagers on during my visit. Nothing seemed to jump out at me, but they had some interesting things like a double India lager. Service was on top of things and prices are good.“
NachlamSie 1599 days ago
92 /100 1025 DELAWARE AVE
“Though hidden back in a business park, this taproom is actually walking distance to the main highway. They’ve taken the facial hair theme and really went all the way with it. All the beer is named after facial hair, the murals on the wall, their own bear oil is for sale, and they even have a full blown barber in the corner for beard maintenance. They had at least a dozen beers on and the quality was above average. Everything I had was very clean with attention to detail. I thought it was cool they had a California common and a foreign extra stout which were both actually what they were supposed to be.“
NachlamSie 1599 days ago
70 /100 209 EMERY STREET
“High-ceiling warehouse location serving a half-dozen draft lagers, quality better than average with an occasional excellent batch (Downtown Hop, Dunkel). Food trucks, live music and corn hole make for a fun atmosphere, and as long as they keep a decent lager on tap I’ll keep returning. Service is a mixed bag and one bartender in particular seems to struggle to communicate positively. As for the beer, the Helles has an odd fart-y sulfuric smell to it, and the lack of decoction mashing is evident in its watery texture, but the Dunkel is decent and their hoppy Heller Bock was exemplary when fresh. Curiously they don’t make Pilsner or Kellerbier, two styles that are universally loved and yet still under-represented in US craft beer.“
3fourths 1616 days ago
70 /100 1250 S HOVER RD
“Owned and operated by the same bloke who ran Wilbur’s in Fort Collins, the inside layout is eerily identical to his old store. There’s a tremendous selection of beer, including some local Colorado breweries that don’t distribute to Boulder, but there’s also a TON of old bottles past expiration. Things like 14-month old Taras Boulba, two-year old Saison De Dottignies (gross), two year old Buxton bottles, 1-year old Ecliptic Kellerpils, and 1-year+ green bottles of La Vermontoise sitting warm in the light. I feel like this is Beer 101 stuff for any retailer, but especially new stores with the way the market is now... bottle-conditioned beers and lager should have priority in the cooler, green glass should be exposed to as little light as possible, expired beer should be tossed...“
3fourths 1639 days ago
74 /100 1555 S HOVER RD
“From the outside it looks like a converted barn housing a restaurant with a grain silo painted to look like a can of Dale’s Pale Ale and a cool barbecue pit type patio area out back. Inside it is full of booths, dark wood and a central bar with both Oskar Blues & plenty of guest taps. Staff were friendly cheerful young ladies - generic bar staff was the feeling I got from them. Nice but not super into beer. A decent place with a nice atmosphere.“
KansaiBeerLvrs 1717 days ago
70 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“Well I guess I am in the minority here but I gotta say I was disappointed by my visit. Don’t get me wrong, the merchandise corner has some awesome stuff, the to-go fridges has some beauties, the staff were nice, the tour was OK but it was just way too damn noisy. Coming inside was like being on a construction site when I went so not at all relaxing and it gave me a headache so they lose points for that in the ambiance and overall experience categories. I prefered the ambiance at the nearby Liquids & Solids. I’d say pop in here for some Merch, take-out brews, a tour and a quick beer but go there to just chill with food + Oskar Blues brews.“
KansaiBeerLvrs 1717 days ago
80 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“(Visited 05/2015): Left Hand brewery and tap room is on Boston Ave off Ken Pretty Blvd in Longmont. There is a parking lot next to the building.

Outside there is a patio, and the inside the wood-paneled building opens to a tap room/bar. The floor is checkered red and yellow, and there are various awards and pictures on the walls. The bar runs along the right side. and behind it is a row of tap handles in front of a TV, and there is a board listing the beers on tap.

Left Hand has around 12 beers on tap, and samplers are available. Aside from a few of the flagship beers, they also have seasonals and taproom-only choices like Ambidextrous (Great Juju), Introvert Session IPA and 300 Suns Beet Cancer Ale. The beers were all pretty enjoyable.

