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80 /100 12910 ZUNI ST, #1300
“Small strip mall joint in Westminster. Seemed to be the place to go for locals on this Sunday morning (bonus points for opening at 10). The 3 beers I had were good to great. 18 taps, styles were pretty basic but well executed. The food looked and smelled great. This place was good, if you don't want to go outside of Westminster I don't see how you could do any better.“
coachd 2 days ago
64 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Very big place, but the selection was disappointing based on Colorado standards. Just about all of their beer is in coolers, with tons of macro offerings. They also had a craft beer section but when I'm in CO I expect to see some whales. Even their bombers that were locked away in a special case weren't all that great. The service was great. Overall I'd rather rely on taking home bottles/growlers from area breweries than get beer here.“
coachd 2 days ago
68 /100 10446 TOWN CENTER DR
“Typical BJ's. But they did have decent guest taps and bottles.“
Sledutah 387 days ago
86 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Another huge Total Beverage which unlike Thorton one doesn't have cold room. However it does have more fridges with singles (probably 10 of them) alongside non cooled shelf. Probably 50+ fridges in total. Found decent amount of interesting stuff here, certainly worth checking out.“
Iznogud 1100 days ago
70 /100 12910 ZUNI ST, #1300
“Visited for dinner with friends on a Monday night. Strip mall location with plenty of parking. Interior is two rooms, one open with the bar and seating, the smaller more full of games and TVs. There is also a large outdoor sidewalk patio. The beer selection is 16 house beers and 2 ciders, 5 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz mason jars and 64 oz growlers to go. Decent range of styles, the IPA I had was nice. Food menu is pizza and appetizers. Friendly service, happy crowd. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1198 days ago
74 /100 8931 HARLAN ST
“Had lunch here with a large group. Service was indifferent but the two beers I had were quite good. Food was okay pub fare.“
Iphonephan 1836 days ago
82 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Yes the ambiance is a typical large suburban strip mall liquor store, but the beer selection is truly impressive with many available as singles. Prices were reasonable too.“
Iphonephan 1837 days ago
70 /100 8931 HARLAN ST
“Medium sized taproom with plenty of barstools and tables. Decent ambiance and good service. 30 house beers, including 7 core ales plus 3 guest taps. The beer is just OK but there is plenty of ticks to be had here!“
ajnepple 1994 days ago
62 /100 8931 HARLAN ST
“Located in a really dismal, soul-sucking strip mall, and the inside isn’t much better...it’s a place you can sit and drink, little more. Service was unsmiling and to-the-point even though it was not at all busy and I was in a friendly, happy mood at the time. I got a flight (and a full pour as well) and when I mentioned my two favorites, the bartender literally said those were two of her least favorites. Which isn’t rude exactly, but does sort of have the foul smell of "your opinion sucks" upon it, especially given her unsmiling delivery of the statement. The beers themselves were solid enough and seemed clean (which is hard to find, so I was happy about that), if not quite exciting or inspiring (low to mid 3 sort of workmanship quality). Quite a lot of beer to choose from (seemed like 20-30 of their own stuff), which is amazing for a seemingly small operation. And mostly honest/traditional styles, like pale ales, IPAs, Hefeweizen, Altbier, etc., instead of the endless panoply of sour/fruity stuff that so many new breweries focus on (although they do add fruit to a limited number of their offerings, there’s little to no sour / kettle sour / mixed culture crap). If the service and environment were better, I might return one day, but those two things definitely diminish the desire.“
Ernest 2008 days ago
60 /100 8931 HARLAN ST
“The strip mall location next to the Denver school of massage therapy is not the most comfortable. The staff is attentive and mindful but the whole experience for beer drinking is more like a generic sports pub with a wider selection of beer. The saison I tried smelled more like a Dunkelweizen, though the GABF medalling pale ale was juicy and oily and clean. The Westminster ambiance won’t bring me back, and I only tried two beers, which I found in good shape but not appealing to my tastes. So what good am I at recommending this place?“
3fourths 2923 days ago
76 /100 8931 HARLAN ST
