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68 /100
Station Houblon (Beer Store)
“Just stopped by, in front of L’Estaminet (therefore great location), friendly and knowledgeable staff, convinced me to try one Lagabière and two Dunham. Just opened 1 month ago.“
azzurro 627 days ago
72 /100 299, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Close to the Fous Brassants, nice pick as they do have above average selection of beers, yet, not the one I asked for (sold out), but that was a tough one. Great food, a must try for sure.“
azzurro 627 days ago
76 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Stopped on our way back home, nice place, friendly staff, and good variety of home brew.“
azzurro 627 days ago
86 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Situé au centre ville bonne biere de microbrasseries fait sur place . Seul bémol c’est plus ou moins chaleureux, il manque du bois et de la brique au décors.“
LovibondChalice20 984 days ago
94 /100 299, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Beau pub au coeur du centre ville offrant plusieurs bieres de microbrasserie en bouteilles , il ne manque que des bières en fut de microbrasseries pour être parfait !!!“
LovibondChalice20 984 days ago
94 /100 256, RUE FRASER
“Meilleur endroit de la region pour trouver une bonne bière de microbrasserie ( craft beer) . Tres grand choix“
LovibondChalice20 984 days ago
64 /100 256, RUE FRASER
“Pretty much the only bottle shop of the region. It’s not super organised a bit dusty I would recommend looking a the dates. Maybe the clerk didn’t had time to refill the fridge but there was empty fridge space when Ipa were sitting on shelves. It’s right off the highway. I wasn’t impressed by my visit. I wasn’t offer any help but that not a problem since i’m a beer geek“
punkska101 1298 days ago
70 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Located on the busy main the patio is pretty much on the sidewalk and the street is quite noisy. The Service was a bit slow but their was only a single person to serve. I didn’t ate there. House beers are fair to boring. Nothing dramatic. You can buy bottle to go“
punkska101 1298 days ago
54 /100 256, RUE FRASER
“Bon choix (probablement un des rares bottle shop du coin), tous les suspects habituels sont présent. Vérifier les dates, plusieurs trucs disparus des tablettes s’y retrouvent encore . Service absents et prix un peu plus chers que la moyenne.“
Whatup14 2016 days ago
60 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Bâtisse un peu défraîchie située sur une rue passante. Service sympathique, efficace et connaissant ses produits. Pas vraiment de nourriture, mais quelques grignotines. Bières plutôt décevantes et un peu chères. Palette de dégustation comprenant toutes les bières présentes. Les enfants sont les bienvenus, du moins sur la terrasse.“
Whatup14 2016 days ago
66 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Endroit plus ou moins chaleureux. Bon service. Choix décent. Je me suis procuré de leurs produits en bouteille, pour emporter. Il en manquait derrière le comptoir et la serveuse est descendu pour aller me chercher celle que je voulais.“
AlainG 2724 days ago
50 /100 256, RUE FRASER
“Without a doubt the largest beer selection in Rivière-du-Loup. This is actually a gas station with a convenience store located right at one of the entrance of the town. They have a good part of floor space dedicated with craft beer, I’d say the craft beer section accounts for 1/4th of the floor space. You’ll get your Charlevoix, Trou Du Diable, Dieu Du Ciel, Brasseurs Du Temps, Trois Mousquetaires, and many many more. It was missing a few smaller Quebec micros, those that barely have enough to send to the Montreal and Quebec area. I stopped there because I was looking for a limited Dieu Du Ciel release (Solstice Framboise) that was sold out in Montreal. Apparently they never received it in Rivière-Du-Loup (although they receive Dieu Du Ciel) but I found it in Rimouski, so apparently some delivery trucks with limited release drive as far as Rimouski but don’t stop in Rivière-Du-Loup. So this beer store is for locals only, there’s no way a foreigner would make it as far east as Rivière-Du-Loup without going the extra 45 minutes to Rimouski. One thing I should note, the local Rivière-Du-Loup brewpub (the awful Fous Brassant) are now hand-bottling their beers, no labels, just tags on them, and you can find them at this store and probably some local grocery stores.“
Glouglouburp 2733 days ago
70 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Friendly staff that are proud of their region and beers. There is no food to be had here except for munchies. The beers are okay but I’m happy i stopped by to have a sample of all their beers.“
Bendrixian 2773 days ago
64 /100 299, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Seems to be a night club like atmosphere that serves higher end pub fare with some regional and international beers. Archibald, Boreal, Unibroue and St. Ambroise head the regional beer lists with Kilkenny, Guiness, Kronenberg and Harp head the international section. Touristy spot.“