Service at the bar on a relatively busy weekday evening was good. The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable about the beers. Tours are offered as well.

Food is not available at the brewery.

Overall this place is less touristy than the other well-recognized CO breweries like Avery and New Belgium, and is a cool place to hang out with the locals and other visitors. I would definitely go back.“
Dogbrick 1774 days ago
82 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“Nice brewery taproom...especially if you are a fan of Left Hand beers as I am. I liked the outside courtyard as well as the patio area...nice on a warm day when the inside is opened up to the outdoors as well...just a nice overall feel of the place...although the area near the bar is not designed well...not enough room to get by much less use that area effectively. Nonetheless...probably one of the better breweries to visit in Colorado...but certainly not in the top echelon.“
PRBeer 1913 days ago
76 /100 1555 S HOVER RD
“I had high hopes for this place given my love of Oskar Blues. And the décor of the restaurant is really fantastic with lots of cool and original touches (love the keg fountains by the front door and the tap handles from the ceiling). Nonetheless, I found the food to be average at best even given the originality of some of the deScriptions. Add to that some off flavor Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union IPL on draft that I wanted my Colorado friend to try for the first time (a favorite of mine that I know well from living in the same region it’s brewed)...and overall the visit was a bit of a letdown...not saying bad...just not up to the standards of my taproom experiences in their Colorado and North Carolina Tasty Weasel’s...but then they are not about food of course. Note that I had the same beer on draft a couple of nights later at a different place and it was as it should be...a great beer.“
PRBeer 1913 days ago
84 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“Oskar Blues is obviously as great brewery...and this is a great brewery taproom...especially if the weather allows for sitting out on the deck. Add a band and some catered grilling on that deck and it doesn’t get much better. There is even skeeball inside a section of the actual brewery. Although the space inside and on the deck seems big enough...it can all get pretty crazy crowded as it was during my recent visit. Probably the only complaint I had...at least for the day I visited...all of the beers available are normally available beers...there didn’t seem to be any specialty or one-off’s which you kind of expect at a brewery taproom. Nonetheless...a must visit when in the area...especially for any OB lovers.“
PRBeer 1913 days ago
72 /100 1555 S HOVER RD
“I really enjoyed my meal here. Beer selection was great. Prices were a little high but not unreasonable. Pretty solid.“
conway 1957 days ago
88 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“Huge warehouse facility with an awesome taproom out front. Bartender was extremely knowledgeable and eager to talk about the product. Smaller selection but included some rarer items. Also one of my favorite brewery tours I’ve ever taken. Excellent.“
conway 1957 days ago
80 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“had a lot of fun here. there is better beer in the area, but most places Left Hand would be THE place to go.“
slowrunner77 1978 days ago
70 /100 63 S PRATT PKWY UNIT B
“Half shoe store and half tap room, the location isn’t the most exciting, tucked back into a corporate park, the open garage door allows for patio (read: parking lot) seating. Draft list of approximately 25-30, including a number of new Colorado breweries, and featuring a single house tap (Red Ale) that was not noteworthy in any way. Seems like an extremely small brewing setup, basically a homebrew kit.“
3fourths 1986 days ago
84 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“They had an IPA cold infused with Earl Grey tea that blew my mind. This was a beer that you can only get in the brewery; they cold infuse a new one every week. They had a big selection of their own beers besides that. This was definitely a neighborhood place; they knew the names of all the patrons who were coming in to fill their growlers.“
coachd 1996 days ago
84 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“Very cool location. Big warehouse-like industrial feel with stainless steel everywhere. The actual brewery is operating while you are sitting at the bar. It makes you feel like you’re a part of the process and the beer you are drinking is as fresh as can be. The service was friendly and knowledgeable, great at suggesting beers for my indecisive spouse. Selection was good, but they were out of a few selections. Bonus points for having 4 or 5 beers that I have never seen in stores. I really enjoyed this one. You must see it.“
