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90 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Passed by as we went to visit my former military academy, my wife spotted that one on our way to another beer location. Nice new decor, excellent rare imports, big selection on tap. Noteworthy.“
azzurro 19 days ago
70 /100 41 RUE RICHELIEU
“Visité en 2019. Nouveau venu dans le domaine du festival. Peu de microbrasseries présentent, mais c'était une première édition, ça devrait se bonifier pour la suite. Belle sélection de poutine avec des prix tout à fait correct. On doit payer l'entrée, incluant un verre. Festival familial avec jeux gonflables pour les enfants.“
Whatup14 683 days ago
“One of the rare microbrewery where all of the beers are good, even the ones that are not “my style”“
moreaulp 965 days ago
80 /100 1, PLACE DU MARCHÉ
“Visited this place twice so far. The second after I walked in I was greeted with a smile by an employee asking me if I've been there before and she gave me a quick visit of the place mentioning how everything is classified: local products, "healthy products" (bio and non-gluten products), IPAs, Saisons, etc. I also talked to the owner Karl and he's a really nice guy. The selection is pretty good. Well, I mean it's different from everything we can find at other beer stores or groceries. They have some rare stuff like Bas Canada, Le Prospecteur and other rare stuff that we can't find anywhere near. If you have special beer / microbrewery you are looking for, they will make a note of it and will call you when they get it. Price of beer seems OK. I didn't really compare that much since I went twice and bought something I have never bought before. But price seemed fair. I'm not too sure I really like the way they decided to classify everything. TBH I find it harder to find something and I'm a beer geek so I know which style is a beer so I can't imagine for someone that doesn't know much about beer how it can be hard. On the other hand, I guess it's meant for people that only like a particular style so they head over to that style, to let's say IPA and make a "random" pick there. I'm more someone that prefers to stick to specific breweries instead of a specific style but that might just be me. That being said, this is the new hot place to buy beer on the south shore now! I'll sure go back soon.“
Stoned99 1004 days ago
84 /100 1, PLACE DU MARCHÉ
“Superbe boutique située dans le vieux Saint-Jean tout prêt du Lagabière. 35 microbrasseries y sont présentement représentées (100 devraient y être à terme). Service hyper sympathique et connaissant bien les produits offerts. Les prix semblent dans la moyenne. Une belle offre de produit du terroir y est aussi disponible et ils ont un programme de fidélité (13e bière gratuite à l'achat de 12). Seul bémol, les bières sont classées par styles... Un retour (plusieurs en fait) y est assuré!“
Whatup14 1054 days ago
“Dépanneur d'une station-service au choix surprenant. Plusieurs étagères remplies de bières des plus gros joueurs (et aussi de plus petits) du marché. Prix dans la moyenne et service absent, rien de surprenant dans ce cas-ci.“
Whatup14 1054 days ago
76 /100 226, RUE CHAMPLAIN
“Belle petite épicerie fine située non loin de Lagabière. Plusieurs produits du terroir y sont offert en plus d'une sélection de repas fait sur place. La sélection de bière est somme toute limitée mais choisie avec soin. Le point principal consiste en leur sélection de cidres plus difficiles à dénicher, notamment Chemin des Sept ou Entre Pierre et Terre. Ils ont aussi une belle sélection de vins québécois dont le fameux Julep. Service très sympathique et prix tout à fait honnêtes. Une belle découverte!“
