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92 /100 151 RUE DU JURA, 74160 NEYDENS
“Just a few months after the Covid19 quarantine, I spent holidays in Haute-Savoie (Annecy) and I had to go to Mont Salève brewery !! The bar was not open. I have just been to the brewery ; nice place in a small industrial area among the great landscape of Mont Salève mountains. A few bottles were opened for tasting. The brewer and his team were really friendly and eager to share their passion ( I visited the brewery). They gave me great information (bieronomy bar just out of Annecy! and the nice brewpub "Le Bec Jaune" in Morzine. I bought a dozen of bottles (barrel-aged beers with grape marc). Ok price.“
VDuquerroux 726 days ago
94 /100 151 RUE DU JURA, 74160 NEYDENS
“Like others before me, this brewery featured highly on my 'to-visit' list during our trip to the region. Mont Saleve simply make the best beer in France, and though there are worthy competitors, no one as yet comes close. I visited the bar only, which is a rather modest room next to a kids trampolining centre (!), noticeable by a simple Mont Saleve poster in the window, the pallets of German malt, and the stacked rows of wine barrels ageing various beers. Oh, and the bar too. We arrived shortly after opening, and there was already a small group tucking into a few pints. Four Mont Saleve beers are on draft, and a fair amount of bottles including many other Belgian (Cantillon, Tilquin, Alvinne), French and Italian breweries. Wine and fruit juice also available. You can also buy a jar of pate, baguette and pickles to share, which one group ordered just as we left. Seems this place is popular with young parents as well, with a number of kids enjoying a dedicated corner away from the bar with toys and things for them. Considering their beers are still not widely distributed outside of specialist craft beer bars, even in the Savoire region, I recommend a detour here to stock up on everything these guys have available.“
minutemat 1642 days ago
86 /100 151 RUE DU JURA, 74160 NEYDENS
“Great microbrewery! The gentleman in the shop was very friendly and explained the beers in great detail, he also speaks fluent English. They also had beers from Cantillon and De la Senne on sale when I was there but I didn’t go for them as I was there for their own beers. The prices were fair and it’s accessible from Geneva - worth a trip!“
davidtjm 2558 days ago
74 /100 151 RUE DU JURA, 74160 NEYDENS
“A true microbrewery -- this place is tucked in an industrial park near the "VitamParc" shopping center, and consists of a counter for tasting beer with a room of fermentation tanks, etc to the rear. (If you’re lucky [helps to speak French], you might get a tour of the whole facility like the cold storage and the adjoining room with the old, smaller brewing equipment.) The staff consists of one employee, the brewer, and some of the brewer’s family. If you’re in the Geneva area and want to try beer from the most inventive and bold brewer in the region, come here and buy some beer! Selection is always changing. They usually only have a subset of the full lineup, and on the flip side, there’s often something new to try. You can’t go wrong.“
PenguinD 2985 days ago
88 /100 151 RUE DU JURA, 74160 NEYDENS
“To be honest, this rating scheme will be biased. It’s my favourite French brewery and this was a bit of a pilgrimage for me. My awesome girlfriend took me for the Easter weekend, and it was great. (there’s much more beer stuff in the region too to justify a trip.) both owners brewer Mikael and his assistant ate super friendly and generous guys. We got a tour, lots to taste, a great insight in his brewing and business and thus bought lots of beers. A wide range was available too for you to try, which is a big plus. Add the very reasonable prices and you will not be able to resist buying his beers. The location and building itself might not be much, but the mountainous area, awesome guys at the brewery and delicious brews are totally worth it.“
erickok 2998 days ago
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