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84 /100 9505 W 44TH AVE
“Unassuming building, with a good bit of parking. The interior is clean, appealing, and simple. The bartenders were friendly and helpful. The selection is fantastic, as you would expect. Tons of taps, ranging from flagships to absurdities. Prices are pretty good, too. Worth a stop.“
GTAEgeek 238 days ago
64 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Gotta be honest - not super impressed. Decent selection of random imports, but nothing particularly interesting unless you're focused on Untappd badgewhoring. U.S. / Colorado craft beer selection is fine, but you'd expect better in the Denver metro.“
WestCoastHawkeye 868 days ago
84 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“Dark, relaxed decor. Big restaurant, and a small bar area. The bartender was very friendly, efficient, and knew his taps well. Tons of great local beers on, with a great mix of styles and breweries. $10 flights of five is a pretty good deal, and the pints are well priced. This is a great place to tick Colorado beer. I hope to be back as often as I can.“
GTAEgeek 2178 days ago
76 /100
Right Coast Pizza (Restaurant)
7100 W 38TH AVE
“Pizza joint/bar on W. 38th, just east of Wads. Small to medium sized interior, 10-12 bar stools and several tables. Nice atmosphere, pretty quiet on a Tuesday night, and good service at the bar. Limited taps (12) but they are chosen nicely, a little on the pricy side, though. Offerings such as Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist, Weldwerks, Odell, Odd13, Wiley Roots, etc. The pizza is pretty good as well, big slices for $3.50-5.00. Not a bad stop if you’re hungry, but not really a big beer destination.“
ajnepple 2261 days ago
82 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Great place to stop off of I-70 when heading from Denver to the mountains. Huge selection, maybe doesn’t have rare stuff that other places have, but definitely nothing to complain about.“
jcnielsen 2434 days ago
84 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“Many, many taps of Colorado beers available here. Very difficult to make selections because of that. You can build your own flights of 4 ounce tasters. Food was pretty good and service was friendly. Prices seemed fair. Décor just a bit dark inside, but patio available. Glad I stopped by and will do so again. Oh, they brew here also. The one of theirs I tried was nice.“
RobertDale 2521 days ago
90 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“This is a massive and insanely busy liquor superstore. It’s crowded and the near-endless beer selection makes it an undertaking to shop here. It’s certainly worth it though. Most anything rare and exciting that comes to the Denver metro market makes its way to Applejack. Tons and tons of CO beers are available. The place is so busy that it seems the rotation of stock is good.“
NachlamSie 2872 days ago
82 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Visited mid-morning on a Saturday on our way up to the mountains. Conveniently located and easy to find off I-70. Large liquor store with a large selection of wine, beer and spirits. The beer is located on the right hand side of the store, and there is a large selection of local and national craft available cold and warm. I was impressed by the range of Colorado beers, certainly the best I had seen in a store (to be fair it has been a few years since I have visited other top Colorado stores). Service was friendly and extremely helpful, particularly in the wine section where I was looking for Willamette Pinot Noirs. Only quibble is they didn’t have much of a single selection, so if you are only looking for ticks this may not be the best spot. When I lived in Denver (9 years ago), Applejack was a regular stop for me for wine, had never really paid attention to their beer selection, so it was fun to visit.

82 = ★★★½ (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2980 days ago
86 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Typical liquor store. Great selection. Great service.“
HopsChalice8938 3008 days ago
50 /100 4335 WADSWORTH BLVD
“Small strip mall brewery specializing in Gluten Free beer, I think there’s a lot of adjunct / specialty grain use, because some of the beer tastes like sweet potatoes and molasses. Wadsworth Ave is a pretty depressing location, and the beer isn’t good enough to ever bring me back.“
3fourths 3132 days ago
84 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“Funky Devore with a patio and ample parking. Service at the bar was good, with the owners pitching in when required. Lots of taps, all CO with build your own flights. Great way to sample and thier own beers are on the fun side but pretty good. Food is average and value was reasonable. I had loads of fun and beers and would be happy to visit again.“
Ferris 3297 days ago
74 /100 4335 WADSWORTH BLVD
“Small location in a strip mall @ Wads and 44th. 16 beers on tap, I have tried about 7 and they have all been pretty good, especially their DIPA. Lots of high ABV stuff if you’re into that. Average ambiance and good, friendly service. Worth checking out for sure.“
ajnepple 3317 days ago
78 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“56 taps of all CO brews, focusing mostly on smaller breweries, including about 4-6 of their own usually. 5 tasters of anything on tap for $10 (update: some are +$2 now and some are NA in flights). Pretty good selection, always plenty of stuff I haven’t tried. Service is almost always good in the bar area. A pretty cool place, I come here about once a month and they have a completely different list each time. Definitely worth checking out, especially for out-of-towners wanting to sample a bunch of CO stuff.“
ajnepple 3317 days ago
86 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“I stopped in here for the first time recently. The selection is pretty good, a little better than Evergreen/Conifer collective stores (where I used to live). I picked up a Serpents Stout and a few Trinity 375’s. Mostly US micro stuff, not a ton of imports. I will probably stop here occasionally based on its convenient location right off of I-70. Update: more imports, more legit, best store on this side of town.“
ajnepple 3317 days ago
88 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“Visited during a Thursday evening. Neat building, with a sidewalk patio and several rooms of seating. Nicely designed bar is straight ahead, and was a great place to get a sense of the sheer scope of the beers available. There was also an upstairs area I didn’t visit. 5 beer 4 oz flight available for $9. I liked the process of filling out your own tasting tray so that it was clear what you were ordering, and where they would be placed on the taste. 48 beers on draft, 2 house and all guests were Colorado and well chosen. I counted 42 different Colorado breweries available, which is incredible. Service was attentive and friendly. Food available, though I didn’t partake. For an out of town visitor (like myself) this was a great spot to try beers from a bunch of new breweries. Reminded me (conceptually) of Naked City in Seattle, which I also love.

