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80 /100 434, RUE AIMÉ-VINCENT
“Visited on July 13, 2019, in the afternoon. Located in an industrial park, on the northside of Autoroute 40, in a building with other business. I wasn't planning to go there, in fact I wasn't even planning to be in this region, but I had a last minute change of idea. Outside it looks like any industrial park building, inside it's more of a cozy pub. The establishment has two rooms, the main tap room and a smaller room next the the brewery (with a window view). They offer tasters, glass and pints, they also have beers to go in 500 ml bottles (a select few) and 32oz and 64 oz growlers. Very friendly service, quite knowledgeable. Maybe not as good as Castor who are in the same region, but easely the best tap room in the Saulanges region!“
Quevillon 646 days ago
74 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“This is my go to place when im heading back to Onterrible. I always stop here if i havent stopped anywhere else. They have all the big players and and do carry some of the seasonal offerings and the prices are average but they dont have alot of diversity i find. THEY ALSO ONLY TAKE DEBIT OR CASH and for me while on vacation i find this hard for me to spend alot of money here.“
Bendrixian 1852 days ago
70 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Thanks to my sister for driving me here to check this place out. A nice tiny shop packed to the rafters with beer, narrow aisles so be careful looking around. A stylish beer dep with people who obviously care about beer. Good selection and decent prices. now why doesn’t the West Island have something similar?“
KansaiBeerLvrs 2423 days ago
80 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Visité le samedi 25 mai 2013 en fin d’après-midi. Petit dépanneur un peu difficile à trouver, en retrait de la rue principale. Très bonne sélection incluant la plupart des micro québécoises à des prix raisonnables. La plupart des produits sont disponibles réfrigérés et le roulement semble bon. On y trouve aussi un très beau choix de verres et autres accessoires.“
fhoublon 2550 days ago
82 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Il doit y avoir eu quelques changements depuis les dernières évaluations, car le choix est très intéressant. Tous les gros noms y sont (TDD, DDC, Dunham, etc.) et quelques plus petites micro (Pit Caribou, Naufrageur, À l’abri de la Tempête, Schoune (haha)).

Le service est excellent et les prix sont concurentiels. Seul bémol, il faut être dans le coin pour y aller, un détour ne vaut peut-être pas la peine.“
Whatup14 2896 days ago
66 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Place you can visit if you drive from Montreal to Toronto. They do have OK beer selection with fairly pleasant service. Average process. They do have interesting snacks.“
Radek Kliber 3194 days ago
86 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Si vous aimez la bonne Biere et que vous êtes au québec dans le coin de Montréal c’est l’endroit ou aller chercher de bonnes bières avec un grand choix. C’est un dépaneur,mais vous serez bien servi et bien conseillés, faites-y un petit détour vous ne le regreterez pas. Bonne dégustation.“
marcassin 3810 days ago
62 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Stopped here on the way home from Montreal. They have the majority of Quebec brews but what is exceptional here is the glassware. Lots of good brewery specific glassware including their own branded flute and goblet. Picked up one for myself. “
cfrancis 3991 days ago
74 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“this place has the dieu du ciel line in cases and singles, and the simple malts line as well. a handfull of others but just these two micro’s are worth going here for. an excellent choice of glassware as well. i picked up a gorgeous tulip with "Le Gobelet" logo on it, and an Eau Bénite Tripel chalice.“
godofsky 4120 days ago
54 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“A very small store (and I mean VERY small) located in a the middle of a beer wasteland just west of Montreal. Pleasant to shop at and friendly staff but the store was lacking many products currently on the shelves of the good Montreal beer stores. They have very cute glass with their own logo, which I bought. Nice place (only place) to shop for quebec micros for the locals of this area. But if you’re not a local you’re either coming from or going to Montreal and therefore it is not worth stopping at because Montreal’s Peluso and cie will offer you a better selection.“
Glouglouburp 4418 days ago
38 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Stopped by on our way out of Montreal, just a short drive off the 401 (use Goldorak’s directions... but keep in mind you’ll be looking for things after the second bridge westward). Decent selection of Canadian beers in a convenience / grocery store type setting. Most things are available cold or at room temp. Nothing special, and they didn’t have any of the Charlevoix larger-format bottles when we stopped by. Picked up the newly bottled DDC Fumisterie and a bottle of unknown (and presumably awful) gueuze. Worth a very quick stop.“
