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78 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“Thursday afternoon visit. Somewhat busy. Nice building in downtown Loveland. Around 10 of their beers on tap. Friendly service with good prices. Mainly "summer" beers on tap. Well worth a visit.“
RobertDale 498 days ago
82 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“Afternoon visit. Downtown location in Loveland. Some outdoor seating. Around fifteen of their beers of tap. Great service with fair prices. Fairly busy with a number of regular customers. Two separate seating areas. Good vibe.“
RobertDale 498 days ago
66 /100 114 15TH ST
“Pretty hard to find, back in an industrial area. Minimalist and open area, without much decor. The bartender was quick and friendly. Pretty nice spread of styles. Good prices. Nice little place.“
GTAEgeek 877 days ago
74 /100 414 E. 6TH ST.
“Visited for lunch on a Saturday. Nice new brewery and restaurant. Only about 8 of their beers on tap, with 2 being sold out. Food was excellent as was the service. Outside seating was nice. I only tried two of theirs and both were above average. Worth a visit.“
RobertDale 888 days ago
64 /100 6025 SKY POND DR
“Visited last week, just a few days after they opened up from the virus. The food was OK but the beer was as expected, old and stale from sitting for 4 months. Disappointed in the beer, but it seems like that's what we're seeing in a lot of places right now.“
Sledutah 951 days ago
86 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“This is a pretty small taproom in downtown Loveland. Sparse interior with exposed brick. It's all about the beer here and it was poppin off on a Friday afternoon. I don't think I had drunk any of their beers before but it seems like they have things very dialed in at this point. Prices are quite cheap compared to Denver, plenty of $5 pints available, and the selection spanned a good array of styles from really hip mocha milkshake IPA to old-school Scottish ale. This is one of those little gems in a small town that is putting out some high quality beers.“
NachlamSie 1110 days ago
76 /100 114 15TH ST
“Enjoyable Sunday afternoon visit. Friendly service. 5 ounce pours of everything available. Above average quality. Food truck on hand. Nice visit. Will return.“
RobertDale 1256 days ago
66 /100 217 E 3RD ST
“Small tasting room in downtown Loveland. About eight of their beers on tap and three guest taps. Great service and fair prices. Nothing stood out in the few beers I tried. Worth a visit if the beers improve.“
RobertDale 1621 days ago
90 /100 114 15TH ST
“Nice well lit brewery and taproom in an old skating rink building. Service was fast, friendly and knowledgeable. Selection was great with around 15 beers available on tap. Prices were very reasonable and they offer an AHA discount. Well worth checking out!“
Ratman197 1790 days ago
78 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“Brewery and blendery...nice looking and out...lots and lots of you would! They had 12 beers when I visited...6 regulars and 6 seasonal/specialty beers. Nice mix or beers and styles. If you like'll enjoy their sour offerings. A required stop on a sour tour...maybe not as much so if sours aren't your primary goal. I definitely like the rum, rye, and bourbon barrel beers. Certainly worth a stop if in the area and time allows.“
PRBeer 1792 days ago
72 /100
Liquor Max (Beer Store)
“Visited in July 2017. Loaded up with 20+ brews prior to our long drive up north into Wyoming, where I figured the selection would be decidedly thinner. A nice mix of regional and other American brews. Some European as well although these were of no interest to me. Clerk was helpful and knew his stuff. Definitely would recommend.“
hauxe 1900 days ago
88 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“Grimm Brothers has a fairly large space in two units in a business park. It’s pretty basic inside with some art on the walls and a couple comfy couches among the long tables. I don’t recall much bar seating at all. Service was friendly and efficient. They have maintained their focus on German style beer with a lot of lagers. I’ve only had a few things from these guys, but I’ve always liked what I’ve had. They’re very drinkable and clean beers.“
NachlamSie 2053 days ago
74 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“Small place. Bar with a few tables. Outdoor service. 10 taps. Good quality. Fair prices. Look into the brewery.“
Skinnyviking 2300 days ago
76 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“I thought they did a nice job with all of the (mostly German) styles they made. None of the beers I had were anything I would categorize as amazing, but they were all well made. Nice set-up with a lot of long tables and a larger bar area (more for ordering / standing than seating), plus a second room with some other tables and seating. No food here, but they have menus for local delivery. This was the only place we stopped in Loveland. For a weekday afternoon it had a decent crowd, but there was plenty of seating. Overall, its a pretty good spot, but not a can’t miss.“
ben4321 2616 days ago
