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52 /100 1507, AVENUE SAINT-LOUIS
“Small town pizza place that happens to also be a brewpub. Cozy little restaurant in a small stripmall in downtown Plessisville. They have 3 beers on tap year round, plus a wit in the summer apparently that I haven't had the chance to try. Food and beer are OK, especially if you compare with what is available in a 50km radius but that doesn't mean it's worthy of a trip. At least the service is spot on, very friendly and helpful.“
JulienHuxley 1766 days ago
56 /100 1507, AVENUE SAINT-LOUIS
“Visited on a Sunday night.

Ambiance: Place was full of locals, no beer geeks here and not much young people either. The owner said he inspired himself from Les Trois Brasseurs and it indeed looks a bit like a poor version of it with the brewing room visible through a window. For those familiar with Pizzeria Stratos, it really looks like an hybrid between a Stratos and Les Trois Brasseurs.

Service: Exactly what you could expect from a restaurant in Plessisville. Friendly. The waitress know almost everybody in the restaurant and not much about beer. The brewer came to our table to talk about his beers, which was nice.

Selection: There was 3 beers available on tap: a good Blond Ale, a subpar Brown/Amber Ale and a missed attempt at a citrusy IPA. They plan to add a Wit for the summer.

Food: Large portions. Everything was good, but nothing was stellar. We had chicken brochette, pork souvlaki and shrimps.

Value: Prices for the beer was 5,50$ / 6,00$ + taxes for 20 oz (only format available) which isn’t bad, but still a bit pricey considering the quality of the product at the moment. Prices for the food is similar to what you can find in the area.

Overall: Not exactly a place for beers lovers, but it’s still astonishing than a familial restaurant in Plessisville (!!!) decided to start brewing their own beers. It tells a lot about the craft beer movement in Québec right now. The beers aren’t impressive at the moment, but we can expect some improvements over time as the brewer never brewed until a few months ago. Don’t travel in order to visit this place, but if you are in the area for whatever reason give it a try.

tom10101 2733 days ago