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Latest reviews from Chicoutimi

54 /100 1224, BOUL. STE-GENEVIÈVE
“Busy place if going toward the Valinouët, nice selection, still limited, but above average for the area.“
azzurro 734 days ago
30 /100 641 DELISLE
“Walked by with a friend, trying to find some snack food while partying at a friend in-between game. Not much to see here.“
azzurro 735 days ago
“Visited on August 3, 2018 in the evening. Located on the main commercial hub of Chicoutimi, they have parking but it is a pain in the ass. Similar to the Pierre-Bertrand blvd location in Quebec City, only a bit smaller, but as loud and douchey. Quite crowded with mostly crapy staff, except for our waiter. The beer selection is about the same as the two other places I've been, nice but not too original. Same for the food, but it took 45 minutes to get our order and it was not worth the wait. There is a nice pizza place in the downtown, I'll go back, try something else or drive 10 K West to Jonquière!“
Quevillon 1090 days ago
50 /100 517, RACINE EST
“J'y suis allé dans ma jeunesse. Une place qui n'était pas de mon style. Leurs bières aujourd'hui sont moyennes ou inférieures a la competition.“
azzurro 1292 days ago
“A small grocery store in downtown Chicoutimi. The selection is descent with new arrivals on a regular basis. The prices are good for regular stuff but it gets pretty salty when you looking for specialties. Most of the staff know what they’re talking about and they give good advice. Also there’s a good choices of delicatessen & cheese. Nice place if you ask me.“
Marclav 2782 days ago
“Visited December 26th 2012. I had a lot of apprehension about this place being noisy, with TV screens everywhere and looking like a sports bar...Well, I was right. The trick, if you want to avoid the crowd and the noise, is to go early; because the beer is worth it. We arrived around 5:00 PM and the place was half full and the noise was OK; It started getting real noisy and c rowdy around 7:00PM. A couple of hours were sufficient for 3 great beers and meal. Best one was that holiday seasonal; Bebye làlà. Other good ones were La Criminelle and La Malcomode (see my ratings). Service was also excellent; thanks to Alexandra for her patience over my pointed questions on beers. Selection was fair (8 beers) and food was good too. I’d say, for having visited most breweries around Lac St-Jean and Saguenay, that this one has the best beers...If you can stand the noise.“
dandeman 3130 days ago
“Visité en décembre 2010, c’est un endroit bruyant et bondé. Difficile de s’entendre, encore plus de se faire entendre. La sélection de bières et la nourriture reste sympathiques, la place est, de prime abord, invitante avec ses couleur chaude. Si ce n’était du vacarme qui y règne, la Voie Maltée pourrait être relaxante...“
Titon 3714 days ago
“Best selection in the area. Beware of the freshness of the products available. Haven’t Had the chance to take a look at the food. Some beers cost more there then I’m used to pay for. Doesn’t worth the trip alone but if you’re there and in need of beer worth the stop.“
punkska101 4367 days ago
“Definitely the best store if you ever go through this somewhat remote region of Quebec. As mentioned by previous raters, the place is full of old bottles from brewers that I haven’t brewed in years. Price is slightly on the high side though considering it is the only notable beer store within 300km it is somehow understandable. Some empty bottles did surpise me such as old Unibroue Fin Du Monde champagne style bottle that are unfortunately not for sale.“
Boutip 4415 days ago
“A short walk from the hotel we stayed at when visiting Chicoutimi, the store is conveniently located. I expected a large selection, though it’s extraordinary for the region. Possibly more Quebec rarities than any other store in the province, but this has the major drawback that freshness cannot be expected. You’ll likely find up to 5 beers that you have not seen anywhere else in more than a year. That they still have beers like the MacAllen pils or La Festive is absurd despite the fact that those beers used to kick ass. I hope it’s more because they buy a lot, because otherwise, you’d have to sell very little. Not the kind of place where I’d expect particularly good advice.“
Rastacouere 4665 days ago
