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88 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Another great place in the eastern townships... Great tap room with plenty of seating, early 20th century feel with copper ceiling, good beer selection, flight available for 12$, good upscale food menu, add the beet salad with blue cheese, good prices. A must...“
Lubiere 324 days ago
78 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“As we were nearby, made a little detour for this provincial landmark, my brother had a bad experience with staff on his visit, ours was a bit more pleasant, yet could use some improvement, and again, where everybody are short of employee, the old way of client services maybe gone forever.“
azzurro 362 days ago
66 /100 4500, CHEMIN STROBL
“Magnifique vignoble. Un cidre brassé qui pourrait être intéressant, mais il y a environ du travail à faire. Prix pour les dégustations tout a fait correct, service efficace. Belle boutique de produits du terroir.“
Whatup14 724 days ago
72 /100 1047, RUE BRUCE
“Belle petite boutique située un peu au milieu de nulle part, mais tout de même très proche de la Brasserie Dunham. Service sympathique connaissant bien les produits offerts. Dégustation commentée de tous les produits offertes gratuitement. Leurs cidres sont pour la plupart très bons.“
Whatup14 1731 days ago
88 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Visited on a Sunday for lunch. Their inner courtyard patio was full so we sat inside in the new "Table Fermière" restaurant section. Rustic and rural atmosphere. 8 beers on tap at the time of my visit and 6 bottles to go or for consumption on the premises. You can also get growler fills in the bar section. Everything we had was fantastic and I will undoubtedly be back. Good times.“
ametras 2148 days ago
48 /100 107, RUE BRUCE
“Petit dépanneur situé juste à côté de la microbrasserie Dunham. Le choix de bières n’est pas très grand, mais ils ont souvent les produits plus limités de Dunham. Service plutôt absent et les prix sont plutôt bons. Pas vraiment d’intérêt à y aller, mais la seule fois où j’y suis aller ils avaient la bière que je cherchais alors qu’il n’y en avait plus chez Dunham même.“
Whatup14 2275 days ago
92 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Visited on June 23, 2016, at noon. This is not my first visit, but the last time was when they were called Brasseur et Frères and the pub called Public House, that was in 2008, two years before the change. So now they have new co owners, new beers (since the ones from B&F are discontinued) and about a month ago, a restaurant. Other than the new beers, who were very good and the restaurant (small menu but the food was also good), not much has change. Located in an old stagecoach inn in the centre of town, a nice causey pub in the old Public House, a rusty dining room at the restaurant, medium size intimate patio that is divided for the pub and the restaurant. They also have beers to go. The place, like their beers, are an upgrade from Brasseur et Frères!“
Quevillon 2287 days ago
88 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Évaluation basée sur mes deux visites lors des Bottle Release de mai 2015 et 2016. Belle place situé au milieu du village de Dunham. Ambiance festive, terrasse ensoleillée (et maintenant plus grande). L’intérieur est un peu petit et il y fait très chaud. L’attente à l’intérieur pour commander est fastidieuse lors de ces évènements, malgré qu’il y a eu une nette amélioration du service cette année. On y retrouve en tout temps quelques-unes de leurs bières en fûts, possibilité d’acheter des bouteilles sur place, dont certains brassins limités plus difficiles à trouver, ainsi que d’y remplir des growlers. Je ne pense pas qu’ils y servaient de la bouffe mais ils viennent d’acquérir le restaurant voisin, donc c’est sur le point de changer. Ma note est un peu biaisée par le fait que mes visites l’ont été lors d’évènement spéciaux mais je n’ai aucun doute que c’est un bel endroit à visiter en tout temps.

Visite hors Release lors de la fin de semaine de l'Action de Grâce 2017. La terrasse était bondée et nous avons dû prendre place du côté restaurant. Première surprise, le menu bière était différent de celui de la brasserie 5 mètres plus loin. La cuisine était fermée mais on nous a obligé à prendre un amuse-gueule (nachos ou olives) pour une question de permis... Je devais aller chercher mes consommations au bar si je voulais quelque chose de différent du restaurant car il ils ne partagent pas le même service aux tables. Tout ceci a rendu l'expérience un peu spéciale. Sinon, c'était bien, bonnes bières comme toujours.“
Franckg 2287 days ago
76 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Stopped in to meet Tommy and Julien and have a couple of beers. This a very beautiful little bar with a deck in a really nice small rural town. Parking is a bit extreme. All beer were excellent, the service was nice but very slow, prices were good, you should definitely stop if you’re near!“
dresden 2692 days ago
70 /100 1047, RUE BRUCE
“Visited on a Friday afternoon on May 15th 2015. Located really close to two other cideries (Château de Cartes & Domaine Côte d’Ardoises) and in the same area than Brasserie Dunham and a few other cideries.