92 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“Great small brewery in Loveland...visited during GABF week. Was able to sit outside given the warm weather which added to the nice décor and great taproom feeling of the place. The staff was very nice and I really enjoyed the beers. We did flights of all of them and none seem to have any problems the day I visited. The hoppy beers were great...especially the Crowdsource Fresh Hop Ale, the S-15 Imperial, and the Citra Single Hop Hefe. I also enjoyed the Apricot Barrel Aged Tripel and the American Sour Ale with Raspberries. I highly recommend a visit her...or a second visit if you have been lately. These guys really seem to be getting since some of the earlier reviews below.“
PRBeer 2657 days ago
74 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“Decent enough place in a corporate park. Visited during the GABF...and although the place was pretty much empty...the staff was very nice and accommodating. The beers though were not that special to me and my friend...maybe because we had been visiting so many breweries over the previous couple of days...but the Grimm beers just didn’t seem to stand out...or measure up to the taste and quality we experienced elsewhere. Please be clear...this is definitely "not" a negative review...Grimm is a nice place and certainly worth visiting when in the area...we just felt it didn’t measure up to others we visited on this tour (ex. Loveland Ales in the same town).“
PRBeer 2657 days ago
80 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“Visited: 9/25/15 (Please note, they were shutting down two days afterwards to move into a new location) Ambiance: Small start up brewery location, very tight in the serving area, had about 5 tables and a small bar area that could hold 6 patrons Service: Both the brewer and bartender were very friendly, happy to talk about the beers and the future expansion...very on the ball to get people served too. Selection: For a small brewery, they offered a nice arrangement of 11 in house beers and a collabaration beer with Hoppin Frog. Beers were pretty solid, had the Collab Gose with had some nice flavors and matched the deScription and a barrel aged sour brown which was great too. Value: Decent prices, paid $7 each for the Collab Gose and Barrled Sour, both served in 12oz glasses, worth it Overall, we stopped there as a pit stop between Fort Collins and Boulder and the place really blew our group away. Nice small little brewery with a big future if they keep on the same path. Cant wait to visit again when they are in their new operation.“
merc7186 2677 days ago
72 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“Business park brewery a bit off the highway. Definitely need the GPS/map to get here as you wouldn’t find this place just driving around.

Pretty small brewery and tasting room. Maybe 10-12 house beers on tap along with some snacks and non-alcoholic beverages offered. Small bar and a few tables scattered around the inside, a bit of seating out front, too.

Pricing isn’t too bad on the taster pours. The beer quality was pretty much average. A few beers I didn’t care much for and some were nice, but not amazing. If you’re passing through Loveland, not a bad stop along with a few of the other breweries in town.“
brokensail 2715 days ago
74 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“This place is kind of nondescript but not bad. It’s tucked away in a light industrial area so not much scenery or people watching to do but the place itself is nice enough. There’s just shy of a dozen beers on--all of which are Verboten brews w/ not guest taps--and tasters are available for all of them. There’s pretzels if you are in the mood for a snack and I found the barstaff to be helpful and courteous. This is worth as stop if you are in the area but is not worth going that far out of your way for.“
Frank 2718 days ago
60 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“Small, modern brewhouse and taproom in old town Loveland. Lots of strong-ish American styles on the menu, but the two that I tried (Saison and IPA) had noticeable problems.“
3fourths 2730 days ago
76 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“Stopped in on our way from Denver to FoCo. Small place in a wharehouse area. Not to difficult to find. Adequate parking. Small outside area by the front door. Inside is small in size. About half a dozen tables. A book case with board games. A small bar that holds about a dozen stools. Two very nice and attentive bar tenders. About a dozen drafts on, all their beer and no guest lines. 3-4 oz sample size available for tickers. A single unisex bathroom. Overall an enjoyable small brewery tasting room. Nothing overwhelmingly spectacular and nothing to gripe about.“
Homer321 2734 days ago
88 /100 217 E 3RD ST
“Crow Hop has a tiny little tasting room in downtown Loveland. It’s simple and rustic. A few locals were in drinking pints. The beer selection is pretty basic, but the stuff I’ve had from these guys is well made. Neat little place.“
NachlamSie 2740 days ago
60 /100 217 E 3RD ST
“Crow Hop is a disappointingly average American brewpub experience, they make decent but uninspired beer, don’t offer much variety, and don’t seem interested in doing more than these basic six recipes. Nice to see them make a lager but it seems to be a throw-away beer made for casual drinkers.“
3fourths 2921 days ago
70 /100 217 E 3RD ST
“This place is located in downtown Loveland and usually offers around six beers. The quality of the beers has been decent but not great during my three visits. Nice staff. Small bar and ordering area. I prefer Loveland Aleworks and Verboten but I’ll still give them another shot.

