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92 /100 21 RUE D'AHUY
“L'un des meilleurs bars de Dijon, une bonne carte de bière ainsi que de nombreuses "potions". Une très bonne restauration (surtout les dimanches). Si vous êtes fan de heroic-fantasy et de musique metal ce bar est fait pour vous.“
BitterMaster44 602 days ago
“Visited the 15th October 2019 - In the city centre, and in from of the tramway you can find this beer place. Huge place modern and clean. 10 beers on tap and some bottle selection, selection is only local beer. Good price value from 4€ to 7€ for a beer (25cl). Friendly service and good atmosphere. I can recommend this place is you want to discover local beer. I really appreciate the effort on local beer.“
sir__v 606 days ago
80 /100 28 RUE CREBILLON
“I was lucky enough to walk past this small bar / bottle shop in the south of the city centre. A great selection of locally brewed beer by the bottle, with a friendly English speaking guy serving. They have a couple of the beers on draft & have a happy hour.“
Jerseyislandbeer 764 days ago
84 /100 32 RUE MONGE, 21000 DIJON
“Local situado en el centro de Dijon. Amplio y muy bonito en su interior, con pinta de taberna medieval. Entre sus surtidores y botellas bastante variedad y calidad, como por ejemplo la Kiss Me Lipsia de Birrificio dil Ducato, la Jai Jai de Thornbridge y Cigar City, Tank 7 de Boulevard o la Gingerbread Stout de Hardywood. Buen servicio. Merece la pena la visita“
Suco 841 days ago
56 /100 12 RUE QUENTIN
“Center of Dijon. I saw this type of bar in Strasbourg. 5 beers on regular taps poured by the barman ; 5-7 others are available on tap handle. You have to buy credits with a card and then you can pour by yourself for you and your friends. Belgian classic spirit on the menue with a Camdem Lager. 1 regional beer on tap from Nièvre ("Chevalier Noir") Yatta !! ... which happened to be a poor stout :( Patio available of course with a smoky atmosphere ; "Smoke on the Water" was the music they played during my tasting ; yes smoke on the watery stout, that was it :) Ok friendly service ; ok price for beers on regular tap. I didn't ask for the others but the menue was not very inspiring... Overall, "beery" speaking, a big disappointment. Nevertheless, I can imagine students having a good time there. I just hope they change the beer menue regularly.“
VDuquerroux 1163 days ago
78 /100 4, RUE MUSETTE
“Center of Dijon. Honestly, I didn't plan to stop there. I was going to "Au fût et à mesure". Of course, I did both !! What attracted me : "special before event" the day before the event "Houblonnades", Dijon beer festival. Great and totally unexpected from a creperie. I just saw one beer handle. The bottle beer menue was really *CRAFT* inspiring. 20 beers from IRON brewery, Goutte d'Or, Elixkir, Popihn, La Débauche. I even found one of the Debauche beers I wanted to taste : Baltic Porter. Friendly service ; barman seems happy to welcome me. I don't know if they have this beer menue quality during "ordinary days". Not cheap but ok price, 6 euros for "La Debauche Baltic Porter". Great place !! I should have eaten a pancake after all :)“
VDuquerroux 1163 days ago
“Opened just 10 months ago. 2 days before Houblonnades (Dijon Festival). Something I've never seen yet : only local and regional beers ! Great ! 10 beers on tap and I think 60-80 bottles (6 breweries from Côte-d'Or, 2 breweries from Saône-et-Loire ; 1 brewery from Nièvre ; 2 breweries from Yonne ; 1 brewery from Jura ; 1 brewery from Doubs) ; ok service ; quite expensive but you can also order 3-4 galopins ("12.5cL) to taste several regional beers on tap. Clean modern bar. Even their beer menue is very nice with their map of Bourgogne-Franche Comté and their breweries on it ; nevertheless, too clean after all... Let me explain, on their menue : Blondes/Ambrée/Brune... Color is not a Style but I agree many local breweries still use this appellation. I can't deny the "artisanal" spirit but I didn't find a "craft" spirit. I think "Craft brewers" are more "pirates" than "farmers". Their authenticity lies in their creativity not their territory. It's funny how spirit can change from a region to one another ; maybe Bourgogne wants to keep their "Terroir" spirit. Artisanal >> Craft. Nevertheless, I tasted an enjoyable Sour beer from Rouget de Lisle (Doubs). Behind taps, no beer-related items, wine or whisky or syrup bottles. Labels on "tap handle" are clean, very modern, without life, no crazy drawing. Overall, honestly I really enjoyed the idea of this bar but something is missing ; I think both pub and breweries are responsible. I would like to know how things are going to change in 1 or 2 years in Bourgogne. Nevertheless a MUST-GO ! If I come back to Dijon, I will certainly go back !!“
VDuquerroux 1163 days ago
“Nice belgian bar ; modern woody. Billiards, darts games. Patio seems enjoyable during this sunny day. 10 beers on tap, mostly belgian classics. On the menue, same ; 4-5 european beers (De Molen Op & Top, Camden Lager...). What is most interesting : 10 regional beers (Vitteaux, Rouget de Lisle, Brasserie Baboon) ; only bar I know with a "streetal". I think this word doesn't exist. Let me explain, there are regional beers (same Region, Bourgogne-Franche Comté), local beers (same Department or in the surroundings, Côte-d'Or ), streetal beers (same street Boulevard de Strasbourg!) ; one beer from microbrasserie de l'Arquebuse ; picture on the label is what I see on the roundabout :). Friendly service.“
VDuquerroux 1165 days ago
64 /100
Hyperboissons Dijon (Beer Store)
“Big drink shop in a retail area with a nice selection of french and foreigner beers. A bit random but nice.“
ruigo 1422 days ago
72 /100
Hyperboissons Dijon (Beer Store)
“Winkel bezocht in juli 2014, deze ligt op een uitgestrekt sfeerloze retailgebied net buiten de stad. Maar het Is er een oase voor de bierliefhebber in dit wijngebied. De bekende selectie Belgische en Duitse bieren aangevuld met zeker 100 Franse en 100 Internationale bieren. Dit Is toch echt wel een tripje waard. Prijzen zijn redelijk.“
rikstar 2524 days ago
78 /100
Hyperboissons Dijon (Beer Store)
“huge drinks store in Chenôve, a few minutes south of Dijon on the D974, route des grands crues. The focus, of course, is on wine - but they stock about 300 different beers, about 100 French, lots of Belgian, German, Danish, US, Canadian..... For me, the French Collection was most interesting. They stock lots of local brewers but also from other French regions. Prices are good and staff are very friendly and helpful. If you are near the beautiful city of Dijon don’t miss this place. Parking is available in front of the store. Will definitely return.“
Quack-Duck 2557 days ago
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