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72 /100
Saucisses Etc. (Grocery Store)
“Visited on July 8th, 2020, in the afternoon, first place rating of the year thanks to COVID-19. Located on the corner of Curé-Labelle Blvd (Route 117) and René-A.-Robert Blvd, in a multi use building, it unofficially replaces Les Marchands de Bières, that shut its doors in 2018, a year before this place opened (in October 2019). Fairly small store, but then again there are not that many big beer store in Quebec, parking in the back with to access to it. The front is mostly handmade sausages, with a good selection of sauces et frozen seafood. The beer is in the back, refrigerated on one side, room temperature on the other. The refrigerated side is by brewery (but not in alphabetical order), the other side is by style ish. The selection is decent, some rarities like Catnip by Noctem, the prices are reasonable. The sausages look very good! A welcome addition to the Ste.Therese beer scene!“
Quevillon 558 days ago
74 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Neat spot. Maybe 10 taps decent range. Beer isn’t world beater but fine. Food was just ok. Service was good.“
rejtable 1703 days ago
64 /100 220, RUE SAINT-CHARLES
“Grocery store without beer specialist, not a large selections but all the McAuslan releases are there at a very good price and some other nice local brewers.“
Arcanor 1940 days ago
“Great food, large selection on taps but it’s mostly large commercial breweries. The craft beer selection is only bottles. Might as well buy the same bottle next door at Les Marchands des Bières and drink it at home. The bartender doesn’t know the difference between a Lager and an Ale ! But she knows about a Blonde, Amber and Dark !!!“
Arcanor 2081 days ago
72 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Classic small town brewpub, small selection, when there’s a good beer it goes fast. It was the case at the time I pass by. The food is pretty narrow. The guys are really happy to see you and work really hard to make your visit enjoyable. I’ll go back for sure.“
Arcanor 2081 days ago
74 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Visité le 3 mai 2014 en fin de soirée et l’endroit était alors presque plein. Il s’agit d’un petit pub de quartier situé dans un secteur un peu délabré. Par contre, l’intérieur est bien aménagé avec beaucoup de boiserie, avec quelques cadres (et le menu des bières) sur les murs. Évidemment c’est assez bruyant lorsque c’est plein mais la musique n’est pas trop forte. Le service était sympathique mais plutôt occupé compte tenu du fort achalandage, ce qui laissait peu de place pour discuter des bières au menu.“
fhoublon 2100 days ago
76 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Visité le 02/11/13 vers 17h00. Bel endroit aménagé avec goût, de vieux meubles de tavernes, des bancs d’église et un grand comptoir... Service attentionné, courtois, informé et chaleureux. 6 fûts maison et quelques invités bien choisis, un cask et des bouteilles de micro québécoises et internationales classiques. Des prix vraiment bons et des spéciaux étonnants...“
GarnotingPete 2998 days ago
“Visité lors du Rallye Bières et Plaisirs 2013. Bel endroit, musique un peu forte. Bar à bière spacieux avec une longue liste de bières en fût, service efficace et rapide. Bien que la liste de bière soit longue, la plupart de celle-ci présente peu d’intérêt et sont servies beaucoup trop froide. Les prix semblent être corrects.“
Whatup14 3017 days ago
82 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Visité lors du Rallye Bières et Plaisirs 2013. Très bel endroit moyennement spacieux. Bières goûteuses et prix intéressant, service efficace et informé. 5-6 de leurs produits en fûts en plus de quelques autres bières invitées.“
Whatup14 3017 days ago
“Visited July 6, 2013, in the evening. While a surprise for me because I was not informed of this bar, I discovered a few days before by taking a march, it was their grand opening. Located on the main street (West Blainville) in a former nightclub (two former), it’s bigger than the Saint-Graal brewpub nearby with double the taps, but bigger is not always better. The decor is the appearance of a bar at the time of the U.S. prohibition, prohibition in Quebec was nothing because it did not last long and it did not affect beers and wines. Of the 25 beer taps, only 5 are worthy; Charlevois witbier, Simple Malt Cascade IPA and three good ones from Unibroue, the porter from Brasseur du Monde and the one from Kruhnen (a strong red ale) are good to. But for the rest; 4 from Sleemen, two from Okanagan, a Sapporo. Plus there was one from Grimoire, who I’ve never seen anywhere on tap at the other beer bars in Quebec that I’ve visited before and they are not a verry good brewery. Also many from L’Alchimiste. So far from the best you will see, plus they are pricy. There are bottles, but they are all stuff you can find in stores. The service was OK, but the bartender could not find the easy Charlevoix tap. The clientele is mostly young, but the style of those of the Saint-Graal, more here to get drunk. The food looks ok. I will return if the beer list is improving, but Saint-Graal is still my place to go!