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“Located just south of Place Rosemère, in the centre of the strip mall (that once was an indoor mall). I've been there on many occasion, including times when it was part of the indoor mall, it is bigger in this for, but slightly smaller than the one in Boisbriand. So by this extension, the selection is slightly than the ones in Boisbriand. Other than that, the service is fair and friendly.“
Quevillon 948 days ago
58 /100
Metro (Rosemère) (Grocery Store)
“Located in the heart of the village of Rosemère, in front of the library, it's the biggest business in a very small strip mall. I've visited this place on multiple occasion, mainly for groceries, but I've on occasion bought some beers there. The selection is fairly impressive, but organized? There are four location for beer, all in the front part of the store: the original macro beer fridge at the far left, some refrigerated shelves next to the ATM right of the entry (that used to be part of the fruits and vegitables section) and two end of aisle. So there is a lack of organisation of by style or brewery. It gets worse, there is no beer expert in the store, just the owner/manager who sees an opportunity to sell something that is growing in popularity, witch translate in lack of quality control, with some beers that are far too long on the shelves and I sometimes see some in reduction bins (including this mounth an IPA dated in August of this year). So be careful shopping there for beer, you might as well go to Quintal on the Laval side of the Mille-Iles River.“
Quevillon 948 days ago
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