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38 /100 35 RUE DU PENIL
“Very little beers over here. Indeed some local beers as status but in the castle up the hill you have twice as much choice for similar prices, and the castle shop/café is free to walk into.“
tmibuckley1974 1473 days ago
58 /100 35 RUE DU PENIL
“After a visit of Sedan castle, I knew there was a guided tour of The old city. So, I headed to the tourist information center and... what a nice surprise : 18 local beers among local produces (brewery Ardwen, Cuvée d’Arthur, Oubliette...) ; friendly seller ; quite expensive because beers were often delivered with a glass.“
VDuquerroux 2217 days ago
“Inside the courtyard of the fortified castle. Just after the visit at noon. Outside, terrace. Great look at the castle while eating... Quick menue, really good. 3 beers on tap (Kalsbrau, a witbier), 10-12 bottles, mostly belgian such as Orval, Chimay bleue or Chuff and a regional beer Ardwen.“
VDuquerroux 2234 days ago
70 /100 19, PLACE DE LA HALLE
“200m, near the castle. A must-see not for the beer menue (mostly belgian, 7 beers on tap, 1 "exclusive" average beer "Passe Stout", 15 bottles) but for the pub itself. I’ve been there after a visit of Sedan in the middle of the afternoon. You have to enter inside. I agree with @huineman : great "woody" decoration.“
VDuquerroux 2234 days ago
100 /100 19, PLACE DE LA HALLE
“Oldest pub in France, in the same town where the biggest castle in Europe lies. The ambiance is fantastic, with the old billiard table, the red phone box, the wood, the leather... Loads of different beers, even two that you won’t fine anywhere else. Superb.“
huineman 2645 days ago
70 /100 19, PLACE DE LA HALLE
“The place to be for the beer drinker in Sedan. Plenty of character and a good choice of beers on tap and on the list. In a small square fairly close to the Chateau, a very pleasant place to seek out.“
imdownthepub 5486 days ago
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