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84 /100 728 MAIN ST
“A quaint brewpub on Main Street that serves up wonderfully executed Belgian ales and pub fare alongside American fare.“
BeerandBlues2 155 days ago
70 /100 1132 W DILLON ROAD STE 4
“A decent place in the corner of a strip mall. Nice long bar, plenty of seating at the tables. 16 taps, crowlers and cans to go. Friendly service. The beer was decent, nothing earth shattering though. I'd recommend a stop if you're in the area. They did have a good variety of styles. “
Sledutah 622 days ago
82 /100 1150 PINE ST, UNIT B
“This brewery shares a roof with the local 'lodge', complete with cinder block (painted) walls, and beer hall style picnic tables. A long bar winds around, though half is occupied by waiting-to-be-filled cans, overtaken seemingly by COVID-19 spacing restrictions. A group of locals shares conversation among beers at one end of the bar. The beers are solid and the styles varied. There is an attached food option though I opted for liquid refreshment only today.“
BeerandBlues2 764 days ago
74 /100 1150 PINE ST, UNIT B
“In a little shopping complex in a suburb of Denver. Beer ranged from OK to good, nothing blow-away but nothing bad. Little beer garden in the back which was nice because, you know, COVID. Not worth going out of your way for but if it's your local brewery, it's fine.“
WestCoastHawkeye 906 days ago
82 /100 728 MAIN ST
“Small place in downtown Louisville. It was warm out, and they had the garage door windows on the front open, and lots of patio seating. The servers were friendly, quick, and knew their beer selection. The pizzas we had were quite tasty. $12 for a flight of 4, and most of the beers are $6 for a 10 oz. pour. That puts it on the high end, but the beers are good, so it's hard to argue. This is a nice place. Chill vibe, good beer, tasty food, and a good wine list, too.“
GTAEgeek 1779 days ago
74 /100 728 MAIN ST
“Last stop of the evening, on main street. Street parking on the side streets was not too bad. I sat at the bar and ordered a flight and a pizza for dinner. Pizza was solid, beer was average, with a solid IPA and pretty mediocre Saison and Witbier offerings.“
bytemesis 1797 days ago
82 /100 728 MAIN ST
“Right on the main drag in downtown Louisville. Friendly service, pleasant ambiance and a selection of about 12 beers, including several Belgian styles. $6-8 for a 10-12 oz pour and flights of 5 starting at $12. A little pricy, but the beers are good, especially the Belgian stuff. Nice place to check out, glad I finally made it here.“
ajnepple 1876 days ago
90 /100 728 MAIN ST
“This is a good sized brewpub in the middle of downtown Louisville. Like many other spots nearby on this Thursday, they were packed. We were still able to get a table right away and got good service though. The food menu is simple, mostly flat pizzas with just a few salads and appetizers. The pizza was pretty tasty for what it’s worth. I was very impressed with the beer. They focus on Belgian styles and putting out some top notch stuff. The Belgian golden in particular was fantastic. I’d call this a must stop in Louisville.“
NachlamSie 2146 days ago
84 /100 585 E SOUTH BOULDER RD
“Out of the way for certain. Uncertain how it is at any given time, but they had a great selection that I presume was due to GABF. Seemed like a laid back sports bar that happened to have great beers. Would definitely go to it were it in my neighborhood.“
fly 2423 days ago
84 /100 728 MAIN ST
“Visited on a Saturday in the late afternoon. Really nice location in the heart of Louisville. Interior is nice, but somewhat typical of a slightly more upscale brewpub. 10 beers on tap when we visited - all were belgian styles or interesting takes on belgian styles. I was really impressed with the saison and brett saison offerings here. The other beers were all solid, but definitely better than your normal belgians you’ll find at other local breweries. Definitely worth the stop for fans of belgian styles and one of my favorite ’newish’ breweries in Colorado.“
jcnielsen 2850 days ago
92 /100
Via Toscana (Restaurant)
“Excellent Tuscan food. Very friendly. Large selection of beer and wine. Expect to pay for the value given and received.“
genejn 2865 days ago
70 /100 728 MAIN ST
“Right on the small main strip near a bunch of other restaurants. Street parking is tough, but it’s much easier a block south. Sparse modern interior, large bar, small patio up front. Eight or so beers on tap, flights of five are possible. Food is flatbread style pizza. Beers are all high alcohol, tasty enough but challenging on a hot summer day.“
Travlr 2900 days ago
86 /100 728 MAIN ST
“Very impressed. . Had a quad and a barrel aged strong. Both excellent. My companion really liked the Wit. The pizza was excellent as well. I really want to go back and try their other beers. Looks like they know what they are doing“