88 = ★★★★ (best in area, a must for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 3340 days ago
92 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“Nice 2 story building with an art gallery upstairs, a little on the dark side but not bad. The service is good with a knowledgeable staff. Good selection of Colorado beers with 3 or 4 of their own. The food is good with some nice pub grub as well as some foodie stuff. The prices are decent, well worth checking out.“
Ratman197 3446 days ago
84 /100 4335 WADSWORTH BLVD
“Rickoli’s is in a strip mall and they’ve done pretty well with the space. There’s crazy art on the walls, plenty of seating at the bar and at tables, a TV, free popcorn and animal crackers for snacks. . The bartender was very friendly and enthusiastic, but not beer geek-level on the knowledge. That doesn’t bother me. There were over a dozen taps available with mostly hardline American styles e.g., hoppy pale, IPA, IIPA, imperial stout, American strong, chili ale, etc. I sampled three of their brews and just wasn’t impressed. The hop monsters they touted were fairly bitter with moderately strong hop profiles, but not at all on the level of IIPA’s from several other breweries around town. The imperial stout was nice, but had a lactic sourness to it. They remove the gluten from nearly all of their beers and I find it hard to believe that doesn’t compromise the integrity of these ales. I thought my visit was decent overall, but there are numerous breweries around town with equal to better ambiance and pouring superior brews.“
NachlamSie 3479 days ago
92 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“Sure Colorado Plus is technically a brewpub, but the guest taps are what really make this place. There were only two of their own beers on and neither were particularly intriguing. But the other 50 or so taps had plenty of high quality and harder to find options. Everything on tap is from Colorado, but there are more than enough options to please beer drinkers. Service was so good, personable, enthusiastic; just great. That combined with the neighborhood pub-hangout ambiance makes it a great place for beer, a meal and conversation. The food menu is small, but everything is local sourced and made fresh in house. The pork belly fries with garlic aioli are a thing of beauty. I highly, highly recommend this place.“
NachlamSie 3513 days ago
62 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Big place, but the selection was ok, price ok its big but its just little above average. One thing the staff was very helpful“
beer6969 3513 days ago
80 /100 4335 WADSWORTH BLVD
“Brewery in a strip mall off of Wadsworth in Wheat Ridge. About 12-15 beers on tap all of their own creation. Cheap tasters and pints but abnormally expensive growlers. It’s a cool place to stop and check out.“
theothermatt 3522 days ago
84 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“A nice brewpub in Wheat Ridge. Maintains four of there beers on tap with the rest filled out exclusively by Colorado Breweries. Good prices, decent beer, great service, nice owners. Pretty cool.“
theothermatt 3526 days ago
82 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“Colorado Plus is another new area brew pub offering great food and plenty of Colorado brews, including their own. The service was prompt and perky. The food is quite good and reasonably priced. We enjoyed ending our evening here with fresh food and craft brews.“
BeerandBlues2 3572 days ago
80 /100 4335 WADSWORTH BLVD
“This is a nice neighborhood brewery in the Denver metro area of Wheat Ridge. There are many house beers available along with a cask offering. Rick was on hand to chat us up and show us around his brewery. There were also plenty of locals staked out around the room, seemingly having made this their nightly stop. This is a nice place to spend all or part of your evening, snacking on the popcorn or pork skins, or ordering in from a local eatery.“
BeerandBlues2 3572 days ago
66 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“Beer bar/nano brewery not far from Denver - on a mostly commercial strip of 38th, with conspicuous signage, so pretty easy to spot - a few parking spots along the sides, but ample parking in a lot around back - very dimly lit interior, with a lot of dark wood, dark concrete floors, etc. - they seem to be shooting for a hipster’s ironic version of a country dive bar with their decor choices - I do not know how to explain it better than that - they are currently brewing with a one barrel system, so they only have a few of their own beers, making this primarily a beer bar that just happens to have a few house-made brews on tap - the rest of the taps focus on CO breweries, and they do a fair job of representing both the standards, as well as a fair amount of smaller, lesser-known breweries, making this a pretty good place to sample beers from around the state to decide if any of those new breweries are worth a visit - prices are standard - you can get a flight of five for eight bucks, which can include any beer on tap, including the more expensive ones, so that’s not too bad - the house beers seem to focus on