Whatup14 1210 days ago
“Visited this place a few times already including in the summer on the terrace, in winter inside and this spring inside as well. The terrace is really nice and big. Lots of seatings and the ambiance is great. Inside might look a bit small a first but there are a few hidden places in a few corners and if I'm not mistaken there is also some places upstairs but I never went there. You can also go serve yourself some free popcorn and it's really good, yeah! So, yesterday I went again for the event of the Week of IPA. The beer menu was good and we could see the owner, Maggie did a pretty good job at contacting breweries. We could taste products such as La Memphré Double Menton , Lagabière Ta Meilleure aux Pêches, Brasserie du Bas Canada Hypa #2, Prospecteur Tête de Pioche, Boreal Nord-Est and lots of other known breweries. Usually the lap list consists of many Boreal beer including the Episode ones which are most of the time excellent. They have a good list of bottles as well and Maggie takes good care of the inventory to make sure everything is always fresh (unlike the previous owner). Ambiance is really great. I had food once and it was really good. It's mostly comfort food of course such as poutine, hamburgers, sandwich, etc but it's good. I saw 2 people eating poutine yesterday and it looked yummy. One of the best place in town.“
Stoned99 1268 days ago
72 /100 780, AVENUE THOMAS
“Visited this place at their first can release 2 weeks ago. It was nice seeing the installations but not sure if we can usually visit them since it's really in the brewery part and not the "store" itself. So, the store is about as large an average living room with a big fridge. The selection was quite good since it was their can release happening. They were offering multiple products including soap, t-shirts and Ta Meilleure glasses. At the moment of the release we could pay cash or Interact, not too sure if the interact machine will stay there though. We could also get tasters of all beers available. That might also not be the case in regular circumstances.“
Stoned99 1268 days ago
72 /100 780, AVENUE THOMAS
“Petite boutique à même la brasserie située dans un quartier industriel. Visité lors de leur Canette Release du 21 avril 2018. Le choix n'est probablement pas très grand en temps normal, mais ça vaut quand même la peine de s'y arrêter si on est dans le coin, ne serait-ce que pour avoir de la Ta Meilleure fraîche! Les prix sont évidemment meilleurs qu'en magasin et le service est bien sympathique. Ils ont aussi un peu de produits dérivés (chandails, savons, verres, etc.)“
Whatup14 1279 days ago
84 /100 296, RUE CHAMPLAIN
“Plus beau bar de st-jean pour prendre une bière à l’extérieur sur leur vaste terrasse. Beaucoup de soirées ont mal terminées là-bas! Ambiance #1 et personnel gentil et très joli!“
veronneaupy 2327 days ago
78 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Établissement visité le dimanche 11 janvier vers l’ouverture. Ma 2e visite ici. Ambiance: Grande salle sur le long joliment décoré d’antiquité. À l’arrière, vue sur la rivière Richelieu. Service: Sympathique et présentation des bières. Sélection: Une douzaine de bières maisons en fût. Seul hic, le prix un peu dispendieux des bières. Nourriture: Lors de mon premier passage j’avais pris un excellent chili à la mijoteuse. (256e rating d’établissement).“
TaktikMTL 2461 days ago
74 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Visited on a Wednesday end of the afternoon.