Ambiance: Small boutique with not much to do around. Guided tours are available, but not every day so call before.

Service: Friendly staff with not much knowledge on the products other than the usual salespitch which can get annoying when it’s not your first cidery visit. At least, I learned that their Cidre Appéritif has been barrel-aged in 3 different types of barrels so far (bourbon, whiskey and sauternes).

Selection: 4 rateable products with 2 more to come soon. Out of these 4, three are available at SAQ stores. The one that is only available at the boutique is the Cidre de Glace Réserve (winter harvest). Tasting flights of 3 products are available for 4$, but they are free if you buy a bottle.

Food: n/a

Value: Prices are in line with other cideries and just a tad under what you can find in SAQ stores for their products.

Overall: It’s worth a quick visit while in the area to buy the Cidre de Glace Réserve and get your free tasting while buying a bottle.

tom10101 2692 days ago
44 /100 107, RUE BRUCE
“Visited quickly on a Friday afternoon before going to Brasserie Dunham.

Ambiance: As fun as a general store can get.

Service: Somebody can help you if you need hardware, not sure about beers though. At least nobody bothers you when you make your selection.

Selection: The hardware selection seems to be much better than the beer selection. They have a small fridge full of craft beer including a few interesting one from Dunham and Farnham but like Julien said there’s definitely some freshness issues.

Food: There’s a few not so fresh vegetables and some commercial chocolate bars.

Value: Price were really good though. I bought a rather fresh Farnham DIPA for 2,99$/473 ml.

Overall: The kind of place that souldn’t be in the database. If you want a beer, go on the other side of the street and grab one at one of the best brewery in Québec (Brasserie Dunham) where there’s some bottles/growlers to go.

tom10101 2692 days ago
60 /100 879, RUE BRUCE
“Visited on a Friday afternoon on May 15th 2015. The boutique is at the winery and not at the orchard (former Maplehearst orchard), but they are really close to each other... and close to a bunch of other cideries in Dunham area.

Ambiance: Medium sized boutique. Nice terrasse. From what I understood, they organize a few events during the year like scupture exhibition in the yard.

Service: Like Julien said, the staff was friendly but I’m not too sure about their knowledge of the products (it was a newly hired employee).

Selection: 2 rateable products (Pomelière & Pomardoise) which aren’t available in SAQ stores + a bunch of wine (which is their primary product). We got to try a blend of the 2 ciders, which wasn’t bad at all.

Food: n/a

Value: Prices are in line with other ciders/ice ciders. When we visited, there was an interesting package deal (Pomelière + Pomardoise) for 29$ which was about 5$ less than buying each bottle individually.

Overall: The least interesting and most "touristy" cider stop in Dunham area (and our quickest), but if you have time it’s still worth a stop to get their products.

