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“Finally visited my sister’s SAQ, limited selection of imported beers, got the De Ranke XXX.“
azzurro 1074 days ago
“Passed by as I was visiting my sister, went to see their beer menu, a good variety, yet, nothing special.“
azzurro 1074 days ago
72 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“Long time overdue visit to this place close to my mom, went with my brother for their great sausages, look at their selection, a lot of easy beer, limited to no rare.“
azzurro 1101 days ago
“Finally was able to visit the home place, a bit disappointing in the selection, I was hoping for some exclusive, yet, friendly staff.“
azzurro 1353 days ago
“Visited on December 12, 2018, in the afternoon. Located a few kilometers south of Saucissier William J. Walter on the same road, in a mini strip mall with some parking spots, this location is as big as the Mascouche site, but the selection is about the same the three other Espace Houblon. For those who have never been to one of the other stores, they have all the Quebec micros available, plus a few out of province and no big breweries. They also have cidres (hard and and non alcoholic), a big selection of hot sauces, some cured meats and a few snacks. The service was ok, she never went to see us if we needed any help, but still courteous. I was happy to find some Labrosse from Pointe-Claire (fairly limited distribution) and to my big surprise, a beer from Macallen. I my opinion, Espace Houblon is far better in terms of selection, but Saucissier William J. Walter those have snacks too and their home made sausages.“
Quevillon 1511 days ago
“Visited for on June 20, 2018, in the afternoon. A tap room, bottle shop and boutique, that open sometime last year. It's located on the second story of the brewery, just follow the direction to Le Relais Boréal with its own parking place. An average size tap room and store, with a Boreal forest style theme, kind of. At the tap bar, they only serve sample size (4 oz), but they are free, half of the 8 taps are available almost anywhere, the others are the rare IPA du Nord-Est (two taps) and two one offs. You can have any of them filled up in a 1 or 2 litre growler. They also have bottles and cans for sale, but they are all available in many stores in Quebec. The merchandise selection is quite nice, a good variety of glassware, clothing and some beer stuff. Other than the merchandise, the only draw is for the rare and one off beers, not exactly worth traveling long distance for.“
Quevillon 1686 days ago
“Recently opened according to my brother. Went to see, nice place, nice selection of provincial popular micros. Good to know.“
azzurro 1801 days ago
“More of a Wine shop, the beer selection is very poor. The staff knowledge on beer is also very limited. SAQ have 100 beer on their website but it’s another story in store. In this one, there is around 25 to 30 different beers.“
Arcanor 2201 days ago
“Classic grocery store, there’s a large choice of Quebec craft beer, but nothing special, all regulars but at better price then speciality store.“
Arcanor 2411 days ago
74 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“Great place with lots of sausage, special mustard and of course beers. On the left their is a fridge with growler of microbrasserie Des Beaux Pres and some other beers that you can’t find elsewhere around. The beer selection isn’t that great but they have some stuff that can be hard to find. Prices are average. Service was good even though I didn’t need help make up my mind.“
Stoned99 2935 days ago
76 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“Visité lors du Rallye Bières et Plaisirs 2013. La sélection de bières est plutôt ordinaire mais s’en tire quand même bien, Par contre, l’attraction principale sont les saucisses et elles sont excellentes. Le service est efficace et les prix sont dans la moyenne.“
Whatup14 3395 days ago
74 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“Not a great selections, but a good selections more affordable then Montreal. I can find some rare beer weeks after they disappear in less then a week in Montreal. Good glass selection but expensive. Great sausages.“
Arcanor 3579 days ago
80 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“Excellent choix de bières sur la rive-nord de Montréal, les employées nous conseillent judicieusement.“
BlogueDeBieres 4089 days ago
70 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“Endroit chaleureux où on a pris soin de tenir une belle sélection de microbrasseries québécoises qui sont offertes en complément de saucisses gourmet, de produits fins et du terroir. C’est également un casse-croute où on vous sert lesdites saucisses, bien chaudes...“
GarnotingPete 4279 days ago
74 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“This is a very well stocked Walter saucisserie, with lots of obscure Quebec micros one can’t find in some specialty stores. By obscure, I mean Archibald, Pit-Caribou, Le Naufrageur, Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean, La Chouape, À La Fût, etc. A great little find in the suburbs north of Laval; they have more selection than Saucisserie BDF.“
MartinT 4548 days ago
92 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“Très grand choix de bières du Québec. Faut voir.“
LAcolonelle 4655 days ago
72 /100 947, RUE CURÉ-LABELLE
“Visité pour la première fois le 5 décembre 2008. Pour ceux et celles qui connaissent la Saucisserie BDF, c est pas mal la même chose. Presque tout les micro québécoises disponible, quelque importés et aucunes produits de Labatt, Molson et de bières éconos. Bien sur il y a les saucisses. Ce qu il est différant, l un est sa localité avec un grand boulevard très achalandé et la boutique est plus grande avec quelque tables pour mangé un sandwish. Seulement les heurs que je ne raffole pas beaucoup.“
Quevillon 5169 days ago