“I visited here for lunch. It’s in a strip mall and kind of maintains that ambiance once inside. A couple flat screen TVs with ESPN were on. There isn’t a whole lot in the way of decor. The music was the local classic rock radio station. Shoot my ears, please. The bartender was friendly, but did not have much beer knowledge. I ordered the stout and a pale ale was served to me. When I asked what beer she had poured, she asserted that it was a stout. After we consulted the brewer, she was very apologetic and nice about the mistake. The food menu is basic, just pizza, a few sandwiches and salads. I just had a Cobb salad which had nice greens on it, but was missing the bacon and had prepackaged cubed chicken. The beer selection was extensive with 20 taps. A large amount of these were fruit beers that did not particularly interest me though. The pale ale I drank was near flat. I can’t say that I was thoroughly impressed with my first visit, but it is possible I just caught them on a bad day.“
NachlamSie 2926 days ago
72 /100 8931 HARLAN ST
“Cool place in a strip mall. Well lit and roomy. Service was good but a bit slow. I expect it to improve with time. The beer selection was decent with 4 house beers, 1 collaboration and 3 guest brews.. The food is pizza and sandwichs. The Kokopelli Red pizza really rocks. Decent value and well worth checking out!“
Ratman197 3205 days ago
90 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Total Beverage is yet another massive liquor supermarket but they do honestly impress with the selection. There were plenty of great brews that I just haven’t seen elsewhere in the area along with the more common desirable items. My first concern is that a good portion of the selection doesn’t turn over as well, but that helps when it comes to scoring beers that fly off the shelves at other places. The prices here are very fair, nothing is exorbitant by any stretch. But, Total Beverage was lacking the crazy good deals that most other huge liquor stores have e.g., $6.49 six packs of Boulevard at Keg Liquors, $6.99 Modus Hoperandi sixers at King Soopers, $7.49 sixers of O’Dells at Argonaut, etc. etc. If I’m ever in the area, I would definitely scan the shelves looking for more obscure beers and take comfort knowing I can get a very reasonable price on them.“
NachlamSie 3243 days ago
72 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Large liquor store just off US 36. Pretty solid selection, lots of CO beer and US microbrew as well as some rarer American and import beers, a handful of beers I haven’t seen elsewhere. Prices on most items is slightly cheaper than Boulder. As many have suggested, customer service is lacking. Decent prices, pretty good selection, definitely worth a visit.“
Brouwerij 3265 days ago
76 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Not a very nice store, kind of dirty and run down. But overall some of the best selection I have seen. The staff isn’t that knowledgeable about the beer selection, butI have found some pretty rare stuff. They have a mix-and-match 6 pack section for 27% off bottle price. I go here often because of their selection and good value.“
Azand222 3266 days ago
64 /100
Northpark Liquors (Beer Store)
“I was sucked into this place because for some reason it shows a super high rating on the Android App. Well, let me say that it does not meet that standard. Pretty unexciting fare, mostly Colorado locals and pretty common distro stuff.“
bytemesis 3282 days ago
70 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“If you’ve been to a total wine/BevMo/Binny’s then you get the vibe of this place. Selection is solid but probably 1/2 of what you find at a total wine but without the generous single policy. Unlike a lot of places in the area they have out some effort into a pick six case but they jack the prices up for singles so,you have to buy six for the discount to kick in and make sense. As is typical in these stores you could have a heart attack in front of cooler and you still wouldn’t get any service.“
DiarmaidBHK 3300 days ago
76 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“A nice sized beverage store conveniently located on the way to and from Boulder. Nice selection of Colorado craft beers and some harder to find English and Scottish ales.“
BeerandBlues2 3713 days ago
40 /100 10446 TOWN CENTER DR
“walked in and walked back out. had your typical BJs taps along with a half-dozen macro/micros like Stella Artois and Samuel Adams. crowd was suburban shoppers and food looked like Applebee’s sloppity-glop. Televisions EVERYWHERE, as if people have a hard time turning their heads 15 degrees sideways in order to watch ESPN.“
3fourths 3760 days ago
86 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Great selection and much better than the Thornton location. Plenty of workers offering help and very friendly. Big bomber selection of micros and imports. Pretty large selection for mix-six , which if you choose six from these coolers you get 27% off. Seems like a great deal until you realize how marked up the bottles are, but still, not bad. Tons of glassware to choose from and a place you can spend hours in just looking around. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the Denver area.“
Steve_0 3805 days ago
92 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“A must stop on the way back to denver from boulder. good selection good staff and they get some pretty limited stuff had lots of luck with lambic there especially when some of the other stores are long out. if your in the area i would highly recommend and they have a pretty reasonable instock keg selection.“