mcrowther 2912 days ago
86 /100 1150 PINE ST, UNIT B
“Gravity is in a little shopping complex, but they have an excellent unit which they’ve spruced up nicely, even complete with a Biergarten outside. The bar inside is huge, there are a few tables and couches. Ping pong and pool are available. The hop vines were in bloom outside making for a really pretty scene. The bartender was helpful and excited about the upcoming GABF. It’s nice to see a beer geek behind the bar at a brewery. Beer selection was pretty good, they specialize in higher alcohol brews. It was a little early in the day for me though, so I opted for the session IPA. Not too shabby. They have a kitchen on premise which seems to be run independently from the taproom, but I did not eat. Pretty cool little place.“
NachlamSie 3162 days ago
70 /100 1150 PINE ST, UNIT B
“Large taproom located in downtown Louisville. Had a hard time finding it, tucked away in the back of the lodge. Service was prompt and friendly. Brewing equipment couldn’t be much closer or more visible, which is always nice. Decent selection, fairly standard offerings. Wasn’t particularly impressed by the beers. Will have to check out their beers in the future.“
Brouwerij 3392 days ago
68 /100 657 S TAYLOR AVE, #E
“As is fairly typical of suburban Colorado breweries, this is located in an industrial park - there is nothing else around here, so be prepared for that - small but fairly homey taproom, especially considering the location - staff was warm, welcoming, attentive - 13 beers on tap, representing a wide range of style, but in typical Crystal Springs fashions, quite a few of them are infected and/ or underwhelming - they are totally capable of making a kick ass beer, and some of those are represented here, but their quality control in a serious issue - come here at your own risk.“
notalush 3489 days ago
80 /100 728 MAIN ST
“A much-needed addition to the Colorado brewing scene. Much better American-made Belgian-inspired beers than you typically find around here. The Tripel recalls the beautiful softness of La Rulles while the Saison is enjoyably dry and tart. The brewer John and his staff are very welcoming and friendly. He’s definitely not just another homebrewer-turned-professional trying to recreate styles from a spec sheet, the guy has been to Belgium and knows what kind of beer he’s going for, and the quality of the product suggests a lot of thought was put towards it. The American palate tuned to sweet, strong, fruity attempts at Belgian beer might find some of their stuff underwhelming (see recent reviews), but for those who long for beers inspired by DuPont, Rulles and Blaugies, Twelve Degree beckons.“
3fourths 3497 days ago
84 /100 728 MAIN ST
“I was doing some family stuff up near Louisville today, so I dragged my family in here for "lunch" - here is the only thing you need to know about this place: they are making some of the best damn saisons in the state - what, that isn’t enough reason to get you to come here? - well the hell with you, then - we can’t be friends anymore - want to know more? - fine - the ambience is great - cozy vibe generated by a lot of dark, reclaimed wood for the floors, bar, and tables - extremely inviting and attentive staff - six or seven house beers, all Belgian style - my wife and I split two glasses (one of each available saison) and both were awesome - small menu of Belgian fries and flatbread pizzas - food is pretty good quality - the fact that they are family friendly was a huge bonus - but again, the only thing you need to know? - they’re making some of the best damn saisons in Colorado - go here.“
notalush 3509 days ago
68 /100
The Lucky Pie (Restaurant)
“Been here many times, but have never remembered to review it. Fairly good beer list, especially for a pizza joint (Backcountry wins that contest, of course, but the pizza is better here). Most of the time the list is not that exciting, but every once in awhile they do get a keg of something rare (Moa Pale Ale was on the list last night, but unavailable due to lack of the right hardware to get it tapped, doggone it). Good pizza and service, and you can amuse yourself on summer evenings by observing how long the line into the ice cream shop next door consistently remains (you might have to push the sugar-and-fat addicts out of the way just to get into Lucky Pie, in fact). Definitely get an outdoor table if you can...the inside is kinda sports-bar-ish with lots of TVs and a dull ambiance (inside = 2, outside = 4).“
Ernest 3557 days ago
82 /100 728 MAIN ST