Shitters: B-
cubs 3049 days ago
74 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“Here’s a new brewery in downtown Loveland with a lovely, remodeled interior. The beers were above average for a new microbrewery, but nothing revolutionary going on. They had nine beers on tap during my visit of which seven were average. Nice job on the atmosphere and definitely a better stop than Big Beaver.

Shitters: B
cubs 3049 days ago
84 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“Maybe a little off the beaten bath, but well worth the visit. They are a German style brewery, so have that in mind before visiting. Service was excellent and very friendly. At 4:00 p.m. on a weekday afternoon it was fairly busy. Thought all of the styles I sampled were well made. Would return next time I am in town.“
RobertDale 3106 days ago
74 /100
Liquor Max (Beer Store)
“Visited during a recent trip. Decent selection with a nice array of Colorado beers. Staff was friendly and offered advice on locals. Maybe not the biggest, but worth a visit. I will visit again.“
RobertDale 3106 days ago
76 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“Love these guys. Double Birds is my fave but the Sour style they have is a favorite of mine also! Great place I suggest you check it out!!!!“
BrewPolice 3243 days ago
42 /100 2707 W EISENHOWER BLVD, UNIT 9
“I love this place when it was Peter anda few boys. Now I can’t stand the service or the people that frequent the place. I almost actually contacted the better Better Business Bureau about an incedent I had with them but I am just not ever going to go back and tell my friends about how shitty I was treated there. Sorry Peter but your Brewery is losing its potency and I din’t even want to stick around to watch it burn. Thanks for the good beer in the early years but you lost this customer and a few others that are close to this guy.“
BrewPolice 3243 days ago
80 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“I stopped here once whilst living in Fort Collins. Downtown location with a nice atmosphere. They had about 10 beers on tap, the RIS was great, the tripel was good and the sour was just OK. The service was good and the prices were fair. I’ll be back again. Update: 4 point bump for playing great tunes!“
ajnepple 3273 days ago
74 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“I stopped here a few times while living in Fort Collins. Pretty small taproom not too far from Grimm. I’ve rated 6 of the beers, most were pretty good (3.2-3.7). Great service and fair value. Worth a stop for sure.“
ajnepple 3273 days ago
78 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“Small to medium sized open brewery in East Loveland. Above average ambiance, can get a little cramped on weekends. They had several beers on tap and some bombers available to go, most of which are pretty good German-style beers. This used to be the spot to go in Loveland, but with several other breweries emerging, I’m not so sure.“
ajnepple 3273 days ago
76 /100
Liquor Max (Beer Store)
“Definitely a warehouse kind of vibe with some special bottles. St. Lamvinus, rare De Molen’s, and some unique Canadian brews available. Prices are on par with others. Purchased brews online back in the day…glad to have had a chance to visit in person. Didn’t disappoint.“
BOLTZ7555 3303 days ago
70 /100 2707 W EISENHOWER BLVD, UNIT 9
“Hard to find the place. You can see the sign on the building but it’s rather hard to actually find the entrance. You have to go through a cider bar that was closed when we got there into the actual Big Beaver establishment. Small area. Bar on the left side with a few seats and a bit larger seating area on the right with a big TV. Definite bar feel. No bottles available but quite a few beers on tap. Courteous staff. My sister got a free half pint for buying a shirt. Nice tasting beers.“
zach8270 3314 days ago
72 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“Visited on 10/10/12. GABF Week. (Stop #5 of the day) A: The atmosphere is decent, the tasting room is a little small and can hold about 30 people comfortably. The bar can hold about a half dozen people with upright tables scrattered around. Q: The quality of the beers were decent, very typical and true German styles but nothing more than that...typical german style. S: The service was outstanding, even with the place being somewhat crowded, the bartenders were very outgoing, friendly, and knowledgeable. S: They had about 7-8 beers spread across the german based styles V: Pints were 4-5 bucks each, depnding on the beer. Overall, a nice place to visit, especially if you like german styled beers.“