kmweaver 4603 days ago
76 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Belle petite place avec un grand choix de biere et un service impécable avec des gens qui connaisse leur bieres.“
Pyrozoid 4740 days ago
88 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Excellent pour se préparer à une journée de la Saint-Jean au 24 St-Jean-Baptiste!“
stjeanbaptiste 4744 days ago
70 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“This place is very small but still has a very good selecyion of beers. The service his friendly and they are ready to hepl you if you need it. The only thing is that the place is not that easy to find.“
LadySusan 4916 days ago
70 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Visité durant ma promenade en auto à la St-Jean. L’endrois est petit, mais très facile à circuler. Ils ont un très bon choix; des embalages cadeaux faite par eux, des exclusivités et des rareté comme une Unibroue 2004. Et je ne dois pas oublier, les deux femmes qui étaient là, étaient toujour prèt à m’aidé!“
Quevillon 5052 days ago
68 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Convenient location just off the island and not far off the highway back to Toronto. Pretty good selection though maybe not as good as Joanette. Unibroue, Charlevoix, Chaudron, Bieropholie, etc. I was able to fill in a few beers that I wasn’t able to find at Joanette earlier that day. Lots of gift packs available. There was a far greater glassware selection over Joanette. A good choice if you’re heading that way.“
mds 5765 days ago
66 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Nice little corner store 10 minutes off the ‘’40’’ highway when entering Montreal from the West side. Parking is no problem, which cannot be said for the downtown beer locations. Staffs are extremely knowledgeable and always ready for help. All top Quebec micros are well represented and prices are very reasonable. Recommended.“
Boutip 5791 days ago
70 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“On the way out of Montreal, going the slow way out of downtown. Watch out, after, if you are going to the 401 as the road leads directly to Ottawa instead. A very complete set of micro-Quebec beers, including some hard to gets. Staff knows what they have, and what’s new, but not what’s good, and little on style. Good supply of glasswear. Well organized and big turnover of beer, as everyone from the area pops in to buy something. I still liked Metro Joanette better for selection, but this one is pretty good on lesser names.“
Sammy 5794 days ago
64 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Very convenient on the road to TO. Decent selection, I picked up some Unibrou, Charlevoix, and Bieropholie bottles.“
jercraigs 5872 days ago
72 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Heading towards Toronto on the 20, it’s the first light to your right after you cross the bridge (there’s a KFC on the corner), then it’s the first light to your left, and the road takes a right and you’re there. A small "dépanneur" in an isolated residential area, so it’s never a problem to park. The super friendly staff know their stuff and can either guide you step by step and Beer by Beer, or leave you alone if that’s what you want. They have a great selection of Québec micros, they even have a few custom-made brews exclusive to them. Plenty of glassware, gift baskets, etc. I always stop by when I’m in the area. Everything is avaible cold.“
Goldorak 5973 days ago
72 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Nice little store with a pretty good selection of Quebec micros and a friendly staff. This place came in real handy after forgetting to pick up a few things on my way home from Montreal. Fairly easy to find.“
radiomgb 6164 days ago
72 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“A charming and tidy little store offering a very good selection of Quebec micros and the usual imports. Excellent selection of glassware. The beer is kept and presented extremely well in dimly lit coolers and neatly stacked cases on the floor. Friendly and enthusiastic staff. For anyone heading along highway 20 (to or from Toronto, for example) a stop here requires a detour of only about two minutes.“
Wheatsheaf 6179 days ago
68 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Almost similar to Joannette for the availability of Quebec micros. A bit off the beaten track though. If you're heading west after Montreal, a stop here would be a nice idea.“
MartinT 6311 days ago
60 /100 78, RUE VALOIS
“Friendly, small and well stocked store off the west-end of Montreal Island. Cluttered with cases of Quebec microbreweries and a wide assortment of glassware. Staff are always eager to assist and make recommendations.“
CapFlu 6319 days ago
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