Ambiance: Long narrow place. it was almost empty when I went so it’s hard to tell about the ambiance.

Service: Friendly and efficient. Beers were served at the right temperature too.

Selection: More than a dozen taps and a randall, all with their own beers. That’s a lot of beers, but the qualityis variable... some are pretty good, other need major refinements. The IPA seemed a bit old too.

Food: I didn’t try the food, but the sandwichs looked pretty good.

Value: Prices are decent and it’s nice that they offer 4 / 8 / 12 tasting flights options.

Overall: Definitely a place that I will visit again. If they can refine some of their recipees, it could become a really nice place.

tom10101 2516 days ago
“If I had rated this place a month ago, the total score would be lower but last time I went they had beer from other breweries including Le Castor, 2 Frères and Frampton Brasse. They used to only carry TD, LTM, Charlevoix and some other not exceptionnal breweries. I’m glad they are now getting new stuff on the shelves, it’s good to see that.“
Stoned99 2523 days ago
“As every SAQ,it’s always the same products over and over again. They do sometimes get some good beer like Rochefort 8 and Rochefort 10, Duchesse de bourgogne, Delirium Tremens and St-Bernadus ABT 12. But aside from that, it’s always the same. This SAQ is better then most of the other SAQ though“
Stoned99 2523 days ago
68 /100
Pasquier (Grocery Store)
“Pasquier is huge grocery with a really big beer section. The biggest problem with the beer is it’s often the same beer over and over, almost never no new craft beer. The beer price is quite good, better then some other beer store in St-Jean. You can always some Moralité.The price for Unibroue 750ml is quite good: 3 for $12.99. Hard to beat or even impossible to beat. Regarding service, well there is no service for beer, since this is a grocery don’t expect to have someone gives you tip on which beer you should be buying. Not that I need it but if it’s important to you then don’t go.“
Stoned99 2523 days ago
78 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Great place to have a good craft beer, espcially any of their IPA of the moment. Place is never really full, great terrasse on 3 levels and with a nice view. Nice vintage lounge. Food is good but definitely would be good to have more choices. I usually take their Smoked Meat sandwich and it’s really good.“
Stoned99 2523 days ago
78 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Seule micro dans les environs et toute une! Un incontournable surtout pour les amateurs d’IPA allègrement houblonnées! Bonne bouffe de pub aussi et plusieurs événements spéciaux d’organisés. On se voit là-bas!“
veronneaupy 2635 days ago
78 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Nice brewpub located on the water in a small town inside quebec. Service was friendly, not overly knowledgable about beer but knowledgable enough. Didn’t get any good but it didn’t look bad. Nice place.“
mike5326 2679 days ago
76 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Visité le vendredi 11 octobre 2013 en fin de soirée. Très beau nouveau brewpub, fait sur le long, avec une terrasse à l’arrière. Le service était courtois et efficace. Les bières sont généralement bonnes sans être exceptionnelles. Vaut le détour si on est dans la région, surtout que la qualité des bières offertes devrait s’améliorer avec le temps.“
fhoublon 2752 days ago
70 /100 296, RUE CHAMPLAIN
“La plus belle terrasse en ville c’est le glen Morgan qui l’a! Pour accéder au bar il faut d’abord le trouver et c’est bien caché, il faut emprunter un petit corridor entre 2 édifices et bingo! Vous voilà dans mon petit paradis perdu.“
desrochesb 2780 days ago
76 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Une super microbrasserie qui va faire le plaisir des amateurs de grosse IPA, des bières qui débordent de saveurs et le IBU qui vous brise ce qui vous reste de papilles gustatives“
desrochesb 2780 days ago
80 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“visited 13.12.13 with some friends the place wasn’t crowded at all on that cold nite. Place is quite big and well tought. I especially enjoyed the living room section with classic video games (snes, n64) in the back . Service was nice our waitress was good can’t say she had good knowledge of beer..but as beer geek we usually dont need advice. Parking could be difficult as it’s located in old st-jean a popular night time area. Bring some change too...there’s some free parking spot but not that many. As beer lineup goes we had the choice between 11 offering most of them were better than average. Food choice is not vast but we had the pull pork and smoked meat sandwich and we all enjoyed our snack. On that nite I enjoyed their Black light and Evel Knievel a nice hopfix . We’ll be back for sure no hesitation.“
punkska101 2870 days ago
“Épicerie récemment ouverte où en plus de trouver toutes les commodités auxquelles ont s’attend dans ce type d’endroit, on retrouve un choix de bières très intéressant. Plusieurs 6 packs de la plupart des micro du Québec, en plus d’une sélection de bouteilles à l’unité incluant, le Trou du Diable, LTM et Charlevoix. Ils ont même une petite sélection de verres. Mais ce qui fait vraiment la différence, c’est la quantité de bière de Breughel qui leur reste, faite vite se seront bientôt des objets de collection!“
