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“On a highway not too far from Quebec City. Since we rented a car and did a round on an Island too it's hard to tell how much times will it take to get here, but my guts tell me not much. Service was bit lazy, but nothing awful. We had food here which was ok. Not worth the ride, but if you are here you might walk in.“
Marduk 877 days ago
“Un endroit vraiment agréable à visiter, surtout l’été. Les bières y sont délicieuses et fort agréables. Terrasse donnant sur le fleuve et l’Ile d’Orléans. Bouffe sympa mais pas vraiment gastronomique. Un des meilleurs endroits à visiter à Québec.“
RemyDB 1952 days ago
“Beau grand brouepub situé aux abords du fleuve et ayant une très belle terrasse, sur laquelle les enfants sont admis. Une quinzaine de choix en fût, des bières très bien faites et savoureuses. La nourriture est excellente (tarte flambée au saumon fumé et assiette du terroir), les prix sont très bons et le service était éteint quoiqu’efficace. De plus, ils offrent des bouteilles et des growlers pour emporter.“
Whatup14 2344 days ago
“Must-go spot in quebec (30 min drive from the center of the city).Nice spot with a beautiful view on the river. Staff is very friendly. You might even run into the owner/brewer pouring free glasses of a cask outside during a hot summer day. Their hefeweizen and IPAs are must-try.“
tryonqc 2722 days ago
“11 beers on tap. They also sell bottles/growlers to go (just happened to see people pay at the bar, walk to another room then walk out with bottles - apparently you can not have bottles in the bar area - good to know). Food OK but nothing to seek out. Thought their beer was good to a couple standing out. Glad I just happened to see this as we were driving by and my wife made me U-Turn to get there.“
hopdog 2760 days ago
“Superbe endroit l’été grâce à la terrasse et la vue sur le Fleuve Saint-Laurent. De bons choix de bières maisons, une musique un peu trop "pop", mais ça passe. Peu de choix de nourriture et c’est complètement fermé aux végétaliens,“
Tsestah 2899 days ago
“Bonne microbrasserie en générale. L’ambiance était passable. Le service très rapide et les employés très acceuillant. Une sélection de 13 bières en tout ce qui est très respectable. La nourriture est excellente mais pas de gros repas, manque un peu de variétés au menu. Les bières sont toutes excellente, pas les meilleures bières au Québec mais certaine d’entre elles peuvent bien ce défendre.“
cargo150 2929 days ago
“Visited on September 26, 2013 at noon. For a brewpub that is on a major highway, it is far from a tourist trap. As MartinT mention, Luc Boivin experience with Boréal and Dieu du Ciel is truly felt here. The inside is very nice with alot of space, a beautiful terrasse overlooking the St. Laurents and Ile d’Orléans. The beers, some of them I had before coming here, are very good. And the food (although small menu) is very nice, a bit like Dieu du Ciel in Montreal. The only downside is that one waitress who treated me like a idiot, the other one behind the bar was much nicer. But in all, this is one of the best places in the Quebec City region.“
Quevillon 3034 days ago
“Très bonne place, bon choix, plusieurs produits variés. 5 bières intéressantes de goûté sur 6. Très bon service et bonne nourriture qui accompagne la bière à merveille. À réessayer!“
aumax1 3085 days ago
“Nice brewpub I had the chance to stop at right after Spartan Race 2013 in St-François - bunch of waiters and waitresses had obviously been to the race, still covered in mud. Staff was super overloaded with racers coming in, yet extremely friendly, professional, and as fast as could be. I think 16 beers were available on tap, only one missing from the board, very flavorful, fresh tasting brews. Food available was standard pub fare at reasonable prices. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will definitely go back, sooner than later. Need to go on a sunny day to try their terrace.“
VT 3152 days ago
“La seule terrasse avec vue direct sur le fleuve entre Québec et Baie St-Paul au moment de ce rating. Excellent brouepub, collaborateur de longue date avec DDC. Belle carte de 13 beer différentse, bonnes, se boivent bien. Souper sur la terrasse avec la famille, surprise en ce dimanche, BBQ sur la terrasse et burger de Cerf. Excellent. Un arrêt essentiel pour une broue avant baie St-Paul.“
sseb69 3453 days ago
“Beautiful little brewpub in very scenic Saint-Anne de Beaupré. If you are a mountain biker or skier than it is a must visit after a good day in Mont Saint-Anne. Right on the edge of the main road, the 138, lots of parking and easily accessible. Tons of space, wide patio definitely difficult to imagine this place too crowded to be enjoyable. The ambiance is nice, patio looks over the Saint-Laurence river and île d’Orléans, very pretty scenery. They have a wide selection on tap, most of the beers they make actually and they do tasters for a very reasonable price. The beer is well made, all very good. Value is generally very good as much for the food as for the beer. Food is mainly snacky pub food style things but all tasty. Service was friendly and "homey". Really enjoyed my afternoon, highly recommend this place.“
JulienHuxley 3485 days ago
“Very good brewpub just east of Quebec City with a terrace which looks onto the St-Lawrence River and Ile d’Orléans. Simply gorgeous view. The brewer and owner is a long time Dieu du Ciel! and Boréale collaborator, so you know you can expect high quality brews, whatever the style. His Weizenbock is stellar, and everything is geared towards high drinkability. Food is high-end pub food, in small but filling portions. All in all, if you are driving east from Quebec City on your way to Baie St-Paul (Microbrasserie Charlevoix!), this is a must stop for a few pints or a meal. It might even become the Quebec area’s go-to place in the brewpub category.“
MartinT 3487 days ago
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