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60 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“Warehouse appearance, inside and out. Small, crowded bar area, and patio furniture for seating. The servers were friendly enough, and familiar with their tap list. A pretty solid spread of beers, with a few seasonals and specials. Prices are quite good, and the sandwiches were excellent. Fun spot to visit.“
GTAEgeek 367 days ago
72 /100 405 W 1ST STREET
“Really cool old house, not far from Main Street, with an antique truck out front. The service is excellent, very friendly, and - if anything - too excited about their wine and cider. They've got five or six ciders you can taste, although they don't really mention them unless you ask. $12 for a mixed four-pack of ciders, which isn't too bad. This is a fun place, worth it for the wine and the cider.“
GTAEgeek 1312 days ago
70 /100 3701 G RD
“Standard-looking Palisade wine tasting room. The employee was friendly and knowledgeable, and clearly excited about the mead. 12 meads available to taste, and you get five complimentary samples. The bottles range from $14 to $35. This is a nice spot, and it's hard to skip their tasty mead when it's this close to the interstate.“
GTAEgeek 1312 days ago
72 /100 695 36 ROAD, UNIT C
“Nice location, not too far from the interstate, and in the midst of vineyards and hop farms. The bartenders was very friendly and enthusiastic about both the wine and cider, and made several good recommendations for other places in the area. They've got eight ciders on tap, with a surprisingly interesting spread. Barrel aged ciders, perry, spiced, and dry-hopped ciders, all of which are dry and tasty. Very reasonable prices for tasters and pints. This is a fun location, with very good cider, and interesting wines and cocktails, too! Highly recommended.“
GTAEgeek 1487 days ago
88 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“Had nine 4 oz samplers. Dollar each. Never had samplers anywhere so far where ALL the beers were tasty. Pastrami is a MUST have.

---Rated via Beer Buddy for Android“
Thor540 1575 days ago
62 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“Busy little place, and very noisy. I ALMOST walked away. Large outdoor area encased with corrugated walls, metal patio and picnic tables, and a guy checking IDs. Some concert-type speakers were blasting 70’s rock. No easy access to indoors, which features more metal furniture, concrete floors, and a giant tv with extra speakers throughout the room. Chainlink fence separates the brewing and public spaces. Small bar where you place and pickup orders and pay, and a waiting line (which is along the restroom wall) literally going out the door. The whole setup was very awkward and unappealing. But service was fast and friendly, prices good, and the beers solid (except Dirty Hippie, which tastes like a dirty hippie.) It’s a good place to get a growler filled, but not to sit and drink a pint.“
maltdog 2359 days ago
70 /100 3701 G RD
“A nice little place. A big porch out front with some seating. Inside is like a souvenir shop filled with honey, jam, mead and misc things. The tasting setup is in the middle of the room with a view of the meadery. Fast and friendly service. 5 free samples. A good stop.“
Sledutah 2413 days ago
78 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“Cool little tasting room in the brewery. Lots of old weathered wood all around. A big patio in front. The food looked and smelled good but I just ate so I didn’t try anything. The beers were good. Service was fast and friendly.“
Sledutah 2413 days ago
76 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this brewpub. Very local, West Slope Colorado feel. The service was good, even though they were very busy. Their selection is wanting, but I feel only because of their size at this point. I did not eat while there, so I can not speak towards their food. Everything seemed reasonably priced; not great value, far from breaking the bank. Overall, I really liked the beer, especially Dirty Hippie, and the brewpub itself. It is definitely the best brewery in Western Colorado, and I recommend it to anyone passing through or who lives in the area.“
HIGHB4LL 2921 days ago
82 /100 3701 G RD
“Neat little place that looks like a remodeled home complete with side gazeebo. Inside it is a big souveneri shop for wine stuff and honey things, including free samples of different flavored honey jams. Very friendly service willing to teach you a thing or two about all the different meads they have available, which is about 20. Its everything they distribute, and you get 5 free samples, and $1 per extra sample. And you can get a full glass for a fair price. Really cool place with a refined southern ambiamce.“
onceblind 3742 days ago
62 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“Small bar area beside an open production area. Nicely decorated and comfortable with a lot of wood and chalk art. Nice outside patio, and great smelling food, though I didn’t get any myself. The beer though just didnt do it for me. Nothing bad, just typical no frills styles like hefe and pale ales. No one beer stands out or brings it all down. All kinda mediocre. And why aren’t they barrel aging anything in wine?! Its CO’s wine country! Take advantage!“
onceblind 3742 days ago
100 /100 200 PEACH AVE
jacquestorm 4510 days ago
52 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“Small tap room set up along with the brewing production in an industrial area of Palisade, or is all of Palisade industrial? Anyway, the outdoor area has plenty tables with a mister overhead to help cool the beer drinker on hot days, if the beer is not doing the trick. The do serve food and while we were sitting outside enjoying our beer, the chef came out and picked some fresh basil - now that is fresh food.“
BeerandBlues2 4902 days ago
38 /100 3701 G RD
“This is set up like a wine tasting room, as it should be given that mead is honey wine. There is a rather industrial feel to the place. The service was fairly inattentive but we were able to sample a few meads before we decided on a couple bottles for purchase. No food other than the stale, several day old obligatory pretzels.“
BeerandBlues2 4902 days ago
86 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“Nice small bar area set up in the front of the brewery has a nice open feel and is well lit. The staff was very friendly and helpful and they were liberal with the samples. I had a good time talking with the brewmaster and the Impy stout was awesome. Well worth checking out!“
Ratman197 5296 days ago
70 /100 200 PEACH AVE
“Stuck in the middle of the town of Palisade, it’s a little difficult to find because of the street names, but with a good map it’s not too bad. Big wharehouse building, small bar inside with a bunch of tables with the large grain silos and brew tanks behind the seating area. Good lighting, lots of wood and a nice, comfortable design. The entire town is friends with this brewery, and a lot of the town was there when I visited. Looks like a great community.“
3fourths 6171 days ago
70 /100 3701 G RD
“Just off of I-70, located among other peach, honey, chocolate, tourist places. The meadery has a large, well-lit tasting room and they offer over a half-dozen meads to taste, as well as two ciders. Also sampled were a couple of 18% dessert meads foritfied with grape wine and chocolate, which were excellent, and we bought a bottle of each. Nice host for the tasting, very laid back and pleasent experience.“
3fourths 6198 days ago
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