gimmicky, high gravity brews, but what I had was well-made, including the banana cream imperial stout, which I thought would be terrible - despite the fact that it was not very busy, the serving staff seemed a bit stressed out and a little slow (not terribly so, but noticeable) - the bartender looked like Zach Galifianakis and was wearing a sombrero and suspenders - in fact, a lot of the staff were wearing silly hats - wasn’t sure what to make of that - it was fun I guess - overall kind of a strange place, really - it’s not somewhere I would recommend for anyone that didn’t live close by (I live in NE Denver, and even I probably would only stop in once a year or so), given all the other choices around, but it’s worth a stop for a local, just to see what kind of whacky house brews they are coming up with, or to see what kind of silly hats the waitstaff are wearing.“
notalush 3586 days ago
74 /100 4335 WADSWORTH BLVD
“Small well lit space in a strip mall.The service is usuall pretty good but can be slow at times when they’re busy. They keeparound 16 beers on which is amazing considering they only have 2 halh barrel brewing systems. there are snacks available but you canm bring in or order in food from outside. Not a bad place to visit.“
Ratman197 3616 days ago
68 /100 4335 WADSWORTH BLVD
“Ok so this place is in a strip mall and the interior is dingy and feels like a college dorm room/sports bar. Band music and country playing in the background. With that said it is a family joint and the service is good - everyone is extremely frinedly and eager to chat about the beer. The beer was pretty solid for the most part with a few complete misses. Nothing will blow you away, but you can tell the owner knows how to make a decent beer. They don’t really serve food, unless you count warm pretzels, animal crackers and popcorn. This place is definitely not a destination and I dont know that I would go as far as to say it is a place to stop on a trip to Denver, but if you are near the area check it out and I am sure you will find some decent beers.“
Steve_0 3622 days ago
64 /100 6995 W 38TH AVE
“New place in a recently redone old Italian restaurant. Great addition to the area. Been open only a couple weeks when I visited this weekend. Their thing is "CO Only" taps. I would argue that’s not necessarily what this town needs, but as long as they keep a focus on the smaller breweries I think it’s a winner...pretty good for the moment with Rikoli, Strange, River North, Crooked Stave, Yak & Yeti, Telluride, Elevation on tap. So cool place to come for a good sampling of smaller brewers. They do tasters...5 3 oz-ers for $8 I think. Decor is your kind of post-post-industrial modern look: put corrugated clear vinyl interior windows up, polished concrete floors, through some Doug-Fir-esque timber around, cover wall with unfinished 2x4s. Service needs a lot of work. There were seemingly a ton of staff but our waitress would disappear for very long intervals and when we would ask other staff to help, they wouldn’t but would run off to find our waitress. And they weren’t busy on a Sunday afternoon. Kitchen was pretty slow too. Food was okay...trying to be hip...pick a meat sliders, truffle fries, etc. but fries were definitely frozen with barely noticeable truffle oil, etc. no trimmings (tomatoes, lettuce, etc.) on burgers, buns dry, etc. Go in with managed expectations for the eclectic taps and you’ll be happy.“
wchesser 3654 days ago
72 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“I remember coming to this place in the 70’s to buy Anchor Steam and Guiness. The beer selection has improved -- alot! Nothing rare but a great selection of Colorado and Utah berrs, with a decent selection of beers from Belgium, Denmark and elsewhere. Big drawback compared to some of the big retilers - they don’t sell indidual 12 oz bottles.“
Iphonephan 3730 days ago
62 /100 4335 WADSWORTH BLVD
“Strip mall brewery just west of Denver - the strip mall is pretty dingy - not very inviting from the outside - limited exterior signage, so hard to find - interior is not all that inviting either - bare concrete floors - a popcorn machine - decent amount of seating - pretty much no decor - not exactly cozy - family owned and operated - folks working are either all related or practically related - very friendly and attentive - a lot of beers on tap, but they have the standard brewpub kind of line up (pales, browns, stouts, ipas, double ipas ), so nothing all that exciting - however, what they do make they seem to do a fair job of making - if you love strong and/or hoppy brews (which I know a lot of you out in ratebeerland do), then this place just might be for you - nice folks and decent beer, but not my scene or style, so I probably won’t be back often.“
notalush 3755 days ago
80 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Stopped here on the way to the mountains. Large parking lot and very spacious inside. Large craft brew section with good shelf and cooler space. Good selection with some Belgians included. Found some Firestone and Odells. I asked about Pliny and the clerk found the beer section manager who said it was supposed to be delivered the next day and that he would hold some for me if I could come back then. He received a small amount of Pliny, yet held some for someone visiting from out of state. How nice is that! I now frequent this place every trip to CO on the way from Denver to the mountains.“