coachd 1996 days ago
86 /100 335 1ST AVE, UNIT C
“300 Suns is in a warehouse near some train tracks. They have done well with their space, it’s open and inviting with some cool décor providing hip ambiance. Most everyone was hanging out on the patio during this cool evening. The beer list wasn’t too extensive and they offer some beer cocktails which may appeal to some folks other than myself. The bartender was great. Neat place.“
NachlamSie 1997 days ago
90 /100 540 MAIN STREET
“Just looking at this place, I would not assume much as far as quality of beer. It’s very much a large restaurant with atmosphere typical of a chain. However, I was quite impressed with the breadth of styles and how good the beer was. The bartender was so friendly and efficient. I ordered some chicken wings which were great. They have an impressive guest bottle list too. Beer specials are constant here and their growler prices are super cheap.“
NachlamSie 1997 days ago
88 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“This is really feels like the production facility. It’s in a large warehouse with a very utilitarian ambiance inside. It’s comfortable in here except for the piercing, mid-range laden classic rock cranked up to compete with the expected noise of a large brewing and canning operation. There’s plenty of bar seating and a few tables outside. They keep a rotating selection of rarer offerings which gives visitors something unique to try. Prices are cheap. $4 pints of the flagships and very affordable growler fills as well. Their crowler idea is just brilliant too.“
NachlamSie 1997 days ago
84 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“really liked the beer, the vibe and the place. food was so so but the beer is hard to beat.“
slowrunner77 2060 days ago
82 /100 63 S PRATT PKWY UNIT B
“A combination of two of my biggest passions-- running and beer. I fell in love with this store the moment I set foot inside. It’s a running store up from and a small-but-spacious bar in the back. It’s also a nano-brewery with one or two tiny fermenters. I absolutely love the place. They have one of their own beers on tap at a time (When I went it was All Comers Pale Ale) and about a dozen other Colorado beers. The woman working was lots of fun to talk to and very helpful. Apparently on Thursday there are group runs of 2-6 miles that end with everything drinking together in the bar. My paradise.“
bartzluke 2075 days ago
70 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“Went on a brewery tour. It was pretty fun, but most of the information was fairly basic. I think my guide was trying to tailor to the non-frequent-beer-drinkers in my group. The history section of the brewery was very cool. I would have liked to see more of the place though. The locations we went too were fairly limited. Also a tap room attached. Decent selection and decent prices. A bit cramped and their merch is a little expensive. Free stickers though. Worth seeing, but not a must.“
bartzluke 2075 days ago
100 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“I loved their taphouse. The room is large and spacious with plenty of bar space and a number of tables. Our bartender was friendly, talkative, and helpful. Naturally they only have their own beers on tap, but when I went they had all seven mains beers, two seasonals, and five specialties. Great value. A flight of the main seven is only $7! A flight of the specialty was $15 (quite a bit more expensive), but considering their rarity and novelty, I think well worth it. The only food there was a giant barrel of peanuts, which was fine with me. They gave away free stickers and had about a dozen to choose from. Also, there’s a separate room where you can sit and drink your beer(s) right in front of part of their canning line. While I was sitting there, they were canning Mama’s Little Yella Pils. One of the brewers walked over, pulled a beer off the line before it could be sealed, and gave it to me for free. That alone rocketed the place to top two or three beer joints I’ve been to. I talked beer with the guy for a while and had a great time. If you find yourself in Longmont, make a point to stop by Oskar Blues taphouse. Great staff, great prices, and great selection. I’m not really sure how they could improve.“
bartzluke 2075 days ago
82 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“Ambiance was awesome, small, rural feeling tasting room and bar, very homey. Service was good, staff is very knowledgeable. The selection is what really killed me, nothing really special or unique on tap that I can not get at the bars in Fort Collins. About 12 taps, plus two beer engines, both running. Prices were pretty good and nothing was unreasonable. Overall, good place, if I lived closer, would be a really nice bar. Not in the running for the best brewery in my opinion.“