christoph 3806 days ago
80 /100
Northpark Liquors (Beer Store)
“Decent selection of Micro’s for a medium sized liquor store. Knowledgeable staff. Good rewards program“
j100pinoy 3886 days ago
78 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“big box store with lots of beer / wine / liquor. good amount of craft stuff both cool and warm. they usually have something you don’t find elsewhere which is worth a stop on the way to Boulder.“
HopsChalice8938 4003 days ago
78 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Very good CO bottle shop I visited with Ratman. Great selection and good prices, Manager even let me buy a mixed sixer of Shorts that were special for GABF.“
IrishBoy 4013 days ago
64 /100 10446 TOWN CENTER DR
“All BJ’s are practically the same--average-to-good beer, great but overpriced food, and a nice artsy downhome atmosphere. I just wish the beer or the decor was different from place to place. But it’s always the same consistant restaurant, same consistant beer. Like I said, beer is either mediocre or pretty good, depending on your taste.“
onceblind 4042 days ago
48 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Pretty good store. they carry the mainstream stuff and some unique beers. They sometimes are not aware of how unique the beers they have are. This was my third of 5 stops today. i would go back if I was in the area. It’s a big store. So don’t expect a great beer guy there.“
767buff 4141 days ago
82 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“(Visited 07/2010): Visited back on 7/28/2010 during a Denver/Boulder trip. The store is located in Westminster on Sheridan not too far off 36. There is a large parking lot out front. The store is reminiscent of Bevmo! in that it is large big box type store with a good selection of beer. The majority of the beer is located on the left side of the store, a large portion of it in coolers, plus a few shelves in the same vicinity. The beer selection is pretty good, and it appears that almost everything sold in 4-6 packs is available in singles. Lots of regional brewers like Upland, Oskar Blues, Boulder, Great Divide, Fort Collins, and New Belgium, plus lots of west coast stuff like Port Brewing/Lost Abbey and Stone. Service is pretty standard for a cavernous place like this. People asked if we needed help and that is about it. Overall this place is a good spot to hit if suitcase space is a factor and you want to grab a few beers representative of the area.“
Dogbrick 4145 days ago
80 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“this one dude that wears the pliny the elder jacket is an ass. other than that the staff are great. very helpful very great selection. other than pliny the dick the place is a great place to find some great beer“
jc4031 4164 days ago
86 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Maybe my favorite beer store in Denver with an excellent bomber selection and a very good mixer sixer selection. Definitely worth a stop if you’re looking for good stuff in Denver.“
cubs 4376 days ago
84 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Visited the place on my trip to CO for GABF. The place is gigantic. Much like Total Wine back in FL. The selection was very good for craft and Belgians. They did have some specials including the Billy Dee Williams discounts which I found hilarious. Most of the singles were slightly more expensive than other places we visited but they seemed to have the best selection of any.“
MikeMoriendi 4378 days ago
86 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Again a big warehouse type store, a whole lotta beer. A lot of nice micros and foreign stuff available. A lot larger selection of single available than in the Thornton Total Beverage, which is NOT affiliated with this store, which kind of weird. I guess that explains the upside down A...“
beerguy101 4409 days ago
62 /100 10446 TOWN CENTER DR
“Large but typical BJ’s dimly lit. Service is pretty decent. Beer selection is’nt bad with the guest taps and the food is always decent. Not a bad value but nothing to seek out.“
Ratman197 4445 days ago
74 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“All the ambiance of a Sam’s Club or Costco, but friendly, helpful employees and a nice coast-to-coast selection ranging from The Bruery and Lost Abbey to Dogfish Head. Tons of imports, too. Sign up for the little discount card, which gets you 2-5% off and costs nothing. This is one of my slightly out-of-the-way stops when traveling from DIA to the Dillon/Frisco area, or one of my perfectly-in-the-way stops heading up to Boulder, Lyons, and Estes.“
bblack99 4490 days ago
76 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Huge place in a strip mall. Clean and well organized. Good customer service, was asked a few times if I needed help. Excellent selection of Import, Micro and local beer and good prices too. This was the place I found and bought most of the beer I brought back with me.“
savnac 4504 days ago
30 /100 8711 WADSWORTH BLVD.
