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Latest reviews from Annemasse

“Great beer shop with 8 beers on tap, as well . The selection is mainly focused on French craft beers but there are a lot of Belgian, and also some Canadian, US, German and a few other beers; worth visiting“
Lore 301 days ago
“a modern-style pub in the ground floor of an office building with 7 beers on tap (Hoegaarden, Leffe blonde, ruby, royale blonde, Bud, Triple Karmeliet, Ginette bio lager and another lager) and a few bottles (jupiler 0, corona, kwak, goose island ipa and 312); if you are in Annemasse and close to the place, it is woth to stop for a beer but I would definitely not visit the city just for this place“
Lore 308 days ago
100 /100 1 RUE DU CHABLAIS
“Beer shop located in the center of Annemasse, amazing beer selection (French and local, UK, Danemark, US, belgium, netherland, italy, spain,...) , great team with strong beer knowledge. 8 beers on tap, usually 1 or 2 local, 1 belgian, 1 sour, 1 IPA,... taps are change regularly, nice bottles selection with some treasures. Prices are correct. Friendly atmosphere !“
TontonKev 1583 days ago
“Beer store / bar located in the heart of Annemasse with a fairly utilitarian feel. There were roughly 250 bottles for sale. There’s a decent mix of stuff, mostly from the UK and Belgium. French and Swiss micros were available, but I was hoping to have more to choose from. Nonetheless, the selection’s pretty well curated. I focused mostly on the French selection and found nice stuff from Veyrat and Mont Saleve. Surprisingly, the UK selection was dominated by Beavertown, Magic Rock, and Tiny Rebel. That would’ve been a great result had I not just spent the last couple of weeks in London. The bar area was doing pretty brisk trade on my Tuesday evening visit. The draft selections were surprisingly anglocentric. Of the 4 beers on tap, 3 were from the UK (Alchemy, Moor, Tiny Rebel) and one was from Belgium (Tripel Karmeliet). Amusingly, the locals were necking pours of Tiny Rebel Hadouken. A small fridge of refrigerated bottles were available for onsite consumption. The service was very kind. Neither of the bar staff spoke English, but we managed. Wifi wasn’t available. Prices were quite good for bottles (starting around 3.5 euros) but punchy for drafts (4.80 euros for a 25cl pour of Nor’Hop). Overall, Comptoir des Bieres is a more than reasonable option for beer in this random commuter town. Worth checking out.“
jackl 2195 days ago
“Apparently this place hasn’t been around long. Combined beer store and bar. Very promising selection, including some interesting stuff from the Netherlands, the UK, and a few from the US and Canada. Plus a decent assortment of Belgians (although I paid less attention to these because they are easier to get elsewhere). Prices quite high. It’s a bit far from where I live but the selection is special enough that I will come back.“
PenguinD 2982 days ago