tom10101 2692 days ago
84 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Dunham is one of the top 3 brewers in Quebec right now and you can enjoy a beer in their brewery. I’ve been here twice now and really enjoyed my visits. Dunham is a very pretty little town with lots of tourist attractions (cycling and hiking in the monteregian hills, hunting, a wine trail and so on) so if you happen to be in the area, you need to stop by this brewery. They have pretty much everything, cask beer, beer to go, growler fills, live music, wifi, and so on - except for food. However, you can bring your own, and the staff will even suggest a few local places for you (there is a tapas restaurant in town I need to try next time I’m around there). The brewer and the owner are around and available for a chat which is always fun. The place itself is small but very enjoyable, nice patio to enjoy a beer outside, small but comfortable inside area as well. Most of the beers they brew are widely available in stores around Quebec, but I still think these guys are worth a visit.“
JulienHuxley 2693 days ago
48 /100 107, RUE BRUCE
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. Grocery store is the closest appelation I guess, because this is actually a general store. They have hardware, a few not so fresh vegetables and some staple food items. They also happen to have one fridge unit full of craft beer. The beer they stock is mostly from breweries from that part of Quebec. Prices are very good, but freshness is not, I saw several old oneoffs sitting there on shelves. Service beerwise is non-existant to the best of my knowledge. Not really worthy of a stop, unless you’re in need of beer to go and happen to be in Dunham. Even then, I would say go to Micro Dunham across the street and get a growler.“
JulienHuxley 2693 days ago
70 /100 1047, RUE BRUCE
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. small shop right on the famous Rue Bruce that hosts 3 cideries in Dunham. They offer 3 samples for 4$, free if you end up buying something. They have 4 really nice products, a "cidre de feu", a fortified cidre de feu and two different ice ciders, all tasty. Service was a bit bland, usual ramble to tourists about what makes this cider so much better than anything else, clear sales-pitch material but the products are worth a stop in. Worth the stop for the products, definitely one of the smaller places, so it shouldn’t take you much time.“
JulienHuxley 2693 days ago
60 /100 879, RUE BRUCE
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. This place used to be only about wine until they purchased the orchard across the street and started making an ice cider and a sparkling cider. The shop is relatively small but there is a large area you can wander around, picnic tables outside, and so on, this is a very touristy part of Quebec as many people come here for the "Route de vins" wine-region visit. The staff inside the shop was friendly but more or less knowledgeable, mainly there to guide people to sales. We quickly purchased the 2 rateable ciders and had a quick sample before being on our way. It’s a very easy stop to make when visiting cideries in the Dunham region (literally all right next to each other) but not a mindblowing experience.“
JulienHuxley 2693 days ago
74 /100 4921, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. Very close to the town of Dunham, on the route to Pinnacle as Tom mentionned, boatloads of cideries and wineries in the area. The shop was quite small, they mostly only sell their wines and ciders. The guy there was knowledgeable about his products, there was something a bit posh and bourgeois in the vibe that is common to all cideries, but at least this guy knew his stuff and was quite friendly. They had all their products available for sampling for a low price, purchases were reasonably priced as well. Very beautiful setting, the guy there told us they were working on a small terrasse where you will be able to chill maybe eat some picnic lunch and enjoy the view which will be pretty awesome I think. Definitely a worthy stop on the Quebec cider tour.“
JulienHuxley 2693 days ago
72 /100 4921, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Visited on a friday afternoon on May 15th 2015. Just a few miles from Brasserie Dunham, Union Libre and Château de Cartes in one direction and of Domaine Pinnacle and Clos Saragnat in the other.

Ambiance: Small boutique at the orchard. Nice outdoor area for a picnic on a sunny day.

Service: Guys there are really proud of their products and they know them very well which is great. They also know very well about the medals their products won which was getting just a bit annoying but nothing to ruin the visit at all. I still prefer that quite a lot to an employee who doesn’t know anything beside the usual "sales pitch" which happen quite often in cideries.

Selection: They had 4 rateable products (9 total, including one apple juice) that you could buy to go. You can also try all the 9 products in small tasting flights for 3,50$ total. There’s a few things that you can’t get at SAQ stores (I think only their Ice Cider and the Pomme - Framboise are available in a few SAQ stores), but from what I understood everything is available at Le Marché des Saveurs (Montréal).

Food: n/a

Value: Price of the bottles to go are similar to what you can find at SAQ stores (for the products available there). Maybe a tad on the pricey side, but nothing out of line compared to other ciders / cidre liquoreux / ice ciders on the market.

Overall: It’s worth a stop if you are in the area to speak with the owners about the products and get those you can’t buy at SAQ stores, especially if you don’t live near Le Marché des Saveurs. The tasting is interesting as well. Their Vendanges Tardives wine was pretty good.

tom10101 2694 days ago
78 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Visited on a Saturday (May 2nd 2015) around 6 p.m.

Ambiance: Place was totally empty except for the waitress, 2 locals and three musicians making sound test for the show later that night. Seems like a fun place and the terrasse is nice but the ambiance was lacking a bit.

Service: Super friendly and fast but we were the only one there.

Selection: Dunham’s beers only. Interesting tap selection with a few of their regular offerings (which are available in bottles in almost every specialized beer stores in Québec) as well as some special beers and tasty hoppy beers. Most of what is available is high quality. Some bottles available "to go" at good prices but there was not much left when I visited.

Food: No food and the small restaurant in the same building is now closed. You can bring some food though and the options are either ordering some fast food or taking a 5 minutes walk to order some tapas to-go at La Bodega (the cod fishcakes were especially tasty).

Value: Prices are good both for draft offerings and bottles to go.

Overall: I will visit again for sure. Hopefully there will be a little more ambiance and I will be able to increase my score for this place as Dunham is probably my favorite Québec brewery currently.

