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72 /100 2049, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Compared to all the other beer-spots around, this place looked a little vintage. Its one of the oldest beer-bars in Montreal. No flights but small size glases. Very good Polotmavy and Bohemian Pilsner. Not as loud as other places, so good for the last beer.“
dunklermessias 28 days ago
72 /100 32, RUE MCGILL
“Nice place downtown and close to the Waterfront. Good selection of beers, also some guest beers available. Nice sour beer (own) and good poutine. Reanonable price at noon. Worth a beer.“
dunklermessias 28 days ago
80 /100 951, RUE RACHEL EST
“We hit it bit after 17:00 and it was packed. We managed to find couple seats. Well I really liked the fast and friendly service. Place with a style. Mullet man and his younger brother were classy. So was the Lapland guy. Flights were served. If I'd live in Montreal I think I'd be regular here.“
Marduk 57 days ago
“Nice place. Modern interior. Fast service. Food aromas were nice. No flights, but small portions were served. Would come back.“
Marduk 57 days ago
52 /100 2255A, RUE DANDURAND
“Attempt was made, but they were closed.“
Marduk 57 days ago
62 /100 2300, RUE HOLT
“Large place with a nice view to the brewery. Empty inside, but plenty of people on patio. By the far largest amount of staff I saw in Canadian pubs. Tad pricy. You might want to visit, but it's not a must.“
Marduk 57 days ago
78 /100 5860, AVENUE DE LORIMIER
“We came here to eat the best poutine in the town and weren't disappointed. Since it was early in afternoon it was practically empty. Friendly service and flights were ordered. Other food was good too. Would come back.“
Marduk 57 days ago
“Lieu sympa, de très bonnes Craft Beer notamment en bouteille, choix de nourriture intéressant mais pas testé.“
wilzwert 58 days ago
84 /100 380, RUE SAINT-PAUL EST
“Lieu convivial, bon choix de bières pression qui évolue régulièrement, les bières brassées sur place et quelques guests. Nourriture façon pub, type nachos, poutine, très bons pour accompagner le tout, une belle adresse ou je suis retourné plusieurs fois avec plaisir.“
wilzwert 58 days ago
16 /100 1567, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“So we waited here to someone to pay us some attention. Like offer us a seat or something. But nothing. We left after 10 minutes of pointless waiting.“
Marduk 58 days ago
“This place is not a brewery. It's a brewery bottle/take-away shop. Luckily beers are sold in nearby noisy bar. Unlucky for you they are pricey there.“
Marduk 58 days ago
70 /100 2049, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Compared to all other pubs on the street, this one was relatively empty. We stopped here for a beer. They didn't do flights.“
Marduk 58 days ago
54 /100 1749, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“On a random night it was full. We managed to find ourselves couple seats at the counter, drank half pint and left. We no like touristy places.“
Marduk 58 days ago
“We were seated to beergarden which was quite tight. But with a nice view to basketball court where sweaty men played basketball. Yeah not enough room here. Service was bit rude and slow, but I didn't mind that. Huge selection of local craft, but hadwriting on blackboard was a mess. Smoking allowed on beergarden. Might come back.“
Marduk 58 days ago
“This place was slightly too empty when we hit it, but I guess it was the right timing. Lazy afternoon. As TBone says food was really good here. Service very good. But I can't see me staying here more than necessary. Not my type of place, but worth a peek anyway.“
Marduk 58 days ago
“Pretty much next door to Die Du Ciel, but nothing alike. This is more of a pub for rednecks or smth like that. Young staff, didn't care much about us. Flights were served. Loud noise. Pricy. Wouldn't recommend.“
Marduk 58 days ago
“If anything else this was our main target in Montreal. I was surprised how small this place is. It was quite crowded 'cause we arrived late. But we managed to find 2 seats next to the counter. Place was busy. Flights were served and staff was really helpful. Must visit again!“
Marduk 58 days ago
76 /100 273, RUE BERNARD OUEST
“Now this was a fun place. Excellent service. Flights were served. And complimentary whiskys came out on house from nowhere. Wouldn't you come back on those terms?“
Marduk 58 days ago
“We were allowed to have a peek to taproom on our stay at pub. Looked pretty cool tbh.“
Marduk 58 days ago
86 /100 380, RUE SAINT-PAUL EST
“We popped here after few hours of bicycling around the islands nearby. I have to say, although in the middle of the "old town" and full of tourists, it's one of the best bars in town. Good selection. Flights served. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Would come back.“
Marduk 58 days ago
52 /100 1658, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“The chain continues. Better options very close.“
Marduk 58 days ago
52 /100 105, SAINT-PAUL EST
“Ok what can you expect from money-kraft? Apparently not much, but soup was free! Well if by soup you mean half a liter very weak broth, about 30 macaronis and 12 meat like balls floating in broth then it was still free. Staff? Not very enthusiastic. Overall? Naaah.“