merc7186 3362 days ago
62 /100 2707 W EISENHOWER BLVD, UNIT 9
“Kind of a weird location in the back of an office building in west Loveland. A little cramped with an odd crowd. Decent number of beers on tap, most were pretty average. They have live music occasionally. Not a bad place to stop after hiking west of town.“
ajnepple 3396 days ago
68 /100
World Beverage (Beer Store)
“Quick visit with Aaron and Bobby. Huge selection of all things booze. A number of coolers of micros including some interesting imports. A few shelves of bombers as well. Plenty of coolers of macros, too. Decent malt liquor selection, too! Nothing amazing, but a solid liquor store.“
brokensail 3400 days ago
78 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“Visited with Aaron and Bobby. Cool tasting room in the downtown area. Large open warehouse type space with long high top tables and a bit L-shaped bar. They had about 11 beers on tap, which varied from meh to pretty damn good (coconut porter). Solid atmosphere, pretty good service, and the prices are alright as well.“
brokensail 3400 days ago
44 /100 2707 W EISENHOWER BLVD, UNIT 3
“Kind of happend upon this place while we were going to Big Beaver...since it’s attached. Small tasting room with a handful of seats at the small bar and a handful of tables. They had 5 regular ciders on tap and 5 fruited ones. They’re all terrible. Orville Redenbacher style ciders here with tons and tons of butter. The owner/brewer seems quite proud of them though. Wouldn’t care to come back here.“
brokensail 3400 days ago
52 /100 2707 W EISENHOWER BLVD, UNIT 9
“I didn’t originally believe this place existed, but Aaron insisted, so we went. Weird set up in sort of an office space where you might expect an accountant or dentist to be. There’s a cidery in the front part of the space (Blown Spoke) and the brewery in the back. The beers at this place all have stupid 6th grade sex jokes in the names and the quality of the beer is equivalent. I guess the only saving grace is that if you’re a ticker, they have 16 beers.“
brokensail 3401 days ago
86 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“Visited with Aaron and Bobby. Business park tasting room/brewery. Nice decor inside with plenty of dark stained wood. No real bar seating, but a good amount of tables around the tasting room. Really friendly bartenders and the brewer was very friendly and happy to answer all our questions. The beers are all German styles and are mostly well done and are all fairly enjoyable. Would certainly return.“
brokensail 3401 days ago
82 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“Visited October 6, 2013.

Nice little tasting room in an industrial park. They have about a dozen house taps going and do both flights and individual samples. Some of the beers were quite good and others just OK but I didn’t have anything bad. Well, I wouldn’t ever order the lichtenheimer again but it was more or less to style. After a few minutes of sampling the brewer came over with some free tasters of the newest beer Devil’s Riddle which is an old ale aged in bourbon barrels. It was pretty good. A few minutes later he came back with tasters of the Berliner with two different syrups. They were nice but I prefer it without the syrup. He was a really nice guy and offered us free pints. It’s a shame that we had other places to be, otherwise I wouldn’t have minded hanging out and having a few. Like most industrial warehouse breweries they don’t serve food but you can bring it in. They had a food truck in the parking lot too.“
t0rin0 3403 days ago
50 /100 2707 W EISENHOWER BLVD, UNIT 9
“Visited October 6, 2013.

Lordy. This place is built entirely around marketing. Shirts, thongs, and hats with the borderline NC17 logo to promote the 16 ridiculous beer names. The beers are a complete afterthought I’m guessing. I could imagine these guys sitting down and writing a list of obnoxious names and then trying to find beers to match. Almost all the beers were no better than mediocre. There were two or three that were decent but the other 13, no thanks. The server was nice and flights were reasonably priced but I wouldn’t seek any of these beers out again. Mayor Ratman197 can have them.“
t0rin0 3403 days ago
40 /100 2707 W EISENHOWER BLVD, UNIT 3
“Visited October 6, 2013.