“In a way I’m glad I don’t live closer to this place, otherwise I’d probably be here every night. Right on the main drag in old town, next to Empire, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Decor is simple but clean and pleasant, and the small empty-bottle collection on the wall only features decent stuff: Blaugies, Dupont, Rulles, Orval...you know right from walking in that this guy is serious about Belgian beer; a newbie would have bottles from Duvel, Karmeliet, Delirium Tremens, and Chimay on that wall instead. Six house brews plus three guests on tap when I went...but who cares about guests when their own beers are the best Belgian renditions in the state? Happy, friendly folks serving, and a humble, low-key brewer/owner...there is no attitude here whatsoever. I will be back repeatedly, of that there is no doubt.“
Ernest 3557 days ago
32 /100 1150 PINE ST, UNIT B
“Did not eat. Went on a Friday night and there were a few locals sitting on the picnic tables they had. The place was like a warehouse. Concrete floors, no real seating other than the bar, which was rustic. Beer was okay, nothing to rave about. However, it is in the small town I grew up in and I wish them well.“
robloc303 3662 days ago
80 /100
The Lucky Pie (Restaurant)
“Very cool pizza and beer place between Denver and Boulder. The style of the place reminds me of Chipotle with similar colors and decor. Service was decent, certainly not terrible. Solid tap list with the majority of offerings coming from local CO breweries. Taps seems to rotate pretty offering which is another plus. Food was stellar, perhaps even better than the beers. Many craft pizzas to choose from and the option of smoked mozzarella was great. I would visit this place all the time if I were a local.“
sonnycheeba 3765 days ago
10 /100 1150 PINE ST, UNIT B
“Tried my friends beer and it was Ok. Sat at the bar for 40 min with no service. Food is from a pass through to the VFW greasy kitchen. FM radio with advertisements. No comfortable seating. Worst I have been to! A 40 and a park bench are a better option.“
Luke966 3842 days ago
60 /100 1150 PINE ST, UNIT B
“Hidden location behind some dead-looking business complex buildings. Large interior with a pool table and ping pong. A half-dozen drafts available with some attempts at Belgian and English styles, which is always nice to see. The small sample of the ESB showed promise. The hidden location seems more appropriate for a production brewery rather than a brewpub. That said, I wish them well.“
3fourths 3859 days ago
100 /100
The Lucky Pie (Restaurant)
“My favorite restaurant in Colorado. Incredible food and amazing beer selection. Never dissapointed. Give it a try.“
Storm23 4200 days ago
76 /100
The Lucky Pie (Restaurant)
“I agree with one of the raters that the staff/bartenders are not all that great. Many other places are more then happy to tell you all types of nuances of the beer available and these guys are kinda ho/hum about what they are serving. The beer selection is terrific with new stuff added every week. Lots of terrific IPA’s, stouts, and porters. Ialso agree that the beer can be a bit overpriced. Great pizza. Great Salads. Very nice atmosphere.“
JaffaHawk23 4317 days ago
72 /100
The Lucky Pie (Restaurant)
“this place is not far from home and has a pretty good beer selection, and usually has some rarities. the bartenders are asses most of the time but the servers are usually very nice. the pizza is somewhat reasonably priced if you get something with not a lot of toppings. the beer is generally overpriced however. the upside some rare beers the downside overpriced and bartenders are stuck-up. the owner has been nice to us when we have spoken to him. they also have a cool garden starting and beer dinners with local breweries check it out. i hope beer prices go down and service goes up. today i enjoyed the great divided oaked double ipa an ooh la la from new belgium, a blind pig and nitro odells porter“
jc4031 4398 days ago
92 /100
The Lucky Pie (Restaurant)
“This place always has amazing pizza and beer. Amazing specials (pie and pitcher for 14) and they even have many Russian River beers (they had Pliny the younger for those lucky enough to have Sundays off)“
stabzmcgee 4437 days ago
80 /100
Union Jack (Beer Store)
“These guys always carried the best. Anyone carrying Russian River and other hard to find stuff is high on my list. Great local chop if you life in louisville, Lafayette area.“
jlanning215 4515 days ago
40 /100
Brass Monkey (Beer Store)
“basic selection. typical liquor store. few imports, probably decent turnover on most popular micors, but wouldn’t trust the imports.“
3fourths 4664 days ago
60 /100
Union Jack (Beer Store)
“if what you’re looking for is a limited selection of widely-available import and micros, then this is the place. they even have old rasputin! ಠ_ಠ“
3fourths 4863 days ago
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