“Établissement visité le dimanche 12 octobre vers 10h. Ambiance: Marché de quartier sous la bannière Axep. Les bière sont regroupées autour d’un gros régrigérateur. Service: Dans les normes de ce genre de marché. Sélection: On y trouve presque tout ce qui est disponible au Québec ainsi que quelques bières exclusives à ce commerce. ATTENTION DE VÉRIFIER LA FRAÎCHEUR DES PRODUITS, LORS DE MON PASSAGE ON Y TROUVAIT QUELQUES BIÈRES QUI AVAIENT DÉPASSÉES LEURS POINTS DE FRAIICHEUR. Nourriture: Nous sommes dans un marché donc vous trouver de tout ou presque. (111e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 4667 days ago
“Établissement visité le samedi 11 octobre vers 20h30. Ambiance: Décoration brique et métal. L’endroit est très bruyant. Présence d’un bar centrail. Présence de téléviseur sur les murs. Service: Les serveurs couraient partout pour servir les très nombreux clients. Sélection: Lors de mon passage il y avait 8 bières maisons. Nourriture: J’ai pris la pizza St-Benoit Cajun. À NOTER QUE LE VESTIAIRE EST OBLIGATOIRE ET PAYANT. CE QUI EST, À MON AVIS, UNE ESCROQUERIE. (107e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 4670 days ago
“Large, apparently popular, crowded bar. A clean place that has an American restaurant feeling with the spacey, brick-walled dark interior loaded with TV showing sports. Not the most welcoming place for the beer geek, it’s loud and loaded with people who would be into loud places. I expected a bit more out of the food which was advertised as innovative. All the recipes are supposed to include beer, but there are not so many of them and they do not venture out of the brewpub fare sphere. Fortunately, the beer is of high quality for the area, with a few differences compared to the Jonquiere location which was a nice surprise. Still, if you got to Chicoutimi, you might as well head towards Jonquiere for the other Voie Maltee which I find more intimate.“
Rastacouere 4672 days ago
“This is the new Voie Maltée brewpub, walking distance from the center of Chicoutimi. The atmosphere is completely different from their original location in Jonquière...this new pub and restaurant emulates larger American brewpubs such as Rock Bottom with their open rooms, many tvs, dim-lighting, loud conversations over hip music, etc. Definitely not comfortable on a busy evening. The crowd is made of hip 30-somethings. They have a ridiculous mandatory coat deposit policy which costs you 1$ as you get in. Flat out robbery, if you ask me. The food is similar to that of their Jonquière location, but has a few more beer-based choices. The beer served here is the same as the ones in Jonquière, but there were a few more at the Jonquière on the same weekend during this last regional visit. Their regular offerings are all very clean, but do feel generic at times. They had one seasonal (a scottish ale) and their two specialty offerings, a barley wine and an imperial stout. If you are in the area and are looking for a night out with friends in a trendy bar and restaurant, this good brewpub should suit you.“
MartinT 4677 days ago
“This small grocery store most likely has the best selection of Québécois beer anywhere north of Quebec City. They pretty much have everything available in bottles in the province and tend to keep plenty of the stronger, older beers months after most Montreal-area stores are bereft of them. On the other hand, they tend to keep pretty much anything if it doesn’t sell, which is why you might see 1-year-old pilseners if you are not careful. If you are in the Saguenay/Lac-St-Jean region and in need of a few good Quebec bottles, you’ll definitely appreciate this store.“
MartinT 5099 days ago
72 /100 517, RACINE EST
“Located in Chicoutimi downtown nearby the Saguenay river, offers the typical choice of beer. I would recommend the stouted one and even the blonde one (remember me the Seigneurial Blonde (the old one)). The prices are ok, even cheap.“
Paskal 5828 days ago
58 /100 517, RACINE EST
“Nice location, great view of the river form the many terrasses on both floors. This is an old, semi-historic building they converted into a brewpub. It’s only been open since the summer of 2004 and they seem to be showing some potential. 7 Beers were on tap, and one bottled offering. A little something for everyone, blonde ales and lagers, a decent Wit, a good Stout. Nothing out of this world, but mostly solid offerings and good crossover brews, perfect for this region who hasn’t been exposed to Better Beer very much. The Beergeeks, like me, might like La Voie Maltée better, but this is a great place to get people started on craft Beer. They often host tastings and conferences, have live music on weekends and discount nights on weekdays. The brewmaster wasn’t there during my last visit, so I couldn’t get a tour, but service was friendly enough, and the nachos were great.“
Goldorak 6057 days ago