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“Locronan is a beautiful town to see, and I recommend you visit if you’re in the area, but I can’t help to say here just how sad it is to see how hollowed out by tourism this place actually is. The buildings are all amazingly authentic on the outside, but then nothing really is on the inside. Every place in this town is a tourist shop and offers total touristic garbage, from cruel-to-the-eye-ugly artisan glasswork to overpriced candy and pancakes. Sadly the Breton microbeers are part of that touristic industry as well, or at least over here in Locronan. The shop is on the main square opposite of the church. The old building’s interior looks nice, the place is quite spacious and the shop now claims to hold "144 Breton beers". Besides beer they also have some ciders, honey based apperatifs, half-naked elves on fantasy postcards, pottery, calendars and cookies. There’s also a few shelves of 75cl bottles of beer, mostly the same beer in a different size. All 33cl bottles are priced €2.60 or €14.60 for a carton of six, which includes a free christmas/gnome themed kitchenmagnet (wtf?). The shelves are indexed in categories, there’s blonde, blanche, rousse and brun. Sadly most of the beers snuggly fit in these categories. It’s nice there’s a place that collects all the regional beers together but the touristic character of the shop, and the whole town, really put me off. If you hate tourist traps, avoid. If you don’t care, enjoy!“
sjogro 2017 days ago
“Beautiful beer store, only bretagne beers. The bottles allocated in shelves depict a dream come true for all beerlovers. Apart from beer also some traditional food and souvenirs.“
Lowenbrau 3013 days ago
“Nice pub with several taps pouring bretagne beers, some in hand-pump. A good place to have some beers in the beautiful village of Locronan.“
Lowenbrau 3056 days ago
“A very special little store in the very special little town of Locronan. Lots and lots (presumably 100) different beers from Brittanie (and only that). Okay... a fair selction og high-quality Cidre as well. The beers are available in 33cl and 75 cl, many of them available in both. There is a real handy payment system, where you grap a cardboard sixpack, load it up and it’s €14.99 (no matter what beers you happen to put into that six-pack). Very friendly service (even if the English was limited). Only trouble is carrying your loot to your car (seeing as the town is closed for cars, you have to park outside, which is a 400 meter walk or so).“
thewolf 3097 days ago
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