Whatup14 2916 days ago
84 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Visited Sept. 10, 2013, in the afternoon. Located in Old St. Jean, with several bars on the same street, there are even three on the same side of the street as the brewpub. Beautiful long semi rustic style pub, small terrace with a view of the Richelieu River and Chambly Canal downstream entry, comfortable seating around and as Rastacouere mention, a Super Nintendo for you nostalgic gamers out there. The beers are good, nothing to salivate at but they are pleasant to drink. I only ate nuts, but their sandwich seem very good. This is to be revisited, I have an excuse to explore this town anyway. And by the way, Rastacouere, I’ll take that challenge dude!“
Quevillon 2930 days ago
72 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“A nice, very, very long and relatively narrow bar right across the street from Richelieu river. They always seem to have 15 or so of their own taps which is impressive for such a young brewery and the quality may be a bit variable from pint to pint, but the owners are so young and involved with passion that it can only improve on that department. At this stage, I would expect that it may be Worth settling back and perfecting the recipes a little before trying all kinds of new ventures - yet then again, I sure was not where these guys are at their age. The terrace behind is really nice. Food selection is very much limited, but the sandwiches and cheese plates are great, generous options. Friendly service, pleasant, mostly student crowd on my visits. Nostalgic souls may ask for the SuperNES at the bar and play a game of Mariokart. Ye who read that rating - I challenge thee!“
Rastacouere 2937 days ago
84 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“An awesome new brewpub in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu just near the water. This place is larger than one might think - a long bar, tons of inside tables, and a smallish outdoor terrace (that was unfortunately full when I was there on a very pleasant Sunday afternoon). Although they have quite a collection of beers (near 20 I think), not all were on tap at once, probably around 10. Most are fairly low in abv, almost all are 4-6%, generally lighter American and English styles. The Bomb Ale was my favorite. The food menu is short- mostly sandwiches/paninis and there are a few appetizers, meat and cheese plates, etc. My smoked meat sandwich was excellent and so was the chicken and vegetable tortilla. Overall a very pleasant atmosphere, great beer and food. Highly recommended.“
LilBeerDoctor 2988 days ago
58 /100
Pasquier (Grocery Store)
“Sick grocery it’s huge ! Beer selection is fair. You will the regular product of Dieu du Ciel, Charlevoix, Les trois-mousquetaire, Micro du lièvres, Brasseur du monde and some others. I wouldn’t go there for the beer alone but It’s a nice addition to this great grocery“
punkska101 3109 days ago
84 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Wow, what a great surprise. On St-Jean old thoroughfare, you’ll find this great new brewpub. The décor is friendly yet tasteful, warm, with sofas, tables, games, and a good view of the brewing system in the front. Service was friendly and courteous, knowledgeable. The beers tasted were all good, with a few standouts (loved the New Delhice). Samplers is 4 X 4 on for 9$, a tad expensive. They are planning to have 14 of their beers on at any time...bonne chance aux frères Laganière!“
Lubiere 3136 days ago
86 /100 167, RUE RICHELIEU
“Beau pub avec un décor chalet kitch, beaucoup de places assises. Service effectué par un des deux brasseurs, il nous a même fait, gracieusement, goûté leur IPA qui venait d’être dry-hopper et qui devrait être excellente à terme. 12 de leurs bières en fût allant de bonne à excellente.“
Whatup14 3211 days ago
“Belle sélection de bières importées, environ une vingtaine, certaines ne se trouvant pas dans la plupart des SAQ.“
Whatup14 3232 days ago
“Depuis quelques mois, la sélection a grandement augmentée et tous les grands joueurs sont maintenant présents. Il commence même à y avoir des bouteilles plus exclusives et elle restent un peu plus longtemps sur les tablettes qu'ailleurs. Un beau petit endroit caché!“
Whatup14 3300 days ago
54 /100
IGA Extra Gladu (Grocery Store)
“Bon choix de bière de microbrasseries, surtout Unibroue. Endroit pouvant dépanner si on est dans le coin.“
Whatup14 3316 days ago
“Peu de choix comparé à d’autres SAQ, quelques bières à l’unité et quelques 6-pack. Toutes les bières se retrouvent facilement dans d’autres SAQ ayant plus de choix.“
Whatup14 3333 days ago
“Changement de propriétaire depuis quelques temps et il n'y a plus rien à part quelques Unibroue...“
Whatup14 3377 days ago
“Choix plutôt impressionnant pour une SAQ. Près d’une cinquantaine de bières pour la plupart importées. Quelques unes de microbrasseries Québécoise.“
Whatup14 3394 days ago
“Choix de bières de micro-brasserie correct, surtout pour une épicerie d’une grande chaîne.“
Whatup14 3406 days ago
74 /100
Pasquier (Grocery Store)
“Très bon choix pour une épicerie. Plusieurs bière de microbrasseries. En plus, c’est une très belle épicerie avec plusieurs commodités.“
Whatup14 3411 days ago
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