Bendrixian 2773 days ago
62 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“First time in there. I think the place is about a year old. Ambiance was a bit cold; somewhat big, white walls. Service was very slow. Selection was okay, for a new place, but I felt it was somewhat pricey. Overall, not an extraordinary place, but I’m willing to give it another chance next time I’m around.“
VT 2774 days ago
68 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Visited in the summer of 2012.Nice place not big but very welcoming.The service was great, we were lucky enough to be served by the owne,and brewer.This guy was so nice we talked alot he is very dedicated to making this place work and I wish him all the luck in the world.The choices of beers was limited but he is only starting, as for food just some muchies for now.I am looking forward to going back again.“
LadySusan 3010 days ago
66 /100 299, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Visited for the first time July 8, 2012, just after visting Les Fous Brassants brewpub. I feel like I just went back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, I was in this town in 1995 so I guess it would have look like this back then. The sevice was very good, but I doubt that their knowledge of beer is the same. As for the beer slelection is very impressive, but you can get then at any good beer store or SAQ store. And pricy to, Orval was 4X the SAQ price and more expensive then a Rochefort 8. At least the food was delicious (the pizza was excellent) and a good price! A not bad place!“
Quevillon 3146 days ago
72 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Visited for the first time on July 8, 2012. located in the (so call) Old Rivière-du-Loup, it is a very nice new brewpub, and the first for this town. In a couple of weeks, they should have a white ale and a scotch ale, but for now I only had the first two house brews, far from mind blowing, but they are very drinkable. I had the brewer as bartender and he was fun to talk to and is service was great. This is come back place if I’m in the area.“
Quevillon 3153 days ago
72 /100 262, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Brand new brewpub in a faraway town that needed it. A few steps from L’Estaminet (decent restaurant with a good bottle selection), this brewpub for now serves only a couple of its brews, both brewed with Frontenac malts (which are highly distinctive and polarizing). For now, it’s hard to expect anything stellar to come of their tanks since their goal is to get their clientele used to beer which is not Labatt Blue and Coors Light. So expect ’colors’ for a while (blond, amber, red, dark, white, etc.) Guest brews were from Naufrageur and Corsaire and were well chosen since they were offering styles/flavors which the housebrews didn’t offer. All in all, this is still developing, but if you are in the area and you get the brewer/owner as your bartender, you will be in for a great time.“
MartinT 3159 days ago
74 /100 299, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Nice, trendy looking pub in the centre of town. Great beer selection, especially for Canada. Friendly service and good food. If your travelling past this town a definite stop for beer lovers.“
Gethinbeer 3997 days ago
78 /100 299, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Best place to get beer within miles micro but mostly good imports are offered there. Rochefort among others. A bit pricey but hey you’re far from Montreal. The food selection is wide and everything tasted there was good. Be sure to stop for lunch if you’re close by“
punkska101 4206 days ago
84 /100 299, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Wow! Un des moments forts de mon dernier voyage en Gaspésie. J’ai soupé là, et j’ai goûté à une Rochefort 8 pour la première fois de ma vie et à ûne autre introuvable ailleurs au Québec. Endroit impressionnant pour le choix de bières, en tenant compte du fait que nous soyons au Québec, mais un peu plus ordinaire (mais tout de même correct pour la bouffe). Je ne connais aucun endroit qui offre un meilleur choix de bières importées dans la région de Montréal. Bravo! ENGLISH: Great choice of beer on a pittoresque commercial street. A place to stop by for any beer loving tourist in the region. A lot of Québec and an interesting choice of international beers that you could probably get in the US or in English-Canada. Go for local, then! Throughout the imaginary Country of Québec, this pub is one with the greatest selection of beers.“
bedainedebiere 4392 days ago
66 /100 299, RUE LAFONTAINE
“Établissement visité le vendredi 28 décembre 2007 vers 18h. Ambiance: Décoration style pub, musique rock, écran de télé diffusant du hockey. Service: Très rapide malgré que l’établissement était complet. La serveuse semblait connaître assez bien les bières disponibles. Sélection: Plus de 150 bières disponible principalement d’Europe (Silly, Rochefort, Westmalle, etc). Nourriture: Nous avons pris une pizza et un panini et les deux étaients délicieux. Le menu est très diversifié. (63e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 4798 days ago