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80 /100 LIANVER
“Farm where they make ciders, chouchen, juice, and so on. All organic, even though they don't have any certification. Open at least during summer. I couldn't find any opening times, either online or at the farm but you should be OK during the week and on Saturdays. Just don't disturb them during their lunch I'd say. More limited opening in the off-season, though the owner told me they welcome help with the harvest of the apples :-) They also do a Fest Noz every year on 12 August, from what I've heard it's really good but I just missed it. The cidery itself is not on Google maps, but the farm is. When driving on the road you can tell where it is because they have tons of crates with empty bottles. There's a small parking space next to the road opposite the farm. Very funny and friendly owner who offered us some samples while showing us his products and making jokes. He had to label some bottles for us, all ciders have the same label and can be identified by the color of the crown cap. Prices are cheap. The farm is very old school, don't expect a modern clean shop environment, quite the opposite. I loved it!“
Maakun 1086 days ago
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