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“I visited together with Maakun. I’ll add/repeat that the (paid) tour lasts one and a half hour and is completely in French. I loved seeing the main brew hall in full on Art Deco style, from floor tiles to ceiling, the stairways, windows, giant granito pillars and the brewing kettles all integrated in a lovely interior design. The rest of the museum was mostly a dusty reminder of how things used to be, explained excruciating slow and detailed by a very friendly tourguide who seemed very happy to have an audience today. I was easily bored staring at broken concrete walls and the rusty metal objects on display. A tour of 30 minutes would have been enough for me! In the tasting room an elderly lady tapped beers from the microbrewery from two different taps.“
sjogro 1833 days ago
“This is a big old pils brewery that stopped brewing in the 1950s that’s now converted into a museum with a small microbrewery. They brew a few beers themselves on site, and all their bottles are brewed at another brewery.

There’s a small bar with an exhibition room, and to visit the museum on site of the old brewery you have to take the guided tour that costs 5 euro. The tour is only in French. They do have some information sheets in multiple languages but since the tour lasts 1.5 hours you’ll miss most of the more interesting info if you don’t understand French or have someone who can translate for you with you. There’s obviously a lot of love put into the museum, and it’s great if your interested in the history of brewing in this part of France which completely ceased here and concentrated on the other side of the mountains in Alsace due to mergers and takeovers in the 20th century.

The bar has two beers on tap, and a few bottles to take away. Nice service. The tour guide was super friendly and enthusiastic and often funny too.

Overall a great place to visit if you have a fairly decent knowledge of the language, if you want to visit just for the beers I probably wouldn’t go far out if my way for them, even though they were fairly decent.“
Maakun 1838 days ago
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