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56 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“8 beers on tap - although none really standing out of the pack. Service was a bit slow (had to go find the waiter to pay after sitting with an empty beer for 20 min). I thought the food was good.“
hopdog 2717 days ago
60 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Bel endroit avec beaucoup de place. L’ambiance est bien mais un peu trop de bruit. Bonne sélection de bière, mais les bières sont assez ordinaire. La nourriture est bonne. Je trouve que cet endroit est un peu sous-évalué par les autres. Pour moi, gagne des points pour l’ambiance mais perd des points pour la qualité des bières!“
cargo150 2909 days ago
60 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Visited on August 9th 2012 around 5:30 PM. When we came in we were asked if we were there to drink beer or to eat. We answered both. We were then told that we will have to be out of there by 8:00PM. Not very impressed. The pub/restaurant looks like a big sports bar with TVs everywhere. Very noisy ambiance. Service was fair but we felt that we were not the typical restaurant customer when we asked to take our time and wanted to taste many beers before we eat. But the waitress got along with our needs very kindly. We had about 8 beers to choose from and the three I took were from fair to very good especially the pilsner. Food was fairly good. I’d say beside the very noisy ambiance it is a fairly acceptable establishment. If you ever been to La Cage aux Sports, it is close to that except that the beer is much better.“
dandeman 3402 days ago
84 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“On a l’impression d’être dans une cabane au Canada avec les panaches et tout (SteFoy). C’est chaleureux mais manque un peut de fini...manque la police montée... Sinon, le service et les plats sont très bons.“
manul255 3629 days ago
72 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Really nice place, service was good with a good selection, food was ok but not more and price was high.Beer could get a bit more body and more tastfull, but you will go to that place for the ambiance.“
DomCharbonneau 4034 days ago
60 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“10.07.10 Nice deco Canadian chalet style the terrace is huge and cosy.The interior is vast and clean. Everything is wood there. The beer are ok but made to please the crowd not the beer connoisseur. The food selection is fair. My burger was too cook my girlfriend pizza was better. I wouldn’t recommend a trip there by itself but the place is so easy of access worth the stop if on your way to elsewhere like I was that day“
punkska101 4155 days ago
64 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Visited May 13th. A beautifuly decorated brewpub with great ambiance. The restaurant part serves very good food but it is also very pricey. The beer is fresh and decent. It’s not a beer aficionado kind of place, but if you want to have a 50$ good time, it’s a good place.“
JulienHuxley 4225 days ago
62 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Établissement visité le vendredi 27 avril vers 11h30. Ambiance: On à l’impression d’entrer dans un gros chalet (Mur de pierre, présence de grosse poutre et de panache au plafond). Plein de télévision branchée sur RDS et musique rock en sourdine. Service: On m’a expliqué le menu du jour ainsi que le choix des bières maisons. Sélection: Tout ce qui a de plus classique... blonde, blanche, rousse et noire. Nourriture: Menu une coche au dessus des menus de type pub. J’ai pris un plat du jour. En entrée, il avait une salade de verdure et de saucisses. Le plat principal était de succulents cannelonis aux crabes des neige et le dessert était un gros carré aux dattes. (43e rating d’établissement).“
TaktikMTL 5332 days ago
60 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Very big and flashy, and last night was Oktoberfest in full regalia, lederhosen et al...! Beer was from marginal to decent. The food menu is, however, the saving grace of this place (they maybe changed the chef too...;)). Had the Pizza Suisse, with swiss cheese, viande des grisons, and wild mushroom...excellent. Very friendly...and pretty...staff (hey, I have a weakness for QC City ladies).“
Lubiere 5902 days ago
42 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“A very stylish log-cabin brewpub - this is supposed to be in a ski district - well that is hard to tell in the scorching summer heat. A mainstream brewpub living off the hype of homebrewed beer - the 5 beers they had on were average. Staff friendly, but knew little of the beers.“
Ungstrup 5949 days ago
42 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Funny looking place. Pretentious and with a few surprises, though very clean and expensive. Large terrace with those annoying mirror-tables that reflect the sun in the face. Uninspiring beers and selection. Friendly service, though not very knowledgeable. An event come through place.“
Rastacouere 5975 days ago
58 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Stylish-from-a-kit sort of place...all polish and brand-new wood. Needs to be lived in a bit more but that will take decades. Service was good, though clearly they weren’t sure what to make of us. Didn’t go with any food. The beers were fairly well-made but quite dull. Typical blanche, blonde, rousse et noir lineup, though.“
Oakes 5982 days ago
38 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Ski lodge type atmosphere is big on flash. Lots of polished stone surfaces. Large bright terrasse with fire pits for the evening. Friendly attractive servers were efficient. Unfortunately, so far this seems to be style before substance. Going down the stairs, does offer a nice view into the brewery on the way to the toilets. Food appeared quite pricey for what was on offer and considering the previous review, I’m happy to have passed it up. Five beers on tap were fair at best and considering the brewer was busy showing a Budweiser rep around, I wonder how serious they are about the brewing.“
tiggmtl 5987 days ago
58 /100 1021, BOULEVARD DU LAC
“Decor is of an upper class ski lodge, lots of money has been invested, stainless steel shines everywhere, as does the wood panelling and the suntans of patrons and personnel who are proud to show it off. The food I’ve had here so far has always been run of the mill. Nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing really good either. The beers are also very approachable. They are obviously trying to reach the neophyte market, people who are being introduced to something with a different name than the local macros. They will be putting out cans of their beer very shortly. Their Brise du Lac pilsener should do the job quite well.“
MartinT 6001 days ago
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