Marduk 59 days ago
88 /100 1039, RUE BEAUBIEN EST
“It was full on a evening we visited it, but luckily we had friend waiting for us here, who got table. Excellent service. Excellent food. Beers were from one end to another. But ambience and atmosphere were nice. Would come back.“
Marduk 59 days ago
80 /100 8100, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Very close to Jarry metro station. Looks bit worn out from outside, but nice old school soviet wooden benches train feel inside. Very helpful staff. They do flights. But what we liked most was the vegetable market in one corner of the brewery. Literally people coming in and they can buy vegetables. Not many, maybe 10 different, but I bloody like the idea! Btw coolest phone chargers I've seen. Worth visit!“
Marduk 59 days ago
78 /100 4485 RUE DE LANAUDIÈRE
“Neat smaller beer store. Solid line up of local micros. Staff was very helpful. One of better beer shops in Montreal.“
Radek Kliber 61 days ago
88 /100 5500 RUE HOCHELAGA, LOCAL 150
“Visited on August 10, 2019, in the afternoon. Located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, just south-east of the Olympic Stadium, in a large building housing many business. Little history, at one time they were associated with Oshlag and they were both owned by Groupe Glutengerg, but they just recently became independent and have associated with Jukebox, ironically Avant-Garde and Glutengerg are in different parts of the same building (also not the same addres). Their spot is at the north-west part of the building, with its own parking. The inside, what was a former bingo hall, is a mix of 60's 21th century decor, plenty of tables and chairs, but the bar has no seats. The have a large window overlooking the brewery room and they have a Nintendo 64. They offer their own and Jukebox, in 3 oz tasters, 16 oz and 10 oz for extra strong or small batch, what they have is very good and well brewed. You can buy cans to go, they do have (but not that day) some rare stuff. Food is very limited, snack mostly. Very good service. A welcome addition to a very small beer scene in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve!“
Quevillon 65 days ago
74 /100 809, RUE ONTARIO EST
“A dark, old-style pub close to the bust station, not far from downtown. Doesn't look too nice, but it is pretty fine. Decent tap list, nice prices. All in all an ok place.“
MarkoNm 66 days ago
84 /100 2233 RUE PITT
“Superbe brasserie dans située un coin industriel et au look bien assumé. Terrasse donnant sur la cour du building et tous ses graffitis. L'intérieur est tout aussi agréable. Trois bières en fût (c'était la pré-ouverture) et celle dégustée annonce un avenir prometteur à cette jeune brasserie. Les prix sont biens, le service sympathique et ils ont aussi un peu de "merch" en vente. Un (lire ici plusieurs) retour y est assuré!“
Whatup14 73 days ago
100 /100
Poincaré Chinatown (Restaurant)
“Amazing beer bar from Quebec microbreweries ! Also a nice wine list and awesome food !!!“
samuale 75 days ago
90 /100 1749, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Surprisingly, the Saint-Bock was my favorite place at Rue Saint-Denis. Nice bar and patio with a very nice selection of 40+ beer on tap. Also some very small brewerys, flights and taster available. Very nice "big fridge" of interesting and rare bottles (Mikkeller Black, Struise Old Pannepot 2009). We had lots of fun, also nice and smart staff.“
dunklermessias 91 days ago
50 /100 1658, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Quite hard to find a fair rating because there a some other place aorund within 3 minutes walking. Nice atmosphere. Beers are average, but flights were available. Fair prices and a very smart barkeeper, which wrote us a list of "beer-spots" around. Nice gesture. thumbs up for that.“
dunklermessias 91 days ago
80 /100 380, RUE SAINT-PAUL EST
“Nice beerbar without any hipster-style. Old style in an old cellar in Old Town. Creepy full on weekdays at 5 p.m. Nice selection of beer and spirits. Had some great snacks to the beer. Staff pleasent as possible in an overcrowded place. Worth a visit!“
dunklermessias 91 days ago
74 /100 1749, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“large place, industrial / sports bar decour; about 40 beers on tap, own and guest; good wifi; limited and relatively expensive food“
thorongil2 95 days ago
74 /100 951, RUE RACHEL EST
“the brewery makes mostly well constructed beers. the pub is in an ok part of town and is relatively a large place though without an outside patio. very good service. no floght and not cheap for small 4 5 ounces. still a good stop.“
Sammy 108 days ago
58 /100 1219, RUE CRESCENT
“Didn't plan to visit but stumbled across it by accident during Canada Grand Prix weekend, so had to pop in. It's on one of the main party drags of Montreal, just a block away from the madness of that particular weekend. Ambiance-wise, I'd say it's dated ... I felt like I'd returned the early 1980s. They don't have as many offerings as other places I visited in the city, but what we had was OK, nothing noteworthy either way. Staff was friendly. Brewery #875.“
Braudog 129 days ago
