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“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. Entrancing landscape surrounding the cidery. Louise kindly welcomes us in their narrow retail place, she’s strongly knowledgeable and speaks passionately about their products. At the time of our visit, three or four ciders and a straw wine were available to go, some of which can be sampled. Unavoidable.“
ametras 2278 days ago
“Superbe cidrerie dans un décor enchanteur. Plusieurs produits délicieux offert en dégustation, prix corrects et léger rabais à l’achat de plusieurs bouteilles. Service sympathique et connaissant bien ses produits.“
Whatup14 2673 days ago
“Visited on a saturday afternoon (May 2nd 2015). Really close to Domaine Pinnacle and only 15 minutes from Brasserie Dunham.

Ambiance: Beautiful orchard with a small boutique / tasting room.

Service: Louise, one of the owners, welcomed us at the boutique / tasting room and discussed with us about the orchard, the ciders/ice ciders, organic farming... she could talk about it for hours if we did not have to leave. We need more artisans like her.

Selection: Three rateable products were available (Avalanche, Pomiel and Amer). Unfortunately they didn’t have the "Original" ice cider but it should be there later this summer as well as their cidre bouché. There was also a Vin de Paille available to go. Small ciders tasting flights are available for free .

Food: n/a

Value: Prices are in line with other ice ciders on the market. Their Avalanche’s price was similar to what it is in SAQ stores. Small flights were free. Their Amer is a bit pricey and not for everyone so try it before you buy it.

Overall: Definitely worth a visit to discuss with the passionate owners. I need to come back this summer for a tour (their orchard seems idyllic) and to finally get to buy/try their Original Ice Cider (which isn’t distributed through SAQ stores). There’s 5 tours / week during summer, you can see the hours on their website (not always the same time / day).

tom10101 2837 days ago
“Visited on a saturday afternoon (around 5 p.m, on May 2nd 2015).

Ambiance: Beautiful location with the orchard surrounding the boutique / tasting room.

Service: It was "ok". Not rude at all, but the less friendly of the 7 cideries we visited today. The staff was making a spring cleaning while we where there, but we were on opening hours (it’s closing at 6 p.m. during summer hours).

Selection: Decent selection of bottles available "to go" but nothing you can’t find in SAQ stores except for magnums of their sparkling ice ciders. Small flights available for free. The tasting was Verger Sud Pétillant, Verger Sud Tranquille, Cidre de Glace, Cidre de Glace Réserve, Réserve 1859 and Coureurs des Bois. Decent selection of other goodies like ice cider jelly an such.

Food: n/a

Value: Small flights available for free. Their prices are very similar to other ice ciders and to what you can find in SAQ stores.

Overall: I might come again to visit the orchard if I go to Brasserie Dunham but I won’t be making a trip again here to visit just to visit the store because everything is available at SAQ stores and because I haven’t been so impressed by the welcome.

tom10101 2837 days ago
“A nice little shop a top a hilly orchard that made for great views. Person working wasn’t particularly knowledgeable but was friendly and generous with the samples. All of their ciders were available for purchase and samples as well as a few liquors. Again Ice Cider is expensive but to be expected.“
deyholla 3789 days ago
“First stop in Canada across the border during BQ2010. The snowfall across the magistic landscape only added to the euphoria of this visit. The sun reflecting off the snow-covered orchard brightened the tasting room to something of divine nature. I will remember this visit for the rest of my life. The woman who was working there at the time was incredibly nice and provided many free tastings of ice ciders and liquors. Many of there offerings were available for take-away purchase as well.“
jredmond 4007 days ago
“Nice place really relaxing there ciders are all amazing is especially there reserve.“
punkska101 4919 days ago
“This place is located in the easten townships in the mountains. The view is spectacular. The people at Domaine Pinacle are very freindly and they know the products that they sell. . In this peacful place it was nice to just talk and taste.“
LadySusan 5522 days ago
“C’est environ 5 km sud-est du village de Frelighsburg et il y a des signaux routiers qui te guidera facilement. La cidrerie est dans un endrois très pictoresque avec des collines et quelque montagnes dans les allentour, il y a même un cimitière juste à côté. Il y a deux batîments à visité; l’un c’est la boutique/salon de dégustation avec une petite terrasse à côté, il y avait 3 cidres de glaces et un liqueure de crème de cidre de pomme à dégusté gratuitement. L’autre sructure est où ils fabriquent et embouteillent le produit, la partie ouvert au publique c’est un petit centre d’interprétation. Bien que leur cidres de glaces sont assés facile à trouver, ça veut quant même le détour si vous êtes dans le coin, surtout ce n’est pas loin de Dunham et Brasseurs et Frères.“
Quevillon 5604 days ago
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