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74 /100 11854 STAPLETON DRIVE
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. Great service. Not very crowded. Nice building on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. Military themed décor. Beers were above average. Seemed to have a good number of regulars. Worthwhile visit.“
RobertDale 938 days ago
20 /100 7189 N MERIDIAN ROAD
“Dingy store, next to the guns and ammo place. Poorly organized, and no customer service, that I noticed. No beers of consequence. The bomber shelf has some interesting things, but nothing unusual. The prices looked about normal. This place is pretty miserable, but it does have some reasonably good beer, and it's conveniently located for the area.“
GTAEgeek 985 days ago
28 /100 11890 STAPLETON DR
“Big liquor store just down the shopping center from Jaks in Peyton. Standard liquor store look, but it's clean and well laid out. The employees seemed efficient, but uninterested and unfriendly. Mediocre selection of craft beers, but there are a handful of interesting things hiding about. Prices are about normal, or perhaps a little low. This is a fair store, and pretty good for the area, but certainly not great.“
GTAEgeek 985 days ago
64 /100 11854 STAPLETON DRIVE
“Visited the new location on Stapleton, finally. Must bigger place, and not as loud or cramped. The bartenders are friendly and quick. Surprisingly long tap list, with some interesting options. The beer is generally passable, but nothing outstanding. The price is good, including a free set of samples, if you tell them that you've never been in before. This place has improved significantly, but the beer really hasn't as much.“
GTAEgeek 1535 days ago
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