“The food is trite but ok. The service is pretty slow. The beer selection is mediocre at best. Save yourself the hassle and go somewhere that provides a bit more bang for your buck.“
PrinceofNessus 4720 days ago
62 /100
Willow Run Liquors (Beer Store)
12860 ZUNI ST, STE 100
“This place doesn’t seem very big on the outside, but turns out to be a fair sized store on the inside. They have a great selection for a corner store, the best I’ve seen in the nearby area. If you can manage to chase down a staff member they will help you to the best of their abilities despite the strangeness of your requests.“
PrinceofNessus 4720 days ago
76 /100 8711 WADSWORTH BLVD.
“Not a bad place for a beer, if you are OK with the "chain feel"“
Jlockleg 4767 days ago
44 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Walked around for 45 minutes, not one employee said a thing to me!! Awful customer service!“
Jlockleg 4767 days ago
98 /100
Northpark Liquors (Beer Store)
“Great selections of beer, wine and liquor. knowledgable staff. Tastings every Friday at 4pm.“
Jlockleg 4767 days ago
70 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Huge liquor depot in a gigantic suburban strip mall - it’s next to a Best Buy, and about as BIG as the Best Buy - the domestic micro selection is about on par with many of the area stores, but not the best ones - a smattering of imports, with quite a few gems that are hard to come by (Fantome, Amager) - a fairly large mix a six (with a 27% discount) is quite a draw for the ticker in you - are slightly higher on some things than they are in Denver, but not by much - I would not go out of my way for this place, but I will certainly stop in from time to time.“
notalush 4793 days ago
84 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Stopped in yesterday to pick up some brews. Big liquor warehouse type store. Massive singles section with macro, mass produced micros and lots of locals micros. Nice selection of bombers and 750s. Concencration, Le Freak, PTE, Blind Pig, plus tons of Stone, Lost Abbey/Port Brewing, Deschutes, ect. Picked up a SN Torpedo and GD 15th Anniversary IPA. Really like this store. Girl at register was very helpful and let me know what brews were coming in without me even asking.“
msante79 4818 days ago
60 /100
Willow Run Liquors (Beer Store)
12860 ZUNI ST, STE 100
“Typical clutter look from the outside. Clutter and tight fitting inside. Surprised to see they get nearly all of the Elite Bev. products, so this is another store in the area that will receive all of the new Russian River, Lost Abbey, Deschutes, etc. products when they reach Colorado. Belgian and other import selection respectable but like everywhere else in Denver/Boulder it’s far from comprehensive.“
3fourths 4923 days ago
70 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Just got in the Pizza Port/Lost Abbey line. Prices are good, selection is decent but not comprehensive, especially with Belgian and German imports. It’s possible you can find some things out of season, which is nice if it’s a style that holds up. The beer manager is great though, truly helpful, knows what is available, and is able to answer most questions. Prices are generally much lower than in Boulder. Good wine selection as well.“
3fourths 5133 days ago
70 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Located on Sheridan, near the Turnpike. Upsidedown A advertising gimmick worked, I stopped during a business trip to the Denver area, and what a pleasant surprise. Large warehouse style store, very clean, with a well organized beer area. Coolers dominate the left hand side of the store, lots of micros, plenty of Belgians, even a few Fantome’s! Domestic crud is banished to the back coolers, a plus. If socialist PA would only privatize...“
f351c4v 5257 days ago
74 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Large well lit store with good size aisles. The service (in the beer department at least) is good.The beer selection is decent but not as good as the Thornton store. Overall it’s a decent liqour store.“
Ratman197 5316 days ago
92 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“We spent about two and a half hours combing the shelves - and checking rate beer rankings, of course :) Lots of interesting singles - including some mix and match deals. Lots of beer I haven’t seen elsewhere in the Denver area - Phantome de Noel, Brasserie de Roc Grand Cru, Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA, a very tasty Stuise Mikkeler. Plus all the best of the local beers. It’s warehouse-y, which is a drawback for me. But the staff was knowledgeable and helpful. I definitely recommend this place to locals and to out-of-towners who are looking for beers that are unavailable in their home states.“
fenderama 5319 days ago
88 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“BIG warehouse type store with all kinds of stuff to get you drunk. Nice large selection of beer, both cold and not. Selection can’t be beat and the prices were very reasonable. If I lived in the Denver area, this would probably be my store.“
Lumpy 5371 days ago
88 /100 9359 SHERIDAN BLVD
“Being from Albuquerque New Mexico...this place is absolutely amazing. I love the selection and the ability to buy singles of all my most favorite beers. Too bad alcohol is too much of an issue for something like this to ever come here...“
GotOskarBlues 5471 days ago
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