MaltOMeal 3813 days ago
74 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Stopped by here on the way up to the Rockies to pick up a few local beverages. Had several coolers full of local micros and various import offerings. Nice selection of moderately priced bombers which I picked up a few of. Lacking in any real singles selection which would have been nice considering the literally hundreds of different local six packs they had. Still found about a dozen or so to round out my supply for the rest of the week. All of the Colorado brewers seemed to represented well here. Note - they accepted credit cards when I was here - noted that a few reviews said they did not.“
PorterPounder 4327 days ago
84 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“a nice big beverage store with good service and selection“
jc4031 4400 days ago
80 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“I used to love Applejack’s but I’ve come to realize despite the huge selection, they tend to not get anything too exciting. Don’t get me wrong, the huge selection is sweet but I’d like to see some more Belgian and Scandinavian brews.“
cubs 4612 days ago
76 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“I really like this place. There is a brat vendor right outside the door. Once inside, you see an incredible expanse of booze. Seems to focus on wine, but the liquor and beer selections are pretty good. Liquor is a bit on the pricey side, but there are bargains in the beer department. Where else can you find a sixer of Salvator for $6.99? Highly recommended.“
sudsmeister 5139 days ago
60 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Massive US micro selection, seemed like they had everything available in the foothills. Belgian selection needs work. Huge store, very busy on a Saturday night. Prices okay to expensive. Some hidden gems months after other stores sell out.“
3fourths 5159 days ago
66 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“This is a good liquor store. The prices a much lower and the selction is way above average. The service is ok, most of the a busy it seems to help. The only drawback is it is cash only.“
thehurt01 5189 days ago
72 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Was here quite some time ago with barleyPops. As he said, good selection of microbrews from CO as well as others like Stone.“
Illini08 5506 days ago
74 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“a very busy liquor store for the Friday morning when I was there. I was looking for and found Colorado micros from Twisted Pine, Golden City and Odell. Also, found Stone Pale Ale and Snake River Zonker Stout which was nothing but empty shelf space at another area liquor store. Also, the staff here was friendly and helpful, a big plus when you are not familiar with the store.“
barleyPops 6179 days ago
64 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“Applejack is very easy to get to. If you’re on I-70 get off on Youngfield. Youngfield is the next exit after Ward going West. You can’t miss it from there... just look for the Applejack sign standing proudly. Great parking! This place has tons of wine, which all seems kinda thrown wherever. If you’re looking for wine then have fun! Doesn’t seem to have a logical organization (unless it’s by region) but we don’t care about wine, so that’s not what I’m rating on. The beer selection is decent... above average. They have a couple good Belgian beers including Westmalle, Orval, Chimay and a few others (no Rochefort as of right now) including some non-Belgian (but Belgian style) beers such as Maudite, La Fin Du Monde, Ommegang and some others. They carry Stone beers, Great Divide beers, a couple Bear Republic beers and some more. Selection is actually pretty decent here but lacking when compared to Total Beverage or Liquor Max. Service is okay, I go there quite often so I get along with a few people there really well (I live right down the street from here) But for the casual shopper it’s typical. One thing that is very irritating (as another reviewer posted) is that they don’t accept credit cards. This is a big place! and they don’t accept credit cards? that’s annoying. Overall a good place, i’m very regular there since I live so close.“
MrEcted1 6202 days ago
58 /100 3320 YOUNGFIELD ST
“POSITIVES: Applejack is right off I-70 (Exit 264, south of I-70), west of Denver and on the way to the mountains, just before Golden ... microbrew selection is pretty decent (and it’s the only place where I’ve found Golden City’s beers) ... great selection of liquor and wine, also, by the way... most of the beer is kept cold ... and prices are reasonable. NEGATIVE: They don’t accept credit cards, which is kind of irritating ... and it can be pretty busy in there sometimes (granted, they are efficient).“
Aubrey 6240 days ago
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