NOTE: Be super cautious in the parking, it’s a minefields.

tom10101 2707 days ago
82 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Je suis vendu, même si ça me coûte cher de gaz pour s’y rendre ça vaut la peine! Une micro qui ne cesse de m’épater avec leur diversité et leur imagination. Petit bémol, le goût de leurs bières varient souvent d’un brassin à un autre“
desrochesb 3123 days ago
82 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Bel endroit un peu rustique avec une belle terrasse. L’intérieur est un peu petit. Bon choix de bières en fût qui sont pour la plupart excellentes. Le service est efficace et les prix sont plutôt bons. Je n’ai pas mangé, mais leur poutine semblait délicieuse.“
Whatup14 3267 days ago
82 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“One of my favourite Brewery.“
coconoel25 3498 days ago
56 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Bien pour l’emplacement, terasse extérieur entre de jolies murs, mais autre petit restaurant collé. Service asse lent et, durant l’action de grasse, peu de bières disponibles. Tout de même sympathique et vaut le détour pour une petite bière rapide. Au niveau de la bouffe, nachos de l’épicerie avec un petit pot de salsa de l’épicerie, donc très moyen de ce côté là.“
OliverG 3990 days ago
76 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Unique setup been there two times for "La clé en champ fest" The staff is very friendly. Brewery tour was offered on both occasions which is always fun. The beers selection is good the beers are all well made and brew according to the style. Make sure to check the business hour before going.“
punkska101 4789 days ago
74 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“I like the location of this place, it is in the centre of town. The service is nice seeing we were served by one of the owners.The choice of beers was quite good.The ambiance is friendly and very inviting. I am looking forward to going again.“
LadySusan 5403 days ago
70 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Very friendly cute little pub right next to the brewery/bottling installation. In the middle of nowhere (by city-boy standards). By quebec definition this is a tasting room, not a pub. This means no food and no products other than their own beers (no wine, drinks, etc.). I really really liked the decoration and warmth of the place. Put together with love more than with big $. Very clean and cute artisan grandma-countryside decoration. Brasseurs & Frères beers are all very clean and enjoyable crowd pleasers. None push any envelop but you find any defaults either. As far as I know the pub (tasting room) doesn’t offer any special brew only available on location but that may have changed. There is their Public House beer, but this really is a entry-level blond for the tourist that walks in asking for a bud, and even then the Public House sometimes pops-up in other pubs. Number of available taps will very likely vary but there was about 6 when I was there. Ultra-friendly service and staff. All in all, really worth the detour if you are in the neighbourhood.“
Glouglouburp 5463 days ago
72 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Incredibly warm place, well thought-out, well located for such a tiny village and feeling at the heart of the town with several of the pub’s design and furniture being done by local artisans. A nice touch. The beers are all clean and mostly good example of the styles with a caramelly touch. Qualiy all throughand friendliest service.“
Rastacouere 5604 days ago
72 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“A small rural brewery with an adjoining pub (called Public House) situated at the back of an old brick coach house. The inside of the pub is artfully and intelligently decorated, all is warm and possesses lots of personality. House beers are part of the draw as well (of course), and all are extremely drinkable and reliably clean. They used to be served way too cold for my liking Ɠ degrees Celsius?), but on the last visit this seemed to have been corrected. Winter hours at the pub are reduced, which is wise since the local population is minute, and tourists avoid the region once the first snowfall hits the ground. As is, this is probably the cutest tasting room of a microbrewery I’ve ever seen.“
MartinT 5824 days ago
76 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“Établissement visité le 28 juillet 2006 vers 15h30 après une randonnée sur le mont Sutton. Ambiance: À ce jour il s’agit de la plus belle terrasse que j’ai croisé pour un brewpub. Une magnifique cours intérieur agrémentée d’une fontaine. L’intérieur est aussi jolie. Service: Le service a été impécable. Chaque bière nous fut présenté avec toute ses caractéristiques. Sélection: Lors de mon passage 6 bières étaient au menu et d’autre sont à prévoir. Sur les 4 que j’ai goûté la Double fut ma préférée. Nourriture: Aucune de disponible mais par contre vous devez absolument goûter à leur sublime limonade maison au gingembre. (19e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 5906 days ago
74 /100 3809, RUE PRINCIPALE
“I found the place totally by accident, easy to find right at the only main streetcorner in town. The patio looked fantastic, but it was raining. The bar inside is warm and intimate with plain, sober décor, and almost everything in there was either hand made by the brothers and their friends or fixed up by them. It’s an island bar in the center with tables all around. 4 Beers were available on-tap, a refreshing blonde, a nice bitter, a surprisingly good brown ale (I say that because I happen to not be a big fan of the style, so it’s a feat for me to try one that I actually enjoy. Jean told me it was one of his oldest homebrew recipies, so he’s been tweaking it for years) and a very well made dubbel that I had a few glasses of. They started bottling some of their products, it should hit the stores soon once they get labelling issues figured out. Only food available was chips. Altogether a great experience, small lineup but I’d rather see 4 solid offerings than a multitude of crap, though Mel was a bit dissapointed that there wasn’t a Wit or something more up her tastebud alley. Only about an hour away from Montreal, and really close to the US border.“
Goldorak 5976 days ago
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