“
Quevillon 3117 days ago
80 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Établissement visité le mercredi 9 janvier vers 18h30. Ambiance: Petit bar tout en boiserie avec quelques toiles sur les murs. Musique éclectiques en sourdine. Service: Sympathique et bonne connaissance des bières au menu. Sélection: 6 bières maisons et 5 bières invitées et 1 cidre en fût. Nourriture: Assiette de sandwich de viande fumeé et quelques autres bouchées sont disponible. (187e rating d’établissement)“
TaktikMTL 3288 days ago
90 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Very nice place nearby Montréal, staff know their beers, brewers are very kind and passionate, selection is great : 12 taps and sometime 750ml bottles of finely selected beers from everywhere in the province, but i’m even more exited about the upcoming local brews. There are great events : les Lundis Douteux where we watch absurdly bad movies at which we can throw corks (that can be very liberating) and Musique en Fût, a music competition every Sunday from local bands and musicians for every type of music lover.“
Joe_Massacre 3540 days ago
76 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Nice little place clamped in the old Ste-Thérèse. Good choice of top Quebec micros. Also good house liquid ( brewed by Hopfenstark) Great frendly staff. Lot of parking near it. Fair prices. Potential is there. Will see.“
kubilai 3797 days ago
80 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“A nice cozy bar/brew pub. Only two of their beers on tap for the moment as they are not brewing on premises yet, but 10 other guest beer from Québec micros. Good atmosphere, friendly staff and fair prices in the old Ste-Thérèse.“
Diogène 3848 days ago
52 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Small place in a small corner of the North 450. Went there the first time took more than 30 minutes to get served. The lady, did not know her beers but the man at the bar was quick to compliment her lack of knowledge. Nothing to stand out, small imitation of the beginning of Vice et Versa at its beginning, time will tell. “
Wolfking 3852 days ago
78 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Good news a brewpud in my home town. The look is welcoming, the service is friendly,the choices of beer is good. As for food the menu is limited.This is a nice place to go relaxe have a good beer and talk.“
LadySusan 3885 days ago
82 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“A super fun and homey pub, very simple and modest, with 12 taps of goodness (2 of theirs for the time being), super friendly, limited service, in downtown Old Ste-Thérèse, a quaint and nice Quebec town. They are still waiting for the brewing licence, so they brew there 2 at Hopfenstark. Good deal for the sampler, 3 X 6 on for 6.50$! I shall be back.“
Lubiere 3886 days ago
80 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Visited for the first time October 22, 2010, opening day with a very big crowd, but revisited many more times. Well, well, well, I got a local brewpub now, and it is a nice place, warm and comfortable, almost as big (or small) as Dieu du Ciel in Montreal. After a year and a half, they have their brewing licenses and they have now four beers with the goal of having 10 of the 12 tap lines with their product, with a couple of guest taps. The crowd is mostly college students, with a few beer geeks like my self. They sometimes have live music and very bad movies (on purpose). Very good place for locals or people visiting in the area. “
Quevillon 4105 days ago
96 /100 32, RUE TURGEON
“Nice place for chatting with friends while having a real good beer. Music is good, ambiance is relax and the owners are more than welcoming! It will become my favorite spot for afterwork break!“
mallaire 4105 days ago
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