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“They just came out with a new menu, the food was all great. Good beer and fast service. 2 locations next to each other. One is beer only, the other serves beer and food, with views of the brewery. Great stop.“
Sledutah 42 days ago
68 /100 6383 FAIRGROUNDS AVE
“Nice big tasting room with a long bar and plenty of seating. They don't have food, but you can order pizza and other Italian food from the restaurant next door. The beer was all pretty good, clean. Live music starts in 15 minutes (7pm Sat), so I need to finish these beers up and get going.“
Sledutah 42 days ago
“Great brewery...must see if in the area...and worth driving out of your way for some. This is really a custom car shop...that the owner decided to build a brewery in front of...worth visiting for that reason alone! The design of the place is really great...but it's the windows into the custom car shop that really make it...great views of great cars (my first visit the place was new...and my local friend new the we got a tour of his car shop too...don't know how often that is possible...but worth asking). The beers were very good. Loved the hoppy ones...especially Citra Pale Ale and Azacca IPA...the Session IPA was solid too. On the interesting (and pretty good side too) were Peanut Butter Milk Stout, Coconut Stout, and Imperial Coffee Stout. I definitely recommend a visit to Mash Lab...nothing not to like.“
PRBeer 1915 days ago
76 /100 6461 HWY 392
“Very, very cool the garden center/brewery combination...very original...and I’m sure people coming for one patronize the other...certainly not easy to pull off a combo like this though. Several different seating areas including an outdoor garden area in the back and a large patio area off to one side. You can’t drink in the actual garden center though. Looks like you can bring your own food too. The beer...26 on the board...two were kicked...which normally is no problem...but my local friend couldn’t believe one of them was their most famous IPA. Although I’ll admit that there was a large amount of beers and a wide breath of choices...I found very few of the beers worthwhile...and certainly none very good. Given that...I can’t really recommend the place unless you’re already in the area and want to checkout the eclectiveness of the place (made that word!).“
PRBeer 2180 days ago
76 /100 6461 HWY 392
“Garden store, brewery and hop farm that also sells brewing supplies. 20 beers on tap with cans and bombers to go. Food carts/trucks usually available. Cool patio and outdoor stage area with live music on weekends during warmer weather months. The beer is just alright but there’s a few gems and it’s a pretty neat place overall.“
ajnepple 2541 days ago
76 /100 6461 HWY 392
“Visited with Aaron and Bobby. Kind of a cool place. Combination brewery, homebrew shop, and garden store. They grow their own hops, keep bees, etc. Nice outdoor patio area with a small window to order at (they also have a bar area inside). The service was very friendly and quick. They had 10 beers and they weren’t bad, but mostly just mediocre. All of them were sort of just generically sweet. Would be a fun place to hang out if the beers were better.“
brokensail 3524 days ago
76 /100 6461 HWY 392
“Visited October 6, 2013.

We stopped in on a warm sunny afternoon and sat out on the deck next to the hop yard and tried all the house beers. This is a pretty interesting place all around. They grow fruits, vegetables, bees, and hops here. They use a lot of this stuff in their beers. Speaking of which, the beers were all just OK. A lot of them tasted like honey. The server was nice but the setup was a bit strange. If you order from outside they hand you the beer through a small window and it takes forever to pour the beers, not to mention that the wind was blowing into the building so they wanted to keep the window shut most of the time. I’m not sure if they do live music here but they have a stage set up on the deck outside. It’s out in the suburbs so you dont have to deal with the same level of yuppie that you would in town. This could be a fun place to hang out provided the beer got a little better.“
t0rin0 3526 days ago
90 /100 6461 HWY 392
“I’m not sure why this place has such low ratings. I very much enjoyed the ambiance, the service and the beer. The ambiance being the most memorable and the beer solid enough to back it up. This place grows their own hops which they use in a few of their brews. The hop vines are very close to the outside deck which overlooks the distant glorious mountains, making for an absolutely beautiful sight. They have a small tasting room inside with a few tables in addition to a covered area surrounded by vegetation which is the most chill spot to drink a beer. I had their double IPA which was very good. Solid hops and no off flavors. There was a small barbecue cart set up outside. I was starving and got some nachos. They were a good value and the barbecue was comparable to the places out this way. I have got to find someone that is doing Carolina style cue somewhere.“
NachlamSie 3572 days ago
66 /100 6461 HWY 392
“This place is relatively hidden but worth visiting. They grow their own hops, and sell hop plants in the Garden Center in which they are housed. They also have a homebrew supply store in the garden center. The taproom is nice and there are two large drinking areas. One is outside, and they have live music out there, looking out over the hop field. The second is inside, with plenty of tables, spacious, and brightly lit. I tried two beers, one was very good and the other pretty good.“
bitterbrewer 3606 days ago
74 /100 6461 HWY 392
“Located off the Windsor I-25 exit, this place is housed in the same building as some kind of outdoor/garden store. The actual tasting room is a bit tricky to find on the far end of the store. They grow their own hops for their beers which is kind of cool. The beer quality was pretty advanced for a new brewery and the service was fantastic. Recommended.“
cubs 3790 days ago
78 /100 4630 ROYAL VISTA CIR
“Decent selection of craft beers. Found some nice surprises here. Could use a little more selection of singles and bombers though. Pricing seems to be in the same tier as Liquor Max and Wilburs. Overall a very nice little store to stop in and check out. It being right off the interstate makes it nice too.“
MeisterBrew 5145 days ago
80 /100 4630 ROYAL VISTA CIR
“Good selection of craft beers, year rounds and seasonals, plenty of local CO beers. Expanding selection of singles and bombers. Very helpful staff, great service. Bi-Weekly beer tastings on Fridays from 4:30 - 6pm with 10% discount on featured beers.“
bve922 5556 days ago