HIGHB4LL 2081 days ago
70 /100 1025 DELAWARE AVE
“Hidden corporate park location, really out of the way with no signage. Open floor plan with tables and chairs and a small bar. The Brown Ale was decent (3.3) and the Pale Ale quite good (3.7) for a startup. The malt character of both was better than you find around here, fermentation was clean, good flavor balance. It’s not the coziest place to drink but the two I tried will bring me back again.“
3fourths 2177 days ago
50 /100 335 1ST AVE, UNIT C
“Odd location across from the railyard in a pre-fab building. Anglo-American styles featured, strong and hoppy, little in the way of session beer or base recipes. The ESB wasn’t English-inspired at all, and the Smoked Porter wasn’t really smoked and had a sour, yogurt-like yeast dirtiness. They hang a sign behind the bar asking for suggestions, what beer you would like to see on tap. How about some hoppy, oily, low bitterness, low gravity pale ales? At least give it a shot.“
3fourths 2177 days ago
78 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“Huge and very cool place. Staff was helpful and very chatty, we had a blast on the brewery tour. Beer selection was nice with some special stuff, but not overwhelming. Would go again if I’m nearby.“
Kristophe 2261 days ago
90 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“I was thinking to hit all the larger breweries in Colorado and somehow forgot about Left Hand until yesterday. They’ve got a really cool tasting room. It’s pretty sizable, but not a massive compound like Odell or New Belgium. The rustic wooden construction is pleasing to the eye. There is a good sized bar inside, a few tables and a patio outside. They have an extensive merch section as well as a cooler full of bottles to take home. The beer selection is solid with all the favorites and seasonals and a few rare things. Beer prices for a few things were higher here than what other bars around town are charging for the same exact beer. That’s kind of weird. I had a great time checking out the beautiful taproom, the bartender was super nice and I got to drink a beer I probably wouldn’t have anywhere else while sitting outside on a beautiful fall day.“
NachlamSie 2288 days ago
52 /100 1555 S HOVER RD
“This is what happens when a brewery is the victim of its own success. We were there on a Saturday night and the place was packed. It had the same feeling as one if the big restaurant chains. Food was mediocre at best (we had a pizza). The server didn’t know the beers and wasn’t really interested in them. You can’t really blame anybody, but this place just doesn’t have the feel of a local brewpub. But I still like their beers... a lot.“
jvdijk99 2431 days ago
80 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“Another great Colorado brewery offering up a great taproom to enjoy delicious beers. Plenty of beers to try and the staff was helpful in describing each beer on tap and organizing samplers. Taproom has a large bar and plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. A quality food truck is typically parked outside that will bring your order inside once it’s ready. Cool brewery that’s definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area.“
sonnycheeba 2556 days ago
80 /100 1800 PIKE ROAD
“A great, fun place that’s always a good choice when looking for place to go for a drink. Staff is great and there are games to play to keep you entertained. When we got there, the entire bar was silently focused on the intense game of giant Jenga taking place with patrons clapping with each successful play. Beers are solid and the standard lineup Oskar Blues is known for is joined by some taproom speciality beers that are only available there. Good fun and great beers.“
sonnycheeba 2556 days ago
74 /100 1265 BOSTON AVE
“ Visited on 10/10/12. GABF Week (Stop #4 of the day) A: The atmposhere in the tasting room is decent. The bar area is somewhat smallish but there is a side room that opens up widely plus a front door that opens up on to large patio with more tables. Q: The beers sampled were decent, nothing great but all very acceptable. Tried a pumpkin ale, milk stout, IPA, and Amber Ale...all were good but no real stars there. S: Service was decent even with the place being jammed packed, the servers were friendly and somewhat knowledgeable about the beers. S: The selection was decent as they had 12 different beers on tap, a good variety across the board of different styles. V: $1 5oz samples were great, pints were 4-5 bucks each and clothing was a little expensive. Overall, a nice tasting room with a very laid back vibe.“
merc7186 2618 days ago