This is in the same building as Big Beaver. In fact you have to walk through Blown Spoke to get to Big Beaver and we didn’t even realize that Blown Spoke was here until we walked into the tasting room. They have about 10 taps going, half of which were fruited (unratable) ciders and the other half were the ones listed here as available. They ranged from kind of bad to really bad. The first one that I tried, the cinnamon, tasted like bile. I left womencanstail and adnielsen to chat up the brewer and tell him how much they liked his product while I walked next door to order the entire Big Beaver lineup.“
t0rin0 3403 days ago
82 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“Five beers available during my visit shortly after they opened earlier in the year. Pretty good quality beer for a new brewery. Kind of a chill place that is worthy of a stop on a Loveland/Fort Collins beer tour. Update: I’ve been here a couple more times in the past few months and it may now be my favorite offering in Loveland. They usually have around a dozen beers including some funny hoppy brews and some forgettable barrel aged beers. Recommended.

Shitters: B-
cubs 3419 days ago
70 /100 127 E. 5TH STREET
“Situated in an industrial park in an otherwise residential area of town - fairly large, industrial space, but they have managed to make it as homey as possible with a small, dark hardwood bar, some nice tables and a small patio - service was immediately attentive and fairly inviting, as well as fairly knowledgeable about the beer - 11 beers on tap, all of which were 6% or less, which is pretty cool - a lot of the beers were kind of gimmicky (salted caramel porter, strawberry wheat, tea IPA), but there were also some examples of rare styles, such as Gose and Cream Ale - in general, the brewer just seems to bring a home brewer’s experimental nature to the business - this does, however, result in hit or miss brews, but overall, the quality was pretty good, with one or two stand out brews - it’s a nice spot with interesting beers - the location kind of stinks, but it is very close to Grimm Brothers, so it would be easy to hit both places in a short period of time - worth a stop if in Loveland, but do not make a special trip for it.“
notalush 3471 days ago
70 /100 118 W 4TH ST
“Neighborhood brewery in the small downtown Loveland area - obviously really popular with the locals - it was packed when I visited at 3pm on a Thursday - modern renovation of an old building - high ceilings, exposed brick, mod decor - nice space, really - limited street parking outside, but downtown Loveland is not very busy - quick and knowledgeable staff - about ten beers on my visit, with an even split of Belgian styles (Belgian ale, saison, dubbel, tripel) and some American favorites (pale ale, brown, imperial stout) - despite the range of styles, what I sampled was fairly pedestrian - nothing flawed, just sterile and boring - nothing that made me eager to come back here in the future - they seemed to cater to those that don’t know much about beer, given the simplicity of their offerings (even the sour ale with raspberries was bland) - hard to hate the beer here, but very difficult to like, let alone love it - it is a very nice place, but as a brewery, it leaves much to be desired - if in Loveland, Grimm Brothers and Verboten are much better choices.“
notalush 3471 days ago
72 /100 6025 SKY POND DR
“Typical Rock Bottom Brewpub, very similar to other locations. Atmosphere was clean and inviting and the food is usually pretty good, no matter where you go. All beers were average, with a couple that stood out. Very cheap flights/pints and service was good. Worth a stop if you want somewhere tasty to eat near Centerra or want to grab a few ticks.“
Steve_0 3494 days ago
86 /100 623 N DENVER AVE
“This rating is for their new space located about 5 minutes off of I-25. Clean interior, complete with dark wood, artwork, and Germanic looking decorations. Friendly and attentive staff, who knew a small amount about the beers. Very reasonably priced, and I don’t think I had a bad beer during my visit, nor have I had a bad beer from their bottles. Cool little joint with a great feel to it. A must-stop if you’re in the area and definitely worth seeking out if you are in Fort Collins/Windsor/Berthoud.“
Steve_0 3494 days ago
46 /100 2707 W EISENHOWER BLVD, UNIT 9
“Seriously weak shit here. Let me start off by saying you walk into this place through a business complex, complete with cubicles and dingy carpet. Then you arrive at the bar where you meet 16 taps of below-average beers, with some that are just plain terrible. Service was fine, but the bartender knew absolutely nothing about the beers being offered or how they were made. Crowd was very trashy, complete with an 85 year-old woman telling the bartender he was (and I quote), "Young fun, and full of cum." I guess I shouldn’t complain, as this fits in perfectly with the sexual innuendos associated with every beer here. If all you are looking for is a place with quite a few ticks then stop by, but otherwise, scroll past this place and check out Grimm Brothers or Loveland Alewerks instead.“
Steve_0 3494 days ago
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