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“Adding this store because they had 10 beers/ciders I hadn’t seen before during my two months in France. It’s located across the street from the Eglise Notre Dame (the huge church that you can see its steeple from just about any point near the ville centre). If you are looking straight at the front of the church, it’s in the building to your right; the front of the store faces the right side of the church and is on the corner of the street. Anyhoo, the owners are VERY nice and helpful people. The husband speaks very good English, and he has a surprisingly good knowledge of the local beers and ciders. While the wife doesn’t speak much English, she smiles a lot. They had 5 different artisianal beers and about as many different ciders. Oh, and they sell "sucre d’orge," which is "barley sugar" candy that is made from the original 1638 recipe. It’s very tasty candy, and it’s not too sweet. I bought a tin of the candy (it comes in a very cool tin) a 750 of beer, and a 750 of cider for 19 euros. Not a destination store but since the town itself is what I consider a destination place, why not stop by?
Oh, and the Sunday hours are officially 10-12:30 but I stopped by well after 3 pm and they were still open and still had a few customers so they might stay open as long as there are customers. Can’t say that with certainty but, hey, thought I’d mention it.“
KAggie97 4274 days ago
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