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76 /100 50 VASQUEZ ROAD
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon for a beer with a friend, and also for lunch with the family on a Monday. Located on the front corner of the Cooper Station retail development, with parking in the large ramp nearby. The layout is a tasting room with a long bar, a few inside tables and two larger patios, one which has a bunch of shade. Beer selection is 8 beers, with a nice variety of styles. Both beers I had were well above average. Fairly simple food menu, though the grilled cheese I had with tomatoes and bacon was really good. Service is super friendly and attentive. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1020 days ago
70 /100
The Ditch on 40 (Restaurant)
78941 US HWY 40
“Visited for lunch with family and friends on a Saturday. Due to covid, all seating was outside, either on the large porch or in the grassy area to the right. Beer selection was a small selection of local beers as wel as a large selection of cans and bottles. Plenty of options, especially from Colorado brewers. I had the sliders, which had delicious green chiles on them. Dog friendly, solid service. Overall a good place to grab bar food and a beer. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1021 days ago
86 /100 78927 US HIGHWAY 40
“This is the smallest brewery in Winter Park and conveniently located right in the middle of downtown. It’s got a comfortable, rustic atmosphere in the modest tap room. They had eight or so beers on tap with a good variety of styles. What I had was not too bad. Service was great and prices are Winter Park appropriate. I’d return if I was in this town.“
NachlamSie 2507 days ago
86 /100 78878 U.S. 40
“I visited a couple liquor stores in Winter Park and this one had the better beer selection. Everything is in coolers and there are plenty of regional beers available. One cooler is dedicated to bombers. We were going camping and it was nice that the can selection came through. There isn’t anything crazy rare, but certainly plenty of real quality beers are available. Prices aren’t too shabby for Winter Park.“
NachlamSie 2507 days ago
60 /100 78491 US HIGHWAY 40
“Sports on televisions everywhere, a lot of pub food, fried things, burgers and pizza. Below average beer quality, about the same as a beginner homebrew with an extract kit. Winter Park doesn’t offer any great drinking spots, but of the few this is probably the best for beer traveler sorts. Even the selection of bottles in town was frustratingly thin (unless you can’t get enough New Belgium and Boulder Beer).“
3fourths 3537 days ago
50 /100 81699 US HIGHWAY 40
“Crummy hotel ambiance, sports pub bar area, generic craft beer selection, and they only brew in-season. Pretty terrible place to have to drink, to be honest. Walked in and walked out.“
3fourths 3537 days ago
86 /100 130 PARRY PEAK WAY
“Off-shoot of the Downtown Denver Cheeky Monks. Very similar place with a lot of the same beers. I love the Denver Cheeky Monk, and this one is cool also. Nothing beats a good Kwak after a day on the slopes. The prices for the beer though can be pretty steep, but that’s not surprising for specialty beers in a ski resort town.“
jcnielsen 3863 days ago
76 /100 78491 US HIGHWAY 40
“Stopped by while on recent trip. Jazz festival in town so was very busy. Bartenders very friendly and knowledgeable. Decent variety of house beers. Worth the time.“
RobertDale 3970 days ago
84 /100 130 PARRY PEAK WAY
“best lunch experience I’ve had at a ski resort! its smaller than the Denver location but serves up some really nice beer on tap in proper glassware. nice food menu too, but the fries were cold.“
HopsChalice8938 4117 days ago
88 /100 130 PARRY PEAK WAY
“Great place for a small town. Good food, nice beers and all the proper glassware.“
daknole 4333 days ago
66 /100 78491 US HIGHWAY 40
“An offshoot of a brewput in Laramie, Wyoming, the grand opening was in July 2011. We visited on opening weekend. Brewing has not yet started - expect beer brewed on-site to be available by ski season, and expect my ratings to improve then with their own beer and service that knows the menu. Kids did not love the food - said it was just OK - but it was very good for adults. Fairly typical sportsbar atmosphere, but suitable for all ages.“
BMWiens 4350 days ago
86 /100 130 PARRY PEAK WAY
“Very similar to the other Cheeky Monks. A nice selection of more common Belgian beers. Great atmosphere. When I am up in Winter Park for a few days and get sick of the boring bar scene with mostly crappy American micros, I stop by here to get a good beer for a change.“
cubs 4528 days ago
30 /100 81699 US HIGHWAY 40
“Probably the worst microbrewery that I’ve ever visited. I’ve been there two or three times and the most beers of their own that they’ve ever had was TWO! Every beer I’ve had by them sucks.“
cubs 4528 days ago
32 /100 81699 US HIGHWAY 40
“Small well lit bar in a ski lodge. The server was friendly the food average and the beer sucked. Don’t waste your time!“
Ratman197 5042 days ago
44 /100 81699 US HIGHWAY 40
“Small pub area on the second floor with kind of a weird layout...the bar is a small square in the middle of the room. Kind of a ski resort feel, which isn’t surprising. Only had two beers at the time I was there, and only three when Aubrey went, so don’t expect much.“
Ernest 6454 days ago
48 /100 81699 US HIGHWAY 40
“I think this place is only open during the ski season. Quite a huff up the hill from the ski area; it looks close, but you might want to drive. The bar is kind of wedged next to the lobby, so you never really forget that you’re in a hotel. When I went there last winter, they only had three beers on tap. One stood out, as I remember, and it was quite surprising. I’m hoping they’ll try some new styles this year ... and I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to stop by.“
Aubrey 6789 days ago