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“We visited here Sunday 11th June 2017, the weather was gorgeous so we sat outside. This place is within the old town (the walled city that juts out into the harbour). There really is just one main street with just a couple of tiny side off shoots, it is on the main drag about two thirds of the way long where it opens up a little.

Its an old building, I think that I read somewhere that it dates back to 1692, we didn’t go in the main bar/restaurant part but there is a deli’ off-shoot to the side where you can buy a very limited choice of Breton beers from Tri Martolod?. These same beers (not the entire range though) were available to drink on site, so we had the wheat and the brune. Neither of our beers were terribly exciting but they were both fine enough and it felt better to be drinking one of them than something like a Kronenbourg 1664 or some other macro. Its certainly one of the most characterful buildings in the old town, which in itself is lovely, you can walk about two thirds to three quarters of the wall. Prices were quite reasonable for what is quite a popular touristy area, service was also good. All in all fine, but once again the Breton beers not really blowing me away.“
Fin 1870 days ago
“We visited here on Sunday 10th June 2017. We were stopping at a campsite about 3-4 miles or so out of town and it was a glorious day so walked in and headed here before setting back off. The Café Les Grand Voyageurs is attached to the hotel of the same name and it sits very centrally in town looking across a road and car park towards the wonderful walled old town. It is nestled amongst a host of similar café/bars along this street.

We sat out the front as did pretty much everyone else so I didn’t take a great deal of notice of the inside apart from briefly accessing it to nip to the loo which I recalled was at the rear of the building, otherwise it was quite unremarkable inside, with bar on the one side, long and narrow and covered area out the front with plenty of seating most set up for diners or those having a snack but there were some large barrels with stools alongside to the side which seemed to cater more for those who were after a beer.

I cannot deny that the beer choice was limited but having walked up and down and through the old town this just about scraped it for choice I reckon with about 6-7 unremarkable beers on tap and 10 or so in bottle which included four from the Lancelot range (local Breton beers). It was a pleasant enough place to sit and sip, I recall the prices being reasonable enough. I would be happy to come back here, but just be aware much like the rest of Brittany, hop demons and big stouts have not found there way here yet.“
Fin 1871 days ago
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