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80 /100 365, RUE TESSIER EST
“Visité lors du Rallye Bières et Plaisirs 2017. Véritable look de taverne et c'est ce qui fait son charme. Environ huit bières en fût de la micro-brasserie Le Grand Bois avec un choix de quelques bouteilles invitées. Service sympathique et efficace. Prix dans la moyenne.“
Whatup14 1007 days ago
70 /100 415, RUE TESSIER EST
“Visité lors du Rallye Bières et Plaisirs 2017. Établissement avec une grande salle de spectacle. Six de leurs bières en fût. Service rapide et courtois.“
Whatup14 1007 days ago
80 /100 365, RUE TESSIER EST
“Actual village tavern turned all craft. Really cool little bar with a mix of old and new (slot machines and a dirty pool table but also some Cantillon bottles and a nice patio). This place hosts some really big bands for both the size of the bar and the village it’s in. Staff is very friendly and helpful, owner is super passionate! The food menu is simple but good and quite cheap. Definitely recommend this place, especially if you’re in the area for some of the regions other tourist attractions (lots of great outdoors stuff to do in the area). Great place!“
JulienHuxley 1406 days ago
80 /100 365, RUE TESSIER EST
“Very nice place. Ambiance is very friendly. Located in the countryside, so the crowd was composed of local folks. Service is very good. The owner took the time to chat with us and was very knowledgable of beers, including international scene. Very interesting choice of importations (cantillon, Jandrain Jandrenouille, italian stuff, The Kernel, Floreffe, and much more. Quebec beers were a tad limited, but they had good classics like Trou du Diable and St-Ambroise. Prices are fair, including importations. Overall: Very nice spot. It is somewhat remote, but if you happen to pass this way, it is definitively worth getting out of your way. Music (dude+guitar) was enjoyable. Plenty of space to be at ease. Highly recommended.“
Minderbinder 2316 days ago
100 /100 365, RUE TESSIER EST
“Bons choix de bières, ambiance toujours le fun. Beaucoup shows intéressant. Propriétaires très sympathique!“
vansguenette 2333 days ago
90 /100 365, RUE TESSIER EST
“Near Québec city, in the small town of St-Casimir. This little place is charming with some surprising imported beers. f you are passing by, you should stop everytime“
MartinVeillette 2647 days ago
94 /100 365, RUE TESSIER EST
“Meilleur bar de région, entre Trois-Rivières et Québec. Excellent choix de bières, ambiance chaleureuse et sympathique, (un gros party de famille). Spectacle et soirée de tout genre, karaoké, pool, humour, musique (bernard Adamus, Half Moon Run, Steve Hill, Kim Churchill) Et le bar est en amélioration constante au niveau de la bière et du décor.“
MathieuTessier 2719 days ago
90 /100 365, RUE TESSIER EST
“La meilleure place ou sortir entre Trois-Rivières et Québec , excellent show de musique , bonne bières et ambiance de campagne y fond bon ménage ! The best place between Quebec and Trois-Rivieres , Good livemusic , good beers and small town ambiance are 3 reasons to stop there !!!!“
alexvoyagenest 2720 days ago
90 /100 365, RUE TESSIER EST
“Plusieurs bons groupes de musique aussi, et le personnel est sympatique et efficace ! Many live performances of good bands and a very likeable and efficient staff !“
Lamine 2720 days ago
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