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62 /100 KEROUEL
“Britt shop close to brewery. A mix of a pub and warehouse where you can buy most of the references of the brandt. Britt is very common in all supermarket in north of France, so, is not someting special at all, but it is a good local for taste some beers at good price and listen a concert with your friends.“
Rulymel 1234 days ago
64 /100 KEROUEL
“We visited the Britt Brewery and Brasserie Monday 12th June 2017 en route to Quiberon from Concarneau. I have to say that it was a complete fluke finding this place as we’d actually intended to visiting the cannery next door which was, somewhat frustratingly closed grrrrrr. So if you are coming here look for the large cannery called Conserverie Courtin, this place is to the side of it, they are are both on the D783 between Concarneau and Tregunc, closer to the latter. There is parking at the front but that appears to be more for brewery staff, however if you continue along the side of the building you will see about half a dozen spaces here for parking and the entrance to the brasserie is here.

Inside the brasserie area is to the right with bar here and seating, over to the left and beyond the bar is the shop. I wasn’t drinking (it was 10am) so we just picked up bottles to take away. The beer choice was pretty good with all of their beers and various off shoot brands available so as well as Britt core beers expect to find Ar-Men, Dremmwel, Sant Erwan, prices were also very good particularly if you wanted to but six packs or cases, which were laid out in the centre aisle and around the edges for bulk buyers. We picked up plenty of beers with a couple of new beers and special whisky aged beer one limited to just 200 bottles. Prices were very good and unless you have already extensively hoovered up Britt stuff then you should get plenty of new stuff here. I personally find Britt beers fine but a bit too safe, pedestrian and far from interesting or exciting, however we were meeting friends in Carnac for a couple of days and had agreed to eat and drink local so supporting a Breton brewery was the right way to go. Btw the toilet is back out of the Brasserie and near the front end of the building, I suspect they share this with the brewery maybe. “
Fin 1678 days ago
56 /100 KEROUEL
“Located in the outskirts of Tregunc. Several taps offering their own beers and some other locals. The store has a wide selection of beers from Bretagne.
Original rating:
Amb:3, Serv:9, Sel: 9. Value:7, Ovll:14.

Update August 2015:
Another visit to the Britt store/brewery, same little boring selection, just a few ticks. Waitress was more interested in her boyfriend rather than customers“
Lowenbrau 3081 days ago
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