“Through a fortuitous turn of events, my co-worker suggested we stop here for lunch during a free window of a business trip. We stopped by on a sunny, warm Friday afternoon and sat on the small sidewalk patio. They had a sturdy list of house brews to choose from. I had 4, which ranged from somewhat sub-par to world-class, an interesting conundrum. We had one of their simple pizzas, one of the items on their limited tapas-oriented menu ... it was very good. Our server was polite and relatively prompt, if a little aloof. Friendly crowd. Brewery #874.“
Braudog 129 days ago
90 /100 809, RUE ONTARIO EST
“Nice place just 5 minutes from Q.L. Old Style Bar with a nice selection of own & guest beers. Very charming staff, with some little conversation problems (she only spoke French, me not fluently), but very smart and funny. Nice beer selection and good prizes. Quite chilling. Worth a visit.“
dunklermessias 129 days ago
“Surprisingly small and old style design place within walking distance from Q.L. Looks a little bit rocked down and quite loud. Visited at weekdays before 6:00 p.m. and still overcrowded. Stuff was friendly, but always in a hurry, beer & food took some time. Very nice selection of own and guest beers.“
dunklermessias 129 days ago
84 /100 2049, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Not far from old Montreal or the city center, this is one of four beer spots within a two block radius. It was very quiet midday on a sunny Thursday. They had roughly a dozen house beers to offer across a wide range of styles. I had two -- one was pretty good, the other was pure artistry. They have a simple bar menu, the hot pretzel I had to soak up the brews was proper. Two thumbs up! Brewery #873.“
Braudog 131 days ago
76 /100 1749, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Strolled from old Montreal to this urban place on a sunny Thursday midday. The patio was bristling, but there was ample seating in the roomy bar area. The staff was very friendly and multi-lingual (actually a Londoner behind the bar!). The beer list is massive, initially a trick to figure out which are theirs and which are from other regional crafters. I had three of their brews, all pretty good. The food menu is limited and I didn't eat, but it looked OK by Montreal standards. Worth a stop. Brewery #872.“
Braudog 131 days ago
82 /100 1567, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“NIce beer bar & restaurant at Quartier latin. 24 beers on tap, also some nice bottles. Very surprised about the selection, lots of their own brews, some interesting local guest beers as well. Smart staff. Was always crowded, also during the week, but staff still smart and fast. Flight availlable. Worth a visit.“
dunklermessias 136 days ago
64 /100 3971, RUE ONTARIO EST
“Visited on June 1, 2019, in the afternoon. Located on a major commercial street in the Hochelaga neighborhood, a few blocks from Espace Publique brewpub, it's a nice little alternative to the local brewpub with the with earlier opening hours. The name is clover in french and as you can guess it's a typical irish pub with the usual suspect taps (Guinness, Harp and a few none irish tap), but a farley large big name micro taps (Boréal, McAuslan & Trou du Diable). They also have 8 rotating smaller micro taps, which is the best reason to go there. A very good bottle liste, but you can all find them in stores in Quebec. I haven't eaten there, but it looks like you're typical pub grub. The service was good. As I stated, it is an alternative to Espace Publique!“
Quevillon 137 days ago
“Relatively small place within (long) walking distance from downtown; not crowded on early afternoon weekday; 18 beers on tap (own and guests) plus wine and some booze; wonderful beer, good if harried service, decent food (pizza was tasty, charcuterie rather small); good wifi“
thorongil2 147 days ago
72 /100 1219, RUE CRESCENT
“Medium sized space, old brick interior; 8 own beers on tap, all decent; good wifi; flights available for a song“
thorongil2 147 days ago
68 /100 2049, RUE SAINT-DENIS
“Narrow brewpub has at least two floors, perhaps even three. Their own beers had many different styles like Polotmavy. Busy restaurant vibe. We had only Nachos.“
TBone 195 days ago
62.8571428571 /100 273, RUE BERNARD OUEST
“A brewpub in Mile-End area in Montreal. Light cozy brewpub with the flight of 3 beers available. Their NEIPA was quite good. Area itself is also interesting.“
TBone 204 days ago
61.4285714286 /100 6631, BOULEVARD SAINT-LAURENT
“This is old school craftbeer bar established already in 2004. 40 beers on tap, lots of Canadian craft. As a beer tourist I would appreciate more clearer markings on board. Very popular and crowded.“
TBone 204 days ago
72.8571428571 /100 1039, RUE BEAUBIEN EST
“Isle de Garde is a small gastropub-like brewpub. I had interesting "Chinese Bolognese" here which was very tasty, so food is recommended. Interesting brews, some are even good.“
TBone 204 days ago
55.7142857143 /100 5101, BOULEVARD SAINT-LAURENT
“This Siboire is a brewpub very close to Dieu du Ciel so easy to check when you are around. Large one room very busy, crowded gastropub-like place. Lots of young people, also working. Flights of six available. Other beers were average but their bock Gilberator was very tasty.“
TBone 204 days ago